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Honorable .John D. Bates U.S. Districfi Court 333 Cons~s~u~ion Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 2000]. Dear Judge Bates. As ~ native Washingtonian, I have tried to dedicate my IEfe to serving others and, in particular, to helping youth in the District of Columbia. In those pursuits, as a coach end mentor, I have preached responsibility and tried ~o lead by example. The actions I have taken betrayed. everything that I have attempted to accomplish. I did not live by my words, and rather than leading by example, I set a poor example, My conduct was inexcusable. It is clear ghat, as an elected aff~cial, I should not have arranged to diver grant fiends to organizations in which I had a personal interest and should not have used any of the funds myself. I broke the law, and I accept full respansib~li~y for my actions. I pled guilty because I am truly sorry for what I did and because I know thafi I myself must adhere to the lessons I have taught others about the importance of `owning up." As I have always said to those I have mentored: 1% or 100%, wrong is wrong. Clearly, what I dPd I was wrong. The only way for me to move forward in my life is to own up to acknowledge how poor my judgment was, to admit that I broke the faw and to accept the consequences. T am particularly sorry for the harm I have caused others. By violating the trust that people paced in me, I brought shame not only on myself, but are my family and my supporters. I could not have let them down more. I also let down my former colleagues in District government and the citizens of the District of Columbia, especially the young people. To all of them, I apologize. Because of my misdeeds, I forfeited the chance ofi a lifetime the chance they gave me to serve them in government. Taking fuEl responsibility for my conduct and accepting the punishment that wil[ be imposed is the first step I am taking. I will need to spend a lot of time making amends and seeking to earn the forgiveness I hr~~~ one day to receive. Words, i know, will not be sufficient. Only actions will be. I look forward to working to make a difference in the Ives of others, especially those whose trust I must restore. Respectfully, ~,~. __.,-~ O` /`~~'~~`~ HarrY .Thomas fir. ~~ ,

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February 25,2012 Dear Judge Bates, This is a letter of support for Harry T'hornas, Jr. formex City Councilman for Ward 5. I have known Harry for approximately ten years in several capacities. First, as a friend and a young man that I admired for his tireless work with the youth in the District of Columbia. Most of the children that he serviced were the most vulnerable and needy,the boys and girls who are in need of those of us who are compassionate and understanding. Harry was truly one of those people. I also know him in a professional capacity. I am currently an Instructional Superintendent in DCPS. When first arriving in Washington,DC five years ago,I was determined to have the elementary students that I serve participate in our fist Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Fair. Students were excited and involved in designing and investigating projects to be judged and displayed for not only a prize but to be recognized as young scientists. All of my schools are located west of the river in low-income southeast neighborhoods. I contacted Harxy and asked. if he could find a place for us to display the wonderful and rich science projects that the students constructed (over 150). Not only did he fnd a place but what a venue. We were located in the main lobby of the Wilson Building. Visitors from various communities would stop by and talk with the children as they excitedly shared their knowledge of their work. As we continued through the day the former Mayor and then Chancellor approached as they were going to a meeting. The Mayor spent time wandering around and how excited the children were. Hang also provided us with awards for the students, which they received after Dr. Charlene Drew Jarvis,faiished her speech to them. I also was aware of a summer camp that Harry ran for students. My grandson, who did not attend the camp,went to visit. Harry was dressed as a bunny as he walked throughout the screaming children passing out candy and smiles. Turkey Thicket was packed with children who enjoyed the opportunity of a lifetime. Two of my former schools also participated in the First Tee Program that Harry encouraged and supported fox the youth at these schools, Charles Young and River Terrace ES. Later I was made aware of his interaction and planning for the students at Shade ES in a summer camp program through ongoing conversations with the principal. Students who played in a football camp and others knew who then Councilman Harry Thomas was and were able to speak about his involvement with them on an ongoing and sustained bases. This young rnan spent rime in my home talking about how concerned he was with the youth in this city. Tt was always on his mind. He comes from a family who have dedicated their time and energy in improving the lives of others, mother a former principal and of course a dad the former City Councilman for the same ward. His roots run deep,he has a thirst to serve others and ensure that children's lives are better off when they have passed his way. I support Harry Thomas,Jr. without reservation at a time when we need to rally around him. Sincerely,

f ~

. '

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Honorable Jahn D. Bates . U.S. District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC20001

Dear Judge Bates, My name is Dr. Toni Adderley. Six years ago I met a person who would become a true friend. My son started playing peewee football for the Woodridge Warriors at the age of six at Taft field. The parents were a close knit group that would sit or stand on the sidelines until practice was over. It was at a football practice that i met Harry Thomas, Jr. Harry struck up a conversation with me unexpectedly, because he had heard through the grapevine that my dad was a Hall of Fame Pro Football player and our friendship took off from that point. Being a baseball aficionado as he was, my sons name struck a chord Redacted . He convinced me to allow my son to try out twith. Harryba[I Redsted went on to participate in not only t-ball but several yrs and levels of baseball to follow."Coach Tommy" Is the name Redsted and his sisterRedacted & most kids that grew up through ward 5 baseball affectiona#ely call Harry. Through his years of playing baseball; Rectatedattended several sessions of baseball. clinics held at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center. Redacted att@t1CI6CJ clinics as well, coached by Harry's wife, Diane Thomas. Unfortunately, my kids did not continue baseball into their middle school years, however "Coach Tommy" exposed both of my children to a sport that they probably would never have played. He contributed to both developing into well-rounded kids. Harry Thomas and I both learned that we had a sincere passion for helping kids, particularly those in low socioeconomic groups. in 2005, 1 was employed as a Dentist with Colgate Palmolive's "Bright Smiles Bright Future's" Mobile Van program when Harry Thomas and I met. Through a partnership fostered befinreen Team Thomas &Colgate, we set up free dental screenings at recreation centers throughout DC'and the kids would also participate in baseball clinics. This partnership lasted fior 2 years and ran throughout the summer while kids attended camps at the various Department of Parks and Recreation sites. In 2007, 2008 and 2Q10, Harry would partner with myself and Robert Thompson to give an annual Christmas party. We titled the celebrations "Party With a Purpose". Each year, we would give al! proceeds to a needy family. As Councilman, Harry would provide a family that suffered a tragedy, as well as

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donate money to the cause. The families were often ward 5 residents. Our paths would cross again through the formation of the Ward 5 Warriors Youth Organization. Two coaches, 15 boys and there parents founded an athletic association in 20p9 solely with the help of Harry. We were coming out of pocket for everything it took to get the org off of the ground until Harry stepped in. He knew all of the kids participating as well as the parents and coaches, therefore he knew we providing a great opportunity for our kids but continued to struggle financially. He not only found a home for us at Langdon Park Recreation Center, but he made sure DPR provided the equipment as well as 2 sets of uniforms for 100 boys to play football. The team successfully went on to win the Pop-Warner City Championship as repayment for all "Coach Tommy" did in the inaugural season of Ward 5 Warriors. The young men of W5W attended and served food to the homeless at Thanksgiving through an invitation from Harry in 2009. When he needed us, W5W answered the call. The W5W cheerleaders participated in the Washington Marathon as wel[. Whenever we needed community service projects for our young people, Harry always provided something. So in conclusion, while I realize that Harry has admitted to some very serious charges, this is not the man that I know. It is my hope that this letter has shed some light on a very different man who has made a difference in my children's lives, as well as countless other children in Washington, DC. 1 respectfully ask that during your deliberation of the sentence you will give Harry, that you take some of the aforementioned into consideration. Thank you for your time. Since~reiy,

Toni Adder(ey, DDS j

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Unzted States district of'Columbia Courts Washington, DC

Ref. Harry Thomas, Jr.

DeaN Honorable Judge Bates: This letter is written as a character referencefor Harry Thomas, Jr.,fondly referred to as "Tommy". 1 have known Tommyfor over 1S years and during that tzme he has been a loyal and compassionatefriend. He was my husband's best man in ouY wedding and godfather ofour oldest son. Needless to say, this is a very difficult timefog everyone. It breaks my heart to read and hear the comments that have been made about Tommy in the media which is not indicative ofthe person. He has always been these to assists anyone in need; whether big or small. Sometimes it's not the big things but the small thzngs that you remember. As a councilmember, Tommy was always busy workingfor his constituents in Ward S, which often times would occupy a large amount of hzs timefiom hisfiiends. But even ifthat would occur, Tommy would always try and make a way to snake up time by attending a birthday pastyfor the kids or take the kids to the batting cagefog practice or simply leave a message. Baseball should have been Tommy's middle name. He has always been so passionate about the sport and would promote baseballfor our younger generation as an alternative to the most popular and competitive sports;football and basketball. My son, his godson, has developed a passionfor the sport as well and enjoys the dialogue with Tommy about his games. It is with hope you will Zook at my letter and the countless others you're receiving, and understand that Tommy is the kind ofperson whom people rally behind and support. That has to say something, so please let that be afactor in your deciszon. I.would also askfor mercy on his wife, Diane and kids that will sorely mzss hzm. you,

I ~

nna .Arc ey

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United States District Court 333 Constitution Ave. N,W. ,Washington D.C. Dear Honorable Judge Bates: My name is Nate Archey and Harry(Tommy)Thomas is a lifelong friend of mine. We have known each other for over 45 years. We grew up on the same street in N.E. Washington. Tommy and went to the Police Departments Camp David Brown summer camp and the Little League baseball camp in Williamsport, PA. We have played various sports together and his parents are like a second set of parents to me. I was the best man in his wedding and he was the best in mine. We are both godfathers to each other's kids. We are like family and he is like a brother to me. 1 feel other than his family I know the. real Tammy more than anyone. Our history has created a bond for life. Regardless of any circumstances i will always be there for him and he has always been there for me. He is a man of character and integrity. He has demonstrated over the years on numerous times the desire to assist people that were in need. He has done this with individuals that did not have the history and longevity of a friendship that we have shared. He has always had a passion for kids and sports. His programs and tournaments to assist youth in the City have made a difference in the lives of so many young men and women and through Tommy's efforts, numerous youth have gone on to become productive citizens. If you ask, some of them they were going a different direction in life until he provided options and he showed them an alternative route to be successful. 1 live in Prince George's County but my parents who are both senior citizens live in D.C's Ward 5. Tommy has always checked on them. One time it was pouring down rain, early in the morning, my parents dog the family pet was hit by a car. Considering traffic 1 was at the besfi case scenario 45 minutes to an hour away. I called Tommy and he picked my parents dog out the middle of busy road in the rain. He is uncle, mentor and coach to my kids. He always asks haw they are doing in school. They play sports. He reminds them that you are a student athlete and your school work must come first. He has worked out with them numerous times and gave them sports equipment along with sound advice on life. Tommy loves his family and needs to be there for them. We all make mistakes in life. It would not be good to keep this man away from his wife and children. Perhaps his sentence could be community service. He has owned up to some poor judgment. I would consider a punishment such as house arrest or home detenfiion so he can still be around for his family. His lovely daughters need their Dad in their life and accessible to them. S~r~. erely, Nate Archey

