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 Caruso   ENGL  1102   15  February  2012   Sinking of the Titanic: Behind the Scenes The well-known story of the Titanic is one preserved through the years, and for good reason. Most memories of the Titanic are those of sorrow, pain and remorse.1 The “unsinkable” ship was much more than a cruise across the vast waters, but an opportunity for many to start a new life in America.2 The main focus of this story is the people on board in order to show how exactly the families were treated and how the children dealt with the tragedy. The ship carried multiple classes consisting of the poorest to the richest and all in between. The upper class stayed in the most luxury suite where as the lower class was barely provided a bed. The ship carried many families’ rich in culture and those with enough potential to establish a new beginning. The most important person pertaining to the Sinking of the Titanic is the captain, Edward John Smith.3 Edward was born in England and came from a middle class background. He was part of the Royal Navy Reserve and had captained many ships before he took on the Titanic. Edward, also know as E.J., became well liked throughout the crew of the Titanic. Edward planned to retire after his journey on the Titanic but didn’t quite make it that far. Little did Edward know, he would no longer have the opportunity to captain anymore of these famous cruise ships. (Titanic-Titanic) On the night of April 14, Edward attended a dinner party that was specifically for him rather then eating a small mean within his own facility.4 He had heard word that the ship was
Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:24 AM Comment [6]: This  was  two  different   sentences.  I  combined  them  for  a  smoother   read.   Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:23 AM Comment [5]: I  took  out  a  sentence  the   first  sentence  here  because  it  was  pointless.   Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:21 AM Deleted: will be Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:21 AM Comment [3]: I  added  this  sentence  to   show  what  the  main  focus  is  the  people  on   board  the  ship.   Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:05 AM Comment [4]: In  this  sentence  I  added   what  I  meant  by  multiple  classes.       Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:20 AM Comment [1]: I  changed  the  date  to  the   correct  format.     Jenna Price 4/27/12 10:17 AM Comment [2]: I  revised  vocabulary,   choppiness,  introduction,  conclusion  and   clarity.      

Price 2 entering an ice zone so he excused himself from the dinner party, early. Edward retired to bed after he was told everything was under control. He was then awakened by a collision. The incident with the iceberg had begun and the sinking was now underway. (Metelko) Many people blame Edward for the sinking of the Titanic. They say Edward should have been more aware of the iceberg. No one is really to blame. A ship’s crew consists of not just a captain, but also an entire crew who come together to help each other ensure a safe journey. Similar to a team of any sport, each individual contributes to one another for the overall success. The departure of the Titanic started off badly.5 The propeller was not working properly and was spinning in the wrong direction. The Titanic was inches away from colliding with another cruise ship, the New York. Passengers on board saw this to be bad luck and soon they would realize that they couldn’t have been more right. A well-known company, the White Star Line built the “unsinkable ship”.6 It was known as the “unsinkable ship” because it was so large and heavy in weight that no one thought it was capable of ever sinking. An American tycoon, J.P. Morgan, was the owner of the Titanic. The cost to build the Titanic was outrageous, especially back during those times. Nearly 7.5 million dollars were contributed to making the Titanic magnificent and a first-class ticket was nearly impossible to afford.7 In today’s economy, a first-class ticket would range up to $50,000. That should let everyone know just how expensive the Titanic was. It took a couple of years to build the Titanic and approximately 3,000 men to do so. The Titanic was quite large for her day. It was the largest man-made object that was afloat during that time. (the titanic page) April 10, 1912 the Titanic departed from Southampton UK in great desire to dock in New York City in just a few short days. Come the morning of April 14, the Titanic would soon make history. Before the horrible sinking, the trip was unusually smooth. The water was barely
Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:35 AM Comment [10]: I  reworded  this  sentence   to  make  it  a  smoother  read.   Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:31 AM Comment [9]: I  rearranged  this  whole   sentence  to  show  how  the  propeller  started   working  improperly.   Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:31 AM Comment [8]: I  reworded  this  to  make  it   not  informal.   Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:25 AM Comment [7]: I  reworded  this  to  make  it   more  succinct.    

Price 3 moving and everything seemed too perfect. If the water had not been so smooth, then the iceberg would have been easier to locate due to the breaks in the water surrounding the iceberg. The Titanic received six different warnings before it actually collided with the iceberg.8 The operating manager ignored all of the warnings and no one seems to know why. (the titanic page) Surprisingly, the iceberg that the Titanic struck was not very large, though it still proceeded to do a lot of damage to the ship.9 The iceberg was only 1/10 out of the water with 9/10 of the iceberg left under the water.

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Therefore, the iceberg was not going to budge even with a massive ship,

like the Titanic, colliding with it. The iceberg was an unusual one. It was not white, but known as a “blackberg” (black ice found on icy roads) which made the iceberg rather hard to locate.11 (the titanic page) On a cold Sunday night, April 14,1912 the Titanic crashed into the iceberg at 11:40 P.M. The ship was traveling a bit faster than normal.12 The speed of the Titanic was 22.5 knots while cruising through the icy waters, which is only .5 knots from its maximum speed. The iceberg immediately cut a deep gash into the side of the Titanic.13 The gash was nearly 882 feet long with no way of recovery. Unfortunately, five compartments in the Titanic became flooded. If only four of the compartments had flooded, the Titanic would have been able to stay afloat. (the titanic page) There were many errors in operation to begin with.14 When the ship began sailing from Southampton, there was a bunker fire that was distinguished many hours later. (Titanic FAQ) This could have very well affected the ship when it began to sink.15 No safety drill was given on board for the passengers.16 They had no clue what to do or where to go when the ship began to sink. This was a major fail concerning the Titanic crew. The number one error of operation involved the chairman of line, Bruce Ismay. He was given a radio message stating that ice was

