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The Hundred Fold Return: Just Do It!

By Dr. Phil Walker, ICM President Remember the parable about the seed that falls on good soil and then produces a 30, 60, or 100 fold return (Mark 4:20)? Of course any of those is good, but I do not want good, I want the best. The problem with Gods best is that it sometimes hurts too much. To produce 100 fold return, the seed must be put into good ground and the seed must die (1 Cor. 15:36). But in death comes opportunity. While Satan is the cause of death, Jesus is the victor over death. When our faith is in Him to turn death into life, we have the potential for 100 fold return. Dave and Cindy Just are 100 fold people. A few years ago, their son, Jonathan Justrecently married, youth leader and all-around great guy was killed in a motorcycle accident. A year after the accident, Dave and Cindy, along with Jonathons friends, decided to do a memorial motorcycle ride. Cindy, still grieving over her painful loss, wanted it to be more than just another motorcycle ride; she wanted the ride to count for the Kingdom. In America, motorcycles are used largely as recreational vehicles. In Africa, besides public transportation, motorcycles can be used as a valuable mode of transportation because of their affordability. Through some unique circumstances, David and Cindy decided to ride to raise money to buy a motorcycle for an African pastor. That ride has become an annual event and the most recent ride gifted ICM/ATS graduates with 15 brand new motorcycles. There were 25 motorcycles in all, ten


Cindy and Dave Just congratulate ATS graduate, pictured here with his family, and present him with a motorcycle, which will become the pastors primary means of transportation.

were donated by an outside source. Why? Because David and Cindy Just allowed their sons tragic death to have kingdom impact. Now that is what I call a 100 fold return! Today, hundreds of pastors have the means to multiply their efforts of sharing the Gospel. Jonathan loved his surname, Just, because it gave
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Blind man graduates from ATS


Rose Ambuka is an industrious woman


Another graduating class is unleashed

Overcoming Obstacles
By Greg Snell, ICM/ATS Director of Alumni Relations I first met Baraza in 1996 when his father worked for us. He was a young boy who went blind because he was not able to afford proper medical care. Later he moved out of his family house and rented his own place for about $8 a month. He received no support from his parents and was earning money by selling 2 candies on the streets. One day he came to me and said he was a youth pastor at his church and wanted to attend ATS/ICM. I was a bit shocked and told him we never had a blind student and asked him how he would make it. He assured me he was committed. I told Baraza that I would not help him get into ATS but if he did and if his church paid half of his fees, I would pay the rest. I met with his pastor and made sure his church was behind this venture. He was accepted and someone donated a braille machine enabling him to take notes and write papers.

(continued from cover Just Do It!) the family a ready-made motto: Just Get Er Done! Thank you Dave and Cindy for turning what the enemy meant for evil into something that is reaping 100 fold for the Kingdom of God. 4

A row of 24 motorcycles, gifts from Dave and Cindy Just, awaits ATS graduates.
A new pastor recives a new motorcycle that will enable him to spread the Gospel more effectively.

Information about the Justs motorcycle ministry can be found on their web site at www,

Stay tuned for our ICM uSa regIonal eventS:

Baraza, shown here receiving his diploma, graduated from Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) despite many obstacles, including blindness. Dr. Phil Walker is pictured at right.

Rose Rose ate a

August 21, 2012Bakersfield, California Africa Rising Fundraising Banquet Chairperson: Sheryl Giesbrecht September 20, 2012Denver, Colorado Evening with the President Hosts: Pastor Duncan and Angie Sprague October 23, 2012Montreat, North Carolina Evening with the President Hosts: Skip and Letta Jean Taylor

Baraza graduated from the certificate program and then went on to earn the BA in Theology. Today, Baraza is pastoring and serving the Lord and recently opened Baraza Barber Shop, a business to help support his ministry. His brother is the barber. Baraza, ATS graduate with a BA in Theology, business owner and pastor, has seen more than many who have sight. Give God the glory!

Up Close and Personal with Rose Ambuka

By Sandy Sanford Painito and Rose Ambuka are ICM Directors in Burundi. Rose graduated from Africa Theological Seminary in 2009. Rose joins Painito in Burundi when she can, but mostly lives in their Kenya home, orchestrating the care of their family while teaching school in Bungoma, Kenya, to pay the bills. God has called this couple to Burundi. Rose is making sure they will both be there together soon. But heres the amazing part. Rose hand made all the bricks for the security wall using the soil dug from leveling the ground and preparing the foundation. She had five one-bedroom units built with enclosed kitchens. I lease them to The view looking into the Ambuka resiyoung professionals dence. An industrious woman, Rose made in the area and their the bricks for the wall surrounding the rent makes my loan home by hand. payment each month. In a few years, the loan will be paid in full and I will have monthly income source. Then I can quit my teaching here in Kenya and join Painito full-time in Burundi.

Rose loves large: the Lord Jesus, her husband, five children and the students Painito and whose lives touch Rose Ambuka, posing here hers. Sons Luke with their three and Darwin study oldest children, medicine. Daughter Luke, Aggie and Darwin. Charity is in her second Ambuka right after her graduation from ATS. is married to Painito, a long-time ATS gradu- year at University and and ICM Director in Burundi. You can support the ministry of Painito and Rose precocious Israel, the Ambuka by designating your donation: Ambuka, ICM baby, only nine, already knows Gods plan for his Burundi. life. He says he wants to be a pastor and follow in our footprints, Rose reports. And Aggie is our latest daughter. After her parents died we made her A Proverbs 31 Woman one of us. We are now a family of seven. A wife of noble character who can find? Her On my trip to Africa this fall, I visited the Ambuka husband has full confidence in her and lacks family. The first day when I arrived at their home I nothing of value. She brings him good, not thought I was at the wrong house. They didnt have harm, all the days of her life. She watches over an iron gate when I visited last time. To my surprise the affairs of her household and does not eat I learned they not only had a new entry, but a row the bread of idleness. Her children arise and of apartments connected in a row leading up from call her blessed; her husband also, and he the side of their home to the gate. Do you like it? praises her: Many women do noble things, but Rose asked. I took out a five-year loan and did she surpasses them all a woman who fears much of the work myself. the LORD is to be praised.

International Christian Ministries

From the Presidents Desk
Dr. Phil Walker, President of International Christian Ministries When I look at our stateside operations, Darryl Bowe and Sheryl Giesbrecht are working full-time along with me. However, it has become clear we need a reorganization to do efficient work in Africa and beyond. A shift in my responsibilities would free up time for more speaking and writing opportunities, as well as time with my family. To those ends, I am very pleased to announce the following organizational changes. Congratulations team! Sheryl Giesbrecht joined ICM full-time in January as Advancement Director and has been promoted to the position of Executive Director. This puts her in the top leadership role for ICM operations in the USA. To support Sheryl, please contact her at Darryl and Kathy Bowe have returned to the states last year after two years in Kenya. They will work with our USA office and field offices to facilitate ministry and communications. If you would like to support Darryl, you may contact him at

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