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j The
Cornerstone Nerita~e Croup, LLC Zi Dupont Circle NW, Suite 200 Washington, pC 20036
Phone 202.721.1685 ~ Pax 202.765.0443 www,

Honorable John D. Bates US District Court 333 Constitution Avenue NW Washington, DC 20001 Apri19, 2012

Dear Honorable Bates: RE: Harry Thomas,Jr., - Letter of Support The purpose of this communique is to write a letter of support for former Ward 5 Councilmember, Mr. Harty Thomas, Jr., and hunnbly request your leniency. I have known Mr. Harry Thomas, Jr., far the past four years. We initially met through my involvement as the past President and Advisory Board Member of the African American Real Estate Professionals, a commercial real estate organization, Washington, DC Chapter(AAREP DC). While AAREP 'resident in 2008,I reached out to then Councilmember Harry Thomas to see if he~ would attend AAREP DC's signature event, the Annual Gala. Mr. Harry Thomas, Jr, graciously agreed to attend. Mr. Harry Thomas, Jr. and I became much better acquainted in 2009, when we were both accepted into the Leadership Greater Washington Class of2010. As a Cauncilmember, Mr. Thomas was extremely busy, however, my fellow 2010 Leadership Greater Washington class members know Mr. Harry Thomas, Jr., as "Harry." To us, Harry was a friend first and a Councilmember second. We all looked up to him. Every time he spoke, most of us were hanging off his every word. He spoke with confidence and passion for the issues in which he advocated most. If one of his LGW class members needed anything, he was always there to assist. Harry is kind hearted, loyal, and trustworthy. Thera were things 1. shared with Harry that I have never heard again. That means a lot to me. The media portrayal of Harry is inaccurate, and is certainly not the person T came to know or any of my other LGW class members. I came to know Harry as someone with the highest moral standards of character and integrity. Harry is geneeous, kind, widely respected among his Leadership Greater Washington class members. Harry would give you his last if he knew it would help someone.

Mr. Harry Thomas Jr. -Letter of Support

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Harry's character came into play when he learned I was in the hospital with kidney failure. On June 13, 2011, I was diagnosed with kidney failure. Currently, I am on dialysis and waiting to get placed on the kidney Transplant list so that Y may one day receive a new kidney. I attend dialysis three days a week for six hours each time. I go at night, which is nocturnal dialysis, it enables me to be able to sleep through the treatments and work during the day. Although Harry has been going through a lot over the past year, he has continued reaching out to check on me to see if Y am okay and if there is anything I need. Wow! To imagine all that Harry has on his plate and he thought about his Leadership Greater Washington class member enough to see how I am doing. He called to see how dialysis was going and let me know that I was in has thoughts and prayers. This was huge to me. My heart is hurting right now because I know the kind of person he is. He has helped me, other Leadership Greater Washington class members, and so many other people I know professionally, personally, and with life issues. ' Your Honour, I am pleading with you to please provide Harry Thomas, Jr., with great leniency. No one is perfect and we all fall short. My faith in God is very sufficient and I am praying that he allows you to give Harry great leniency. He has already lost so much and he can start over with your graciousness. His friends, Leadership Greater Washington class members of2010 and others are supporting and sticking by him. In times like this, it is great to know that one can be given a second chance, I sincerely hope that you will give Harry that second chance. If you need any additional information from me, my information is below.

Best regards,

Caryn Bailey President/CEO The Cornerstone Heritage Group 21 Dupont Circle NW,Suite 200 Washington, DC 20036 Direct: 202.721.1685 Redacted


Mr, Harry Thomas Jr. -Letter of Support

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February 13, 2012 The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court Judge U.S. District Court for the district of Columbia E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20001 Honorable Jvhn D. Bates am writing in strong support of D.C. Council Member Harry Thomas Jr. In the time that I have known Councilman Thomas he has been a strong advocate of the community and a dedicated member of the Council. While the circumstances he is faced with are serious, we ask that the court consider his entire record. In the worst economic times since the great depression and a period when the country is faced with children killing children Councilman Thomas stepped up with courage, conviction and leadership. The Councilman's support was critical to the DC Workforce Development Pilot Program. While. Senior Citizeris`are often forgotten and left behind, Harry Thomas supported job opportunities for those 55 and older: He was also a voice that spoke out for the District of Columbia to be free of Bullying. In our technology society where our youth can be bullied in school, on face-book, in e-mails and via text the complexities and decimation of bullying is far reaching. The Councilman was not silent on this issue, he was proactive and a leader working to make a difference for our youth. Even in this situation, he is an example for others. Like all of us, he is not infallible. Like all must hope to do, having made a mistake; h.e has accepted_. his responsibility. In this he has shown that one pct does rrcit define his true cfiaracter end it did nod eXt~nguist~ his.wiil to apt v+iith honor. It is my hope and prayer that all the good he has done is not'overshadowed, Sir, I respectfully request that you consider the whole life and service of Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. and that you be merciful in your judgment. Sin rely, .. ,. ......, ,, . .:_ . ..... .. , ... ;, . _; ~... :...

ev` Wenner

and 11, MDiv

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~t. S. p~E.~',~.~f




~ ~~~,,

l -~~


/~ d .G~ / ~:. L~ ~ ~--.~- d, !`L,~<~," %~-y~~.

~. C,
Ja.~c ~Td~r~~


~J~ ~ ~ ~_. ~
,~ !~ J~', ,~. ~'~ S ~ ~ ,~ ~ ~~ ~ ~







.~'//i'`,ez' ~-~- .~~,~yt, &-


mss' "" "


.~ ~,~,~wl. Jt2 .r~-~



. `~,..

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Dear Judge Bate, Harry(Tommy)Thomas and I are first cousins; however, our relationship is more brotherly. Tommy often refers to me as the brother he never had. My father was in the military and my family travelled with him, so my relationship with Tomrny didn't really bloom until my father retired back to the DC area in 1974. I can recall like it was yesterday, the day my family returned to the U.S. in 1974.. Tommy and his family were at the airport to greet us. I was wearing a purple suit and the first thing Tommy-said to me is that him and 1 have to go shopping. Knowing that it would take a few days before we could go shopping, that evening Tommy brought over, forme to keep, three or four . sets of clothing that the 14 year old males were wearing. As adults, Tommy and reflect back to this incident and have a good laugh, but I also reflect back thinking Tommy's actions were in part due to our family ties, but in larger part were based on his character and what's in his heart. By nature, Tommy is a very giving and caring person. could. continue with character descriptions such as compassionate, kind, giving, caring., etc. to describe Tommy, but I rather provide an experience that we shared that illuminates the true essence of Harry Thomas. played on the softball team that Tommy coached and prior to our Saturday morning practices, Tommy held baseball clinics for the neighborhood youth. Through these clinics Tommy's goal was not to just teach baseball fundamentals, but to also teach life skills (team work; resolving conflicts non-violently, etc.) to these young men and women. During one clinic, a young man was standing off to the side watching and heckling his colleagues participating in the clinic. Tommy and I went over #o the young man and invited him to participate. The young man chose not to, so Tommy just asked the young man to allow the participants to focus on the clinic without the distractions. The young man then lifted his sweat shirt to show Tommy and I a firearm tucked in his pants and said, you two can't tell me what to do. Tommy asked me to go back to the field because he wants to speak with this young man and thought the two of us there would be too intimidating to the young man. Tommy spoke to the young man for about 45 minutes and then they parted. The young man left and Tommy came back to the field. Tommy told me that he shared with the young man tenants on leadership, uplifting, responsibility and becoming a man and that he cares for him just like all the other young men and women on the field. Tommy used a little reverse psychology to entice the young man into the clinic. The next Saturday, the young man showed up, sans firearm, and participated in the clinic and eventually became one of the clinics shining stars. Towards the end of summer the young man told us that he is going to be more serious about school and tryout for the baseball when he goes to high school and even try to get a baseball scholarship to college. College?? I strongly believe, prior to Tommy's intervening this young man never gave a much thought to high school let alone college. Tommy could have easily called the police on this young man, but

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Tommy chose to reach out to him and teach him how to be a productive citizen in the community. Tommy touched this young man's life and gave this person courage to go after his dreams. I have more similar experiences that I could share like this one, but this being my first and most powerful; it has made an indelible impact on my life: The impact of this incident continues to grow every day. This experience led me to become a mentor to our youth and I have recruited several mentors along the way. Thorough Tommy's dedicating. Tommy's work can be best described as "Each one, teach one." Tommy takes full responsibility far his actions and will use this as an opportunity to bring forth a strong message on accountability and consequences. I will close with a simple statement, I am blessed and a.better person because of Tommy's involvement in my life.


Anthony E. Bell

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01/24/12 The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court Judge U.S, District Court for the District of Columbia E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001

Harry Thomas,lr., with the hope that he +s i write to you today to speak to the character of Mr. a public interest, while being a friend, Dad and seen as a man of good intentions through his work with husband to those respectively. of Taft/Mosley in the Woodridge area of l met then Coach Harry Thomas, on the baseball field other for first place in the D.C. Cal Ripken league. Washington D.C., as our kids competed against each er s were highly competitive on the field, but neith During that game and many more to come, the battle smanship, more important things, like how sport of us was concerned about winning. We focused on mber red to win a game, but to succeed in life. 7 reme teamwork and good work habits are not just requi to be positive to all of same, because we only wanted my wife stating that Harry and I were one in the for practice. the kids that we met on the field every day on other life responsibilities, he continued to When Harry left the youth organization to focus girls' holding free clinics for my newly established 16U offer his services to me and my organization by for this, but ment. I know he would love to take crediC softball team and providing us with free equip as softball was true to her as well. am sure that his wife, Diane encouraged him, by out to baseball coaches of DC public schools, As a DC Councilmember, he continued to reach of these kids may um. This is an experience that many scheduling batting practices at the Nationals stadi ionship. row Wilson keeps winning the Interhigh Champ not have had the opportunity to explore, if Wood Mr. field, but for the 7 years that I have known For 3 years Harry Thomas and I battled on the loving formidable opponent, a supportive Dad and a Harry Thomas, he has been a good friend, a years to come. husband, to which, I am sure will only continue for Thanks for your support.


