I woke up to the sound of the door opening and smiled up at Martha. “ Good morning Martha.

” “ Good morning Light, did you sleep alright?” I rolled my eyes. We went on like this every morning and every morning we both said the same thing. I had known Martha for about a year now and she was definitely one of my favourite nurses. I also always ignored that question, “Did you sleep alright?”. I hated when people wined and I didn‟t want to have to explain, again, that I couldn‟t sleep….unless heavily drugged. Then there were the nightmares. I always asked Martha to get me up early before I started screaming and crying while asleep… I didn‟t want to frighten anyone who might hear me. “Is Miss May up yet?” Martha simply smiled, “Go get some breakfast honey and I‟ll come get you when she wakes up.” I hugged her, gave her a kiss on the cheek and made my bed before leaving the room. My room was light teal with light purple curtains that were translucent. My bed had a poka-dot comforter, and my floor was rug just in case I fell out of bed again and would have something softer to land on. I didn‟t have many possessions except my sets of paint and canvases with my wall covered with previous works, my few pieces of clothing in the small dresser and my penguin Miss May bought me when I turned 13. I did have a locket around my neck with a mother of pearl heart on the silver locket. In it I didn‟t have any pictures but it did have an inscription. “ There are times to be brave While you are scared Times to plan ahead While you feel un prepared Times to run, Times to hide While keeping friends close beside Hang on little firefly And good luck” Of course I had no Idea what most of it meant but for some reason it just brought me joy. I adored my locket and I would be damned if anything ever happened to it. I shot Miss Martha one more smile before heading out into the hall. Miss Martha was a plump little women, somewhere between her 40s and 50s and she was always cheerful and polite, unless someone steals her morning Activia. Yes I know, some people have tea, some people have coffee, but Miss Martha ate her Activia like it was going out of fashion and if you wanted to live then you knew not to touch it. She had crazy curly brown hair graying only slightly cut to her shoulders and she had glasses that hung on the side of her dress off the collar so she wouldn‟t have to wear them at all times. The halls were always empty but what would you expect for 5 o‟clock in the morning. I knew my way around here so well that I could do it blindfolded but new people got lost all the time, even with people trying to show them around. The building was just extremely large with a lot of different corridors that all tended to look the same. On every corridor were about 30 rooms and I didn‟t even want to try counting the number of corridors. The only way to tell were by the names on the room. In order to get to the cafeteria you had to take a left at Stephanie Carters walk down a few rows past Henry Denton, and then take another left at Candice Evens and three doors down was the Caf. And that wasn‟t nearly as complicated as trying to get to the front office. This place was

like a maze and we were the little rats inside the maze. If we found our way out all they had to do was move us to the other side of the building and you‟d have to start all over again. I went in and just got a small bowl of raspberries and strawberries to eat for breakfast. Martha always unlocked the door for me when she got in so I wouldn‟t have to wait three hours to get something to eat. Martha was a strong believer in nutrition and was like those cute little old Italian ladies who shoveled seconds and thirds on to your plate when you already swore you were full. When I finished I tracked down Stuart in the front office and got mail for every body. I was bored in the mornings so I offered to do small jobs around the institute until everyone got up. Mail was probably one of my favourites because whenever we had new comers I always had a way to introduce myself and see a little bit about them. After the mail was done I went back to my room and cleaned it a little then got some cloths out of the drawer and went to go shower. I never took long showers because people tended to get real uncivilized when there was no hot water left and there was a lot of people here. I wrapped myself in a towel and started brushing my hair. It was dark now because it was wet but when it dried it was light brown with heavy undertones of red and gold. It was also long because we didn‟t exactly get monthly hair cuts around here and I wouldn‟t do it when people do stop by. I love my hair, how its silky smooth and how it only ringlets at bottom and straight the rest of the way up. I changed into my usual white shirt with multicolored skirt, black leggings and converse. The colour of the skirt depended on my mood so today it was a softer pink. It was calmer, childlike, with a little bit of fun thrown in. As soon as I was done Martha came back in and told me Miss May was up. I quickly went to go get her morning tea and croissant and then knocked three times before I let myself in. “Good Morning,” I said cheerfully as I set the tray on her bedside table. “ Oh good morning Light, will you sing for me today?” I went to go hug her gently around the shoulders. “ Of course Miss May. I would always sing for you.” I answered she got comfortable in her chair with her tea and sat patiently while I found the perfect song for today. “ Your not alone, together we stand, I‟ll be by your side, You know I‟ll take your hand, When it gets cold, and it feels like the end, When there‟s no place to go you know I won„t give in…” Miss May is a sweet old lady who is turning 79 this year. She is the only person who‟s been here longer than I have and for some reason she always likes to hear me sing. Before that I used to read to her and she has always been my best and favourite company here. She always offers to give me things but the only thing I ever excepted was that penguin… it was just way to darn cute. I sang to her everyday and every day she would close her eyes and smile. I didn‟t really think my singing voice was very impressive, it wasn‟t like I could belt it like those singers on the radio. If I had to describe my voice with a word : sweet. But since it was Miss May who was listening then it didn‟t seem to really matter ( I didn‟t think she listened to those pop singers anyway). When I was done I heard applause coming from behind me and looked up to see Jared leaning against the doorway. He greeted us both with a good morning, and then went to go sit next to Miss May.

“ I didn‟t know we were having a concert. So what are you singing next?” I rolled my eyes and laughed. He knew I did this every morning but he usually missed it because he was sleeping in. “ Hush child, give the poor girl a break… Unless she wants to sing something else?” I smiled and went through the book again. “ When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother marry comes to me, Speaking words of wisdom, Let it be, and in my hour of darkness, She is standing right in front of me, Speaking words of wisdom, Let it be…‟ After I was done they both applauded and I laughed and went to sit on the bed next to Jared. “ Your turn,” I announced pushing him up from the bed. “ You want me to sing?” He asked like I was crazy. I shook my head. “ You can do whatever you want, can you dance?” “ No.” “ Can you juggle?” “ No.” “ Can you burp the alphabet?” “ As intriguing as that sounds, no.” “ So what can you do?” He thought for a minute, “ I can do the erubics cube in under a minute.” “ Now this we got to see, someone find an erubics cube!” He rolled his eyes. “ I have one in my room, wait here,” he said. I smiled wickedly and glanced at Miss May, “ How do you think he would react if we happened to be missing when…” Miss May laughed. “ Girl, you can be such a little schemer sometimes.” “ I was joking…mostly. Hey why don‟t you do something?” “ I can take my teeth out…” “ Ewww… on second thought lets wait for Jared.” “ No need to wait, your entertainer has returned”, he announced walking through the door with an erubics cube. It took him about 50 seconds to solve it and Miss May and I clapped and smiled. “ Has everyone eaten?” she asked around. I nodded and Jared looked guilty. “ Jared….” “ Alright I‟m going, I just didn‟t want to miss the concert.” “ Concerts over young man now scoot.” Miss May said firmly. He smiled at me sheepishly and left. “ How did you sleep last night Miss May?” “ Quite nicely thanks to you dear. It‟s hard to have night mares surrounded by so many beautiful works of art.” I smiled. She always complemented me on everything. Her walls were covered with paintings I had given her of meadows and flowers and butterflies. You could see that she missed outside but here, nobody went outside. It was unheard of. Sometimes flowers and such were brought in though, and those were the things I painted.

Whenever I can I always try to request a couple of Daffodils for Miss May to put on the little table by her window. Miss May is the person who‟s stayed here the longest length of time and the only one I‟ve known for my whole life. She was one of those people that were around every Birthday and Christmas and never forgot or needed reminding. My sixteenth Birthday was coming up in a week and Miss May reminded me every day. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. For most people this seemed like an impossibility, for me, it couldn‟t be more accurate. Not that I had a problem with that though. My life was easy, routine, and I had no desire to change that with silly complications…like boys. I had a few friends here. Jared was becoming close and he‟d only been here for about a month. I also had Elizabeth, Jeremy, Joey, and Melissa who had been here for about a year and each one was a great person. Jeremy was sweet, Liza (Elizabeth) was a laugh, Joey was silly, and Melissa was so much like me it was scary. We call each other twins all the time though it is obvious to every one that we‟re not related. I guess some people would compare our little groups here like clicks in high school. Since I‟ve never been to school I can‟t be sure though. But even if everyone wasn‟t friends with everyone, there were no enemies. No one was here long enough to truly hate someone else, no one even had the energy to hate other people, and no body ever did anything to be hated for. I had other people that I would smile with and inquire about there health and things but I never saw them on a daily bases. Miss May and I had tea, played board games and chatted for a while. “ Light?” “ Yes,” I answered, wondering about the serious look on her face. “ You‟ve been here for too long sweetie. Your almost a grown young women and you‟ve never even been outside before.” “ It‟s okay Miss May, you know I don‟t mind. Do the best you can with what you have and all that.” I said smiling at her she smiled back before it became sad. “ Would you promise me something?” she asked. “ Anything.” “ If you ever have the chance to leave I want you to run from here and never come back. Run with others if you can and leave everything else behind.” “ But Miss May, what about you?” “ I‟m old honey, I‟ve seen the outside world and I‟ve lived my live. So I‟ll stay here and be happy about. Of course I will miss you but it would put my heart at ease to know your far away from here.” I couldn‟t say anything. She wanted me to leave and never come back. Part of me was overwhelmed that she cared for me enough to want all this for me but a tiny part was hurt that she didn‟t want me here anymore. I know it was silly and she was only thinking about what was best for me. “ You need to promise me Light.” I sighed in defeat, “ I promise.” She smiled at that and finished her tea, it was time for her nap so I gave her a hug and gently shut the door behind me. At least I knew I would never have to live up to that promise. It was literally impossible to get out of here and that‟s with people that have it planned in advance, so I highly doubt such an opportunity would ever simply appear like magic. I walked into the rec room where my friends usually hung out and joined my twin (Melissa) on the couch while Liza, Jeremy, Joey, and Jared were all playing super smash bro‟s and seemed to be in an epic battle. Though Liza was realistically not involved in the battle because most of

her deaths consisted of accidents and she was on the opposite side of the screen from the fighting. We all talked while they played and waited to be called in for evaluation. Evaluation was something that went on every day when a psychiatrist and a doctor ask you questions and gave you a checkup. Things rarely happened where there was something unusual so nobody ever worried about it except for the newcomers every once in a while. They would ask us how we were feeling, what foods we were eating if we had any difficulties with other patients and then assign us our daily vitamins for any nutrients they didn‟t think we were getting enough of. I didn‟t like meat and have been a vegetarian my whole life so I had a lot of Iron pills. Everyone took there pills everyday as promised. This facility is an experimentation lab studying the effects of healthy living and positive influence from others around us. That being that even if we had anyone around that had a problem with the others they would be removed being considered a threat to the study. Most people end up here as free foster care, orphans, or every once in a way one that the parents just can‟t deal with. Miss May was here for the health benefits of her condition. Refusing to take normal treatment due to her illness she stay‟s here where people can look after her 24/7. Why am I here? I‟ve been asking myself that for a long time. I‟ve been here since before I can remember, no record of parents, or any sort of past history. In short, I don‟t know who I am. The institute gave me my name suggested by Miss May and a nice nurse who worked here at the time named Gloria. Most of my friends were a mixture of those things and Jared was the rare case of being dropped off by his parents and left. He doesn‟t seem to know why and it‟s not really anyone‟s business to ask so Jared is also a bit of a mystery. When it was time for me to be questioned the doctor simply said that I looked a bit pale and suggested I have a short nap in the afternoon and an Iron pill. I simply nodded and went out to find Jared was in after me. He ruffled my hair as I went by and I glared up at him. He smirked and called a „see you later‟ before entering the room. I hated it when people treated me like a kid. I wasn‟t that small only 5”2 and it wasn‟t likely I would grow much more than that anyway. Jared was way tall definitely over 6”0, with messy black hair and light blue eyes. He liked to tease me about my height but it was always just playful and never meant to truly hurt my feelings or anything. Most of the time I listened to the doctor and if he said to go get some sleep I would. When I woke I did my independent study on courses that I would have taken had I been in school and then usually it was dinner in the Cafeteria, hanging out some more with my friends. Sometimes we went to the gym and played sports, other times we just hung around and acted lazy like we did today. At around 9 it was time fore bed, and this is the way it went everyday. I took my sleeping pills as normal and also as normal didn‟t sleep well at all. The nightmares tended to get more and more gruesome until I started to hear screaming and bolted right up in bed breathing and looking around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I heard the scream again and recognizing the voice, I shot from bed and flew out the door. I paused after I was out the door in amazement. Everyone‟s room got locked automatically every night and weren‟t opened till either the automatic unlock at 7 am or until one of the nurses came to let you out. In other words there was no way I just walked right out of it the way I did unless someone unlocked me, but no one would do that at… my goodness, 3:05 Am! The screaming jolted me out of my temporary amazement and I noticed it coming from the person across the hall. It was Mary- Anne. Mary-Anne had been here less then a month and was quite young. I went across the hall and tugged on the doorknob expecting it to be locked, but I was wrong again. The door

I was on my way to the front hall first when someone threw themselves at me and I was tackled and spun around before they put me back down. Like I had slept too long and had too much to do. so I was a little hysterical but that was some crazy stuff going on right there. I was pretty calm right now.” they demanded. I did that until morning came and Martha came in and told me that some of the guards had some more questions for me later on so I should try to get some sleep now. “ It‟s true. Being the only non hysterical witness present I guessed I would have to answer that. When something finally happens it‟s in our . I felt restless. The guards still looked a little unsure but the nurses ran over to us and took Mary-Anne away somewhere trying to calm her down.easily clicked open and the screaming got louder as I opened the door. Okay. Mel was known to exaggerate sometimes but I had a strong feeling that this story had been warped way before Mel could get to it. A tree. The man looked at me like I was on either two much medication or possibly not enough medication. After about a minute footsteps started clattering down the hall and a few minutes after that a group of nurses and a couple of men in security uniforms rushed towards us. “ What Happened.” and that was as much as you were going to get out of her. I tried to call her but she didn‟t seem to hear me. But I didn‟t feel tired. “ OMG Twin are you okay? I heard what happened.” chirped Mary-Anne still slightly hysterical but at least coherent. a cat. “ I was having a nightmare and when I woke up everything was crazy and really loud and then the ceiling fan started going crazy and it felt really cold and then Light opened the door and we just made it out before the fan smashed and …. “ Mary-Anne get over here now!” She gulped and ran for her life barely making it out the door before the fan finally broke free and hit the wall with such force that it blades broke off and it left a giant whole in it. The lights were flickering on and off.Anne‟s screaming. I got up grabbed my paints and started painting. it didn‟t matter I just didn‟t want to have to think right now. and the fan above her head was swinging so fast it was going to fall off it‟s hinges. I rolled my eyes. I blinked as all the technology in the room was going haywire. She didn‟t push it but reminded me to stop by the front hall later on and to check to see how Miss May was today. “ I heard screaming so I ran across the hall and Marry-Anne‟s radio and lights were acting up like some kind of earthquake or something and her fan broke off the ceiling and exploded against the wall!. locking it behind them. “ Mary-Anne!” I screamed and she looked up slightly as I tried to motion her out of the room before the flan flew off the ceiling. But what can I say? We‟re a bunch of teenagers stuck in a place with routines and order. Mary-Anne was huddled in the corner and by now had passed the screaming stage and was balling uncontrollably. well bits and pieces anyway and someone said you almost had your head chopped off by a ceiling fan!” She screeched. or at least I appeared calm so they opened the door to my room and let me back in. curled up but definitely couldn‟t sleep this time. a radio was blasting music that could just be heard over Mary. I tried to calm Mary-Anne seeing as she was most likely in shock and definitely hysterical but I was definitely surprised at the very least to be much help.” I blurted out. I mean what had just happened? I lay there going over all the possibilities until I couldn‟t stand it anymore. I went over to the bed.

whether it‟s how they always look at everyone like they‟re guilty of something or how they act like we‟re all going to try and bolt for the door at any minute. but they didn‟t interrupt me again.” I reasoned.Anne or me. Okay. he was just here last month. Darenforth was the founder of our institute and showed up every three months to check on progress. “ Well I woke up when I heard screaming from across the hall so I went to go see what was wrong…”And I was interrupted. After a few minutes I started to relax. My eyes widened as I entered the room and I froze. “Oh. “ Wow easy there Light. always places to go and people to see.” “ Alright Joseph that‟s enough.” “ Yes Mr. He looked up when I entered and gestured for me to take a seat in front of the desk. When I felt a hand on my shoulder I jumped and turned around. “ I don‟t know.” a guard said cutting me off.” he said to me kindly.” She hopped of in the direction of her room probably hoping to get another hours more of sleep before everyone else in the building got up. I don‟t know what I was so stressed about. I took a deep breath and continued. In either case they gave me creeps but it was best to get this over with. It was probably just a loose bolt or something. “ Thank you Miss Kinsley.” and I finished telling them about the light and the radio and the fan. Darenforth with his pretend kindness was somehow even more creepy. Darenforth looked like he was analyzing something but he kept the smile on his face. I took a seat and started twirling my hair nervously and waited for him to start. just be careful twin kay?” “ Yeah I will. The problem was.” “ Okay. I have to go talk to the front desk about what happened. “ Come in. . Darenforth was in the front desk surrounded by guards. “ It‟s okay Twin really. “ And how did you get out of your room. She was still clinging to me and I hugged her back. obviously something was wrong. it was supposed to be locked. I headed towards the front room and knocked nervously on the door. the fan hit the wall and didn‟t come close to either Mary. He was the type of person with a strict schedule. Mr. I sighed and cracked my neck.” a voice called and I opened the door.” I said before leaving the room struggling to go at a normal speed when I really wanted to bolt. She accepted this versions right away of course. I‟ll see you there. I‟ll meet you afterward in the front hall for breakfast. Okay I admit it the guards scare me. we shall call you again should we have anymore questions but for now please remember to take your vitamins and perhaps see the psychiatrist if you feel at all traumatized by this unfortunate experience. finish telling us what happened. “ Alright Miss Kinsley ( my last name) Can you tell us what happened at 3:00 this morning?” He said gently. It was just those guards and then Mr.” said Jeremy. When I was finished Mr. I just tried to opening it up and it opened. I don‟t know why it wasn‟t locked. Darenforth. Mr. “ I went outside and noticed it was coming from across the hall and…. My mouth was dry but I swallowed and forced myself to just spit it out. The guards still looked very suspicious especially when I mentioned Mary-Anne‟s door was unlocked as well. It‟s so silly but something about them just creeps me out. didn‟t mean to scare you. And even more than that he never made unexpected visits…ever! He came every three months and that was it. Thank you sir. and to have him suddenly decide to make an extended stay. I stuttered and then swallowed restarting.very nature to gossip about it.

