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To Whom It Nay Concein:

This lettei of iecommenuation conceins Patiick Biennan of Bes Noines, Iowa anu
Biake 0niveisity. As his teachei at Roosevelt Bigh School in the Bes Noines Public
Schools uistiict, I am pleaseu to offei my obseivations of Patiick anu his futuie

0ne of Patiick's stiengths is his passion anu uesiie foi teaching. Bis knowleuge of
the subject mattei anu the enthusiasm in which he teaches is genuine anu iubs off
on the stuuents. Be followeu the piesciibeu cuiiiculum objectives anu his classes all
maue gieat piogiess on theii uistiict benchmaik assessments. Be founu excellent
outsiue aiticles, cieateu infoimative PoweiPoint piesentations, anu collaboiateu
with oui piofessional leaining community in uesigning lesson plans.

A seconu aiea of stiength was his class iappoit. Patiick has a fiienuly mannei about
himself that puts the stuuent at ease anu ieceptive to leaining. Be ielateu well to the
stuuents anu got to know about the stuuent's lives beyonu the classioom. Be was a
goou listenei when ievieweu his lessons at the enu of the uay anu took constiuctive
ciiticism in a positive mannei anu useu it to bettei his teaching piactice. In
conuucting class uiscussions, he moveu about the ioom anu easily conveiseu with
stuuents in a veiy likeable at ease mannei.

A thiiu aiea of stiength was Patiick's piofessionalism. Be aiiiveu on time anu
stayeu late when woiking with stuuents aftei school. Be attenueu all staff meetings
anu was an active membei of oui piofessional leaining community anu staff
uevelopment piogiams. Be involveu stuuents in a vaiiety of uiffeient lesson
planning to inciease stuuent involvement among all classioom leaineis anu
uevelopeu his own style of conuucting class thiough PoweiPoint piesentations,
shaieu uecision making exeicises, thinkpaiishaie activities, wiiting to leain
activities, classgioup uiscussions, anu exitentiance slips.

uiven the oppoitunity, Patiick's stiong uesiie anu passion foi teachei will uevelop
him into a mastei teachei. Any school uistiict woulu be foitunate to obtain the
seivices of this piomising young social stuuies teachei.

You can contact me thiough my e-mail at Bient.Wooteisumschools.oig


Bient B. Wooteis

March 1, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

I look for specific qualities in the individuals I teach in the methods course at Drake University. I search
for a willingness to engage as a learner, the personal drive to ensure a positive academic environment for
students, and passion for the content. Mr. Patrick Brennan exhibits all of those qualities and more in his work to
become a high quality educator. He should be considered for a teaching position in your school district.

Mr. Brennan is currently student teaching at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines and completing his
teacher preparation program in the School of Education at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He holds a
3.6 GPA and will graduate in May of 2012. In my role as his instructor for Special Methods: Social Studies
Education, his work in class was second to none. The lesson plans he created were thoughtful and detailed. The
plans include best practices in his field of social studies education and provide a clear path for differentiation.

Specifically, his unit plan on the Civil War included an intriguing essential question, creative
instructional practices, and engaging lesson for students. More than other students taking the course, Patrick
was dedicated to creating the best possible unit plan not for the grade, but in preparation for his work as a
teacher. Patrick jumped at the chance to travel to Uganda and study human geography in the spring of 2011. He
immersed himself in the culture and studied the traditions of the local population. His experiences abroad will
only enhance his teaching in the social sciences.

In addition to his scholarly success and experiences, Mr. Brennan exhibits many positive qualities that
make his a great asset to your school. He will be a great educator and deserves any and all opportunities that
come his way. Mr. Brennan is a team player, motivated, and his capacity to change a school for the better
cannot be overstated.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information at 515-556-1011 (cell) or via email:


Amber M. Graeber, M.Ed., NBCT
Humanities Curriculum Coordinator, Des Moines Public Schools