~_ ~


(1 G+~ J

E. Malcolm Boardley !II

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'f J' ~~

~vut~j ~tC~roYir~a ~itacte ~~i~er~itp


(803) 53f) -7242

O~tCe:(803)533-3634 (803).536-8718

The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court Judge U.S, District Court for the District of Columbia E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washingtpn, DC 20001

Dearludge Bates, am writing this letter on behalf of Harry L, Thomas. i have known Mr. Thomas since 1995 when I began coaching softball at Bowie State University. Originally, Mr.Thomas recruited me to assist his non-profit organization with softball camps and clinics and later on, as our business relationship grew, I asked him to join my coaching staff at Bowie State University. Over the course of the years, we would go indifferent directions professionally and I would move on tv coach at Howard University for 8 seasons and Mr.Thomas would go onto serve as a councilman in Ward 5. Throughout these years, however, 1 continued to periodically participate in clinics and camps that were being run through Mr. Thomas's various affiliations and organizations. Every year, he would have Harry Thomas Sr. Day and my team would always serve as instructors for the children who attended this event. We also participated in clinics held at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center. In 2010, I coached the RBI Regional Softball Team and when the Washington Nationals was unable to provide sponsorship fior uniforms for my team, it was Mr.Thomas who stepped in and outfitted our entire team. He has always been one of my biggest supporters and introduced me to many constituents in Washington, D.C. He has purchased food for various softball events(ie: alumni games,senior day, and c{inics) that we had while i was coaching at Howard University. i am aware that there have been some decisions that Mr. Thomas made recently that were not wise. Without even knowing the extent of those allegations or knowing what he has acknowledged and admitted, I can tell you this,...) have known Harry Thomas for 17 years and "never" has there been a time in my history with him where his love and devotion to the sport has appeared to falter. In my years of knowing him, I have always known that he has a major "soft-spot'for children and has the ultimate respect for those of us who work tirelessly to expose young women to the game and ultimately earn possible scholarship opportunities to play at the college level, My grandfather used to tell me,"wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it....right is right even when no one k doing it." Mr. Thomas was a man with a tremendous responsibility to the citizens of the DistrEct of Columbia, but at the end of the day, he's still "just a man!" People make errors in judgment and mistakes daily, but...l always believe that a person should,be judged on their entire body of work, not simply on one event. Harry Thomas has so much good in him, and I believe that he now understands the burden of command that comes with his position. I hope he will have an opportunity to continue the legacy of good work that he has done for so many years. Sincerely,



TonJa M, Braxton, Nead Softball Coach South Carolina State University 300 College Street, NE Orangeburg, South Carolina 29117


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X l 1

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Greater WoskngUon C Fashion Chamber of Commerce

~~ DC foundation

February 14, 2012 Honorable John D.Bates US District Court 333 Constitution Ave NW Washington,DC 20001

Dear Honorable Bates,

Z'he purpose:ofthis letter is to speak to the character ofHarty Thomas Jr. the man,fakher, husband, son, and brother, role model to a large nunnber of Ward 5 residents, young professionals with a dream,concept and.youth. I met Mr. Thomas 7r. March 200? upon pitching a concept to bring fashion the industry as an asset to economic development to Washington, DC.This concept was not received well by. most but Mr. Thomas Jir. saw and understood to createjobs and an outlet for disconnected youth. Mr. Thomas Jr. mentvred rn~e to believe I could accomplish taking a concept and making it a reality when all thought it could mot be done. Mr. Thomas Jr. faith and encouragemenx helped me.launch the Gxeater Washington Fashion Chamber ofCommerce and the DC Fashion Foundation for the City and I have gone on to train. over 600 youth in the City fashion design, fife skills, vocational skills and improving selfesteem. Alsoimplemented a scholarship program Project Fundvuay, which Mr.`Thomas was the Chair ofthe pxogram iwa years in.a row. This is something,that 1~!Ir. Thomas holds very true to himself of helping the young people and I have witnessed his.charactez and loyalty to his community,his fauuly anal friends firsthand. The time and commitment that he would dedicate to help youth see the way and/or attend an event or au event Chair ofanydung youth focused was amazing! T'he time spent coac}aing his son and other youth the game of baseball was a life purpose for him.I don't think he ever slept! Not enough hours in the day for all that this man ds~.icated l~naselftoo: two(2)at the time Redacted When I began my efforts in 2007 my son; from stay-at-home mom to advocated with me because I was znakxng a transition entrepreneur and Mr. Thomas Jr. welcome my. efforts and supported and encouzaged me to not give up on my dreams even tlwugh I was walking the halls and talking to any and everyone about my concept with my son holding my hand or while pitclvng on my hip/in

my arrx~s or sitting on the Imp.oa Council member. Some ~au1d say that vuas.not professional but Mr.Thomas 3r. saw it as dedication and commifinen~ Today I am requested. by all- from Mayoral Council member campaigns to being <~o~ninated-as.;Women of:the dear.hy Washiug~onian.Magazine for the.voice ofthe. . :r ~, ... ..Creative:Eccuaomy~ :, . ~

1629'K Street; Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006 T: 202.355.3929. F:. 8b6.879.8750 www.gwfcc.erg.

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C GreoterlNashingron Fashion Chomber of Commerce




my 'I~rkey Thicket Recreation Center on numexous occasions while Janice Raaakins antd my son as well attended teaching the Sew N'Kxtow program lead. by youth. He taught xny and I witnessed many golf clinics.organized by Mr. Thames for the son will now and forever son and other kids how to properly swi~ag the club or bat. My Thomas. These little thixxgs one have the fundamentals of swing sports because of Mr. takes. will never forget and will alv~ays.appreciate.the time that one has proved to beau I have grown to trust this man with my life and my family. He he brings knowledge and invaluable asset to the Ward 5 cvmmututy that I live in and ng this letter saddens professionalism and community heart to all that he touches. Writi ncy on Mr.Thomas to not me because I hope this finds you to have mercy and lenie ~Ie brings a smile to all remove him from the people that care about ham and love him. a mistake. around him and he is a moral and upstanding guy vuho}ust made and believed in me to make Mr. Thomas will forever be my hero because he trusted me to him. This shows you that he is not my dreams core true and I will forever be thanlcfizl miscanceptaoris do not sQVay your. the image that is poz~rayed in the. media.and I hope the. decision. Please contact me if you have ar~y questions at Redacted or ;
S' cerely, -Cropper 'stine B &CEO resident Greater Washington Fashion Chaarnber ofCommerce Executive Director DC Fashion Foundation/ DC Fashion Incubator Redacted Anal more.importantly mother to a little may; Hang Thomas fir.

all C1in1CS at the My son grew u~ around Mr. Thomas Jr., Redacted attended the basebsewing team was


,who was.touched b}~

T: 202.35 .3 2 1629 K Sfreet, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006 www.gwfcc.crg

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X 1 1

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Apri119,2012 Honorable John D.Bates United States Distz~ct Court for the District of Columbia 333 Constitu#~on Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001 Dear Honorable John. D.Bates, MaYCh 15,2000 was the daq I became neighbors with Harry `Tommy Tkaoma.s Jr. Orae day his Redacted asked if I waaated to come outside and hang out with him.Just as anq san, thirteen year old boys would; we instantly became best friends and met each oehex's family. At the time I did not know who the Thomas'were and how connected they were to them community. When I first met Tommy I knew he was the type of guy who could catty a conversation. He would always talk my head of with what Redacted and I like to call"Tommy's Famous Lectures". He would speak to us aboue responsibility and setting goals in life that would prepare us for the futtixe. He would also add that we needed to educate ourselves as much as possible because "The Real World" will eat you up and spit you out without a blink of an eye. At the time, all I could think about was ~vvhen will this lecture be over, but I knew Tommy was telling us this out oflove and the kindness of his heart. I began to realize whp the Thomas Family was such advocates its their communst~ when I started playing football far the Woodridge Warriors. I would see Tommy's white dodge viper truck every time I went to practice or had a game. As a young teenag~ex, I thought Tommy was a local celebrity. Years later, I began working fox Tommy at a panth summer ~annp that taught the Fundamentals o various sports. T enjo~*ed working for Tommy so much that I started working for his sw.nrner camps eveary summer. Those summer camps eventually turned into an office position once Tommy becaaane Councilman o Wand 5. Working far Tommy gave me a jump start on building my xesume.'I1~e~knawledge and skills I gained from knowing and working with To:mmq is srill essential in my life. Tammy is not only a neighbor or Fortner emploger; he is a friend and mentor. He provided so much for mp friends and I over the years that a simple thank you would not be enough. I understand that there are consequences fox Tommy's actions and he does too. No wrong deed shall gn unpwnished, but we just ask map there be some compassion.


Darin L. Busks Jx.

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X 1 1

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~~~ ~~3, zo~l2

'Dear-Hvnarable 3ut3ge John D:Bats, into consideration my I am writing this letter to you with the hope that you will take sincexe faithfulness in working personal knowledge.ofHarry Thomas Jr.'s dedication and them how they should with children. to build their self-es#eem and in helping to teach nuous basis,. in contributing behave. I will be forever thankful for his guidance, an a conti and many of my son's. friends Reda~tea to the positive development of my san, occasions Harry held meetings aad baseball teammates. I am so grateful that on many ent and respect for with our children to place emphasis on their character developm community. p~rsan who has worked fait-hf~crlly w~itix Year Hvnor; it paitrs me greatly-to t~titrk thata ation and love of doing so, may not be 'kids for most of his adult life, and with such dedic need his experience and commitment to available in their moments of need. We so badly .met head on, now mare then ever. addressing.the challenges ofour children that must be <given to us all to teach and help our I feet strongly in my heart that he has:been.lifted and children. matter that, in my humble opinion, truly I pray for your wisdom and understanding in this deserves grace and mercy. Respectful submitted,



1~F1~ea C. Burrtss

Washngton,~~D.C. Redacted
~ Redacted

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X 1 1

0410/2612Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB 14:42 4349750503

Document 15-1 Filed 04/27/12 Page 34 of 128PAGE 02!04 STAPLES6320

To whom it may concern, This letter is created on br;half of Harry Thomasr Jr. My name is i.or~nzo Carter, site manager at f3rCrltwood Recreation ~entcr, anr~ I've hatf the pteasur~ ofworking with Mr,Thamt~s for the past four years, From the s~nic~rs etf fihe way to the Icids in the grentwodd area, Harty has af~FeCt~d the lives of so
many people. Examples o~ his accc~mpiishments during my tenure are as follow: ~ ~ + Our seniprs rcceiving annul turkey baskets stuffed with all the trimmings Young men in the community were ably Co receive weekly ~arentiing classes Our annual events such ~s; faster ~;g~ hunt, Haunted house, and hack ~eo School evEnt wire supporCed by Mr. Thomas .