your definitely over thinking this. as usual Joey was the first one to break the silence. was there a possibility he didn‟t know? “ Dude didn‟t you hear?” asked Jeremy looking confused. There‟s absolutely nothing to worry about. C‟mon lets go meet everyone for breakfast. For a while they were all quiet. “ You really shouldn‟t have gotten involved Light. I mean come on. though I could feel the side of my cheek twitch on the verge smiling. “ Didn‟t know what? What happened?” I couldn‟t help it.” I said sarcastically. “ Seriously Jared calm down. the lights.again?” I sighed..” I choked a little on the drink I had just picked up. She could be just as bad a gossiper as anyone sometimes. I burst out laughing and my twin joined in. Liza. “ Hey you alright? You‟re really pale. We all looked at him as if he was from Mars. The chances though that there was a problem with the radio. I thought to myself.. “ What‟s everyone talking about?” he asked. He shrugged.” “ Well it still lets you know something happened either way. ignoring the gossip.” and for hopefully the last time that day I told Jared what happened. That was not funny. both Light and Mary-Anne could have been seriously injured. “ Why would I listen to it? By the time it reaches the honest people it‟s pretty much all made up anyway. and the fan all at the same time?… No stop it. “ Thanks a lot Liza. She‟s seriously exaggerating. I really don‟t want that kind of attention and I didn‟t want anymore questions about what happened…which turned out pointless seeing as Liza was bouncing up and down in her seat curiosity practically coming off of her in waves. Now people are starting to say that one of you set the room on fire and trashed the fan in a fit of rage. forever the optimist.. You can‟t just go around with your head in the…” “ Are you going to tell me what happened or not?” he interrupted bored. the thought that this was more than what it appeared to be. I rolled my eyes. On the outside everyone appeared to agree but in everyone‟s eyes I saw that one flicker of doubt. It was probably just some manufacturing problem with the ceiling fan and a dying bulb making the lights flicker. Mel. and Joey were already there and only Jared was absent.” we said in between giggles. “ That‟s not funny Joey.” said Mel.” Me and my twin both smacked him for that. You could have gotten in trouble for leaving . “ Are you really going to make me repeat it. there wasn‟t fire involved at all or fits of rage for that matter. “ That‟s Jared for you. Jeremy frowned when he saw my face. Obviously everyone knew what happened already but it still bothered me.I really needed to chill out.” he commented as he brushed his palm across my forehead.” said Liza matter-o-factly. “ So were you two on something last night or…. I shushed him and pulled him pack into his chair. “ I‟m fine Jeremy you worry to much. Jeremy was always worrying about everyone. He jumped up shocked. though I had to agree that this seemed the most logical explanation. So I had no choice but to tell them what happened. “ Light was attacked by a ceiling fan. I couldn‟t help but notice the stares as I walked to our table. I thought mentally shaking myself. “ She what??!!” He practically shouted. “ Well it would be nice to have an accurate account of what happened. When I was done he shook his head. We all jolted out of it as soon as Jared came to sit down.” I said dragging him to the Cafeteria.

“ But I am hungry.” “ Ha that‟s rich! Admit it. and that‟s usually when the game is over anyway so we gave up.” I felt something cold on my cheek and looked up at the vent as it dripped water. “He‟s just unconscious. unless… “ I think the water came through the vent. please let him not be in there! I repeated as I ran to the guards. “ Do you remember anything? How did this much water even get into your room anyway?” “ How the hell should I know? I just went to sleep last night and woke up just now soaked and pissed off.” I assured him standing up. Jared wasn‟t the type of person to stand back when someone was in trouble. It didn‟t surprise me that Jared came with me though it did confuse me. I was rushing to her room when I noticed the floor was slippery. “ Something‟s flooding…coming from Jakes door. The floor was absolutely soaked and it was all coming from underneath the door of Jake Harley‟s room. especially in such a strange place as this. he could be in trouble!” I gasped more from panic then from being tired from running. I ran over and was about to check his breathing when he coughed and spluttered. Anybody want anything?” A couple of them asked for drinks so I went up to get in line. Being close to me made sure he always had a friend around. I can‟t even…. He had no response to that like I thought. Jake looked up and scowled. Someone‟s trying to fucking kill me. It‟s just one of those instinctual things that you have no choice over. It didn‟t take two people to carry a sandwich and a couple of drinks but I‟d noticed lately that Jared had been hanging around me a lot. someone to ask for advice and someone to give advice to whenever we needed it.” he grumbled. After breakfast we went to the gym to play Dodge ball. “ But your okay though right?” He asked to make sure. getting into a sitting position and blinked looking around confused.” I commented turning my water bottle upside down ( I know this seems random but it„s just another one of my odd habits that I picked up from my A. After that I had almost forgotten to check on Miss May. After most of the danger was over I carefully walked into the room and saw Jake on the floor. I nodded .D).D.. He frowned. got out a master key and quickly pushed it through and open the door. It was always a very fair way to decide and it always made the teams interesting.your room or hurt when the fan broke off. Most of the time Mel and me ended up on the same team and we would always keep more to the back so it would be more difficult to hit us and as usual were the last two left on our team. Well that was strange I didn‟t think the water had reached that high. Please let him not be in there. if you were in that situation you would have done the same thing that I did. “ I‟m fine.” I said pointing up. I screamed but the guard put his hand over my mouth. The water came pouring out into the hall and I really should have thought to stand back before I got soaked. Oh my god! I immediately grabbed the door knob and tried to open it but it was locked. Being the first person he had met upon arriving I‟d guessed he was simply sticking to me because he was the type of person that needed to attach themselves to others for comfort. “ What the hell just happened!?” He shouted.” He was cut off as something flew into his arm. calm down and go tell the office what happened. He looked at it confused then his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed. “ I can‟t fucking believe this. I almost fell down when I caught myself on a door knob and then frowned confused. The guard looked confused unsure whether to believe me or not but followed me back to his room and tried the knob. playing rock paper scissors to pick teams.

. We have been letting go of your minor breaches for a long time Light but now I‟m afraid you have crossed a line. He simply sighed seeming to be ignoring me and even when he spoke he did not answer my question.wh… what are y. We walked for a few minutes before the halls started to get dark. I scuttled down the hall with a feeling of dread slowly creeping up my spine. I shivered but did what he told me scared I would be the next one unconscious if I put up a fight.. But I still couldn‟t help the grimace that came over my face before I plastered on a look of confidence and entered the office. next time I‟ll ignore that stupid voice telling me to go poking my nose where it doesn„t belong…. Already poisoning some of the older members. “ Mr.there and asked me to go get help.. He‟s in the office three doors down. I was just too cold. Ice shot up my spine and my face paled..th. “ There you go dear. A guard is already th th.” I nodded my thanks and quickly stood and even though some part off me told me to leave the blanket I wrapped it tighter around myself.. Okay I won‟t but not the point. Why on earth is all this happening around me. “Th.. “ My child I know every girl your age craves attention but the extremes you have gone to are not at all healthy. I knocked on the office door my body shaking and only just realizing how cold I was from being drenched. I shivered for a few minutes until she came back and wrapped me in a blanket. This had to be some sort of joke…right? . there was nothing wrong with Mr. She nodded her face going all business like.pproblem in Jakes room 2 h. She put it down and nodded over to me. I hope you don‟t mind but we are going to go for a short walk as we talk.you talking about. I really didn‟t know actually. I carefully left not wanting to slip on the floor and then ran when the floor was dry. Darenforth stood as I came inside. I almost felt like laughing this was just too ridiculous.looking back to see a needle sticking out if his arm.halls down.” He kept on talking as if he was simply telling me off for cheating on someone else‟s test. I stood frozen no longer able to walk as my mouth popped open. just so you could rescue them and claim hero is just proof of the deterioration of your mental health. talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This was a different part of the institute. Mr. at your age why its simply unheard of. The main nurse (who‟s name I never seem to remember) looked me up and down raising her eyebrows.” I stuttered my teeth starting to chatter.” He said leaving out a different door than I had come in. if they wanted this blanket they would have to take it from me forcefully or I might freeze before I made it to my shower. nor did any of the guards flanking us. And then attempting the murder of Mary-Anne and Jake. Screw it. First attempting to seduce boys. Darenforth still hadn‟t said anything. She pointed me to a chair while she ran out of going to get more guards. “ W. “ Yes right away Sir. but apparently I was about to find out. “ Ah Light. Just wait here a little longer so you can talk to Mr. then you can go and shower and put on nice warm cloths. Darenforth is ready to see you now. Two bad eggs already. I was still shivering trying to rap the blanket tighter around myself when the nurse picked up her phone.” I stuttered positive I had heard him wrong. heck one even saved Jake just a few minutes ago. Mr.. Darenforth. leading to…. Darenforth and the guards. “ What a mess.” she answered.” I nodded not happy at all about talking to Mr. I really had to get over this silly paranoia.” He said sadly.yo. Darenforth again.h. I wrapped my arms around myself as the Office door opened.there‟s a pp. out of a the newest batch. Follow me please. “ Sir where are we going?” I asked hesitantly..

After a bit we stopped seeming to find our destination. You need to be punished for your actions. Once you realize what you‟ve done wrong you can come out. but the last one seemed like too much of an exaggeration…most likely. After three days I was positive I was going to lose my mind. days. by the way. Take these broken wings and learn to fly.First he accused me of being some sort of slut. Darenforth sighed dramatically. All my life. I stood staring at the door too terrified to turn around and stare at the never ending darkness behind me. My heart started to beat faster and faster until I was sure everyone could hear it. ‟ Black bird singing in the dead of night. I swear! Please don‟t do this… I don‟t… I can‟t…. I couldn‟t tell you how long I stood there. Blackbird fly. I sang. Would people notice I was gone? What would they think of my sudden disappearance? Would Mr. I was still shivering. Blackbird fly. They did come around once a day to give me some food.things hanging from the ceiling too far apart to give much light. now. After a while I thought I was going to go crazy.” He said gently. Go just as crazy as they had accused me of being. I always knew this guy creeps me out but I never knew he was freaking crazy! And this guy runs this whole company? How the heck did that ever happen? I was started to hyperventilate and now the guards started to drag me forward as I still wouldn‟t walk. Darenforth tell everyone that he thought me responsible for all the things that were happening? What about the person really behind it? If I staid here would that mean the end for the next victim. “ Please. So I did the only thing I knew to comfort myself. Mr. * * * After a while I got an answer to a few of my questions actually. As we walked forward the lighting got worse and worse until it almost looked like we were in a cave with lantern-like. It could have been seconds. minutes. I sniffled not believing a word he said as a guard went up to unlock the door and the other one started to drag me inside it. Would they feed me? Was this a death sentence or just a permanent sentence. And I was pretty sure I would never get out of here. Mr. Darenforth with wide eyes in my last attempt. “ Now. Darenforth I would never hurt anybody. “ NO!!!!!!!” I screamed terrified as he let go and left locking the door quickly behind him.” he said trying to sound assuring. I turned to Mr. I started shaking from fear this time as I looked at the completely dark room in front of us and guessed what they had in mind.” And then it became too much and I started crying. hours. . You were always waiting for this moment to arrive. still cold but that was the least of my worries at the moment. I was terrified of the dark. because I wasn‟t there to help them? I had so many questions but if the answer to the first one was yes than it wouldn‟t matter because I wouldn‟t be here long enough for any of those things to really make a difference. Nothing gourmet just some bread and some soup. dear I know you‟ve been confused for a long time but we‟re going to get you some help. “ Don‟t make this any more difficult then it needs to be. I couldn‟t decide. then he accused me of trying to kill two people just for attention? “ What on earth are you talking about? Seducing boys? Planning conspiracy murders? This is just crazy!” I practically screamed at him.

a multicolored skirt ( at the time my emotions were too all over the place to pick one colour). but it was worth it. When I sang I didn‟t think. albeit small. and had a nap.‟ I stopped singing and reread the words. I wondered exactly how many were down here but I sincerely hoped it wasn‟t any more than those I had seen on my way down here. human girl of 15 years. Someone was definitely coming. Every time I awoke I was never in the same position as I was when I fell asleep. showing I had tossed and turned. my black leggings. I only had naps. and sure enough when they got close enough I could see two guards trailing none other than Mr. the fear. What if they thought I was still nuts and I wasn‟t getting any better? What if they thought it was best that I be dealt with permanently? I mean what was the point of keeping me down here. I frowned getting up and walking to the bars of the door looking up the side of the hall. Darenforth and the other guard. “ So what do you have to say? Do you think you can behave yourself now?” he said strictly. too paranoid of what was around me to give myself over completely to sleep. and I was cold and hungry and terrified. and plaid converse. I also didn‟t have anything to say. I felt the emotions of the song. If some miracle happened and I had a chance to run could I leave them behind with the chance that they were as innocent as I was? All this negative thinking was making me sick again so I sang and sang and sang until I got tired. I sang everyday until my throat hurt and I practically lost my voice. even temporarily. I didn‟t even want to think about what my hair. I forgot about the darkness. nothing was being accomplished. He unlocked the door and held it open for Mr. I backed up from the door a meter or two and put on a face devoid of any expression. I‟m afraid of the dark. of the person who wrote the song. the doubt. As I sang I clutched my hand to my necklace and automatically turned it over to read the back. I felt. „Never give up hope. Behave myself? He‟s acting like I‟m a five year old who pushed a classmate into the sand box.…‟ As I sang my heart beat finally slowed. But at least if they noticed I could claim it was because of the cold. And of course I wouldn‟t have been able to anyway without my sleeping pills. That being my tshirt. My own troubles took somewhat of a back seat and I could finally focus. I had questions but this guy was too psycho to actually give . I was still wearing the same thing from when they put me in here. How the heck was I supposed to fix anything? I had no tools. the three of them stopped at my door and a guard stepped forward. A couple times already there had been the awful sound of people screaming and begging and crying and the sound of scuffing as people got dragged down through the hall and into their new room. Most likely they weren‟t coming here for me anyway. the sorrow of the song itself. what they were thinking about as they poured their soul out on paper. and I let it flow through me leaving my own troubles. But only one person I knew walked through this hallway freely. curled into a ball. behind. Unexpectedly. and the questions as I focused on the words. But what hope was there to hold onto to? I am a normal. or my face for that matter.Into the light of the black night. The dreams were no better than usual only possibly more terrifying and vivid than normal. And what about everyone else that is down here. looked like but as soon as they came in I was too nervous to care. This time when I woke up there was a little more light in the hall then normal. though the glow from the flash light hid any specific features. Darenforth. I froze opening my mouth for a second but then snapping it shut. I kept my face neutral but could not stop myself from shaking.

“ But you must understand the severity of your actions. No way was I coming back down here for another… week? I‟ve been down here for a week! It took me a few minutes to digest that before I looked up at Mr. my eyes were going to need some time to adjust.” he said smiling before his face turned scolding. unable to face the reality of my situation. I blinked as we walked. and as if sensing my acquiesce he smiled and nodded to one of the guards. The last Guard escorted me to my room unlocked the door. I was pretty sure he was crazy. You never saw papers laying around or garbage on the floor. I frowned thinking I‟d misunderstood. No colour on the walls or floor. So I nodded. I guess having been faced with this I realized how sheltered I‟ve been. Which meant that if he said no speaking I had to agree. Not allowed to speak. no sign that people or even children lived here. everything polished and scrubbed down to the last tiny grain of dirt on the floor. Darenforth who was looking at me expectantly. paranoid because I couldn‟t tell where he was going with all this no speaking stuff. His brain didn‟t work right making his intentions and actions unpredictable. It was supposed to be therapeutic but now it just seemed to creep me out. The guard opened the door and my heart started to beat faster.” He said faking sadness and regret. and let me in closing it and relocking it behind me. They were letting me out! I felt like yelling and screaming in relief but I also felt like my deal was now imprinted in to my skin. unless…. I had been in near darkness for just over a week. When we made it back to the hallway with regular lighting I had to put my hand over my eyes to protect them from the light. getting myself out of anything. There was no life here. I‟ve never had to worry about fending for myself. “ Do you understand? If you say one word we will have to put you back down here for another week. It was just as I remembered it with all my painting still on the walls and the clutter of paints and books strewn about. And when you live so long like this you barely even notice it. I tried to keep my head knowing that as long as I did as was told I had nothing to worry about. Therefore as your punishment You are no longer allowed to speak. good. mentally gluing my mouth shut and willing it to stay that way. I had never before noticed how blank and white the walls were before. I marveled in the colour and life in the . I was nervous and still shivering like crazy while we walked. Some how I wanted to prove to myself that I was stronger than this. This whole things is just another way for him to separate me from the others. No one said anything and the hall way seemed to just get longer and longer while we walked never allowing us to reach the end. “ Good . that I swore to myself I would learn how to fend for myself. I stared at the closed door for a while before turning and looking at my room. I was really getting out of here. No one went around marking down your height on the wall as you grew. no art or decoration. The reason I never noticed it before was because this was what I grew up with. I was ashamed of how I handled it closing myself off like that. I nodded slowly. unless that‟s the point. But I still worried. Everything had to be completely sterilized and plain.me a rational answer. At one point Mr. slowly removing my hand from my eyes. It was then and there as we walked through the halls slowly inching towards light. Darenforth and one of the guards left for the office giving a final farewell and a warning of our agreement. Does he mean for a little while or ever? I wonder how he plans for me to interact with others. But now for some reason it‟s like I could finally see past these walls to the fact that there was something horribly wrong with this place. I was now incapable of going against my orders. In this situation it was best just to hold my tongue and hope they didn‟t get violent.” He said. knowing the consequences if I disobeyed. I wouldn‟t be some helpless little girl (no pun intended on my size).

