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COD: 2097

QUESTIONARE 1-what is the meaning of: a) Earth: the earth of our planet b) Geology: is the study of the soil c) Soil: is a mixture of weathered rock, finely ground in to pwder minerals, and varelly of living and dead life forms. 2-Traslate this words a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Earth: tierra Lithosphere: litosfera Layer: capa de la tierra Landscape: paisaje Regolta: regolita Surface: superficie Soil: suelo Water: agua

3-que factores influyen en la formacion del suelo Are geology, climate, topography, biology and time. 4-Que factores biologicos afectan la formacion del suelo: Living organims, wter and air. 5-Cuales son los components del suelo: Variety of substances, minerals and rocks

6-Diga de que esta hecha la material inorganic: The organic material is made of living organism and plants and dead animals and nutrients, descomposed animals and plants. 7-How is the surprisingly life present in the soil? Large 8-Where can you pick up an example of soil? Out side in your bock yard 9-What are commonly refered ois airt? Inorganic materials as sand, silt and clay 10-How are eroded the form as rocks? The rocks are eroded by forces weateher, both wind and rain 11-what is clay and why Extremely importand part of soil 12-What is made up the mass of soil? A vast interconnecting cavities, or holes 13-True or false: a) b) c) d) The air in soils is exposed to mousing air currents (false) The air in to the soils not tend to be rich carbon (false) The air in to the soil fend to be rich of oxygen (true) The air in to the soil tend to be foor of oxygen (true)

14-What ingredient do you need for soil formation? Water

15-What is precipitation? Raind and show 16-How the water leaves from the soil? Via evaporation 17-What are the soil properties? Color, texture and structure 18-Which color can geologist look in soil? 170 different soil colors most of these are shades of black, brown, red, gray and white. 19-What indicater gray color in soil? Gray soils often indicate poor drainage 20-What indicates darker color in soil the darker color often indicates an increase in decomposed organic matter known as humus 21-How is made up the soil texture? the soil is made up of a many different sized particles 22-How the plant absorb the water? By roots 23-What is the best state for the plants to absorb In liquid state 24-Choose the true statement a) Plants need alkaline soil_x_ to thrive b) Plants needs acidity soil____ to thrive c) Plants needs neutral soil____ to thrive

25-Write the names of the rocks as much as you can Igneous rocks are classified as: acid rocks intermediate rocks basic rocks. ultra basic rocks Metamorphic rocks are classified as: mafic ultramafic rocks pelitic rocks, calc-silicate rocks grauvaquico Sedimentary rocks clastic rocks Among the non-detrital rocks are distinguished: Rocks chemical precipitation organic rocks 26-Remember the game and describe a) Marble: compact metamorphic rock formed from limestone which, subjected to high temperatures and pressures, achieving a high degree of crystallization. b) Graphite: raphite is an allotropic forms in which carbon can occur next todiamond, fullerenes, nanotubes and grapheme. c) Pumice: an igneous rock is volcanic glass, low density (floats in water) and veryporous, white or gray.