Brentwood Recreation Center hosta~d an adult summer league i~askei;b~ll tournament last summer; with s~vEral r~ei~hborhaods throughput the city participate. Several exhibition games Showcasing area high schc~oi teams w~r~ per~Form~d, also, There hive been ~aurrtless gccasio~ts were Harry has been a guest speaker here ~t the center; continuing to talk'Co the youth on the importance ~f staying in sGhaol and doing your best in everything you do in life. Harry has supported our ~~artn~rship with CEE {Coalition for Economic EmpowErment), who
provides af'~cr school tutorial and sE:vEr~! other aC'Civities here ~t Brentwood.

Personally Mr.Thomas hefpEd in any transit~~n as the new side mana~~r here at Brentwood four years ago; by bring in the above resources to the center. ~'m truly grateful for his e~~orts in making the Brentwood center and communi'Cy betk~r.
It's unfortunate 'that he made a severe mi5tal~e, ~r~d has vwn~d up to i~;.

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X l 1

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April 23, 2012

The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington bC 20001

Greetings Judge Bates: The purpose of this letter is to provide information for consideration in the due process of Harry Thomas fir. I am a citizen of the pistrict of Columbia and I currently, reside in Ward 8. I was a resident of vUard 5 during Mr. Thomas'first election in 2006 and my son is completing his senior year at McKinley Tech HS in Ward 5. In my opinion, and from the evidence of actual experiences, I have found Mr. Thomas to be person of quality attributes at his basic core, he has demonstrated compassion for others and has also demonstrated a passionate advocacy an behalf of Ward 5 and the District. Specifically, I have appreciated the modus in which Mr. Thomas would deliberate, examine, and basically do his homework on the various issues that came before him with the definitive purpose of making the most informed decisions for the overall benefit of the residents. For example, he has always championed education and paliticaE empowerment of our youth, the economic empowerment of our citythe Nation's Capitalthrough job creation and job development which ultimately generated and will continue to generate economic development ventures and the like. In my opinion, Mr. Thomas was an integral factor in the securing of"Wal-Mart" as a physical presence which will ultimately -Mart will also provide a basic level of a better quality of life and is provide "real" jobs with benefits to our residents. Wa! expected to enable our "urban food deserts" to become oasis. On the Education firont, Mr. Thomas demonstrated that he is a voice for those who are without a voice. He demonstrated l that he is a public servant when he provided a platform for the students of McKinley Tech to express their constitutiona for rights on the decision by our former Mayor to fire over 15 teachers and staff without due process. Speci#ically, McKinley, this meant that classroom, guidance counselors, coaches were fired and McKinley had one ofthe highest number of staff separations which ultimately depressed the quality of education at MTHS. Mr. Thomas'engagement and advocacy an behalf of the students has now created a legacy for his example has now created a new generation of citizen assets. This is evidenced by the following fact and circumstances; ear#ier this spring and 3 days after turning 18, my son registered registered to vote. This to vote and for the "selective service." In fact, many of the students are now engaged and are students. reality is due to the direcfi interaction, guidance and engagement by Mr. Thomas with the MTHS I not hesitate to The above hapeful{y provides another snap shat far your consideration in this matter. in the future, would support Mr. Harry Tomas Jr, in future endeavors and believe he would exercise the core values of honesty, integrity, compassion, and commitment.

Sincerely Yours

Andree Chan-Mann District of Columbia Residenfi- Ward 8

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1 l

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Apri124, 2012 The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001 Dear Judge Bates, I am writing to share my experience knowing Harry Thomas Jr'. far many years and seeing first hand the impact that his years of service has had to the Ward 5 community. I first met Mr,Thomas over twenty years ago when I was a participant in the Mayor's Yauth Leadership Institute and Mr. Thomas served as a counselor. During the course of this summer program, ~ held Mr. Thomas in the highest regard. Ha made the program enjoyable, but constantly challenged us to push our Limits. It was in this program, and through Mr. Thomas' guidance that I began to Learn the qualities of a great leader. Subsequent to my participation in the leadership institute, Y would often see Mr. Thomas at the Taft Junior High School playground i~ Ward 5. He played baseball with the youtri in the community. He used sports as a tool to connect with at-risk youth g~~owing up in Ward 5. I was raised in a strong household, but many of my friends in my neighboclaood were not. Mr. Thomas was a mentor for some of these young men, and I can say without question that there are many men in the Dis~ict of Columbia whose lives were changed because Mr. Thomas took an interest in them. These young men knew that Mr.Thomas genuinely cared for them, and they listened to his guidance, which often kept them out of trouble. When I survey the Bible, I find many of those who Gad used to lead his people made mistakes. David and his quest for Bathsheba, Jonah and has attempt to run from God,Peter and his denial of Christ, and Paul and his pe~secution of Christians ue examples of men who made nnistakes; however, God still ordained them for leadership. God being just, dealt with each of them individually for eheir actions; however, he still had mercy on them.. It is this same mercy that I sincerely zequest that you exercise with Mr. Thomas,one who has lived a Life of service fog the betterment of the lives of others. Long be~oxe Mr.Thomas ever ran for office, he was dedicated to serving ehe communiey, not because it was his job, but it vvas his passion. Mx. Thomas has left a mark on the lives of young people throughout this city. I am thankful to Mr. Thomas for the seed of leadership that he placed in my~iife many years ago. I would not hesitate to support Mr.Thomas in the futu;e, because I have witnessed his leadership, lct~own his genuine concexn for the residents of the District of Columbia, and experienced his impact on the community.


Le~oy Cla III District of Columbia Resident -Ward 5

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February 10, 2012 The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court for the District of Columbia 333 Cons#itution Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C. 20001 Dear Judge Bates: This fetter is written in support of Mr. Harry Thomas, Jr. As you consider the range of sentencing options in his case,l kindly ask that you please take this letter into consideration and make your ruling merciful and not punitive. For more thaw decade, l have known Mr. Harry Thomas Sr. and his son Harry Thomas Jr. Qver the years, i have observed them both display a sincere love in their hearts for people. Particularly, they have worked tirelessly to assist people who lacked self-esteem and the strength to prevail over the suffocating odds of illiteracy, dysfunctional families, unemployment, youth and gang violence etc. Mr. Thomas has spearheaded many community vigils to encourage respect and dignity among neighbors. Mr. Thomas is also a great promoter of education. As a testimonial of this fact, I recall a coupe of years ago, our church hosted a neighborhood spelling bee contest. We asked Mr. Thomas and a noted editor of a local news paper to participate and give remarks. When Mr. Thomas told his childhood story and the story of his matriculation through life to achieve higher accomplishments,the youth listened attentively to every detail. In closing, I assure you the recent circumstances facing Mr. Thomas are not indicative of the kind of person, he is. Mr. Thomas represents the kind of person i preach to every Sunday, like others he is a human being, subject #o error and to making mis#akes. tam convinced that Mr. Thomas, who is a husband,father, and a son, is remorseful and just wants sentencing leniency to prove he has learned from his mistakes. Tha you or your time,

o eman, The Re er d r, J Pastor A Nations Bap#ist Church

# -9591 www.a/taaEfonsbaptis -532 20(1! North Capitol Sheet, NF Washington, DC 20002 202

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X 1 1

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Redacted Washington, ~.C. Redacted

April 4, 20012

The Honorable Judge John D. Bates

U.S. District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20001 Dear Honorable Judge Bates: My name is Viola E. Daniels and I am a Tong time resident of Ward 5.
became acquainted with the Thomas family in 1961, when their mother and taught at the same school. That was the year Harry Thomas Jr. was born. Harry was born into a family where Christian values were taught and his parents were loving and

caring. was impressed by the family's ability to raise a family, work in different careers and participate in unselfish service to the community. The son, Harry Thomas, Jr., followed his parents example by assuming leadership positions in the community. He served as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, and Ward 5 Councilman. As Councilman, he
surveyed the community to ascertain community priorities and was specifically aware of the needs of senior citizens. I fond{y remember his attendance at my mother's 90th birthday celebration. mention these different activities and events in order to share some insight on a young man who must be defined beyond his recent politically charged situation. I hope your decision will give great weight and welfare to his wife and children.


Viola E. Daniels

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X 1 1

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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Juanita P. Dennis

Washington,D.C. Redacted

February i8,2012 Honorable John D. Bates US District Court 333 Constitution Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001

Dear Judge Bates: Please accept this letter as my statement of support for former Washing#on, D.0 Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. Before speaking directly about Mr. Thomas, I would like to share, some information about myself I was born in Washington, D.C. and attended both Minor Teachers Colleg$ and George Washington University. I worked for the Civil Service and Maritime Commissions during WWII. After the war, I began a teaching career in the District Public School system, which lasted ZO-years. At the conclusion of my teaching career, I worked as an Educational Specialist at HEW for 10 additional years, and immediately following my refiirement from Dist~nict and ian Federal service, I served fox 18-years as a Docent at the National Portrait Galleryl Smithson Institute. s The late Harry Thomas Sr. and his widow Ms. Romaine Thomas have been new door neighbor his birth. and close friends since the early 1950's, and I have known Harxy Thomas Jr. since What I know from personal experience about this young man could fill pages; pages of positive so I will contributions and selfless service to the community, but I recognize your time is limited be brief. as My son and daughter and the Thomas's children Harry Jr. and Debra spent hours together and children and throughout the 1950's 60's and 70's, as families we shared many social outings demonstrated respect, friendship family vacations. Harry was a loving child, who thoughtfully could and kindness to others. As a teenager, whenever another child was being bullied, you He depend on Harry Jr, to intercede on his behalf notwithstanding any personal risk to himself. ofothers. was kind, thoughtful and always considered the needs and feelings 5. This Starting from an early age Harry strived to serve the needs ofour neighbor youth in Ward sponsor youth interest goes back nearly 30-years to a time when he personally volunteered to the ba11 games, suznmex camps at Fort Lincoln, and many other youth activities. Throughout pursuit of social pleasures, Harry 1980 and 90's, while other young men his age were busy in focused on community service. He was selflessly devoted to counseling young people, and organizing many other activities.

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

Honorable John D. Bates US District Count February 14, 2012 Page 2

Filed 04/27/12 Page 45 of 128

Hairry devoted his time to help young men develop and become positive contributors to and he worked tirelessly to help bring his father's vision of a revitalized Ward 5 a reality. Harry Thomas Jr. is one of the finest and most decent young men I have ever .had the pleasure of knowing. It is my sincere hope tY~at as you consider the questions that lie before you, you will also take into account the many positive contributions made by Harry Thomas Jr. throughout his life. I do not believe any individual should bejudged solely by his/her mistakes; rather these mistakes should be considered in the context ofthe entirety of his/her actions as a person. As someone who has known Harry all of his life, I only ask that you consider the entirety of his many positive contributions in your deliberations.