He pulled away holding me at arms length. So I tried to ignore the looks and went and got a fruit cup nodding to the lunch lady and then leaving the room. Trying to sit long enough to eat and ignore them was another. I stepped into the shower turning the faucet and letting scalding hot water pound into my skin. My eyes widened. I didn‟t care though and realistically it probably wasn‟t that hot. wrapping the blanket around me to preserve what little warmth my body was able to get from the hot water. I froze before realizing the impossible. “ So where were you! I mean one minute your playing doge ball and the next your gone. While I was down there. And unfortunately I didn‟t go unnoticed. but she also wasn‟t me. As I rubbed my towel over my face I was just about to hang it up when I caught a look at the person in the mirror. her normally bright turquoise eyes looked dull with black shadows underneath.” he said pulling me into a hug he squeezed the heck out of me for a bit and I laughed internally at his enthusiasm. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail which had gone curly from rolling around during the night. Her lips were chapped and her natural blush looked fake. but this time no one came to wake me up so they continued. Of course as soon as I left I ran into Jared. So I pulled the blankets tighter around myself curling into a ball and went to sleep. I was of course extremely glad to see him too but underneath my mood was still as dark as my skirt. Walking and ignoring the stares was one thing. You didn‟t try to escape did you?” he said looking grim. but after a while I convinced myself I was overreacting. I looked at the clock and it said 8:30. After a while it was too much and I awoke sitting up and breathing heavily. I just shook my head unable to look in his eyes. Just because I never went out into the sun didn‟t mean I don‟t usually have a little more colour than tofu. Once the hot water started to turn cool I turned off the water and stepped out quickly putting my fuzzy pajamas on. She had white skin. But then again I probably looked like one so I couldn‟t blame them. As usual I had nightmares. The mirror was making me melancholic so I went back into my room and laid down on the bed. I stood there for a long time with my eyes closed and barely noticed when tears started mixing in with the water that streamed down my face. “ Well than what were you doing?” He said exasperated as to why I hadn‟t told him everything . I didn‟t sleep right away scared that when I woke up I would be back in that room. People stared at me like they were seeing a ghost. there wasn‟t a bathroom but a tiny toilet in the corner of the cell. I was being dragged around in the dark unable to scream unable to fight back as my back smacked against the ground. I pulled out of bed getting my usual cloths with a black skirt to represent my mood. It was anything like clean or private so lets just say I‟d never appreciated a bathroom more. “ Oh my god L! It‟s a miracle. Just because I had nightmares didn‟t mean that I always had circles under my eyes. Then a huge grin spread across his face and he reached forward. enabling me to be happy for any long length of time. I stepped outside hesitantly and went to the cafeteria which was crawling with people. Just because some people would say I hadn‟t really lived didn‟t mean I normally looked so dead. I never sleep in that late. They had little cupcakes all over them and they were blue. That person was me. It only felt scolding because my skin was so cold. This person was me.room for only a little bit before going over grabbing my pajamas from the closet and going into my on suite bathroom. It wasn‟t some amazing luxurious bathroom with a jet tub or anything but to me right now the little shower seemed like the most luxurious thing in the world. He looked absolutely shocked to see me and for a second he said nothing.

Thanks so much for the comment. Why is my reflection someone I don‟t know. I went to the door and closed it so no one else would hear me.” I sighed. who I am. “ Light. “ Oh no dear.yet. Once no one was around I turned to him miming talking and then shaking my head. I frowned sticking out my bottom lip. She was about to say something when I held up one finger telling her to give me a minute. I nodded. everyday. Having her be so layback and cheerful it helped distract . Some how I cannot hide. I turned around forgetting about Jared and ran to her room . you may thing you see who I really am. answering his question before he tilted my chin up forcing me to look in his eyes while he looked in mine. She chatted for a while and I listened. I pulled back horrified that I hurt her. She smiled at my expression. Miss May! How could I forget about her. I owed her so much surely I should do this one thing. My eyes widened. Already she didn‟t have to lean as much for support and she looked steadier. “ Look at me. After a bit he sighed and let go stepping away. But you‟ll never know me. “ Light?” she asked surprised and relieved before she winced a little. I opened my mouth for a second on a small desire to just spill everything but the next second I snapped my mouth shut and looked away. It was so nice to hear her just talking. it‟s not your fault. I smiled back at her glad that for whatever reason my singing always seemed to help. She was in a good mood like she is usually. From the look on my face she could probably guess what was on my mind. Did singing count as talking? I really wanted to sing. As soon as I found her I threw my arms around her. I will find out what happened to you. I just haven‟t been feeling the best this week. If I wear a mask I can fool the world. when the illness was worse. So even though he looked like he doubted I could go without speaking he still frowned confused as to why I would try. staring straight back at me. it‟s as if I play. but I cannot fool my heart. who I am inside. trying to find the answers in them. I closed my eyes and took one deep breath to calm myself down.” I sang softly and quietly hoping no one else heard that.” he warned.…. I grimaced wishing he wouldn‟t try.” He said sadly. “ You know Miss May has been very lonely while you were away and she doesn‟t look too good.” she said bravely. For whatever reason she never commented on my silence but continued to smile and tell me about all the usual gossip ( except for the ones undoubtedly concerning me and my disappearance). Now I see. And this was Miss May here. a part. When I opened my eyes Miss May was smiling and I was surprised at how much better she looked. “ Alright but don‟t think this means I‟m giving up. “ Would you sing to me sweet heart?” I opened my mouth again and closed it as water started in my eyes. Jared frowned realizing something was wrong. what‟s up? Are you okay? I mean shit you look really pale and shaky. “ Your not speaking?” he asked completely shocked by this turn of events. I returned and sat by Miss Mat holding her hand. Usually you couldn‟t get me to close my mouth once I got babbling.” she said lightly patting my head. Who is that girl I see. it always seemed to make Miss May feel so much better whenever she had one of her days. I thought sarcastically but I only shook my head taking his hand and leading him away from the cafeteria. “ That was beautiful Light. though I‟ve tried. When will my reflection show. All of a sudden he got this gleam in his eyes before blinking it away.

The painting wasn‟t something you would hang on your living room wall. and let everyone get used to having me around again. you finally come back and then don‟t even…. I sighed again and opened up a new canvas once I had shut the door behind him. I didn‟t feel scared while I was here but I still had a small part of my mind that was just waiting for them to come find me and put me back down there.me from what had happened the last week. After a while Miss May started to get tired again so I squeezed her hand. I jumped when I saw someone leaning up against the wall my heart rate going up. maybe if I just closed my eyes for a second…. Darenforth was insane! I just know he would be ashamed of me but right now…I just didn‟t feel strong at all. though still looking slightly amused at my means of communication. I knew I couldn‟t stay in here. My eyes widened and I put my hand over his mouth looking around to make sure no one was around to see that. It was around supper time so I knew the cafeteria would be crowded and no way was I walking in there with everyone staring at me. “Really twin. “ Holy crap Light you look awful. I needed to somehow ask Jared or one of the others if anything else strange has happened since I‟ve been down there.” But I . okay? But I can‟t say no to miss May and you know that!‟ I accused silently. He obviously wondered why I was gone for so long and when I come back I won‟t speak? But hell would freeze over before I told him what happened. I still did nothing until apparently their patience dried up and Mel came bursting through my door. I felt terrified and hungry and paranoid and ashamed. “ And why not?” he raised his eyebrows in a challenge. But it did have a lot of depth to it. He shrugged unashamed that he tricked me into opening my mouth. and then left so she could have a nap. for doing another crime I did not commit. how I left the others down there. I slowly started to walk over to the door reaching for the door knob when I stopped.” She trailed off quickly but I was barely listening anyway as I fought my eyes to stay open. I couldn‟t keep still and ended up pacing. There were many designs and swirls and things but nothing that you could actually tell what it is. All of a sudden Mel screamed and ran over to me. “ So you won‟t talk but you‟ll sing?” Jared questioned. „Don‟t you dare tell anyone I did that!‟ I wrote furiously showing it to him. I can‟t do it. I never knew exactly what I was going to draw once I started but I saw splashes of both darkness and light. I stayed painting for a long time before my stomach started to growl. I felt sick and dizzy so eventually I lay down on the bed and zoned out. Quick we have to get you help…. I dragged him to my room grabbed a piece of paper and pen and started to write. The knock sounded again as the person on the other side got impatient. My energy has been drained for days with neither sleep nor food to build it back up again. face my fear. How I was weak. this one would be made of shades with one tiny splash of colour to draw your eyes away from the darkness. No. I sighed frustrated and flipped a page. I motioned wildly for him to shut it and dragged him down the hall. I was just so tired. This was one of the few of my pictures that didn„t have a form. I partly zoned back in when I heard a knock on the door but I couldn‟t stand up. I also needed to get my routine back. „ I just shouldn‟t be talking. Jared was still in my room but I sent him out. He went reluctantly and said he‟d see me later. I turned around pacing some more until I could hardly walk. how I wasn‟t even brave enough to warn everyone that Mr. I knew this picture wouldn‟t be one of the ones full of colour. Even I wasn‟t exactly sure what the meaning was but it seemed appropriate.. He frowned..

Out of our group he was always the one that was health conscious. „ Go get Jeremy. and tons of vegetables. If I really was that sick then I knew Jeremy would be the one to help me. pale. I didn‟t understand how anyone could just go missing like that and then reappear and try to pretend that nothing had happened. He also told us that she wasn‟t speaking. do to how bad her fever is. and above all you could tell she was freaked out. I just nodded not even realizing Mel had left the room. where she was. She rushed out the door and I tried to sit up and failed. Jared had told us he‟d seen her up and around which I found almost impossible. Your pale as a ghost and your temperature is scary to say the least. * * * Jeremy * * * I didn‟t understand anything. which I ate while he checked my temperature. He shook his head and went and got another cloth for me and I knew I wasn‟t much better than yesterday. Something had scared her into silence and it just about broke your heart to see someone so full of energy and optimism just crash like that. He had the most first aid training and was always calm in times when everyone else wasn‟t. He smiled giving me an „anytime‟ and telling me he‟d come check on me in the morning. rolling her eyes and lifted the tray up. It wasn‟t long before my door handle turned and Mel and Jeremy came in and closed the door behind them. shaky. Mel gave me a big hug before rewrapping me and left as well. For some reason I didn‟t even feel that hungry anymore but I knew these two had no problems with forcing it down my throat so I slowly and still shaking. I don‟t know how this happened but you are extremely undernourished. It almost seemed like she hadn‟t eaten in a week which for all I knew could be true. he can help. He leaned by my head checking my temperature and my breathing.summoned the last reserve of my strength and grabbed her arm shaking my head at her. “ No Light stay awake. Mel has gone to get you something to eat. Before they left I grabbed Jeremy‟s wrist and took a deep breath before whispering thank you. We have to get some food in you before we do anything else. . For some reason I wasn‟t really worried about the fact that I had just spoken to Jeremy because most likely he would never mention it again and I‟m sure the guards had no way of knowing about it. Jeremy gently propped me up as Mel put the tray of food on my lap. I couldn‟t let her get the guards because I knew the last thing they would do was help me. She was weak. It was a baked potato and garden salad with dressing.” He ordered. I shakily reached for the pen and paper and wrote on it. ate what I could of both pushing around what was left until Mel sighed. But I did know that her fever wasn‟t getting better anytime soon.‟ She nodded though looked at me funny for writing it down instead of simply saying it out loud. I dozed in and out throughout the day and was asleep when my door burst open and Jared ran to my side. He got a wet wash cloth and wiped it over my face and kept me company until Mel came back. He said that she wouldn‟t tell him why she was gone. or anything actually. His cool hand felt nice against my forehead and I closed my eyes ready to sleep. I fell asleep quickly but I didn‟t sleep well. If he ever got out of here he would probably go and become a doctor somewhere. I was up already and hadn‟t moved at all for maybe three or four hours before Jeremy showed up with a fruit cup. My friends really were great people and I didn‟t know what I ever did to deserve them. I gave her a look of thanks as Jeremy pushed me back down laying a newly wet cloth over my forehead and tucking me in. croutons. His face showed nothing but slight concern as to not let me know how bad I probably looked.

She wasn‟t slow or anything. They knew how we had been to see Light for the past few days though we haven‟t told them she‟s sick yet. “ She just isn‟t feeling well right now…” I said hoping they wouldn‟t catch on that this was a major understatement. If something happened that she objected to then she had always made her opinion loud and clear. With all that being said it didn‟t mean we thought she was completely without strength. She was always there for everyone whenever they needed something. . And of course she loved everyone. She‟s always been small and from what others have said she hasn‟t changed at all from when she turned thirteen. We were somewhat silent as we walked towards the games room where the others were hanging out. “ So what‟s up with Light? Did she tell you why she disappeared yet? Why is she missing the championship? Goodness knows she‟s the only one able to whoop Joey‟s but in this game.Mel was worried to and I just couldn‟t lie to her and say that Light was perfectly fine. Growing up here she was kept away from bullying.” I said softly squeezing her arm. drama. The others weren‟t happy that she was sick but didn‟t think any more of it trusting me and Mel to tell them if she needed anything. She looked over at me and smiled halfheartedly. Light has always been like a baby sister to me and Mel for as long as we‟ve been here. “ And what‟s that supposed to mean?” he said and I sighed wishing he had kept quiet knowing he was the only one who would have caught onto that other than Mel.” asked Liza. The only difference in her mind was that she knew we did indeed have different body parts and that boys were better in video games and that we didn‟t wear skirts or dresses. That was a little old to treat her like a child still but something about her had just always screamed ‟Protect me!‟. I put my arm around Mel knowing she was probably thinking among the same lines as I was. Jared always has his way so if he tells her to get better she will. “ No she hasn‟t said a word. She rolled her eyes but leaned her head on my chest. drugs. Her mind only seemed to be filled which childlike thoughts of rainbows and optimism. Jared‟s head snapped in our direction and I almost wanted to tease him for being so obvious. “ Hey. that was just the way she was. Today was also the Mario cart championship and so far Joey was in the lead. Nothing had ever gotten her down before because she saw the silver lining in each and every cloud in the sky. She always said it was just a waste of energy. We walked in and went to go sit on the couch next to Joey and Liza. Light was probably the most innocent person I had ever met. She believed everyone should be treated equally and didn‟t see how people could hate each other. But he shot up and was out the room before I could even tell him to chill. Of course since she believed everyone should be treated equally she didn‟t understand the whole boy/girl thing ( something that was constantly frustrating for Jared). Her birthday was coming up in about a week and then she would be sixteen. “ Don‟t worry Light will be fine. Of course Mel was worried about her ‟twin‟ and that made the situation even worse because then I had to see the both of them in pain. and all the other problems of the world. Jared was off to the side a bit stuck in his own head. I knew that something had taken a toll on her body as well but it was how she was effected mentally that was stopping her from getting better. And I just don‟t think she‟s exactly up for competing in the championship at the mo. Of course I wasn‟t stupid enough to think she was like this only because of psychological damage. Now it was like watching as someone broke her little bubble and everything fell on her at once.” I teased.” Jared frowned and came closer.

“ Mary-Anne and Jacob both disappeared right after those incidents and no one has seen them since. Wow that stung. I nodded and he smiled before getting up. Whatever your scared of doesn‟t matter and it isn‟t good for you to try to hide it. Just think of how much pain Miss May is in right now. Jared checked my temperature again and then went into the bathroom and got me another wet cloth that he put across my forehead. But I felt so relieved to have it all said out loud. For some reason I was surprised. “ Maybe you better sleep now. and helped me into a sitting position. We‟re all scared for you and we‟re not going to sit around and watch as you let this get to you. He patted me on the head when I was done and I frowned at him. Now I was sure there were a few things he wasn‟t telling me or anyone else. Like he knew this stuff might be going on and I just confirmed it. Don‟t be so stupid! You‟re not accomplishing anything. but he looked more disappointed than surprised. I was still shaky but I tried to pull myself up. I didn‟t need to be tucked in. I tried to take a breath to calm myself but I still stuttered through it. I was not five. I felt so exhausted from everything that I slumped back against the head board yawned. I w-w-went to the office.“ Yeah everything will be okay. “ You won‟t. „You know none of us would have said anything to them. Be strong for once and talk to me” he yelled.” he whispered placing his right hand on my cheek. Instead of answering he told me something else. I was so shocked I said nothing. I opened my mouth but panicked and shut it again trying to shake my head.” she said quietly as the championship continued. “ I don‟t want to go back there. He turned around and waited. part of me not wanting him to hear me. He said nothing waiting for me to talk. His face softened before he walked back over to me for a second and waited until I looked him in the eye. We‟ll keep quiet for now but anything could set him off again. I suspected Mr. We‟ve been told they were sent home but I don‟t really believe that. He swore softly came over and checked my temperature and then swore again. calling a good night and leaving the room.” He said more to himself then to me I think. “ Dammit Light. Just think of how worried Mel and Jeremy are. a-a-and…” I tried to take calming breaths and Jared took my hand. “ W-w-when I f-f-found Jake. I gasped and tried to breath after swallowing the lump in my throat.” he said gently tucking me in. it made me feel like I wasn‟t crazy. “ Light you have to tell me what happened.” I asked lightly.” he said quietly as if hoping I wouldn‟t hear him. He jumped up and I flinched at the anger in his eyes.” I called before he opened the door. I bit my lip and looked away before continuing. “ Jared. and horrified and he was definitely horrified. the tears streaming down my face. That night I did not sleep well at all nor did someone come to wake me up so as usual I woke up screaming and crying. Darenforth was a bit off his rocker but this is bad. After a while the tears finally stopped and I calmed .” I said quietly. I thought he would be shocked. as if I didn‟t expect him to believe me. “ Jared is there something your not telling me? It‟s almost as if you expected something among those lines. I promise. “ Jared help me up. ”I asked confused. * * * Light * * * “Jared?” I asked sleepily as I tried to sit up and failed again. I rolled my eyes. One of us will be here in the morning to see how your doing. I took one more breath and told him everything. He looked so sincere I had to trust him.” He said determined. I flinched a little.

though my stomach started to hurt. My one problem was that she wasn‟t healthy enough to travel right now and unless she got healthy soon I was going to have to risk more damage. * * * Jared * * * What happened to Light was worse than I thought. “ Why on earth do you want me to sit in her shower?” He rolled his eyes and tilted his head towards the shower. May and I both know that as soon as Light gets taken away from her for a prolonged period of time that she will die and we have both excepted that fact. And I needed to move fast because Light isn‟t going to last much longer here. I made it to the toilet just in time to start throwing up everything I had eaten in the last 24 hours. That guy is insane and I couldn‟t wait for Williams father to give him exactly what he deserved. I . physically and in some ways mentally. May was supposed to have died from her disease about 10 years ago. She wasn‟t given as much medication as the others. Trusting Jeremy I sat down in the shower. Knowing she couldn‟t get very far on her own I went to her bathroom and sucked in a breath as I found her passed out on the floor. In all honesty Ms. And if she was asleep right now it would have been the first time had had ever stayed motionless while asleep. Light was so unique and there was something very different about her then the other subjects here. “ Just trust me and get in. Light needs to leave as soon as possible and I was going to get her out of here. I now knew the specifics of how the punishment went and the only thing I needed now were the bodies of either Mary-Anne or Jake to prove it. she was horrified at the thought of anyone eating dead animals. After I had nothing left to puke I managed to flush it down before collapsing onto the ground and falling unconscious.down. I knew she wasn‟t sleeping because I knew she has never slept soundly in her life. before Light came along. to keep prolonging her life. I knelt down and carefully lifted her checking her breathing.” he said. I was pretty sure she had stopped aging. He entered the room first and stopped causing me to just stop myself from crashing into him.” he said more seriously. We have to be quick. Of course Miss. I knew they were going to be tough on the others when they disappeared but realistically. “ I need you to sit down in the shower. and to take away her pain. Jeremy carefully took her out of my arms and then stood up. and her voice was very powerful. She had still ate enough that her bones didn‟t protrude from her body and her face was still nice and round not sunken in but we had best get some food in her fast. When I came here to start the reconnaissance work I never thought I would actual make friends and even fall for someone. Light really didn‟t do anything. Since then Light has been almost a kind of medicine for her. Light was not in her bed. Jeremy and I were both going to look after her this morning and I surely appreciated the fact that Jeremy knew a lot more about medicine and stuff then I did. Jeremy came in shortly afterwards and checked her temperature and pulse. I was about to ask what he was doing when I noticed what he was looking at. All three were bad and she was getting so skinny from lack of food that she was starting to look on the edge of becoming an anorexic. because Light tells her everything. He came over next and placed her in my lap. I blinked and looked at him like he had lost his mind. Before you start thinking that I‟m a stalker who watched her sleep I got that information from Miss May. I tried to get up and managed to roll out of bed and crawl into the bathroom.