Price 4 in the path of the ship. Bruce proceeded to tell the captain, but it slipped his mind after he pushed the letter into his pocket. Many people were on board the Titanic and it was a journey that everyone was looking forward to. There were a total of 2,223 people on the Titanic and only 706 were rescued to safety, which was due to the lack of lifeboats. A good number of famous people were traveling on the Titanic, mainly multimillionaires.17 Many different classes of people were sailing on the Titanic and some believe that the upper class passengers were offered safety first.18 Between first class, middle class, and lower class, there were more lower class people then any other class. Yet, more upper class passengers still managed to be saved. The Titanic’s crew made up 899 people of the passengers on board and only 214 of them were rescued. (Titanic FAQ) The first lifeboat that left the Titanic had a capacity of sixty-four people while it only carried out twentyfour passengers. The Titanic was sinking rapidly and not everyone was ensured safety. Everyone was in such a panic that the lifeboat operators were too impatient to wait for any other passengers to board the lifeboat. As expected, women and children were given first choice to safety. The men were provided a lifejacket and had no choice but to stay behind. (the titanic page) Today, the Sinking of the Titanic is known about worldwide.19 It is known for good reasons as well as bad. This is one of the most interesting yet horrifying events that have ever taken place in history. The Sinking of the Titanic has bettered the operation of cruise ships, today. The Titanic ship is now 2.33 miles below water, lying on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. When the Titanic sank, it split in two. The two parts are nearly 1,970 feet apart from each other. The Titanic was discovered on July 14, 1986, seventy-four years after she sank on that cold April night. Most memories of the Titanic will never be forgotten.
Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:40 AM Comment [13]: This  was  two  sentences.  I   combined  them  together  for  a  smoother   read.   Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:36 AM Comment [11]: I  took  out  “a  lot  of”  and   added  “many  people”   Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:38 AM Comment [12]: I  added  this  sentence  to   explain  those  numbers.     Jenna Price 4/24/12 10:37 AM
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                                                                                                                1  Many  family  members  were  separated  during  the  sinking  of  the  Titanic.    There  was  a  lot   of  confusion  and  heartache.       2  The  Titanic  was  known  as  the  unsinkable  ship.    The  Titanic  was  so  large  and  heavy  that  no   one  ever  imagined  that  something  that  size  could  sink  to  the  bottom  of  the  ocean.     3  Edward  was  a  very  experienced  captain.    He  has  captained  many  ships  before  and  gained   his  license  at  a  very  early  age.       4  A  multimillionaire  on  board  the  ship  planned  a  special  dinner  in  honor  of  Edward  being   the  captain  of  the  famous  Titanic.   5  Something  was  bound  to  happen  to  the  Titanic  during  its  travel.    Whether  it  was  the   actual  sinking  or  something  similar.    There  were  too  many  things  to  go  wrong  with  the   Titanic  before  it  even  left  the  dock  Southampton.   6  This  was  a  very  famous  business.    The  White  Star  Line  built  many  other  cruise  ships.    “The   Twins”  were  built  by  the  White  Star  Line  and  were  somewhat  similar  to  the  features  of  the   Titanic.  

Price 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     7  A  first  class  ticket  would  not  be  so  hard  to  afford  during  todays  economy.    Back  then,  that   much  money  was  so  expensive  to  the  passengers  of  the  Titanic.   8  No  one  mentioned  the  warnings  that  were  received.    It  was  like  the  crew  did  not  believe   that  something  was  actually  going  to  go  that  wrong.   9  An  iceberg  is  a  lot  more  powerful  then  someone  may  think.    An  object  surrounded  by  that   much  water  is  very  unlikely  to  budge  no  matter  what  comes  its  way.     10  If  the  iceberg  had  been  more  out  of  the  water,  then  there  would  have  been  more  of  a   chance  that  the  ship  would  not  have  hit  it.    The  fact  that  almost  the  whole  iceberg  was   underwater  made  it  impossible  to  miss.   11  These  types  of  icebergs  are  very  rare.    The  Titanic  had  no  luck  when  approaching  this   iceberg.   12  Normally,  cruise  ships  take  their  time  when  traveling  the  waters.    The  Titanic  was  going   almost  its  maximum  speed.    If  the  ship  was  going  slower  then  they  might  would  have  had  a   change  to  miss  the  iceberg  all  together.   13  The  actual  hole  was  not  that  big.    The  gash  was  massive,  but  water  only  traveled  through   a  hole  about  the  size  of  a  refrigerator.     14  The  Titanic  was  not  very  well  put  together  to  begin  with.    The  whole  process  to  ensure   safety  was  not  thought  out  by  the  crew  like  it  should  have  been.   15  The  ship  could  have  possible  not  sunk  so  fast  if  the  fire  was  put  out  as  soon  as  it  was   recognized.     16  In  today’s  time,  it  is  illegal  to  not  cover  all  of  the  safety  drills  on  a  cruise  ship.   17  The  titanic  was  very  popular.    It  included  a  lot  of  famous  people.    Everyone  was  anxious   to  touch  down  in  America.   18  There  were  more  lower  class  people  aboard  the  Titanic.    The  upper  class  people  were   treated  with  extreme  care.   19  The  titanic  will  go  down  in  history  and  never  be  forgotten.    It  is  known  about  worldwide   and  it  will  continue  to  be  talked  about  throughout  the  years.  

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