Juanita Dennis


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Exhibit 21

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t 11111108 i 81

12, 2012

The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Cour Judge U.S. District Cour for the Distrct of Columbia E. Barett Prettyman U.S. Courhouse 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20001
Dear Judge Bates:

The purose of this letter is to provide a letter of support for Har Thomas, Jr. Since I am not famliar the facts/details of the case, I am only focused on the man, the father, the friend, and the community servant.
with all of I first became acquainted with Mr. Thomas approximately six years

ago while servg in several

volunteer capacities such as (;n the board of directors for the Boys and Girls of Clubs of Greater Washington DC, President of 100 Black Men of Greater Washigton, DC, as chairman of the BatterUp Foundation.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to personally witness his commitment to the youth in
community. For instance, Mr. Thomas was a stach advocate for the youth when the Boys and Girls
that the youth programs were sustained regardless of

Clubs of Washington DC decided to sell off some of their clubs in the District. He and others made sure who owned the real estate.

little league baseball/softball in Wards 7 and Baseball in Iner Cities Regional Tournament play. We had requested uniforms from the Washington Nationals, however, they did not arive by the time we needed them. Fortately, Mr. Thomas was aware of the situation and just showed up with full sets of uniforms for our junior, seior, and softball division teams. The young people and the coaches were ecstatic.
In 2009 and 2010, the BatterUp Foundation (which does all 8) had multiple teams in the Reviving

Recreation (DPR). We (100BMOGW) were hosting our anual Tomme Smith youth track meet in conjunction with DPR as a
On another occasion, I had to seek his assistance with Deparent of

parner. Unfortately, the DPR personnel we were working with on the ground did not complete most

the critical tasks they were assigned such as secured the facilty and providing security. Finding this out less than 48 hours before the event when you have over 1000 young people from ages 5-18 with

hears set on participating and an Olympian (Tommie Smith) already on a plane to DC, we were

completely beside ourselves. However, Mr, Thomas came to the rescue and made sure that we got what we needed. I recall saying "than you" to him and his response was simply "no was for the kids."


\'n""N. Dickerson

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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I have seen Mr, Thomas on multiple occasions with ils family, As a father of two lovely children myself, I can recognize that special bond between a father and his kids or ils wife. When I have been around Mr. Thomas and his family both in public and in private, I have seen a family that loves each other, I have seen kids who respect and love their parents, I have seen a husband and wife that10ve each other unconditionally, As a man, there is not much more in life that one needs but faith, Mr. Thomas
has faith and so do 1.

Everyone falls short of grace in some form or fashion, so I chose to focus on the good that we do. Mr. Thomas has definitely done some good for the youth in our community. It is for these aforementioned reasons that I am writing this letter of support for Mr. Thomas,

Respectfully submitted,

Mar A. Dickerson
President/CEO Dickerson Technologies




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X 1 1

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10th April, 2012 The Honorab.te John D. Bafies United States District Cotut Jude U.S, District Court foz the Dist~ict of Columbia E, I3arreii Prettynl~~~ U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20001 RE: Mr. Harry Thomas Jr.

Redacted , Washillgtoll DC Redactea, I have My name is Paul M. Donnellan of lived in the District of Columbia from 1986-1992 and from 1995-present. I worked for a local retail business 21 years, have a wife of2p years and four beautiful children. I have been a volunteer in youth baseball for the past 12 years and am currently the President of Northwest Washington Little League. Mr. Thomas and I met late in the summer of 2007 when I was commissioner for the majors division of Northwest Washington Little League. During that time my oldest son was encouraged join a group of baseball players from around the city for which Mr. Thomas was one of the organizers and coaches ofthe team. Mr. Thomas brought together a group of 12 yr old baseball players from different parts of the city to form a team that would play other area teams and represent the District of Columbia. This group was comprised of kids from varied racial and socio-economic backgrounds. Mr. Thomas had a drive and a passion to unite the youth ofthe district through baseball; to get them to play together and grow together. We had long talks about bringing people together, breaking through barriers. and starting it with the kids. He had vision and passion to bring out the good in people. To teach these kids to break down barriers before they even existed through interaction and camaraderie. Mr. Thomas taught these kids to respect the game of baseball and to respect each other. He did this through words and by example. To this day, my oldest son would tell you that Mr. Thomas is one of his favoxite people. Mr. Thomas and Y struck a friendship that was forged by the way he treated my son. My son has not had an easy road playing the sport he loves, My oldest son is not, nor has he ever been the prototypical baseball player. At first glance, most coaches pass him by or dismiss him as not enough of an athlete.(He's about 5'9" and 2101bs) Harry Thomas saw through the exterior of my son and embraced him, respected his love for and knowledge of the game of baseball and has encouraged him every step of his young career. The positive impact that Mr. Thomas has had on him and the other kids he has been involved with is evident by the smile you see on the face of my oldest son when they are together. He encouraged my son to persevere, not to be discouraged by setbacks. He would tell my son that baseball, like life, requires hard work, constant adjustments, and continuous effort. The lessons my son learned from Mr. Thomas are lessons Mr. Thomas reinforced with all of these boys; Lessons that any father would be proud to say that his son has learned. Respect for others, dedication, and caring. Mr. Thomas dedicated an enormous amount oftime and effort into making his vision a success. Whether it was picking kids up to get them to the games or practices or

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

Filed 04/27/12 Page 51 of 128

xaking a field to make sure it was ready, he was the quintessential example of caring and dedication. To this day Mr. Thomas and I remain friends. I certainly enjoy seeing him, spending time with him, his wife Diane and his children. I hope that you will take into consideration the good that Mr. Thomas has done for many people like me in considering his sentence. I truly believe that he can still make a difference in the lives of many in oux community. Thank you for your consideration,

Paul M. Donnellan

Washington, DC Redacted

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X 1 1

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

Filed 04/27/12 Page 53 of 128


Honorable John D. Bates US District Court

333 Constitution Avenue NW Washington, DC 20001
Judge Bates:
It is in the spirit of hope and mercy that I write. I am a

'long-time friend of Harry 'Tommy' Thomas, Jr. I am

also a family friend of the Thomas'. I met 'Tommy' some years ago through my wife who attended high school with him. We hit it off immediately! He is a 'sports junky', as am i. He coaches youth, as do i. The
similarities were analogous: As the years progressed our friendship grew closer. I worked on his Dad's
campaigns as a then resident of Ward Five. I worked with his campaigns as a resident of

Ward Three. He

didn't have to ask. I stood ready to help a friend that I truly believed in. And, I do believe in my friend. I also believe that he made a mistake. We accept that fact and move forward. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope". Harry 'Tommy' his family. He Thomas, Jr. has the foundational fortitude to move forward and to right his future and that of is a father of grade school aged children that count on his just being there for LOVE, safety and support.

He is a husband to a wife and life-partner that has never waivered through this turmoiL. He is the son and
brother of a most amazing family that stands tall even in the midst of all they have had to endure. Mrs.
. Romaine Thomas (his mother) is one of my hero's.

Judge Bates, this is a man worth your leniency. He has devoted nearly a lifetime in service to kids. It would be ashamed for his own children to be deprived of their father in their greatest time of paternal need. Even in light of the wrong he may have committed, his unswervng faith and moral conviction remain evident in his daily walk. I believe he has the wil and testament to be an example to those who may have strayed. Please allow him the opportunity to demonstrate his value.

I have endeavored to provide you a brief picture of the man you may only know as Harry Thomas, Jr., the condemned and offer a perspective that allows you, sir, to construct a compassionate and sympathetic ruling.
Thank You For Time,

Mark C. Downs

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February 4, 2012 Honorable John D. Bates . United States District Court 333 Constitution Avenue; NW Washington, DC 20001 Dear Honorable John D. Bates, I am writing this letter on behalf of Harry Thomas, Jr. who served as a volunteer at Hyde Leadership Public Charter School I have had the pleasure of knowing Harry Thomas, Jr. for more than 10 years. I first met Mr. Thomas, Jr. in. the Spring of 2000, while serving as the Elementary School Principal at Hyde Leadership Public Charter School (currently known as Perry Street Preparatory Charter School)located in the Northwest section of Washington, D.C. In speaking with Mr. Thomas, jr. and learning about his work with students and baseball, he agreed to introduce our 2nd and 3rd grade students to the sport in hopes of developing a lifelong interest, while filling a temporary void in our instructional program. During a four to five month period, Mr. Thomas,jr. volunteered 2-3 hours per day, 2-3 days per week. Although Mr. Thomas, Jr. was not compensated, he honored his verbal commitment to ensure that the students were given an opportunity to engage in a structured physical activity until we, the school, could secure an additional staffing. Mr. Thomas, Jr. was passionate about introducing and instructing students in the "Baseball Clinic". He established a positive rapport with our staff and students. He held high expectations and pushed the students to rise to the challenge. Mr. Thomas, Jr.'s interactions, with the students and school community were consistently respectful,inspiring and supportive. To further acknowledge Mr. Thomas, Jr., he was highlighted for his efforts in a local newspapers for his efforts with Hyde Leadership Public Charter School and within the Ward 5 community. We were excited to see students so engaged.and honored to have his time. Sincerely,

/~~ San ra J. Dupree,Ed.D.