Jared was completely silent and if I didn‟t know any better I would have thought he was sleeping. So instead I concentrated On Jared‟s breathing and timing my breathing with his. And thank goodness for my twin had dry cloths in her hand. “ What…. it‟s no wonder my body‟s worn out. I could have vomited all over myself or… this train of thought is making me sick all over again. Despite the cold water the blanket I was leaning against was very warm….” he said and I wasn‟t sure whether or not he was joking. Okay I know our group thinks I‟m oh so innocent and all that. “ I should be asking you that. I still didn‟t want to risk it. * * * Light * * * I woke up jolted by a stream of cold water falling over my head. “ I don‟t…. As a matter of fact I was probably close to it with my eyelids drooping.” I said smiling. It‟ll also wake her up enough that we can feed her. “ Now I know I haven‟t showered in a while but I didn‟t smell that bad that you had to drag me here unconscious did you?” I asked joking. “ I‟m fine Jared. I squeezed his hand hoping to reassure him that I was fine. I simply nodded and moved the hair out of Light‟s face as she looked up at me confused. But the thing was since everyone thought me a child that no one would ever think anything of something like this. I‟m sure after a few days rest I‟ll be right as rain. Don‟t move from there until I get back. “ I‟m going to go get the food. I didn‟t want to throw up again even though I was pretty sure my stomach was empty. He just shook his head obviously not believing it would be that easy then rested his chin in my hair.” I trailed off before remembering. .” Yup that‟s definitely gross. My friends were just taking care of me. But even I know that some people think that sitting in a guys lap in the shower would be awkward. He sounded like he meant to tease me but he was so worried it kind of leaked into it.. I felt bad somewhat because his cloths were getting drenched but on the other hand there was no way we were going to sit here without them. Everyone gets sick. like I knew they would. At one point I‟m pretty sure I dozed off because next thing I knew both Mel and Jeremy were also in the bathroom. Jeremy wanted to keep you cool and wake you up enough to eat something. keeping a hand around my waist to support me. “ What the hell man!” I practically yelled. “ My stomach felt really off this morning so I threw up and then passed out. Unfortunately I barely brushed his hands with my fingertips.” he said as he wrapped his arms tighter around me keeping me warm. “ No. and with what happened. “ We needed to cool her down. I had to admit the cold water felt nice on my face and Jared was pretty freaking warm. If I was being optimistic it could have been worse.wrapped my arms around her still not understanding what he was doing until I felt beads of cold water falling onto my head. “ Jared? What are you doing? What happened?” I asked looking around. and failed once again.” he finished motioning to Light whose eyelids were fluttering open as she tried to lift her head. But not enough that she‟ll get hypothermia and make it worse. That‟s when I looked up Into Jared‟s face and noticed I was not leaning against a blanket but in fact a human being. I felt and heard as he laughed. Your body heat will keep her warm enough that that won‟t happen. I couldn‟t grip anything and it was downright sad.?” I started but my voice was so horse from vomiting I had to clear my throat.” he warned. Jared reached up and turned off the taps before pulling me up to. Pretty soon you‟ll just be a sack of bones. Mel ran over and gave me a hug while pulling me away from Jared. To no avail I still kind of sounded like a chain smoker.

the only way to make it stop is to kill the people on the other side of the deal or to move them as far away from them as possible. I really would rather not have to smack anybody. I quickly went and put more blankets over her and waited. And most of the time the person managed to make a deal with them. A spell bound illness is when someone uses magic to make sure that someone can‟t get better. Nothing he could think of was working in the slightest to lower her temperature. I was a bit surprised by this. I can just grab my erubics cube and see if I can do it under 30 seconds instead. Mel was pretty strong and was built so it was easy for her to help hold me up while I changed into grey sweat pants and another white t-shirt. One. * * * Jared * * * Although I joked about going to get the erubics cube there was no way I was leaving her. I pulled some of the blankets off and waited again. I leaned against my head board wondering when Jared would leave but he gave no sign of leaving.” she answered. that her illness was spell bound. I could tell that Jeremy was getting frustrated and that scared me. Jeremy stayed long enough to check me over again. Mel had curves and looked like a grown women. “ Would you rather want to climb the Eiffel tower. Mel said she had to go in for therapy so she‟d see us later and left. Mel helped me change into sweat pants and a plain white shirt before she lifted me up ( seriously it was almost insulting that these people could throw me around like I weighed less than a sack of potatoes) and piggy backed me back into the room. “ Would you rather eat a snake covered in peanut butter. make me eat the soup. Mel‟s body was the opposite of mine. that her body was too weak to try to fight off the threat. Right now. If she said back off you better back off or she could probably whoop your but. Which means all boys out of the bathroom!” she commanded and Jared and Jeremy didn‟t need to be told twice. Not that I blamed her because if someone ever did that to me I might have to change my philosophy and give them a good whack. It was strange that I hadn‟t done anything in a couple of days now but I still felt drained. My eyes started to close while still on Mel‟s back and I almost fell asleep before Jared lifted me off and put me back in bed. I was tiny and looked like a child. . or Mount Everest?” “ The Eiffel tower. I envied her at times. I nodded. I laughed because no once messes with my twin. “ Naw it‟s alright. I glanced over and noticed a light snore coming from her mouth before she started shivering. except when people were ogling her and she‟d have to smack them. Luckily before she could get cold again she woke up and I helped her into a sitting position. She rolled her eyes. I smiled up at him and as much as I wanted to stay up and talk to him I was too tired. Which could mean two things. you don‟t have to keep me company. “ It‟s okay Jared. I almost wished it was the first option because for the second. curled up into a ball and went to sleep. or spiders covered in jam?” “ Snake.” I told him rubbing my eye and yawning. I‟ll probably just sleep anyway.” I answered. I want to make sure your okay. After about an hour the shivering stopped and her face started to get flushed. I was anything but bored. Say no to violence and all that. Once the deal was broken a spoken contract opened and started to suck the life from the one who had broken the deal. You can sleep if you want to. cause at least you could cook it.” he joked trying to lighten the mood. I‟ll help you get changed. I was pretty sure that she was joking about the light bulb. After that we played would you rather. Or two. frown and then said he‟d be back later.“ C‟mon twin. me and Mel were going to steal a light bulb off it anyway someday.

And as for her. the things that didn‟t add up. It was my job to see all the flaws here. They‟re smarter then that. always preferring to be around others. I mean what if I got back and she was worse? Any number of things could happen and I‟d never forgive myself if I wasn‟t there to help. I fell asleep while he was still there and I had a feeling Jared put him up to it. The diversion would work for sure but it was also dangerous. Just another reason we needed to get out while we could. I patted him on the back on my way out the door and waved to Light letting her know I would be back later. That was only surprising because Light was pretty sure she was in here for life. If I didn‟t plan this carefully enough we could end up hurting and possibly killing a lot of people. She was never a loner type of person. Even though Light probably believes she can‟t leave. Was it just me or were the hands on my . That would just be fricken hilarious. I think it‟s the whole artist thing. Jared always seemed to be over cautious and over protective. * * * I woke up when I felt myself being shaken awake. it gets a little complicated. I was reluctant to leave her even knowing that. I could just hope she would be open minded when I had to tell her that…. and we would get these people out of here. * * * Light * * * Jeremy stayed with me for a while. “ Fight a crocodile with a balloon animal. I wasn‟t sure if I could even stand by myself any longer nor had I the energy to try. she‟d been gone for over a week so that wasn‟t very suspicious for her to miss them… for now anyway. or battle a crocodile with a balloon animal?” I snorted. I‟ll have to make her see that she has no other option. I knew that Jeremy and Mel we‟re scared by how bad it was getting and I could only hope that they don‟t tell the others. But I trusted Jeremy. it makes her more open minded. My best bet for escape so far would have to be Gabriel. But he was also very clever. Once this was all over we were going to put an end to their little experiments. “ Would you rather ride a bull. What‟s worse is that this place isn‟t the only one like it. One thing was that although most of the questions could be referred to your health there was such an obvious double meaning to what they were really looking for. As if waiting for some kind of sign or something for……what? I was too tired to try and puzzle out Jared. After that well. especially after realizing that her illness may be spell induced. He‟s shown the most evidence that he would be capable of creating a suitable diversion. Well nobody could say she didn‟t have a strange imagination. If anything went wrong while I was gone he would tell me. We couldn‟t have anyone find out that Light was sick( for a lot of reasons) and it would seem suspicious if all the people she hung out around just suddenly stopped going to therapy and appointments . Of that at least I was sure.” So on the game went until Jeremy came back to give her a check up and told me to go in for therapy. Though I had different plans for her. I was too tired to do anything actually. I went to therapy and secretly surveyed the nurses and doctors as they were checking on me. Of course that‟s not to say that the others won‟t notice something‟s up. He‟d seemed impatient lately though. the more the merrier. just the largest that we had found so far.but I was more surprised that she had talked about leaving. allowing her to see things others wouldn‟t and in different ways. I don‟t want to freak anyone out especially if by some miracle I make it through this then all that drama would be for nothing. He was quick to notice the smallest details and be able to build up what had happened from them. but I was just too tired. Though Light would never admit it I knew she needed the company.

but not quite awake. Guards were running in the direction of the bang and it looked like all the electricity was out. Jared was probably the closest friend I‟ve ever had and probably was the nicest. Light it‟s okay. I‟m awake. you‟ve been shivering and shaking all night. They didn‟t have bedrooms here or any other types of rooms useful for us kids. In the halls it was chaos. he scooped me and took off out of the room.” Jeremy visibly perked up. I fazed in and out for a bit until a very loud bang made me focus. comforting me while my body shook. They were bright and anxious and he in general looked really stressed.” I managed to get out.c. I focused on that trying to relax without falling unconscious. Where on earth were we going? Nothing was in this direction. using that as a signal.. Just make it through. I could tell that Jared was just as exhausted as I was so we just stayed where we were until Jeremy came. “ I‟m not shaking you. “ Just hold on a bit longer. I frowned and tried to stop but I couldn‟t I looked up stressed and told him. I frowned wondering what was going on and slightly annoyed their conversation had been so cryptic.” I told him wondering why I was still shaking. After that I started daydreaming for a bit. “ I.” he said placing his hand on my cheek. “ In a couple of hours. “ When?” he asked. Finally about an hour after the sun came up the shaking stopped. “ Shhhhh. Jared apparently knew what had happened. Just then. We‟re they purposely trying to keep what was happening from me? Or did they think I was already too far gone to care. I can never imagine the strength it took to stay with me the whole night.I c. After a bit I focused back in and noticed Jared was trying to talk to me..” He murmured trying to keep calm. They were all rooms for business meetings . Even water was unappealing but Jeremy insisted and I didn‟t want to freak him out to bad so I sipped it really slowly. Jared brushed the hair away from my face and wiped it with a damp cloth. not quite asleep. Jeremy was definitely out of his field now. Jared had something to do so he left Jeremy to take care of me.. we‟re almost out. He had a fire in his eyes indicating that he had something up his sleeve. I just nodded. We were discussing whether or not it would be safe enough for me to sleep when Jared came rushing back in. Jared carefully jogged down the hall in the opposite direction of the front office. Go find Mel. People were scattering everywhere. “ Jeremy it‟s happening.arms burning? I managed to open my eyes and saw Jared eyes staring back at me. Just make it through and it will stop okay. It was so warm I leaned into it and nodded slightly.” He informed me. I guess in a way the second one was getting accurate because I could barely focus enough just to hear that simple conversation. The look in his eyes was … hopeful? At least that was one way to describe it. I didn‟t know what he meant that we were almost out but I just couldn‟t think. He tried to get me to eat breakfast but I could feel acid trying to make it‟s way up at just the thought. He shook his head and his eyes filled. He said he thought that he might know what the symptoms meant but had no idea how to treat it. You‟ll know to run when you see the first sign. “ Jared you can stop shaking me.can‟t stop.” He immediately jumped up and was out the door. but it wasn‟t easy. But after a while he gave up on that and just pulled me into his lap and held me. My head was leaned against his chest and I listened to his heart beats. Just a bit longer Light. It hurt to much and I was so tired.

Jared bent down to pick the lock and after a few minutes. This is the first thing he‟s said since leaving the institute. At the end of the staircase was another door and again. and the way each tiny pebble in the cement had it‟s own colour that also caught the sunlight in different ways.or offices for temps. At one point we were so far in the back of the building I had never been there before. You haven‟t had anything in days and I can‟t have you falling unconscious on me. I think. But Jared I don‟t understand. The way the sun bounced of the petals of the leaves. And that was the first time I really saw it. Of course I knew Jared would never drop me but it never hurt to be cautious. I was just too tired to think. “ How are you feeling. I was amazed. they will meet us there. He pulled another from his pocket.” I stopped as Jared placed a finger on my mouth. I knew what was going on. We‟re heading over to my house and as soon as the others can. I think we were in the country somewhere. the way the grass curls into a never ending chain of green. “ I know your confused but It‟s better if I explain some of that later. too shocked to do anything but stare as Jared continued to jog in a different direction then the road. but it‟s really best if we keep moving. honest. “ We‟ll rest here for a bit.” he said holding it out to me. And I know I way more than a sack of potatoes…. but now I knew that no amount of paint could ever capture this exactly. but I think you should have it. What happened? Where are we? Where are Mel. “ I‟m fine. He smirked poking my lip back in and sitting down next to me against the tree. Some were even coming out of the offices. separate part of me. It was odd but the more we ran the more awake I felt. I shook my head and explained before he could get worried. I mean I know I‟m small but even someone carrying a sack of potatoes while running would be winded. I didn‟t know how long he ran for before finally starting to slow down and eventually stop. After a while I managed to lift my hands and grip onto Jared‟s shirt so I wouldn‟t fall. Since I was too stunned by seeing the outside for the first time and because Jared seemed to know exactly what he was doing and where he was going I never questioned him on what was going on. He was either superhuman or in really good shape… or both. you never know. Surrounded by trees but also passing the occasional house. But in some detached. I had been trying to paint it for so long.” he paused before pulling out a granola bar from his pant pocket.” I nodded but frowned my bottom lip jutting out because he wouldn‟t tell me everything right away. I now noticed his chest was heaving but I was still amazed he made it this far running. Jared carefully picked the lock with a bobby pin with one hand while holding me with the other. “ I have enough to get us where were going now eat. The outside. that door also clicked open.” . “ Better.” But he wasn‟t giving up that easily.” he asked checking my temperature. He carefully set me down against a tree. I was also a bit curious as too how Jared was carrying me so easily and running. “ I hope your feeling well enough to eat now. A few others came down the stairs after us but I couldn‟t focus on who they were. But we kept on going and I noticed that some others were headed around here as well. and Jeremy and the others…. It only took him a few minutes until the locked clicked open and we went into what looked like a staircase heading down. Your doing all the running after all.

but where did it all go? I used to at least look healthy but my hand made me realize I probably resembled an anorexic now. but not walk. “ It‟s insulting how easily you pick me up.” I frowned but stayed silent as he started running. That was just a cover so I could get in. internally hitting myself for asking something thoughtless. The shaking I was sure was a final stage before death and now I could even have full conversations. “ Morning Sleeping beauty. “ What‟s the point of having all these Starbucks in this one city?” “ People are lazy. We were going to Jared‟s house? But didn‟t his parents put him in the institute in the first place. Most of us in there were orphans after all so we can all understand what it‟s like. But I know they must have. Keller won‟t stop until she‟s stuffed you like a turkey on Christmas. I was skin and bones. “ But won‟t your parents be mad at you for leaving?” I asked out of no where.” I guess in a way I was an orphan but there was no proof that my parents were either dead or alive or that they ever existed. After a while I was strong enough to sit up and possibly stand. I managed to contact someone back home and there coming to get us at Starbucks just inside of town. I looked at my hand and was appalled. I frowned and he noticed.” I said softly. Could it be the outside perhaps giving me energy or was it something else.” I said sulking slightly. but you also have no meat on you at all. people don‟t just fall from the sky after all. “ How long was I out for?” I asked.” He said sadly. My parents have been dead for years now. it happened a long time ago. but I knew it was more because this wouldn‟t stand out as much. “ It‟s not just that your little. “ What. smiling slightly. It‟s only about 12:00 now.” he joked seeing me awake. I rubbed my eyes and blinked the sleep out of my eyes. I chewed slowly making sure I wouldn‟t throw it back up. This way no matter where you are you don‟t have to go far to get your . We walked for a while in the city and saw about a million Starbucks.” I just nodded. “ I‟m sorry. He just shook his head. It was strange and impossible how much better I was. listening to the even thumping of Jared‟s heart I drifted off into sleep. It wasn‟t long until Jared was ready to head out again picking me up and cradling me to his chest. as soon as you get back to the house Mrs. We can grab something to eat there. “ Oh just a couple of hours. I‟m not that little. I wanted to think it was because he was having trouble carrying me and that I had somehow magically put on weight. When we finally found the right street the Starbucks looked exactly like every other one we had seen so far. But don‟t worry. I had a feeling Jared and Jeremy would know but one wasn‟t here and I‟m pretty sure the other wasn‟t ready to talk yet. “ No it‟s okay.” he asked innocently. At one point. That thought made me glad that I hadn‟t been able to look in the mirror for a while or I might have scared the heck out of myself. so I moved onto Jared‟s back. It was much more likely to see people piggy backing then carrying people around bridal style. * * * When I woke up we were now on the road and inside some kind of town. so Jared was relieved that he told the guy what street it was on as well.I sighed but excepted the bar. “ Light.

