Crime down AGAIN in our area!

national leaders in recycling & green jobs

Council tax FROZEN

Keith Holloway and the Lib Dem Team get things done for Cheadle & Gatley...

New pavements for Gatley village centre

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£1m boost road resurfacing already underway!

...and with your support, there’s a lot more they can do too!
Thursday’s election is set for a thrilling finish between the hard working local campaigner Keith Holloway and the Conservative. Just a few votes could decide who wins. Labour is out of the race here. More and more people are saying that they will back Keith and the local Lib Dem Team because of their record of action for local people. The local Lib Dems are fighting to improve our transport, roads and pavements, and to boost our village centres. Keith and the team are working with the Police to cut crime, and are tackling many more issues around Cheadle and Gatley. Make sure your vote counts for Keith on Thursday 3rd May.

Beware false Tory claims!
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The Conservatives have been making false claims in their leaflets - about what they’ve done and what the Lib Dems have done. We are always happy to produce the evidence to back up what we say in Lib Dem leaflets - we check all our claims. If you want to see the evidence for yourself, just get in touch.


Keith Holloway and the Lib Dem Team

get things done for us
Keith’s “Stop the Grot” campaign

Keith planting trees at Gatley Carrs

Lib Dems secure new pavement for Church Road New highway trees

Cheadle improvement plans

Brookfield Park Games Area

Schools Hill safety win

More money in the pocket of pensioners and families
The Lib Dems in Government have delivered a record rise in pensions this year. Thanks to the Lib Dem tax changes, the average taxpayer will pay £45 a month less in tax.

Kingsway junction breakthrough

£1 million pothole repair boost - work already started

“The local Lib Dem Team has delivered for us, now it’s up to us to back them on election day...”
Graham Greenhalgh, local resident, Borrowdale Avenue
Printed by Beveridge Printing Society, published and promoted by I. Roberts on behalf of K. Holloway, both at 3 Gillbent Road, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 7LE

Your vote could decide things!
Lib Dem Con 2153 2063
Lab 1153
Only the Lib Dems can beat the Tories around here.

Keith Holloway and the Lib Dem record of action
The local Lib Dem Team of Keith Holloway, Pam King, Iain Roberts and Mark Hunter work hard all year round for Cheadle & Gatley. On the council they have frozen council tax bills, delivered £1million to fix potholes and boosted jobs.

The Conservatives who don’t stand up for our area
Local Conservatives wanted to take money away from our area and spend it in leafy Heaton Moor instead! We need local councillors who will put our area first.


Labour and the other parties can’t win in Cheadle and Gatley

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