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o~aiEa~~E~ ~ ~





,' "~~~,; , -

am.Thomas is alive and swinging,even duzing the;cold of winter: The non-profit organization, headed by Harry "Tonnmy" i~,'Tiio~as Jr., foi,years has been ~ ,b#~ering softball and. baseball dini~s and other activities for :" chiliiren,. as health ;screenings for adults. Recently, .: the lifelong Ward 5resident and longtime community activist began taldng'his. roving clinics not just`inside for the season, but to a school; Hyde Leadership Public Charter School in Northe2st.Team'I2iomas and D..C:Parks and Recreauon is with also ':partnering Woodridge Warriors Organiation, YMCA and D.C.Public Schools to host the Youth Spores Indoor Softball and Baseball Clinics throughout Apri12003 from 9-12 p.m.on <'Saturdays at .-the Dwight Iviiosely`Recreation Complex on 18th and Perry St., N.E. and Langdon Park Gym at 3,901.20th St.; N.E.(location varies due to availability). The clinic offered for tl~e students at Hyde is a new venturefor'Iliomas, age 4l."We ai~e for the first ume going i nto the schools during the daytme," Thomas said. "What `'"better way to accomplish our '. goal than going where the lads are. We conduct the clinicsduring physical education trine: -We also-look to help character development. Hyde is a leadership school, and

"So far it's been absolutelygreat," says Hyde Principal Sandra Dupree. `"I'he kids are excited and really engaged. The kids are already involved in physical education and music but wanted something extra. I talked to him [Thomas] about it and it's worked outso far. The second and third graders take part on Tuesday and Thursday." Asked about conducting clinzcs inside during the school year, as opposed to running them during the kvarm summer months, 'Thomas explains. "It's actually more structured [during school hours].,lt's easier to work with the kids, and they really concentrate.Things are going well." Thomas gets plenty of support when he runs the weekend and outdoor clinics from friends and family members, especially his wife Diane. In addition to assistinghim onweekends,the former UCLA and San Diego collegiate softball standout looks forward to coaching a girls 12-and-under fast pitch team that will compete under the Woodridge Warriors Organization. "We'll be indoors until April," said Diane, age 37. "When the fast pitch team starts it will be open to. all girls, but mostly girls in Northeast. For a lot of girls, this will be the first time playing softball. This will be the

the Woodridge organization." According to Diane, because ofthe increased opportvnities for females to compete in the sport all the way up to the professional level, she thinks there is more interest from girls of all ages. "On weekends, we expect to teach basic fundamentals to those as young as age 4," she said. Team Thomas has been lately delivering more busy than just fielding, throwing and hitting lessons. The organization, along with,the Korean-American Grocer's Association, Safeway, Muscogee's and D.C. Parks and Recreation, completed a successful "Feeding Families this Holiday Season at the Rhema Christian Center Church on Michigan Ave. in Ward 5. All were responsible for feeding 150 families at the luncheon, while delivering meals to 500familieswithout transportation and to those at the Emory shelter.. "Everything was a success,"Thomas said. "Just like the clinics, helping others is imporeant. As part ofthe dinics, we ask the kids to help out with and get involved in communityservices." For more information an Team Thomas,calI 202 4395103, or see Team Thomas ~

n a cozy room c zo High School'; looks,.somethin; pening in Englist students are learnin inatic arts from poe actors provided by wriglits' Theater (Y process, becoming academics. Playwright Karer. ed YPT in 1995, wit area's students wou learning the craft sh marks that through ~ help students fin< voice" Referringto,t YI'I"s high school se so collaborates wilt after-care and en grams), Ms. Zacaria "We are not just cheerleaders. Students also need tc produce a 12-page play, and that take: discipline!" The ~re suits speak for themselves. "On the days that we are in classrooms," she states proudly,"attendance often rises to 100 %." Ms. Zacarias further explains that high school students who participate in YPTs 12-week playwriting seminars (like the one cur-

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Ma~'ch 15, 2012 ~~t~ncral~lc Judge .Tol.~i7 T~. Bates IJxzited Slates Di.stx~ct Ct~t~i~t i'zn wrt7~a~ t11is ).etter on. ~elaalf ~~f Z.~~u7y Tltozn~,s, J,r. Over 11a.e past si.~, I I.~ave had. ~l~e c1~~tice to work with Mr.'~1~oiila~ with the youth .rid resid~l~ts i.z1 t1i~ corx~.~nunity
p~~sai~.~.11y 1~elped Inc to .resolve m.a.~.y eox~fti.ats betwcci~ rival gangs aaad neighbar~inod.s, sucla ~s, ~a,ra~c~~~,, ~,~,ixgdo~ Park,'~'rinidad., Ca~vcr Texraee, anc~. L~algstc~ Tci-race tQ n~m~ a.few. H~ has ~xovidecl ileutxal areas to lyavc mcdaations at~d transp~~rtation. Mx. T"haixtas is atte o:f the t'ew that has gone l~~yoncl tl~c call cif duty i1t u.zlion wi.t.[~ Fne to ~o into these hosii..Ie environ~.~ents i~ speak to gang ancrnb~i~s to zesalvc these cc~rx~,~cts. I c~xa rc~nei~.ber one ~a.rticular sztuatio7t in 2Q08 wtZen o~ae of t ux yo~~Cli wa.s in 1:lte S~'~tt~g~ co~lu~ui~xty. ~, y:~.a1c stuc~e~~t fain Spiilgar~a Scniai- J-~i~1a Schc~o~ ivho wig not a!'Cli.atcd wiily ,~a.~ng activity life was thrcai~xa,~~, This gei~tlem.ati. inaci.c a ~~~~onc ca1.~ i:o Mr. Tlzoxzaas about t~ze siiu.atio. ~~~d Mr.
~~7.TOLl~~~0U.1; W~t'C{ S. M1-. T1~~mas lta.;>

go ttr tlae scl~oo~ and pick ~li~ student u~. ~y Mr. T~vn3as ~x~vizzg ~, close rcl~,tic~rask~ip with tk~is s~tidcx~t and the ~c~~~z~nu~~ity we were ~.b1c ~;o save 1~is li1'e..l-1..iso, J't~i~ tlac fast fxve years lle leas pr~viclecl it~e wit~a supplies ~'ar th.e .~3~ak to School Give~.ways ar.~.d. ~'u.rlccy Baskets r~,x the Brentwood. co~x~ix~.ui~ity.
M~. '~~'~Ori1~.S ~1.~15 ~CEl1 t ae x.'1051' t11:f~Lt~Tlt12,~, ~f~xx~ily a~'lEil.teC~ YT1cU1 T ~7,aVC 17101 .~~, c~ Xt)11~ t.l~C. ale people ~s xf tllcy kris o~~~ :fA.zaaily, a.i~td..~ have carxze to ac~.~,~,~1c aiicl ~~espect 1;h~t a.baut hits,., It d.ocs i~,ot zna~l;cr tl~e tame itvr d.ay he i.a always lvaalable. t wr~uld 1ik.e to end w~itlz oi~e rtlorE cxat:~~~~e of 111 c:l~a~a<:tc~~ of Mr. T1to~as and liow lac lias t~cn th~xe for ilae at~d ~n~ny ~x~ Ward ~. Tllerc was a si~tuatioz~ wi1~11 a rivoman wi.tla fvc k.r,ds tl~~t w~te si;aying zzx her g~.'~.~'1~a1T101'11~''S ~1.0U5~. wkzich ~~aa foreclosed, anci they ez~cicd try .living orxt ofa cai~. T was cc~~~ta.ctcd try l,ea friend paid. was ~~~tz~ed ottlxe situatioii..i zzaail~ed.i~.te~y called Mx. Tl7ozx~~s ~,i~d wxtl~ou.~ hesitat ion he w~~s on the job. He n~h.d.e a call ~.nd hcl}~ecl .x~e to gel ~cr in TJC Gen~~~al'S SY1C11:~1' al'~~. i.T.t Oi~t~ yeA,T S11C W~3'~~aG~t~ 1i~ ~. Y1~~t1C Wtt~]I7.Ci' :1~~.~11.i..(y ~,17C1 tkzey all ~.~~e cl.oi~lg well. "T'hi;; gt~ows yotr 1.~e ty~c c~'f' m,a.n he tr~s.1.Y zs anci ~~ow l~,e cares fiot~ tI~c coi~.t~uxiiiy. Tl~ax~.~c you 1'ot yo~.r coszd.eration..

T~7Ot71.r7~ tOlt.~ I1,1,1'C), t0 11~11~ L1.I7 t].1C ~,7I~O~1,C aS1tI COJ'lt~Ct 1]1E, I was a1~l.e to

~~ r .._ r KLCZl' .O.C~U1~11


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The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court Judge U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20001 Dear Judge Bates It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter concerning my friend and colleague, Harry `Tommy' Thomas, Jr. I've come to know Tommy well over the last 20+ years. He was one ofthe first friendships I developed after completing my BS degree at MIT and moving to the Washington metro area to pursue my graduate degrees at Howard University. Although Harry has become a close friend I also consider him a colleague since I like Tommy am also a champion for the connmunity. Over the years it has been an easy decision to join Tommy and the Thomas family in their community efforts since they were very much like the same efforts of my family in the Brooklyn, New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts regions. Having the opportunity to get to know Tommy over the last 25 years has been awesome experience. I've seen the best and now unfortunately I've seen the worse of his efforts. To this day it befuddles me as to why the community that he so often champions he would take away from. I do not condone what he did and I feel it is particularly disappointing the impact it may have had on DC youth programs. However,I can honestly say that I believe his best actions far outweigh his worse. My intent is to relay here just a small part of his contributions to the Washington metropolitan community that I have personally witnessed. As I reflect on Tommy's community efforts I wish to convey that he was able to reach out to a wide range of age groups throughout the year. I will start with the free youth softball and baseball clinics that started running in 1992 every Saturday from mid-winter through the spring. Tommy inspired and excited youth to engage in playing America's pastime sport. This was no easy feat when you note that DC's predominantly African American community is more in tune with sports like football and basketball. Tommy grew those clinics to include the participation of Major League Baseball(MLB),local college teams(GWU and BSU), an Olympic Gold Medalist and players from the historic Negro league. Tommy's effort most certainly contributed to the return of MLB to the Washington Metropolitan area. I would participate as a coach but I would also selfishly push my own STEM outreach efforts by teaching the calculation of stats and the , physics of sports. Harry wholeheartedly supported my efforts and always requested my participation. Since 1990, Harry has consistently provided several free yearly events for the community. He would raise funds to provide Thanksgiving dinner turkeys for the less fortunate. And he partnered with Toys for Tots to hold a Christmas breakfast which afforded children with the opportunity to meet Santa, participate in a magic act and receive gifts and books. Another annual event was the Harry Thomas Family day picnic which provided: free nutritious food; health and safety experts like Children's Hospital, McGriff the Crime Dog, and the Fire Department safety house; a clown magician act; a youth dance competition and/or fashion show; and, a menagerie

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of activities such as: celebrity softball game, basketball tournaments, and moon bounce. I would contribute by building rockets and launching them with the youth. Tommy would often provide funding for the rockets. It always tickles me when those participating youth who are now teenagers and adults still call me the Rocket Lady. I would never have had that impact on our local youth if Tommy hadn't facilitated my participation. In addition to the yearly events, Tommy provided a free children's summer camp. I would come speak to campers about my career as a rocket scientist and how math played an important role in our lives, as well as, do hands on activities such as: create model satellites, assemble and launch rackets and hold an Egg Drop --satellite- competitions. Tommy's attention did not only focus on the youth since he had a special interest in helping to provide senior citizens with activities such as movie and popcorn night, rides for shopping and voting and a voice in Washington DC politics. His support was encompassing of all ages, as demonstrated when he stood side-by-side with college students at the University of District of Columbia when they protested the rising of tuition and the need for better educational services. I hope this letter helps to put in perspective just some ofthe volunteer efforts that Tommy facilitated, coordinated and participated in long before he was an elected official and after he left his councilmen position. He has and continues to be a Champion for the DC Community. I know this because we have both continue to volunteer coach Youth every Saturday morning through this. year which started this winter and will end this spring at the Turkey Thicket Recreation Center. If you would like to validate my creditability and sincerity with helping our global community please take a momemnt to google Aprille Ericsson(-Jackson). In addition to my educational outreach efforts as a NASA Engineer/Manager, Ihave held positions on educational institution's Boards and Professoriate ranks in the Washington Metropzltan Area, Please feel free to call me with any questions on my personal cell phone, Redacted


Be~x regar s,


Aprille ricsson,

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T-Jai L. Farmer
Redacted Washington, DC

February 21, 2012

To Judge John D. Bates, Hello my name is T-Jai Farmer an employee of DC Parks & Recreation, I have been working for DC Parks &Recreation for 4 years now. My position is Supervisory Recreation Specialist/Site Manager. I was the Site Manager at Langdon Park Recreation Center in Ward 5 for 3 %2 years. have known Harry Thomas since I was in the second grade, over 25 years ago. We were neighbors when we were younger and have maintained a close relationship during all this time.