The other part thought about everything we had gone through in the last weak and told the first part to shut it. His eyes widened a fraction and he stared back at me for about a minute. I could only imagine all the comments Will could make about my inability to walk. “ Who‟s the person coming to meet us?” “ His names William but we all call him Will.” he said softly as he pulled me up on his back again.” I said crossing my arms and frowning at him. Nobody got hurt. “ Hey Will. He looked back at me and stopped walking. just blew up part of a building. I glared at him and Jared looked close to laughter. He was just as tall as Jared if not taller and just as well built. and Mr. “ You blew up the institute!?” I squeaked horrified. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a tie as a design on it and dark jeans.” said Will. I was done eating and was sipping away at water when Jared looked up and smiled. “ Still seems pretty wasteful to me. Will‟s car was small and dark blue. “ Stop teasing her Will. I took a breath and calmed down. then it clicked.” he called out and I turned around. Then as if realizing something he glanced quickly away and went to go sit next to Jared. According to Jared we got there before his friend so he sat me down and went to go get some food.” I practically yelled. “ I don‟t think walking is such a good idea right this second. it‟s okay. “ Hey Jared what‟s up. “ Not much. Part of me was appalled that I was wearing them out in public. I waited patiently staring out the window when he came back with my usual yogurt and fruit bowl for me and a sandwich with who-even-wanted-to-know-what-animal-was-in-that for him.” he explained.” I rolled my eyes but kept eating. We were at a table with three individual chairs by the windows. I am not small enough to be classified as one. “ I Am Not A Child. He‟s been my best friend for a long time and he‟s also…. I looked down and saw I was still wearing my pajama bottoms. “ Okay one the proper term is little person and two.” he said quickly. “ Geez why did you have to bring a little kid along. It will make more sense when we explain things later but now it‟s best if we get some food in you. Just an abandoned block to cause a distraction.” I grumbled and he smirked. We ate in comfortable silence for a bit until my curiosity got the better of me.” It took me a moment too long to figure out what he meant. Besides we better get going. Jared gave me a confused look before turning back to Will and grinning. Keller are his parents and they own the house that we all live in. but that shouldn‟t surprised you. “ Then you‟re a Midget?” he asked. As soon as I saw him I froze staring into his green eyes. Apparently so could Jared because he told him not to bother trying. I went to stand up.” He stopped himself as if realizing he was about to say something he didn‟t want me to know. Sure the place was awful but there were still people in there! “ Shhh.morning coffee. “ He‟s also an important person in our home. Mrs. Walking towards us was a boy with curly dark brown hair and green eyes. too annoyed too remember my present health and almost collapsed on the ground when Jared caught me.” Jared said quickly changing the subject. making it obvious he had bought it more for the fact it .” he responded.

And who wouldn‟t stare at someone who probably weighs about 50 pounds. “ About a week. But Will was right. When did she fall asleep? I looked over to Will and noticed him smirking.” I said in return. What a psycho. in about half an hour and I lay down in the backseat just as I drifted off. Holy cow no wonder she was so close to death.” I said defensively. “ It was my fault. I frowned at how tired I was still and decided that I didn‟t need anymore sleep and that my body was being ridiculous. “ And you know my mother is going to have a fit when she sees her.” I was speechless. “ And why did she break it?‟ he continued not seeming fazed by any of it.” I said turning around but trailed off when I saw her sleeping in the backseat. I didn‟t recognize the names and I was still annoyed with Will so I didn‟t bother trying to join in the conversation.” he continued looking like he was fighting a smile.would blend in then for it‟s safety rating. Since when did Will get observant? “ So how sick is she exactly. “ What?” he asked frowning. I‟m pretty darn sure it was a spell contract.” he continued obviously trying to change the subject.” he finished. She didn‟t want to tell me but I yelled at her. Of course it easily fit over more then half her body and I frowned. He didn‟t respond and I frowned. The radio was put in a nice back round volume and Will and Jared started talking.” He just shook his head. What was up with him today? “ Dude what‟s up? First you stare at her like you‟ve never seen a girl before. What was done is done and the best I can do now is keep her safe. I just thought she was a kid and I do have limits when it comes to age. As long as we keep her a safe distance away from it she‟ll be fine. . I swear most of the teachers at the school are bipolar. “ Hey Light don‟t you think…. and not to mention shaky and unwell.” I stated hanging my head. * * * Jared * * * “ Yeah I bet she flipped. And usually you flirt with anything that can be put in a skirt and the first thing you do is piss her off? Did something happen while I was gone?” He frowned still a little silent before he spoke in his normal tone. she‟s been asleep at least for an hour and you just noticed?” “ Hey I‟ve got a lot on my mind.” “ If so how long ago did she break it?” I paused trying to count the days backwards. Jared put me in the back seat before sitting shot gun. “ It was pretty bad but it‟s getting better. is pale as a ghost. “ What‟s up?” “ Dude. “ Nah. The important thing is that you‟re out and you‟ve got all the information we need for a take down. I tried to fight it but of course it won out. I didn‟t say anything still feeling guilty for making her go through that this past week. She was curled into a ball and I could guess she was cold.” I said wincing. The stuff they were doing was bad enough before they started taking shifters. “ And how come you noticed so quickly?” I said half joking and raised one eyebrow. “ I made her break it. I was confused until the smile broke through. “ How were you supposed to know it was a spell contract? I bet she doesn‟t blame you either so just chill. nothing happened. I rolled my eyes at him and Will got in the driver‟s side. I froze just now realizing who‟s fault it was. What we were doing was far too important for me too sulk over it. I pulled a sweater from under the seat and draped it over her.

” I started saying and Will started grumbling but I ignored him. Some things never change. in a car. never been on vacation. The only question is how many other girls were passed through in those two months. never kissed anyone. never had a pie in the face.” I grimaced.” I answered checking my watch. He shook his head annoyed. I almost forget at times that she‟s barely lived. I had made Light put on the sweater that was in the car to make sure she would be warm enough and then carried her on my back again. and I was definitely asking Mrs. never been on a train. I had to say she was looking a lot better already. I‟ve always had a theory that he had some form of A. She doesn‟t have a passport and we can‟t make one till we get back. I would have much rather have gone on a plain. “ Around 2:00. knowing that was not an exaggeration. Sure he‟ll be . Just remembering her slowly wasting away was scary as hell and no way was I risking it happening again. “ Really dude? I broke up with her a couple months ago. “ C‟mon the train isn‟t that bad…” He gave me the look so I trailed off smirking. you know why neither of those things is an option. Will seemed bored but he almost always seemed bored so it was no surprise.” “ Will. But that‟s nothing new.D.” I laughed and shook my head. I already knew what I was getting her for her birthday. “ Man I hate riding trains. I smiled at her. with how he can never focus on stuff. “ How long does it take to get there?” “ We‟re riding the train.” he grumbled. Keller to bake her a cake.” “ We‟re riding a train!” she said excited. but I was still never as bad as Will. A lot of her colour had returned. and her eyes were bright. she was steadier on her feet. He snorted. That reminded me that her birthday was in a couple of days. “ You got the train tickets?” I asked. checking the time the train will leave. other then school is there anything else I‟ve missed?” “ Not really.” “ Are you still going out with Britney?” I asked though I already knew the answer.” “ Whatever. never cooked. Keller would stuff her with food. Of course I couldn‟t exactly talk. He pointed to the glove compartment and I popped it open and pulled them out of an envelope.” mumbled Light from the backseat. Heck I would even rather run there.D. or on a plane. She was also in a good mood obviously excited for the train which made me role my eyes. It‟s not like I didn‟t go through a few myself.“ She‟s not going let the girl leave the kitchen until she‟s at least 10 pounds heavier. Besides after these last few months… lets just say I couldn‟t imagine going back to living that way. Light wasn‟t much about material stuff so this is something that she told me she always wanted to do but never had the chance. the circles almost gone showing she was well rested. I almost felt bad for her but at the same time I almost hoped Mrs. She‟s never had cake. “ So about 4-5 hours. “ Alright then. “ What time is it. And there‟s no limit to the problems there are with your other option. and lets just say it‟s a very long list. There‟s been a few new shifters around hoping to get in that are under examination. We dropped off the car so they could take it over separately and then we walked over to the train station and waited for our train to get in. I jumped and looked in the back to see she was sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

but calling him a slut wouldn‟t be completely inappropriate. Even attempting to run and help the others. He‟ll play one level in a video game before looking for a new game. But I know he has a much better reason then most teenagers. Plus he‟s got the whole teen rebellion thing going on and he loves how going through girls and his other typical rebel activities ( like ditching class and drinking) tend to piss off his parents. Tons of footfalls could suddenly be heard coming this way and my head snapped towards the sound. I still assumed Light was just excited until I caught a glimpse of her face over my shoulder. Don‟t get me wrong. “ I don‟t know. Without even having been asked. I glanced over at Will and noticed that he too now looked alert and uneasy. “ Light calm down now!” he commanded and she instantly shut it but tears were starting to roll down her face. and we started walking towards the train trying to act completely normal. the guards also attempting to camouflage themselves. he‟s not heartless or anything. That was when I was finally able to hear what Light was saying. He‟ll read the first couple chapters in a book before getting bored and moving onto another book. There I saw other patients running towards the train and guards tackling and subduing them before they got there. William will have to lead a whole community. I just have that feeling like we‟re being watched…” she trailed off before shaking her head. The train started to pull into the station and I sighed with relief getting ready to scoop up Light and pile into the train. dating a girl for a day to a week and then getting bored with her and moving onto the next one. they were too far for normal eyes to see. “ What‟s wrong?” I said quietly. And his worst habit. If we had gone back most likely we would have gotten captured too. There was too many guards for us to fight against. William got on the other side of Light blocking her from view ( she wasn‟t the most inconspicuous person to begin with and she was wearing her pajamas) . “ Sorry I‟m probably just being paranoid. Once he‟s done school. but I knew that Light would want to help them even if it meant her arrest. She looked anxious. “ Light. I didn‟t know if the paranoia was spreading or if Light just had great instinct because not soon after I started to get that same feeling. We need . We wouldn‟t have accomplished anything.” She yelled but got interrupted by William. “ Ugh I hate crying. but one of the great things about him is that he‟s never let that get to his head. letting her stand but also holding onto her with one arm easily taking most of her weight. but we‟re not ready yet. The train was late and I could tell Will was getting annoyed.” she said quietly scowling at the tears.” she said quietly and though I could tell she was trying to relax she was still tense. in a way. Like most people worry about going off to college.entertained by something for a bit but next thing you‟ll know he‟s dropped it and moved onto something else. Of course the other passengers didn‟t seem to notice the patients or guards. we could have done something! Why…. “ How could you! How could you leave them! We could have helped. it was easy enough to get Light into the train and to the compartment without much fuss. We‟re going back later for everyone. Luckily this train had individual compartments so as soon as we sat down we slid the door shut. We waited a few more minutes and one part of my brain suggested we were overreacting while the other was still tense. Like his father before him I guess you could say that he‟s royalty. I didn‟t like how Light seemed such an easy target from my back so instead I pulled her in front of me.

Why would that be her first priority?” “ Well just look at where she grew up. So on that note having the feeling that you could die at any moment. That‟s also why she‟s been in a bad mood this past week. “ She‟s still alive?” he said shocked. for example.” I smirked. it‟s simply good fortune that she lasted this long. “ But what about all the tests about shifter blood and the stuff they‟re using? What about all the people saying how it‟s like poison to shifters?” “ It is. “ Light‟s just different that‟s all. They were very subtle about it. “ Well. but why would regular girls hate being small?” “ Something about a figure. You would be surprised how many were „discarded‟ on a daily basis. well it was eating away at her.” His eyebrows pulled together confused.” I answered evasively. “Even if she‟s not a little kid she‟s not much older and not a doctor or anything. But that‟s sort off how Light comes in….” I informed calmly. How should I know?” “ Well for most girls that would probably be true. you can pretty well guess what there using it for. She always took responsibility for everyone else to. “ Different how?” I sighed and ran my hand through my hair trying to find the right way to explain it. As soon as she gets her energy back she‟ll be bouncing off the walls just like before. So naturally as soon as she saw those patients she thought it her responsibility to get them out of harms way. and for some reason most just want to be tall and slim and all that.” He snorted. One thing that sucked about growing up was responsibility.time to plan and gather numbers. “ Dude. But Light never really had the chance to live without that. If someone was in trouble she would take the blame. But Light doesn‟t like her size because it makes her feel weak and vulnerable.” We were silent for a bit trying to digest it all. She nodded looking a little relieved but still anxious. “ But that still doesn‟t make any sense. How could she possibly stop poison from killing her?” Oh ye of little faith. suddenly not so happy about being on a train anymore. you‟ve obviously noticed she doesn‟t like her size.” . But all that having to save others stuff. survival would be your first priority. is just Light. “ Just wait when we get back to the house and she‟ll demonstrate it. “ At first they just seemed to be disappearing. doors and practically no light. She‟s been feeling about a thousand times more vulnerable then usual and it‟s getting to her. “ What about great aunt May? Did you find out if she was ever there?” “ She said to stop calling her that because it made her feel old. But after a while when the numbers started going up and Light told me about a separate part of the institute without windows. She turned away and looked out the window. Even if she believed all the crap they told her. Which is normal. what‟s her problem anyway?” asked Will I assumed referring to her reaction over what had just happened outside the train. her instincts probably always knew she was in danger. When someone else was sad she wouldn‟t stop until she‟d cheered them up. Ever since she was little she took on the responsibility to look after Aunt May. Yeah I know she‟s sleeping a lot but she was really sick and it will take a bit for her to recuperate. never wanting to attract unwanted attention.” “ Were they really killing so many?” he asked surprised slightly. It was silent for about half an hour before the stress tired her out and she fell asleep again. Having failed that. and Light hates feeling like she can‟t protect herself and others.

All this stuff seems way to complex to me. “ Like I said it‟s best to explain it all later when everyone‟s around. Heaven only knows the havoc you could reek in a place like that. It‟s not like we were saying mean things about her. On one hand Will is really smart and clever but on the other hand he really is a trouble maker which isn‟t the best thing for recon work. And this is just a theory.” I answered knowing if I was any more specific she wouldn‟t have a clue what I was talking about.” “ Nope. I hate to repeat myself and it‟ll be easier to plan once everyone‟s on the same page.” I added casually. “ Do you have any paint at your house? How old are you anyway? Can you drive? Do you go to school?” He stared for a second. didn‟t know you were awake. “ What?” she demanded frowning at me.” “ What are Will‟s parents like? Are they going to be mad that I‟m there? What am I going to do there anyway?” she asked not really giving me much time to answer in between questions.” he shook his head in mock horror. “ All the people there. Her eyes were still closed and she gave no indication that she had woken up. “ Yes he has paint.” I half joked. “ Nothing L. “ Sorry. I just smirked and shook my head amused. Ohio.” I finished.” “ Nope. “ What?” he asked looking blank. She could never hold a grudge. For all we know her parents could be little people. “ You‟re lying. and we both go to Franklin High. are between the ages of 10-18.” she accepted easily.” I replied. His jaw dropped for a second before shaking his head. “ Columbus. she‟ll be sixteen in a couple of days.” mumbled Light and I jumped. “ Wow Ohio! Really. They had no other option really. and they weren‟t going to send you. I laughed remembering that was my first reaction as well. But once you get use to it you tend to pay more attention. “ Oh and by the way.Which made me remember something. “ Shit and that‟s with all the medication in her system that‟s supposed to keep her from being able to use her gift. no worries. and you‟ll see when we get there. She got like this sometimes blurting everything out till your not sure what she was first talking about. It‟ll be interesting to see what she can do once it‟s gone. .” “ Gift? Medication?” Asked Will blinking confused. though I wasn‟t sorry for talking about her. “ Don‟t talk about me like I‟m not here.” I answered each question smirking before she turned to Will. I can‟t believe they sent you in there undercover.” “ You‟ve got to be kidding me. “ Okay. It may just be body type.” “ Whatever man. “ Will‟s parents are great. I do have a theory. he‟s 17. besides Aunt May. but again better to explain with everyone else. Of course they won‟t be mad. yes he can drive obviously because he drove us earlier. “ Where is your house anyway?” She said sighing and sitting up. and they weren‟t about to put a child in there. so it could be genetic.” I answered for him.” “ Then how on earth does she still look like a twelve year old?” “ Don‟t know.” she said excited again.

though he didn‟t at all seem ashamed of what he did.” “ How?” she said with renewed interest from when I said it was boring. just different kinds of bravery. “ Thank God. that‟s impossible. He looked like I was recounting a very pleasant memory.” “ What does the house look like?” she continued questioning. “ Well someone‟s Mr.” interrupted Will. “ Oh and your so mature. you can tell most of them don‟t even want to be there. “ You‟ll see when we get there. And everyone isn‟t suppose to skip class but most people do it anyway. The too people I‟ve been the closet too were complete opposites. Light‟s hair was gleaming red and gold in the sunlight and the sight was so mesmerizing I had to keep my eyes up front to keep from full out staring at her. Although Light and Will already. but what if they got close? What if they got close enough to…. It‟s not like any of us have killed or anything. Just annoyed someone who has enough influence to have you switched schools. no use sugar coating it. There arguments were completely on the playful side.” I interjected hiding a smile.” he interrupted again rolling his eyes. I just shrugged having gotten used to it. But I also admired L‟s goodness and compassion. I would have liked to carry her still just in case but she refused so I settled for taking her arm and the three of us headed over to pick up Will‟s car. Where Light was an optimist. Just because Light was small and . Not long after the train stopped and to my utter amazement Light got up and started walking. Will made barking sounds and L turned around for a minute. “ Hey I wouldn‟t go that far. disrespected rules. I mean of course I didn‟t want them fighting.” answered Will probably getting annoyed by all the questions. She was still unsteady though of course. clashed. We piled in and L stuck her head out the window letting the wind blow her hair out of her face. She would throw herself in harms way to protect others and Will would throw himself in harms way for the heck of it. And Will‟s way to much of a player to ever commit to one girl. I admired how nothing ever scared or intimidated Will. Will gave her a look and she laughed.” said Will and I rolled my eyes again. “ Cut it out you two we‟re almost there. So I guess it was bravery from the both of them that I admired. she‟s not going to fall for Will.” she said pouting. I have nothing to worry about. I was pretty sure they didn‟t actually hate each other.“ What‟s it like? Are the teachers freaky and intimidating? Do you guys skip class?” “ Well high school really isn‟t that interesting. which I wasn‟t actually sure weather to take as a good sign or a bad sign. But our school is a little bit different then most…. Will was pessimistic. and did whatever he wanted when he wanted. It came to me just then how Ironic this was. not even fazed by the fact that we wrecked the principles car and got kicked out of school. then stuck her head out the window. “ Well you see Will here decided it would be a brilliant Idea to total his last principals car…” “ Hey you helped. completely innocent. grumpy pants today.” she shot back sarcastically. and always thought of others first. stuck her tong out at him. “ Like seriously are you sure your not five?” He commented. But I guess it was because even though they were so different they each had qualities that I admired. “…and so they kind of sent us to a school for problematic teens…” “ You might as well just call us delinquents. The teachers are boring. Oh shut up brain. predictably.