During my time in working at Langdon Park and in the Ward 5 community, I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Harry Thomason various programs. Mr. Thomas has spoken at several special events that 1 have hosted at Langdon Park as well as the Ward 5 community, Mr. Thomas has always been there for Ward 5. I was also the Ward 5 chair person for Girls softball the year of 2010 and 2011 and he came and donated helmets, gloves, balls and bases for us to use during our softball season. Mr. Thomas was always engaged with the youth, coaching, passing oufi food and volunteering his time with the youth. As the Ward 5 Council Member.Mr. Thomas always went above and beyond the call of duty to help the youth and all the constituents that he served in the Ward 5 Community.

have always known him to be an intelligent, knowledgeable, and likeable guy. He always showed respect and kindness to me and the other younger children in the neighborhood. He listened to us then and continued to listen to us and to give sound advice about life decisions during our teen and young adult years. He stressed the importance of getting a college education and declared how proud

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he was of me when I graduated from Virginia State University. Professionally, there were oftentimes I spoke with Mr. Thomas about my career path. It is with no hesitation that I write this letter for a person who has been a role model for me and some of my friends over the years. If you need additional information, contact me at the address above or at Redacted Sincerely, ,' T-Jai rmer

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March 30, 2012

Re: Harry Thomas,Jr. Sentencing Date: May 3, 2012

The Honorable John D. Bates US District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001 Dear Judge Bates: Farmer Ward Five Councilman Harry Thomas,Jr. is scheduled before your Honor far sentencing on May 3, 2012. My name is Carol Fleming. I have resided in the Woodridge community for 25 years. Since '1988, I have served on the executive board of the Woodridge Civic Association. As a community Ward 5 activist, have worked closely with Harry Thomas,Jr. and his family. In 2005, i retired from CS~SA as a community supervision officer. For the majority of my 37 years in the field of Criminal Justice, I was employed with the now defunct DC Board of Parole until its abolishment August 5, 2000. During my last 5 years as a community supervision officer, i supervised citizens placed under community supervision residing within the jurisdiction of the Second District, Wards 2 and 3. Many of these people were similar to Mr. Thomas. They were employed family people raising families and going about their day to day activities. They had made mistakes but were willing to recognize their violation of the law and. abide by al! their conditions of supervision. The humiliation of going through the Criminal Justice system is the biggest punishment of all. Mr. Thomas has been publicly humiliated. Also take into consideration the humiliation and stress his family has gone through. When considering the imposition of a sentence for Mr. Thomas,a lengthy period of incarceration is not feasible. Mr,Thomas poses no threat to the community. He has no history of chronic substance or alcohol abuse. He is also the father of three school age children. Aside from the current offense, he has no known prior criminal history. From where i reside, I am in close proximity to the Taft/ Dwight Mosley field where Mr. Thomas and his family have been active with athletic activities far many years. With Mr. Thomas'superb athletic skills, he could give back by volunteering with the youth who are so badly in need of guidance. In addition to paying restitution for the crime he committed, he would be giving back to youth who were entitled to the funds he misdirected for his personal use.

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A period of community supervision could suffice if the special conditions are imposed for payment of restitution as well as volunteer for youth athletic activities. hope your Honor will take the afore-mentioned information into consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

~~/~; ~
Carol E. Fleming Ward S Woodridge Citizen

Washington, DC Redacted



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Apri123> 2Q12 Honorable John D. Bates United States Distzict Count 333 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20Q01

Judge Bates: I am writing this letter is to convey my unwavering opinion of Harry L. Thomas Jr. I am a

citizen of the District ~f Columbia and reside in Ward $. Y have found Mr. Thomas to be a passionate advocate For his fellow residents as a Council Member. I appreciate the manner in which he would dissect issues with the sole purpose of reaching results that enhance quality of life through improving the educational experience, creating jobs and job development, generating economic development ventures, etc. I attended a town hall meeting where he spoke about childhood obeszty and how the Disixict embodies this national campaign by leading improvements in physical activity in neighborhood recreation centers. His demonstration of concern for the District has been scrupulous and I would not hesitate to support him in futuze endeavors and know he would exerczse integrity.

inson Gxaham Shelly o:E Columbia Resident District

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TI7e Honorable John D. Bates tJnitcd States District Court Judge i_T.S. I) Cou.1~t f<>~~ the District of Cc.~luinbia E. Barrett 1'retty~nan U.S. Cou~thause 3~3 C~onstitutron ~~~entie, Northwest VJashiilgtan, DC; 2UOOl

Honorable Bates, I'm writing on the behalf of Harry Thomas. Let me introduce myself. My name is Gerard Hall I've been associated with baseball for sixteen years, I'm heavily involved in all aspects of baseball in the city. I've held just about every baseball position known to mankind; Coach, Program Director, Umpire, Chief Umpire, been a board member on every baseball organization in the city, soon to be Little League District 3 Administrator for the city. 1 met Harry 12 years ago while bath of us were coaching baseball for Woodridge Warriors Youth Organization (WWYO). Harry coached our 1pU team for two years. A mark of a good coach is unconditional dedication and the unique ability to develop any player regardless of their skill level. Harry had that ability to coach any player to their full potential. His practices were organized and had a purpose. This is rare attribute that contributed to his success on the field. Harry and I use to have long discussions about how can we promote and improve minority baseball in the city. We came to the conclusion we have to provide some type of player development in order to improve the skill level being displayed in our leagues. Harry organized and led the. Saturday morning player development clinics at Turkey thicket Recreation Center. They were free and they ran from November through March the following year. Remember this was before the Nationals came to town. Also at that time no one'was providing any type of player development clinics in the city. In the beginning clinic participation was small. Harry worked tirelessly to get any and all kids to these clinics. At that time my son was a budding up and coming baseball player with high aspirations of attending Gonzaga College High School. These clinics gave him an opportunity to hone his skills. He had a successful career at Gonzaga, Old Dominion University and Kansas City Royals Minor League Organization. I'm not saying the clinic was the catalyst to his success it certainly helped. The clinics started to catch on. The clinic participants were from all over the city and outlying suburbs. He later incorporated softball. Today he's still involved and the clinic is still in existence. What made Harry's clinics unique if you didn't have a glove one was provided. The clinics had the most recent training aids. Harry was the first to introduce the Swing Away hitting aid to the metropolitan area. it's great for indoor hitting drills. It allowed the participants an opportunity to learn how to swing their bats in a very small area. He donated two to WWYO and they are still in use today. Harry has been a great asset to baseball, the city and the Ward 5 community. There two lines of thought, one he got what he deserved and they will cheer if he serves his full sentence. Then you have those who feel he has served a part of his sentence going through the trial and waiting for his sentence to be handed down. I'm pretty sure there is a mandatory sentencing however, if you have any leeway of gra ing leniency please consider it. This will allow him to return to his family, community and the city s ~er and becom a grea. er asset because he has learned from his mistakes. ~~ G and Ha~~ " ' ~~'~~` '

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March 27, 2012

Honorable John D. Bates US District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001 Dear Judge Bates: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter for Mr. Harry Thomas, Jr. I. have known Mr. Thomas for over 15 years, starting as a colleague with the Mayor's Youth Leadership Institute, a program designed to provide-youth from all ethnic and economic backgrounds training in personal growth,leadership development and youth empowerment. While at the Institute, which I later became the Director of, I witnessed Harry interact with the youth in a very positive way. He worked there for several years. I saw him go beyond the call of duty to provide our youth with food, clothing, books and funds to get to and from home. He served as not only a Mentor but a Father figure as well.

After leaving the Mayor's Youth Leadership Institute, I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Thomas again with the Department of Parks & Recreation. I was tl2en the Manager of Wards 5 & 6. 3 managed the recreation centers where Harry held numerous programs for our youth. I still work with DPR now as Director of Teen Programs. When called upon Harry never has waivered to assist and lend a helping hand to provide services to our youth, whether it has been planning and organizing a sports league or refereeing or umpiring a game. For many years, Harry has organized baseball/softball clinics at various recreation centers throughout the year, all at no cost to our youth. He conducted many of them on a strictly volunteer basis. Some started as early as 8 am on Saturday mornings. Harry also served as volunteer coach whenever needed. Again, I observed on a number of occasions as he provided a youth with a glove or a pair of cleats with his own funds. All this began years before Harry became an elected official but Harry demonstrated his passionate commitment to youth by continuing Co give countless hours of his time, plus funds, to these activities even after being elected to the Council. Harry is like a magnet to young people. He is drawn to them and they are drawn to him. Working with youth, especially through sports, is Harry's true calling.

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Harry also helped introduce many young people to the sport of golf. After he became a council member, he arranged for children attending summer camps in Ward 5 to receive instruction at Langston GoIE Course. He also organized several golf tournaments at

Langston. Children were bused in to receive instruction at the putting green and driving range. On a~ least one occasion that I can recall, pairs of children teamed up with pairs of adults to play 9 holes.

Your Honor, since knowing Mr. Harry Thomas Jr., I have known him to be a man of integrity. I know that he has done wrong but I also know that he has accepted responsibility for what he did and will be a better man for it. I'd life to ask that you consider leniency when imposing a sentence on someone that has shown himself to be such an asset to the youth here in the District of Columbia.