Keller this is Light. “ Ummm thanks.” I grumbled. “ Well Jared if you think starving this girl is acceptable or funny in any way then you better just . She looked in her late twenties and only the aura of responsibility and cunning. I‟m going. “ I can not believe my boys are finally home and the first thing they do is raid the cupboards. I had already stumbled out of the car and was staring up at it as I felt a hand on my shoulder. He shrugged and quickly moved around me to open the front door. I just knew she would react like this an I had to say it was amusing. * * * Light * * * I looked up at the huge white house. Naturally being boys the first place they went was straight to the kitchen. “ Wow!” exclaimed Light from the backseat as we pulled up the extremely long driveway to Will‟s house. I turned to thank Jared again when the words got caught in my throat. but there could also be a basement for all I knew which could also hold even more rooms.” Jared introduced us barely containing his laughter. and practically skipped up the porch. I smirked and shook my head.” I answered still slightly in shock that Will had helped me. “And no wonder! Look at you practically skin and bone!” she said crushing Jared in a hug. My only fear was that once I took her out people might start noticing that. The walls were bright yellows and creams.” He smirked giving me a little nudge forward. Naturally I looked up at Jared‟s blue eyes as he came up to me. “ It‟s huge!” she said excited practically bouncing up and down in her seat. It had bright yellow shutters. I got dizzy and almost fell but two arms quickly caught me and put me back on my feet. She glanced up frowning at me until her expression soon turned to horror. From what I could see it was three stories.” she said shaking her head in mock horror. I kind of thought him the type of person to move out of the way and laugh if someone fell. She crosses her arms and looks at the two boys sternly. “ Are you okay?” he asked quietly.slightly childish didn‟t make her any less beautiful then she was. I entered the house frowning till I was once again distracted by the beauty of the house. Keller. “ I‟m fine. Jared came up and took my arm again to help me out. They even had a porch swing and everything. 4 windows for each one. As they were searching the cupboards a women walked in with blond hair and green eyes. “ Mrs. before she rushed over to the stove and started cooking. sitting me down. then smiled quickly. I was suddenly having second thoughts about her birthday present…. not help them out.” I stuttered out awkwardly. the floor was hardwood with area rugs in between all the chairs and couches. I giggled smiling until that brought me to her attention. “ Alright already. She was also so energetic ( when she wasn‟t dying of course) it was always interesting to be around her. Some people might call it cluttered but I had never felt more welcome. Will stood behind me completely expressionless. I was too shocked to move from where she put me and I could see the amused expressions on Will‟s and Jared‟s faces. come with me!” she said quickly wrapping one arm around my back. gave a clue to her real age. “ Oh my Goodness! Are you trying to starve the poor girl! Where did she even come from? Oh never mind that now. 12 windows and a big blue door. Light this is Mrs. I was so excited I kind of forgot to take it easy. I sputtered a laugh. “ Do you even have to ask? It‟s amazing of course. “ What do you think?” he asked. Jared looked up smiling sheepishly and William ignored her pulling out a bag of chips.

If need be I will relay the message to all the others. He held up his hands in a sign of defeat and Mrs. “ And who is this?” he asked raising an eyebrow. I wanted to wait till we were all together before explaining.” “Alright I shall start from the beginning then…. easily able to seat 10 people at once. “ I turn sixteen in two days sir. “ Care to explain?” he asked. I really do despise all these formal names some times.” she said sternly. Once we were all seated Jared took a sip of water and cleared his throat. The kitchen was a creamy orange with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops.wait till I get my hands on you mister.” he answered smiling slightly before looking over to me. Now that I looked over at Will I could see that as well as his hair colour his skin was almost exactly like his fathers.” he asked curious. “ As it turns out what they really wanted to find was the secret to eternal youth…” he said but was interrupted by Mr.” as if switching personalities his glowing smile vanished and the look on his face was now serious. As if on cue an older man ( though still looking in his late twenties) walked in as well. “ You mean they experimenting with immortality?” he asked shocked. The others are out as well and I don‟t think you‟ll have the chance to tell everyone at once so I think the three of us will do for now. “ Well first of all the institutes cover for experimenting on the healthy habits of teens was a complete fake.” “ Thanks Anna. Keller. Jared nodded before continuing. She smiled back and continued on. Business can wait until Light has some food in her stomach. Kell… I mean Anna was wearing an apron over a floral sun dress. “ Good afternoon honey.” he said before he was interrupted by Anna. “ How old are you. It took me way to long to recognize that her eyes were the same colour as Will‟s and I could only guess he got his dark hair from his father. . He nodded thoughtfully before turning to Jared. Anna gave me a look telling me to get eating so I slowly started eating while giving Jared my utmost attention. Jared took the seat next to me and Will took the seat next to him. Jared stood bending his head a little in respect. “ Yes sir. Keller turned back to the stove for a second before seeming to remember something and turning back to me. “ My name is Light Sir. heading straight over to Anna and kissing her on the cheek. “ Yes sir it was.” “ Very well. but we had already kind of figured that so it‟s not really surprising. I couldn‟t wait to finally get my answers and there was no way I was delaying it for the world.” he answered.” I answered evenly. “ Just wait a second there young man while I put this food on the table. “ Was the mission Successful?” he asked. “ Oh and call me Anna dear.” I answered honestly. As you can undoubtedly see Jared is back and we also have a guest. Mrs. He had dark hair with dark brown eyes and slightly darker. The table was huge. Her hair was up in a bun and though she was definitely a lot curvier than I am she was in no way over weight.” I said smiling.” I blushed and Jared‟s lip twitched hiding a smile while he waited for Anna to hand food to everyone at the table.” he started. “ Very good. I stood up as well and copied Jared. almost native skin.

I need to go get something then Light can demonstrate and I‟ll continue with my explanation. “ Kayla broke her foot yesterday.” I answered frowning. Jared leaned over and carefully wiped his finger across my cheek and showed me the singer teardrop on his fingertips. “ The side effect gives a type of „super power‟. She always had a certain authority and nobody dared ever cross Miss May.” he paused briefly taking a drink of water before continuing. but really there pills specifically designed to stop them from using there powers.” questioned Mr. Most of the people I had seen never showed any signs that they had any at all showing the pills were very effective. “ Of course she was sweet but also had quite the way with words. “ From what I could see there progress is minimal and their number of losses are way to high. They were ambushed but Jerry‟s entire team was there and they easily fought out of it and Kayla was the only one injured. “ So you knew my Aunt May then?” she asked truly curious.” she said smiling a little. “ I honestly don‟t know.” he paused again as he saw the expression on my face. I guess you could say for lack of a better word. horrified even. It could be sad. I would rather give you more exact numbers later on that account. “ Just one second. sick or maybe some kind of mixture of them all at once. They all knew Miss May? And what were they on about with all this shifter talk? As soon as he said that everyone sat there stunned for a few moments. has given each one of the subjects a side effect. Keller. “ My Aunt May. telling them it was for there health. Only one person completely unknowingly used their powers on a regular basis and continued taking the pills at the same time. a really smile that made his eyes light up. I frowned and held my hand to my face and noticed the tears that had escaped my eyes.” he answered.” “ Then why on earth did they not get out when you did. Alive?” whispered Anna tears starting to overflow. which has yet to be determined. “ But how?” asked Mr.“ But as it turns out the source that they had been experimenting with. Jared turned to me and smiled. Very few actually refused to take their pills and could show me evidence of there powers whether they knew what they were or not. It could be shock. She gave me a present every year on my birthday and I would visit her everyday and sing.” he said briefly glancing at me before continuing. She was in the team with Jerry. “ We‟re there any injuries recently?” Jared asked and we all looked even more confused by the change of subject but Anna answered anyway. guilty. I quickly wiped them away apologizing and motioned for Jared to keep going. “ Demonstrating what dear?” asked Anna gently. They looked at me confused and it was obvious all of us needed further explanation. I smiled. I wasn‟t exactly sure what was on it right now. Keller. Most subjects are unsuccessful and from information from Light as well as others I was able to guess and confirm that those subjects are taken to a separate part of the institute and immediately killed. “ That‟s kind of how Light comes in. “ It was Aunt May and she is in no condition to travel. “ For the others they give pills. She liked music and art and she also asked me . Only one is currently alive and not for long. I frowned. Kenny is with her of course. Jared stood up and we all continued looking confused.” I wanted to argue about the part of me demonstrating but he was already gone by the time I opened my mouth.” he said turning back to his parents. From what I hear 6 maybe 7 shifters have been there overall.

“Sorry dear. you know I‟ll take your hand. So Jared what did you mean by demonstration?” I said quickly changing the subject.” do not‟. keep holding on. “ Well there was no question that it was beautiful but I believe further explanation is required. Cockroaches. He then started whispering something to him and at first Kenny looked uneasy then after a couple of minutes he nodded and took a couple of steps away from Kayla.” Anna said gently giving Jared an annoyed look. who I assumed to be Kenny. I blushed and ducked my head pretending to examine my feet. make it through. and fiddling with my shirt. There‟s nothing you can say. yeah.” he apologized before turning to his parents.to paint her about of pictures of the outside to put on her walls. you know I won‟t give in. “ Oh it‟s beef dear. or angry.” Anna smiled wide and reached toward me to take my hand and squeezed it. here for you. “ What‟s wrong. cause you know I‟m here for you. nothing you can do. I looked down and looked a strange brown pile on the side with juice spilling out. Cause you know I make it through. beetles. we‟ll make it through. Can you do that?” he said looking me in the eye. When I was done I opened my eyes and suddenly remembered all the people there was in the room and how they had all been staring at me. „ Your not alone. She let go and motioned for me to continue eating. together we stand I‟ll be by your side. So keep holding on. animals.” . yeah.” I managed to choke out. Just stay strong. I blushed again before looking down and mumbling a . and it feels like the end. Cause you know.” he said. put Kayla in a chair. Just then Jared walked back in with a boy who was carrying a girl on his back as she berried her head in his neck. And I mean to the death of everything. I just knew that everything was okay. relaxing in a way I haven‟t been able to in a long time. or sad. “ Okay I need you to take Kayla‟s hand and sing. “ What‟s this?” I asked. I wish I knew. “ It‟s a cow. “ Light‟s a vegetarian. I didn‟t see why not so I nodded still confused as to what this has to do with anything. She introduced herself and we exchanged niceties. Haven‟t you ever had beef?” I looked up horrified my hands going to my mouth. no one was in pain. curious. As soon as Jared saw my face he flew back over in an instant and placed his palm against my cheek. Realization dawned on him as he took my plate away and replaced it with one without meat. Simply nothing was wrong at this moment. There‟s no other way when it comes to the truth. even plants she‟ll apologize to on occasion. make it through…” I smiled and could feel any tension in the room disparate. I took Kayla‟s hand and introduced myself. He held up a finger telling us to wait while he got. I won‟t give in.” he murmured. When it gets cold. It‟s a dead cow. gently squeezed Kayla‟s hand and closed my eyes. Sing a song that you would‟ve sang to Miss May. Jared then came over to me and took my hand leading me over to Kayla. She loved the outside though she said she knew she wouldn‟t see it again anytime soon. bugs. “ Crap sorry Light. She‟s kind of sensitive to death. There‟s no place to go. “ It‟s okay I really shouldn‟t overreact. After a minute I too a deep breath.

Keller curiously. “ L don‟t you dare. I didn‟t understand but I could see that both Will and Mr. I was stunned once again. Keller had seemed to catch on. I turned around and was relieved to see there attention was focused elsewhere as they had there own conversations.said Mr. Once they were all off his eyes widened and he froze. Gently touching her leg where the bandages were. His arms were wrapped around my back and one of his hands rested on my head. And I haven‟t been able to thoroughly test the limits for many reasons. She then turned around and went back to Kenny taking his hand and leading him out. “ Impossible. she cared about you like you were her daughter.. You gave her more then tens years of life that she wouldn‟t have had. as if trying to will me into believing his words. I cried for a few minutes before remembering all the people in the room.” answered Jared smiling. I knew he was right but still…. She couldn‟t risk you being there forever or even more risking the possibility that they would try to kill you. . 10 years! She would have died 10 years ago? I was still sad but I guess knowing that I had helped her that much made me feel a little better.” he whispered. Most of us had sad expressions on our faces. Now there were five of us left in the room.” he answered and I suddenly caught on.” my voice started to rise and my eyes were filling up. As if on cue Kenny ran over to Kayla and started unwrapping the bandages around her leg. “ Yeah.” I sniffled as the tears started to overflow. Next second the look was gone and he just looked blank. Even Kayla seemed completely in shock and was now swinging her leg around like it was completely fine. What are the limits to what she can and can not heal?” He asked quickly.” He said as he put his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye. “ L. I really hope so too. “ Just a few minor questions.” “ But how can I deserve to be free at the cost of her life. had you not been with her. Of course it‟s awful to lose her but it was bound to happen sooner or later and she was still in a lot of pain. all except Will who looked…annoyed? No that‟s not right. “ Thank you so much Light. skipped over to me and gave me a big hug. she‟s such a good person it‟s not fair. Suddenly everyone in the room was crowded around Kayla looking at her leg. Is it just healing that she does? Does she have to be touching the person she wants to heal. It only makes sense that she would sacrifice that for you and no matter how many times she would have to make that decision. she would always pick you. I doubt she will have to be touching the person once her medication wears off. As I thought about it I felt all the blood drain from my face. He looked at me sadly.” my voice was barely a whisper. “ Miss May knew the consequences but she still made sure I was too take you with me. I smiled back until I figured something out. Jared looked like he wanted to laugh and I knew it was because of the way he had asked the questions just like I do. “ Your saying I‟m able to heal people? That I have been healing Miss May all this time?” I asked shocked but slightly annoyed with myself that I could be so stupid for not noticing. I hope we get to be good friends. “ Is any more explanation needed?” asked Jared looking slightly smug. Kayla and Kenny were just about to leave when she stopped. Jared pulled me into a hug letting my tears stain his shirt as I cried silently.” “ But how could she do that.” she said smiling. I don‟t. must be something else. What happens now that I‟m gone. “ I don‟t believe it is just healing though there is no proof to that as of yet. “ But if I was healing her. I smiled back at her and nodded. She was very adamant about it.

” “ Wait.” He stopped letting me absorb it all. Keller. The supernatural world exists. so sorry. I sighed relieved. Jake could control water and he must have called the water from the pipes into his room unintentionally while he slept as well. Then when she woke up she was scared and lost control.(note the sarcasm). What if they deemed some of the others to dangerous to live? What then? “ We go and destroy the institute getting as many people out as we can.” said Mr. Jeremy who could control earth. practically no rules. Okay so Jared.“ What other kinds of powers were there?” asked Mr. Sure I made some friends along the way but I had no .” said Mr. Jared turned to me looking sheepish. and me and the rest of the subjects are all supernatural outcasts with possible uncontrollable and unlimited powers. Will. And those are just a few examples. making it worse until you showed up and then she started calming down. “ Okay then what are you guys going to do?” I asked almost scared of the answer. not to mention all those who were still taking medication. getting whatever you asked for when you asked for it.” he turned to me. witches. “ It‟s getting late. Pretty much all of us here are Shape shifters or simply some other kind of supernatural. Most likely she had a night mare and started moving all those things around in her sleep. There was no way Jared would ever let anything bad happen to those people. I could feel heat rising to my face and I was pissed.. “Well being lied to your whole life can make you curious. and that whole shebang but it‟s all real… Well except vampires. and Will‟s parents are all shape shifters. All will be tested to see what there powers are and any that seem highly dangerous will simply be monitored until we can come up with a way to help them. Mel who is also a shifter. I just really needed to chill out. Great…. Anna and Jared agreed saying goodnight and Will ( rather reluctantly) showed me out. Besides I don‟t think you have much to complain about. No school. “ Which kind of explains what happened when you found her.” I said bitterly and sarcastically. “ Getting everything I wanted? How would you possibly know about what I wanted? How could you know what it felt like to be alone.” he said on our trip up the stairs. What on earth are shifters?” I finally interrupted. Keller instantly getting back on track. Shifters as in Shape shifters. “ Well you were stupid enough to believe them. I was so stupid. “ Well there was Gabriel who could control fire. Besides the experiments you grew up completely spoiled. Mary-Anne who had the power of telekinesis. If all else fails we will have to keep giving them the medication to dull there powers and have them live like regular people. they became extinct a long time ago. The institute though were creating some completely other kind of supernatural race that we haven‟t even got a name for yet. “ I never thought I would see the day when you ran out of questions. just hold on a second. Keller. Will why don‟t you show Light to one of the guest rooms while Jared fills me in with the rest of the details. and you have the nerve to complain?” he scoffed. faeries. “ Sorry L forgot I hadn‟t told you yet. Though interesting it‟s also dangerous and unpredictable especially when we have no idea how drastic some of these powers will be. I don‟t know if you ever believed in werewolves. Some supernatural live in communities like us and others live separately all over the world but most still keep in contact with there race in some way or another. Will didn‟t say anything on the walk to my room and it was slightly awkward because I had said few words to the guy and all the things he had said to me so far were either rude or annoying.

parents. And what was with me catching her earlier. to travel. Light would have to remain unharmed. . to meet interesting people. Jared I sighed hanging my head ashamed. That was stupid as hell I should have let her fall and then laughed. I wanted to know things. * * * Will * * * I stood shocked as the door closed in front of me. running far into the forest and far away from my confusing thoughts. whether my parents even wanted me.” I hissed turning around and noticing the guest room in front of me so I walked right in and slammed the door in his face before he had time to respond. He was already whipped and that girl had no idea she was the one that had done it. I wanted an education. That‟s funny. And for Jared that‟s all Light was. well physically at least. I thought as big blue eyes leaned over me. He was too far gone. “ Those were the things I wanted. As soon as it was done I didn‟t bother sticking around and within a quarter of a second I was out of there. no idea where I had come from. I thought as I curled into a ball on the bed. I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts. The process was always slightly painful of course but for me was done in a matter of milla-seconds. I wouldn‟t go all soft like Jared. I sighed going outside into our backyard that dissolved into a nearby forest. Man. to feel like I needed to go apologize…. or if they‟re dead or alive. I transformed into a Jaguar for the speed needing to go for a run. So you can take your snobby attitude and go preach to someone like you who actually do get everything they want. Jared was too smart to let her leave the house and nothing could happen to her with my parents around. If I just stayed away from her I wouldn‟t have to worry about it. This was just some kid there was no reason for me to feel this guilty. if they threw me away like trash. go on long walks to know where. but she did have Great Aunt May…who was slowing dying…but that‟s not the point. At that thought I felt slightly sick but I shook my head trying to snap out of it. I really hate crying. To be completely truthful I had no Idea why I said those things and some part of me felt bad. I winced for some reason not being happy with that Idea at all. Apologize? No freaking way I do not apologize. another part of me wanted to go apologize. I guess it would be hard not knowing who your parents were. That‟s why it was impossible for you to have a weakness. a weakness. I would have to say it was way to late for her emotionally. I specifically remember falling asleep on top of them. I could feel angry tears burning down my face as I rubbed them off and glared at them too. What would I do at school? What would happen when everyone found out Jared had gone soft? Well first someone might try to take it out on Light. * * * Light * * * I woke up the next morning when someone shook my shoulder. But really we had nothing to worry about. Something was wrong with me today and it had to do with that girl. and the smart part told the others to stuff it. I glanced down surprised that I was under the covers. something they could target. At our school we kind of had a reputation and people love to challenge that. and besides now I have never said one word of complaint that I may never get any of it. Jared has been my friend practically since birth and I wouldn‟t want anything to hurt him. Which really only left one choice. and get lost and see whether I could find my way back again.” I paused glaring at him the whole time I said this my hands clenched into fists.

Jared smirked and shared a look with Daniel. Daniel smile at me and I smiled back in return. though that reminded me to ask Jared about how I could go from near death to up and bouncing around in under 24 hours. “ Oh your in for a surprise. “ Oh what a shame.” I asked raising one eyebrow as Jared put on an innocent face. “ Light this is Daniel. Mrs. “ What‟s a mall?” I asked curiously. I mean how long could it possibly take to get some cloths?” I said innocently as well. Keller gets her hands on you and you‟ll be begging to go home. by the way. Besides if you don‟t get up now I‟ll throw you over my shoulder and drag you down there by force. I groaned but got up anyway stretching and pulling my fingers through my hair. Keller from the other room and now it was time for me to laugh as Jared . Daniel this is Light. It wasn‟t like it was ugly or anything because the dress was quite stylish… it just wasn‟t my style. Keller said to have a shower and get dressed and she‟ll meet you in the kitchen. “ Well we decided to do our own Mario kart championship.” he introduced us. “ It‟s a place with lots of cloths in it that people go to. I sighed looking down at it again.” yelled Mrs. Will was sitting beside a blond boy with dark eyes who was sitting besides Jared. Once I was done I avoided looking in the mirror and went back into the room wrapped in a white towel before I quickly slipped on the dress tying the ribbon behind my back. “ Well no worries I should be back before it‟s over. why would I want to do that?” Jared grinned at me. Keller wants to take you to the mall to buy some cloths today. Just wait till Mrs. “ Mrs. “ Nice to meet you. I frowned wondering why the analyses but shrugged it off. Way too girly and it just didn‟t quite suit me. “ So what are you guys up to today?” I asked conversationally. “ And you just so happen to be doing this while I am away. Jared looked like he was close to laughing at my expression but managed to keep a straight face. “ Sounds boring.” Jared said mischievously.” he said slightly sarcastic. I stuck out my bottom lip which made him smile before he left the room closing the door behind him. “ And if your not down there in half in hour I will have to come up here and get you. I sat up slowly rubbing my eyes. I walked over sitting beside Jared as he talked to his friend with the blond hair.” Jared said rolling his eyes. but normal women seem to enjoy it.” he smirked. I resisted the urge to either scream at him or run away and decided to completely ignore him.” he said grinning at the other two. “ It‟s only boring to you and every boy on this earth. I waited patiently while they talked until Jared turned to me and grinned. “ Oh yeah.” he said about to walk out but he paused in the doorway. but unfortunately today I was stuck with it.“Light wake up. I bounced down the stairs relieved at how much better I felt.” said Jared pulling out a black bag and tossing it on the bed I went over and opened the bag and pulled out a dress frowning at the white fabric and yellow ribbons. I looked at the dress and sighed again before going on to the on suite bathroom and having a quick shower.” he laughed as I frowned.” Jared said. I scanned the kitchen before entering and almost walked right back out again. “ Jared shut your mouth and get Light something to eat before I make you come along and carry our bags.” he said sincerely as he looked me over.

Captain Crunch…. He got the box down from the cupboard and I hugged it to my chest. Again I hung my head out the window and looked at all the houses and things along the way as we got further and further in the city. Keller seemed completely normal to me (well except the fact that they‟re shape shifters). Jared got me a bowl and I sat down and started pouring it. Anna (Mrs.” she said looking accusingly at Jared. Jared and to my surprise Daniel. “ Hey L. Rice Crispies. As Jared hugged me he murmured a „be safe‟ in my ear and I just nodded smiling and piled in to the car with Anna. I swear she must have pulled down half the store and told me to try it on. “ Couldn‟t you at least add a couple of pancakes or toast with that. Keller) walked in a few minutes later. People that don‟t have to worry about being erased from existence if they take one step out of line. She still pursed her lips and forced me to eat another granola bar before we left. In a way I had never been around real people before. I‟m small and cute and though I hate it people see that and just need to protect me whether I want them to or not. That should last me till lunch at the very least. They were all just experiments in some madman‟s plans. To have someone act almost hostile toward me was just bizarre. Will was the only one who acted unexpectedly and that was because I‟ve never expected someone to be so mean and rude before… especially to me. Lucky Charms.” I cut him off as I started screaming and jumping up and down. Back at the institute we got cloths by looking in a pile that came once a month with all kinds . and white t-shirts but apparently Anna had a different Idea. really. Jared still looked highly amused and the rest of them got there own cereals. Fruit Loops. The first shop Anna pulled me into had very colorful clothing and I immediately looked for my usual of different colored skirts. “ Cheerios. “ Captain Crunch Rules!!!!!” I yelled and smiled as Jared raised one eyebrow again. Okay so I was nervous. and Mrs. I jumped up ready to go but she looked at me and what was left of my cereal pointedly so I sat down and finished the rest. “ Putting something so awful on something so good should be illegal. Okay so I‟m a little odd… okay so more then a little but the point is that I really don‟t care.” I explained spooning some into my mouth and sighing at how good it tasted.” I said trying to reassure her. want some milk in your cereal?” “ Blasphemer!” I yelled looking at him in horror as his face held complete confusion. I‟m not saying I deserve better treatment then anyone one else but I know I kind of do get it because of the way people see me. “ No I‟m fine. I snapped my mouth shut and blushed embarrassed when I noticed I had been gaping open mouthed at the building. black leggings. “ So what do you want for breakfast. It was huge! I tried to find the top but it almost seemed to disappear into the clouds. I wonder how different real people are. Jared went over to the fridge getting out milk and orange juice. Just like me.” he asked. So far Mr. When we got to the mall I couldn‟t help but stare open mouthed outside the building. both gave me hugs going out the door while Will and I ignored each other. “ What kinds of cereal do you have?” I asked getting up. Luckily Anna didn‟t seem to notice and motioned for me to follow her so I raced forward till I was walking beside her but slightly back a bit. She still shook her head looking slightly annoyed.quickly got up searching the cupboards.

A moment later I heard it again.of clothing in it and each person was aloud to pick two items each month out of it. I figured the more public the better if my feeling was right ( no matter how unlikely that seemed at this point). I walked a little faster following them around corners until no one was around. I thought as I left the shop.” I said politely sneaking glances at the child that was looking up at me pleadingly. So instead I stayed inside the store and pretended to read the book while wishing Anna would get back sooner. My attention was completely on the rather large man in front of me holding the little girl against her will. Why are all these people ignoring this?. The man seemed surprised and stumbled a little but regained his composure quickly and I almost lost consciousness before the man and the cloth were tugged . I considered putting the book down and just going and sitting on the bench again. Anna continued to drag me around the mall and only when she told me that we were taking a break for lunch did I truly understand Jared‟s warning this morning. Anna said she was going to grab us both some soup. I went in and started browsing through the books careful to stay near the entrance so that Anna could find me. “ I‟m sorry but are you related to this kid?… because it really doesn‟t look that way to me. I looked both ways and back again until I saw a man dragging a little girl through the mall. Now if there was a store with paint supplies in here then you would never be able to drag me out of there. just as much as the next person. As soon as I‟d asked the question she had shook her head very vehemently confirming my suspicions. Naturally there was nothing out of the ordinary happening so I would turn back to my book again. and it sounded like the cry of a child. I was quiet for a while. But I still couldn‟t leave this kid by herself. His eyes were cold and dark and he was quite large enough to take on two football players in a fight and still come out untouched. I suddenly looked up when I heard a shout. and told me to wait on a bench in the middle of the mall. Oh crap. but again I was too far away. They were too far for me to make out features but I followed them anyway suspicious. and bread. Right across from where I was sitting was a book store. but staying far enough away that he couldn‟t grab me. I held my breath instantly trying to turn my head away but the person was way too strong for me. If there was a new colored skirt I didn‟t have I would usually grab that or another set of leggings but most of the time I didn‟t bother grabbing anything. I had seen so few books before that this store seemed simply amazing to me. I looked out of the store but no one else seemed to have heard it. noodles. I was having a really bad feeling about this but I couldn‟t leave this kid alone with him. “ Excuse me. It almost looked like the girl was trying to pry her hand out of his hold.” I said as I approached them. I smiled and nodded as she left and looked around me. Sure I didn‟t read much. Once I found a book I stood in the store and started reading. She had blond hair that was braided into pigtails and big blue eyes that looked terrified. The man turned around slowly and I had to stop myself from taking a step back. At that point I could see the tear stains on the little girls face and look at her features. but I did enjoy one on occasion. I would barely get past a paragraph before looking up and scanning around the room. I am so screwed! I though as I tried to calm myself before I started hyperventilating. but there was a lot of people in this store. He was quite rugged looking and definitely not in a sexy way. while I read but after a bit I started to feel paranoid again. so I definitely didn‟t see as a man came up behind me and tried to put a cloth in front of my mouth. With whatever I had left in me I screamed my head off before the chemicals in the cloth started getting to me.

One came over to me immediately and I tried to take a few steps back but he grabbed my wrist stopping me immediately. while sobbing. But that was no excuse for our lapse in judgment and…. I closed my eyes waiting for him to hit me or something but the guys hold loosened and when I opened my eyes.” he continued to grumble. We are both fine. I turned around and saw the other guy had run for it leaving the little girl behind. “ I wasn‟t after the blond!” the scary one grumbled coldly. As the sound got closer I could tell it was more than one pair of feet coming our way and yet I was still frozen where I stood while the girl still clung to me. Second of all I don‟t think telling Anna is such a great idea. so don‟t worry about expulsion or whatever.” “ Woahhhh! There just hold on a second. “ We are Mrs. “ Then why what were you after?” he continued to question. “ Why were you trying to kidnap her!?” The guy that was pinned simply started spitting blood onto the floor until all our heads shot up at the footsteps sounding in the distance. “ The brunette obviously. Who on earth were these guys? “ Who are you?” I asked carefully and quietly. We apologize greatly for our lapse and we will give Mrs. “ Why were you trying to kidnap her?” He didn‟t answer and the guy smashed his head against the ground. I know Jared and Anna just might faint and if Will knew then Mr.away from me. I guess the guy kind of deserved it…. I tried to reassure her but to be honest I had no idea how to act around kids. She will literally freak. Utterly surprising me the girl ran over to me and clung around my waist. I heard something crunch and winced at the now undoubtedly broken nose. Why don‟t you guys take…” I trailed of motioning the guy pinned to the ground. whichever she deems appropriate. He was barely even paying attention to my reaction and seemed to be looking for… what injuries? I blinked until he let me go nodding to the others. He snorted. You see we really did not expect anything to happen today and we certainly didn‟t count on you two to split up. “… Will what happened and let him handle it?” I said quickly. Again being truthful I had to admit I picked him because I was pretty sure he would be the last person to overreact about this. I stumbled and fell to the ground but got up and watched as a very regular ( but strong) looking man tackled the other to the ground holding his hands behind his head. “ Answer me!” yelled the almost normal looking guy who still had the other guy in what sort of looked like a wrestling hold. God I hate violence. But just the fact that I was small and female and so obviously not going to hurt her seemed to be enough to calm her down slightly. “ To a better location to question him and then you can tell…” I thought of the first person that came to mind. The child and I had both flinched and we backed away a bit from the two. but then again. They widened in surprise as I blinked at the stranger. Keller full report and except our suspension or expulsion from the force. Keller would find out about it anyway so one way or another it would be dealt with and for some reason I didn‟t want this spreading around. I was actually surprised I never saw them at all today and didn‟t really blame them for being . Keller‟s body guards also instructed to watch you for today. In no time three men arrived who seemed to be all dressed in an attempt to fit in… and had all failed in that attempt. The guards looked uncomfortable for a minute then nodded as two of them left with the guy they had just knocked out and the other two who I assumed were following me and Anna around.

It could feel it on my eyes the whole time just waiting to get into my eyes and irritate them. I smiled relieved that I was at least able to stall even though I didn‟t really help much. I didn‟t know how Will would react when the guards told him what had happened and part of me didn‟t care. As if god or whoever. “ Oh… umm… Will won it. Unfortunetly he only laughed and released my hold around his neck lowering me to the ground. moving on. Some of the things I was able to buy like my usual multicolored skirts and leggings but there were quite a few other things that Anna forced on me and then rung up before I could even change out of it.” he said teasingly. was listening. I kind of felt like waving to them but then again Anna would get suspicious as to who I was waving at and why and right now it was best if Anna didn‟t know that I knew them. blah. She also had both of our hair done and now mine was pinned of to the side and curled all the way up. I smiled mischievously and careful came up behind him and then jumped on his back yelling Boo. And no surprise maybe 2-5 minutes a semi hysterical Barbie looking women came up and threw her arms around the girl and picked her up telling her not to run of on her own and get lost. I rolled my eyes and Jared added me into the game and gave me a controller. So … who won the Mario kart championship?” Surpsisingly it still took him a minute to snap out of it before he realized I had asked him something. and most of all the dresses. Some of those things we‟re skinny jeans. When we got into the door and Jared din‟t immediately assault me with question I knew that he hadn‟t heard what happened and I was glad. Another part however was worrying about it and I tried to ignore that. I mean might as well subject as little people possible to this hell called shopping. Apparently Anna must have wanted a girl to dress up and I showed up at just the right time. et ect. I even learned about this new thing called makeup and god I hated it. it was only an hour more before we packed up the car and headed home. “ That‟s no fair Jared. blah. Apparently she couldn‟t be mad at me for long though because in no time at all she was practically skipping me to the next store. He laughed again but stopped suddenly when he turned around and saw me his expression unreadable. He wasn‟t around and Anna gave me instructions on how to find the game room. She was almost sounded like the blond mom with the whole ‟don‟t go wondering off like that. . “ Yeah I know I look ridiculous. On the ride home I kept looking behind us and sure enough a couple cars back were Anna‟s body guards. I immediately headed in that direction not carring that I probably looked like a Barbie doll and opened the door to the games room. blah. I swear if you two ever battle it out I‟m really not sure who would win. and I was the only brunette in the room. cartigans.” I grumbled. I shuffled in quietly and luckily they were consentrated on a Wii game. I didn‟t want to be that girl ever again and if I was then I didn‟t want to know it. They said something about the brunette. where as I really wished we could just go home.‟ and blah. blah. I didn‟t really understand what they were after. you could atleast pretend to be a little surprised.short on guard. One of the guards came with me as we went to one of the desk clerks and told them to call out the name of the little girl and tell her parents to come get her. but why on earth would they want me? The bodyguard that was still with me went to go hide amongst the people while watching me and Anna. blah. When I found Anna even without knowing what had happened she still went berserk. I hadn‟t looked in a mirror still scared of what I might see ever since I had seen the girl with her bones practically popping out of her skin with circles under her dead eyes. I sighed and sat on the couch.

Video games. It took me a minute snap out of it but even then I still snuck glances every now and then. If she had simply screamed I might have been surprised but Boo? Seriously she could be such a child sometimes. shifting. I always beat them at everything of course. running. At one point Will did show up for dinner give me a calculated look before turning away and piling his plate with food. I nodded not having a clue what this was about and followed him out and into one of the business rooms that had a few desks. I still couldn‟t believe Jared got sent on that mission instead of me but from what he‟s told me it souded boring anyway. She looked beautiful and definetly older then she normally did. Light was simply quiet all the time. so we never have the time to keep an eye on it 24-7. I was almost positive that he knew about what had happened at the mall and I wondered what the guards managed to learn when they questioned the guy who had attacked me. I wondered vaguely were Will was but shook that thought from my mind telling myself I didn‟t care. although there was meat. He was a jerk and I wanted nothing to do with him. For dinner. a table in the middle with chairs and a computer. The site‟s password changes every 2 weeks or so. * * * Jared * * * I was starting to get a little worried about the fact that Light and Anna weren‟t back yet but shrugged it off knowing nothing would happen to them with the guards there. Even Daniel had a hard time not gawking at her which made me want to punch him but at the same time I really couldn‟t blame him.” he said turning on the computer and enterring the password. Beat that suckers! I was surprised Jared and Daniel even thought they had a chance. Turned to face her and froze. “ You are of course aware of the Onyx Crow?” “ The black market on supernatural items? Yeah.” a guard interrupted nodding his head in my direction. Even though I would never say it out loud. not a single piece of it ended up near my plate and I felt relieved as I ate the pasta twirling it around my fork. When we arrived at dinner I noticed Will give her a calculated look and I frowned wondering what that was about. Well except the part where they blew it up but still. It was no mystery to me that they didn‟t like each other but it was still strange the looks he was giving her. I mean the earth and air Stones? Completely . What about it?” I asked confused where this was coming from.To Daniel‟s surprise I kept up with them in almost every game we played and it was fun until it was time for supper and they both had to admit defeat in Mario party eight. Light seemed to either be ignoring them or she didn‟t know it was happening because she was as cheerful as ever. I knew it was Light because no one could be as quiet as her sometimes. unable to make sounds because she was as light as a feather. I almost let out a relieved sigh when I heard the door open a crack. wresting. Although shape shifters were pretty stealthy we never bothered to be quiet unless we were hunting. Besides nothing of interest is ever on there anyway. of course. and whatever else I was always the best. “ Sir the guards have information for you. In no time she had jumped on my back shouting Boo and I couldn‟t resist laughing at her choice of words. Will kicked our asses in Mario kart until a guard came and called him away so now we were playing all the other games we had collected over the years. I put her down. * * * William * * * Ha Ha. She said she looked ridiculous but I couldn‟t disagree more. “ We managed to hack the site again and found something rather interesting in the top of the bidding section.

It was lunch and your mom went to the food court leaving Light at a book store. “ Light asked us not to inform Jared or Your mother about the attack for fear of. Light were at the mall Light was attacked by a man…” “ What!!!” I said shocked. In questioning him we managed to find out that they had lured Ms. Talk about bad luck. Light didn‟t want Jared to know about this? And that‟s without even knowing about the whole Onyx Crow situation. The store was full of people and assuming she would not leave the store we followed your mother to the food court. That said I was completely unprepared when he showed me the page where they keep the rare and most valuable Items.Light went to comfort the young girl while I questioned the one who had attempted to knock her out.” I quoted. I took one last look at the website then left as well. I managed to track her to a very deserted part of the mall where a man was attempting to knock her out. as we should have been. Jackson said he was concerned about leaving the girl by herself.” he explained quickly. today while your mother and ms. I mean what on earth did she do to piss the universe off bad enough to have them want to destroy her. “ Holy Shit. The questioning could not be carried out there so Axel and I returned to question him while the other two stayed to watch over your mother and Ms. That man ran and Ms.” he assured me. in her words “ freaking them out”. why would you tell me about this? What about my father or even Jared for that matter?” He sighed and scratched his head getting up from the computer chair. If her name was at the top of the Onyx crow‟s list then there‟s no counting how many maniacs could be after her. The guard simply nodded then excused himself to go find my father. I looked up at him in surprise. I was just about to inform your father. and sent me back to go and look for her. Because right at the top of the list next to the number one. As you can guess she was not at the book store. * * * Light * * * After dinner I stuck around the kitchen to help clean up even though Anna insisted I go hang . Light. I went up to my bedroom and just lay down on my bed to think. “ Well you see sir. No need to „freak her out‟. It‟s almost laughable to think that people have found special rocks to control the elements. was a picture of Light. The girl was only a distraction so they could capture Light and that was when he confessed about Onyx Crow.” I managed to choke out. “ But how is this possible. But how did her name get on that list? I also just realized what a bad time it was for me to decide to help protect her. Light from the shop by kidnapping the young girl.made up for all I‟m concerned. I managed to attack the man and call for back up when I noticed another small girl there who was being held hostage by another suspicious man. How would she react when she found out? “ If Light doesn‟t know about the whole Onyx Crow thing either then it‟s probably best to to keep it quiet for now. What the heck was Jared thinking bringing this girl back here? She already almost got us caught at the train station and she‟s got a price on her head from the wrong type of people. “ Wait a minute.” was the only thing I managed to say. Jared was going to be beyond pissed when he found out. Because unless we could somehow get her name off that list then she was pretty much screwed. Attacked? Is she okay? Is my mom okay? “ Maybe I should start from the beginning.

“ I would advise you to be more careful out of the house. or stand on your head. There was a t. I wanted to rub my jaw at how much it was hurting right now but didn‟t want to give him the satisfaction. The walls were dark green and it was far too clean.out with Jared and the other two. For a second when I was talking about the guy holding the cloth up to my mouth I could have sworn I saw something flash in Will‟s eyes. simply staring back at him till he put me down. he spoke.” he said pulling me into his room. And by the way my father and me are in charge here so you will listen to me or we‟ll kick you out. I turned to leave again but Will stopped me. This was just a job to him. I just snorted. Never go out alone and keep someone with you at all times. He clenched my jaw in his hand and forced me to look in his eyes. Every room were creams and browns and colours that were warm and welcoming… except for one room. It was also nice talking to Anna.” I said as venomously as I could but of course he was probably only a million times stronger then me.” he instructed not even looking away from the computer screen. but I just wasn‟t one of them. You can‟t climb a wall in a dress.C. bordering on O. I know we spent all day together at the mall but then she was a women on a mission. Something he had to do whether he wanted to or not. what do you want. face. I said nothing. “ Hold on. and overall demeanor was completely business like showing no emotion at all. I though. I just never get the point. After I was done he nodded and went to his computer. But seriously the whole time she was either picking out cloths or forcing them into my hands while pushing me into the change room.” he said. it was slammed shut in my face.” I sighed in defeat while folding my arms over my chest. You could tell that Anna was the type of mother to always want a daughter to dress up and never got one. I quickly turned away and was about to bolt when his hand clamped on the yellow ribbon around my dress. that kind of cold hearted person. He glared at me for a few minutes and just as I thought he wasn‟t going to answer. we need to talk. I had nothing against helping…as long as I didn‟t have to touch any dead animals of course. “ Let‟s just say you‟ve attracted the attention of all the worst possible people in the States and if . I washed and dried and put some of the food away.” he said his voice deadly quiet. and a lap top but those were the only things that were left out. But of course if I had not imagined it then it still had only last for like a milla-second.” I muttered opening the door but just as soon as I opened it. I shivered wondering what kind of cold person slept in this room. or play fight. I knew there were a lot of girls out there who liked dressing up like Liza.. “ You are such a stupid child.D.v. “ Fine. “ So are you going to tell me how much danger I‟m in then?” I challenged. everthing that could be tucked away was. A mission to dress me up he he he. So I told him everything from being left at the bookstore right up to when I met up with Anna again. that stung. so in no time we were both in his room with the door closed. You don‟t even have a clue how much danger you are in? Do you think that Jared will be all hunky-dory if anything were to happen to you? Well if you think so you are wrong. After I helped clean up I went and explored the house for the first time since I got here. I turned around and looked straight into those dark green eyes. I bet he really wouldn‟t have cared if I had been kidnapped at all and for some reason. even though I hated him. “ I have nothing to say to you. Will was right there and he was pissed. “I need you to tell me what happened at the mall today. “ It‟s not like you give a shit. I just happened to be the unlucky girl to be the next best thing. Oh. almost. His voice.

my eyes were the same. No way was I coming out of here looking like this! She retook my measurement and brought me a couple of bras that I could borrow but said she‟d have to take me out shopping again after school. no child has that kind of figure. * * * I woke up to a tickle on my face trying to brush it away so I could go back to sleep. Until I also felt a hand on my arm and heard someone calling me.” Anna said between fits of laughter. “ OH MY GOD. and good morning. Crossing my arms over my chest I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the full length mirror on the backside of the door. “ Thanks Anna. My legs were longer and I was about an inch to 2 inches taller. I frowned and looked down before my eyes widened too. At least you can‟t get teased for looking like a child anymore.” said Anna. I was completely flat chested. Today. While Anna was running around the house doing who knows what I walked back into the . done exploring for the time being and felt like screaming. She quickly read the look of horror on my face and seemed to want to start laughing again but I was proud of her for holding it in. I sighed and decided I officially hated shopping. you‟d already be captured and most likely dead. WHERE THE HELL DID THESE COME FROM!” I said quite loudly. But most of all was the fact that yesterday. She pulled back when she saw my eyes open and grinned at me widely. and like someone had pulled all my limbs and stretched me. “ though you are still way too skinny.” she paused before seeming to look me over again. “ Welcome…. How dare he! How dare he treat me like soime stupid child! I would be sixteen tomorrow for heaven‟s sake! And now I have to listen to him? What kind of planet is he on? Whatever power he has over the rest of the people here has nothing to do with me. I sighed sure I was imagining it and sat up. it‟s time to get up. if not a bit longer. my voice rising and turning squeaky near the end. I quickly crossed my arms back over my chest and went back into my room where Anna seemed to have finally stopped laughing.you weren‟t currently under the protection of Shape shifters. I walked back to my room. I blinked confused a few times till I noticed her hair was the thing that was tickling me. On the other hand though. and I will have to make some adjustments to your cloths. I had two B-cup sized boobs. As soon as I sat up though Anna‟s eyes widened and she looked me up and down blinking. On the plus side my hair was still the same. I felt weird. “Light relax. Apparently Anna was over her shock because that minute she burst out laughing clutching her sides and trying not to fall over. I sighed trying to let some frustration out and changed into some pajama bottoms and a tank top before crawling into bed and curling up in the blankets. Women hood. Because though you are still rather short. and the shape of my face looked more mature. “ Light honey.” I was slightly stunned but tried not to show it. heavier somehow.to….” I simply nodded still in shock. I smiled but slowly lost it. “ Happy Birthday!” she called enthusiastically. But how could I have possibly attracted too much attention? I mean I‟ve been trapped in an institution my whole life! Instead I simply nodded and turned to leave and this time Will didn‟t stop me. and my overall face was still the same.” I said swinging my legs over the side of the bed. She actually took out a tape measure from the study while I stayed in my room.

Eventually I was mostly over the shock and Anna picked out a dress that luckily still fit me and I put it on quickly noticing the new way it clung to certain parts of my body. I took a bite of the pancake and closed my eyes savoring the taste. Once I was dressed Anna got me to sit on the bed and started to run a brush through my hair. “Holy crap these are good. Jared chuckled lightly and continued to eat with me. he definitely noticed. It would be nice to be seen as a little more adult then I was. it just kind of happened. Okay.” he said smiling sheepishly for not saying it at first. “Umm. “So when are we leaving for school?” I asked practically bouncing in my seat as the excitement of school came back and the shock momentarily left. “I can‟t believe we have to go to school today. Why was he looking at me like that? “What kind of pancakes are they?” I asked hoping to change the subject. Anna was right that I was still too skinny. The most I ever had as a mother figure was Miss May and she was too sick to do a lot of things like brush my hair or play tag and hide and go seek and things like that.bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror trying to believe it was real when it felt so unreal. I thought getting nervous again. Part of me hoped they wouldn‟t notice the changes but another part of me hoped they did. I wasn‟t the most mature person but I wasn‟t a child and with all that‟s been going on lately they needed to start realizing it. “In about half an hour so take plenty of time to eat or Ms. With new set determination I walked into the kitchen with my head held high and looked for Jared and of course he was already wolfing down food by the counter.” I said sitting beside him starting to get uncomfortable under his stare.” he said seriously and I nodded knowing it was true. Please let there not be any meat! “Pancakes. It was nice to have this moment with Anna. Light. I jumped up to grab a pancake and some orange juice when Jared finally seemed to come back to himself. “What‟s for breakfast?” I asked curiously hoping there wouldn‟t be any meat. “I don‟t know Jared. About 10 minutes later.” he answered smiling before turning around.” I said smiling. Will they think I‟m even more of a freak? I was sick with nerves by the time we reached the bottom of the stairs and couldn‟t help but bite my lip and twirl my hair. I brushed my hands over my skin on my longer legs and very slight curves around my stomach. I mean out of all the stupid… Holy Shit What .” he answered trying to shake himself out of it. Any pounds I put on in the last few days it seems stretched with my when I shot up ( literally over night). It just doesn‟t work that way. I smiled back letting him know it wasn‟t a big deal even if the staring was a bit weird. He was obviously confused as to how and why this happened but Anna and I had just seem to take it as another one of my random quirks. what…?” he asked but didn‟t seem to be able to find words. He covered up his reaction quickly but his eyes still skimmed me up and down noticing all the little changes overnight. William came in. Keller won‟t let us leave. It seemed to snap him out of it partially but he still looked completely baffled. As soon as he saw me his smile stopped and his eyes bugged. I mean no one stays the same for years and then shoots up into puberty overnight. “Happy birthday L. “Umm… chocolate chip. After it was time to go downstairs and I was dreading it.

She has the typical all seeing mother look that said she would know if we were lying. I almost snorted at the thought of William protecting me but held back.” said Jared thoughtfully. “Look at you so grown up! Jared.” Anna said giving me a wink and turning to Jared and William to make sure she heard them. I nodded thinking that was a good explanation but still not completely sure if that was it. and it‟s different effect on you since you‟ve been taking it since when you were practically an infant while the rest of us are all teenagers. Will. God I hated attention.” I heard from behind me. “Hey it‟s almost time to go. We all nodded as to avoid her wrath and she walked up to me and hugged my tightly. I was dying to know what he was thinking! Wait why did I care what he was thinking?. She‟ll probably be getting quite a bit of attention. I suddenly thought. I was still a bit nervous but I was with Jared and I knew he would help me. Has everyone eaten?” she asked looking stern. I say half an outfit because her skirt and top were too tiny and revealing to actually count as pieces of clothing. What do you say?” this one girl who was wearing about half an outfit asked while rubbing herself as close as she could to him. William was quiet after that and just seemed resigned to ignore me as he wolfed down what was left of the food on the counter. I had to admit Anna seemed sweet but at times like this she was a little scary. He‟s a jerk anyway I just need to ignore him and be glad of his silence while it lasted. me. As soon as we got there I froze looking at all the other people hanging around the front of the school… and half of them came forward when our car parked. and especially being the new kid. In no time we were heading for school and I couldn‟t believe I was finally getting to go to school. and that it was just another typical school day and that I was a regular girl. you. When I opened my eyes and the vision dissolved I felt slightly sad but I had accepted my life years ago as it was even if it was changing too much lately. Many other girls were doing the same thing as the one and were all cooing and trying to touch him in some way. I really didn‟t know what she meant about attention but I started to bit my lip in worry again. Anna came down soon after looking excited as well. I shrugged deciding not to dignify that with a response especially after how he treated me yesterday.” answered Jared smiling. I couldn‟t move for about 30 more seconds then I took in a big breath and got out of the car along with William and Jared who had already got out and were surrounded with people. “Hey who‟s the new hottie? Cause I call dibs. No matter how much I accepted myself as a freak I couldn‟t help but wish for this little piece of normalcy. . I hugged her back and pretended for just a second that she was my mom. “Hey William. Really we might never know exactly what is wrong with me but I‟m sure I‟ll get used to it eventually. He looked annoyed but still didn‟t speak and his sudden silence was slightly unnerving.Happened to you?” he asked as he looked me over but quickly hardened his eyes and looked away when I tried to see what he was thinking. you two better watch the guys around her. Wow I did not think this through! “Yeah course we will. The ride was filled with William and Jared talking back and forth like last time while the radio blasted. “It‟s probably something to do with the testing. and the janitors closet.

She looped her arm through mine and started pulling me forward. What the heck did he mean by call dibs? Why do people keep looking at me like that lately? First Jared and then Danny and now this guy have all looked at me with their eyes burning with something I was unfamiliar with. He just shook his head so I ignored it. “Light”. Speaking of Jared I wondered why he looked so worried? * * * William (That morning) * * * I got up after a night of practically no sleep feeling annoyed and worried. . I thought I heard something like a growl but I blinked and ignored it because the next second Jared was between me and the guy. What the heck are they talking about. “C‟mon I‟ll show you around okay? First we have to go to the office to get your stuff but after I can show you the cafeteria and then to your first class. I got into the shower and got ready quickly needing to get out of the house. It was nice the way they seemed to balance each other out and the look of complete devotion and love on his face made me think they were perfect for each other and lucky to have one another. “Okay. I walked down to the kitchen and saw that Jared was already in there and that there was lust clear in his eyes as he looked over the counter. I heard someone call enthusiastically and I turned around to see Kayla. Worried about today and keeping Light out of trouble. “Light it off limits.” Jared threatened and his arm went around my waist. I thought looking at Jared questioningly. and that I already had one friend at school beside Jared. I mean out of all the stupid… Holy Shit What Happened to you?” I started but trailed off as I noticed Light. It would be awesome if we had the same first classes. Spread the word or I‟ll give you a black eye and let that speak for itself. Who was smirking and looking at me. “I can‟t believe we have to go to school today. “Hey! It‟s so nice to see you thought I have to say you look a little different than two days ago. I looked to the side and saw Kenny still latched onto her other hand but was completely quiet and just listened patiently as she prattled on.” she said enthusiastically.” I answered glad she seemed to be having fun. I need to stop thinking about her and was glad Stacy would be there and more than willing to provide a nice distraction.I turned around to see a guy with dark hair and blue eyes. I smiled glad to see a familiar face and waved at her as she came over with Kenny glued to her side. I turned around to see Jared staring after us looking worried so I waved to him and turned back around.” she said laughing making me blush.

Man if I could only run my hands over… What the heck? I did not just think that. some of the school drama that was going on. Will. but still looked slightly nervous. Like new people.I mean Holy crap she looked good.” my mom said looking at us to make sure we heard her. When we showed up at the school I couldn‟t help but be glad . I wasn‟t one for gossip but when it turns out a teacher and a student are doing it you can‟t help but wonder how the heck that started. I could feel something inside me tighten and boil in anger at the thought of a boy all over her but I quickly shook the thought away telling myself that I didn‟t care. I was silent after that even after my mother came in. I shook the thoughts from my head and noticed Light looking at me curiously before her eyes narrowed and she quickly looked away. “Look at you so grown up! Jared. It was really none of my business after all… Jared assured her we would watch Light and I looked as Light roll her eyes. She‟ll probably be getting quite a bit of attention. Where the hell did she get a figure like that? Just yesterday she flat chested and completely skinny and now she‟s… well resembling her age a lot more. you two better watch the guys around her. sports games he had missed. We left and I caught Jared up on all the important things he had missed out on at school. I had to admit she was beautiful before and especially now but no one‟s attracted to someone that looks like they‟re twelve.

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