Sincerely, i ~~~a-mil,Louis Hall jr. i,

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April 2,2012

Honorable Judge John D. Bates U.S. District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001

Dear Judge Bates,

My name is Carl Hara~is, I am a Washingtonian born and raised. I am 46 years old of age. I worked.for Former Council Member Harry Thomas Jr., of Ward 5. My office positions were Community Outreach Specialist for the Ward 5 residence which consist of any concerns for public safety and Facilitate Community Meetings along with the host of that community. But my most important task of all of them was facilitating the dyer needs of the seniors of Ward S and the returning Citizens(Ex-Offenders) of Ward 5 thorough out Washington,DC. I mentor the returning Citizens being released from prison and also that are incarcerated, that are soon to be released. At this moment,I still am maintaining my duties towards the residents and the citizens of Washington,DC. My story is very unique as a Returning Citizen; I have served over 20 years in prison before being released in 2009. I was maintaining countless under paying jobs in Washington, DC; but I never gave up working and taking care of my family. I will never forget it, it was 2010 during the spring time when I was getting off early from work,

.. .

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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working at Linen of the Week. Y was at Franklin Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE,then I saw the Former Council Member Harry Thomas Jr., in the parking lot, I got out of the car and kindly approached the Former Council Member and addresses my concerns in reference to my past,just were I was trying to get on with life. "He wicked at me antl.~airl, My last words to him were,"1 gust want a chance. "Idot you!" And the rest of is history. He is truly an individual that I can say, that truly had his heart in the people's concerns as a leader, and as my dear friend. By Mr. Thomas Jr. assisted me in a time of need,shows his love, commitment, and willingness to go the extra mile for me as well as for others in Ward 5.

Respectfully, -1.....~ i''~,

Carl Harris, Resident of Ward 5

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April 11, 2012

The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court Judge 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20001

Re: Harty(Tommy)Thomas, Jr. Your Honor, have the utmost respect for the job you do and I I, Redacted also have the utmost respect for Mr. Harry(Tommy)Thomas, Jr. "Coach Tommy", as I have as always called him, has been a father figuxe of sorts since I first met him when I was in Pre-Kindergarten at St. Anthony's School. His son, Redacted and I were best friends and that still remains the case today. I must credit Coach Tammy's love for the game of baseball that helped me to learn to appreciate the game. His coaching techniques allowed me the opportunity to be comfortable on the baseball diamond. Whether it was pitching, hitting, or base ruruiing these skills where crafted while attending his camps and clinics. I am still playing baseball, and representing the School Without Wa11s.High still do come to my games to Redacted School. Coach.Tommy,Ms. Diane, I have always had Coach Tommy support me. I have grown up with a single mother but to lean on and he has told me that he will always be there for me regardless so I feel as though I should do the same right now and be there for him in his time of need. However, your honor, I do urxderstand the full ramifications ofthe legal trouble he is in and I axn not writing this letter to any way ignore or nnake an excuse for his wrongdoings. After this whole situation went down, my mom and I visited with him and the family and the look an Coach Tommy's face was very remorseful. I could tell that he was very down and as we was talking he mentioned to learn from him and to never put myself in a similar or any incriminating position or situation. That is one ofthe numerous life lessons he has taught me and that is why I shall always support him and his family through thick and thin. But, as mentioned before I am not here to condone what he has been found guilty for but only to plead with you to understand that this man is truly sorry. Judge Bates, to write this letter for any other person I would feel as though I would be going out on a limb and putting myself in an uncomfortable position. But,for Coach Tommy I would write it any day. The fact that he knows what he did was wrong,and will come to full acceptance of any punishment levied down against him makes me believe that this is a man worth fighting for and supporting. In addition to that, he has a compassionate and wonderful mother that depends on him, a loving and caring wife that depends on him, and two lovely young daughters that depend on him and my best.friend since preschool, a teenage son who will be going offto college next year.

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Y can plead to you to take into consideration the fact that he has so much riding on him but you already know that. In contxast, your honor, you may say he should have taken that into consideration but the fact is he didn't. In conclusion, all I can say is that although this whole ordeal has been very unfortunate, to send Coach Tommy to jail and in that case for a long time, would be even more unfortunate. Respectfully Yours,


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Elizabeth S. Henderson

WaShingtOn,DC Redacted
Redacted Redacted

April 11, 2012 The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court Judge U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20001 Re: Harry(Tommy)Thomas, Jr. Dear Judge Bates: Your Honor,I Elizabeth S. Henderson respectfully wish to submit this personal letter in support of defendant Harry(Tommy)Thomas, Jr. I have known Harry for over 12 years. I met him aIang with his wife, Diane in 1999 when our sons Redacted aila Redacted were in preschool together at St. Anthony's Catholic School. Our relationship was initially nurtured by our children's friendship in school and while participating in the sports program ofthe Woodridge Warriors Youth Organization(WWYO). Surely, our relationship has grown into kind ofan extended family. The relationship of our sons, as best friends have not only bonded over the years it is still maintained as they are in their junior year in high school. I reside in Ward 5 in the Woodridge area, we live in the same neighborhood and I supported Harry in his campaigns fox Waxd 5 Councilmember. I believed that Tommy understood the plights of many and the need of strong programs in our community that would reach out to our youth. Tammy coached youth baseball for the W WYO and his passion for the sport and our youth could be seen in his actions. Therefore, it was unimaginable the disappointment and sadness that I have felt for all those affected by his actions. Tommy's unfortunate situation reminds me ofthe greed that succumbs many ofour elected officials. While I had hoped that Tommy would make us all proud, I should have prayed harder that he remembers as to why he has was provided the opportunity to represent a large and diverse section ofour city. Your Honor, Y must also be compassionate and forgiving in order to receive the same. Tt is because I know Tommy's heart that I write to you in support of him. I also know a family that Redacted It is ironic will holy miss his presence, Diane and the kids, baseball) would be the bearer of his transgressions. I would have hoped that his passion(youth that my friend, my brother, Tommy would have ever risked his family,friends, reputation, and the txust of his community for such minor rewards that he could have honestly acquired.

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My son and I have discussed Coach Tommy~s situation and how bad choices can have such a rippling effect on all that you may hold dear. This has provided me the opportunity to reaffirm the lesson to my son of integrity and good character. Coach Tommy has been a major part ofthe village that has helped me to raise my son and many others who have been touched by his efforts and good deeds. Tommy is also a person that you can count on, which is why maybe Y would have never wanted to imagined that he would have faltered in his commitment to the youth. Then I must say that the sum ofthis man is so much more than his regrettable and disappointing actions. Your Honor, I ask that you may consider the reflection of this xnan, in your decision. I believe in the justice system and I would be most appreciative of your favorable consideration ofthese facts in your deliberations. I thank you very much for this opportunity. I am willing and available to you and/or your staffto provide any further information. I can be reached at either number listed. Sincerely,

Elizabeth S. Henderson

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~&~~~'~C~ AP> ~

LEk~$~~'s{" ~d


$Y ~~.af2"~Cit,2P~SC{P.J: G..YTt~"iY'Ytdfz

~a"~'~~ ~'w '~ u3 ~~g4.a 3'b''~ ~

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~,AFba 8 ~,p`k"'w ~'Y~z,.~i r ~


~~~~ ~~t ~"~1Y71"t"!~~'C'3(]".a~~' a~16Pe:C3~3Y3Y

~S" # &3....: L _..:&""4:~~'W.~~B_ ..

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~~~'a~ &.~~1~~ 6sp~

~'~U'sa~3lYf3' - ~31RC?C~3f ~;~'},~3, iTf?':`c'F, "~.

r~~~~~~~~~.~, ~~~~~ ~~"~~~' ~~ ~ ~~~ ~'~" a ~`~~5~~~~~~ ~~~~~`~


~r~so~e U+dat#s

February 17, 2012 THE HONORABLE JOHN D. BATES U.S. District Court 333 Constitution Avenue NW Washington, QC 20001 Subject. Mr. Harry Tommy Thomas, Jr. (former Ward 5 Councilmember)

Dear Honorable Judge Bates. The governing Board of Directors antl Advisory Committee of the Frientls of Carter Barron Foundation of the Performing Arts (Friends) hereby submits this letter of character reference to address the outstanding level support our non-profit local based organization obtained from the former Councilmember, Mr. Harry Tommy Thomas Jr., as a result of providing work-fore literacy and career services to District of Columbia youth, who resided city-wide with emphasis of at least 51% or more from the Wartl 5 community.

-, ~~~~ ~ ~"~`~ ~;~~;~ a, ~

~v~~~~y s~r~~~
~~t4 ~ ~

~~ ~$ ~. ~~~~~~,,,f Mr. Thomas endorsement of the Friends Performing Arts annual literacy and career fall semester-based ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~ program design that culminated into a chy-wide Holiday musical was secured far a four (4) year consecutive period. Such an opportunity, enabled federal poverty DC young persons, ages 14-26 to acquire real ~~~~~ ~~~~ improvements in their literacy, work-readiness and specialized career training outcomes via this federal mandate ~, ~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~ titled "work#orce"that initiated under President William Jefferson Clinton administration.
~i3''~n~$' .

~~~~ -.-~ ~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~. ~,,,~



During FY'2000FY'2011 the friends stood as the District's and the Department of Labor's "only" Performing Arts workforce contractor with an 86% margin of federal ~hievements in the areas of. a) literacy [English, Mathematics and Science], b) basic work-readiness, c) individualized and realistic career planning, d) high school completions and e) placements in national credential self-sufficient careers.
Honorable Judge Bates, the Friends iwo-folded mission remains: a) to assist with the preservation of our city's #first federal landmark, Carter Barron Amphitheater that was achieved through the outstanding lobbying efforts of the Honorable David A. Catania who ensured the federal ear-mark of Secretary Bruce Babbitt to provide the Department of Interior with 2 million dollars to restore the demised 4200 seat facility, and b) our second arguably most important goal which is to provide quality, structured and comprehensive Art educational initiatives that serve to transform district of Columbia children and youth onto self-sufficient careers far the 21~ century, TodaY> the Art educational ob1ective still remains a challen9e far the Friends amon9 our local Le9~isiators, as theY continue to disregard the importance of preserving the Performing Arts work sector, defined by the United States, Department of Interior, as one of the top #en business sectors of America

'a-'`#" "h'~ "` ~k Q~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~E~R~~z~~ ~ ~~ ~ ` i~~

~`~~ ~_ .~~ ~~~'%~"~~~'~ ~~ ~


e .. ~~~ ~ ~~

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

Page Twa The Honorable John D. Bates February 17, 2012

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However, Mr, Thomas meet such a task, as he lead a four year pietlge of commitment to preserve the Friends PerFarming Arts after-school program that enabled !ow-income DC youth to successfuNy achieve high school diplomas, and then transit onto post-secondary, advance educational or military placements. Nat only did Councilmember Thomas support this career work ef#ort, but he offered himself to engage as a Mentor for our young enrolled minority participants, especially our youth Male participants without fathers. Further, his participation seared to garner other Counciimember's interest such as. Yvette Alexander, Mary Cheh, Marian Harry and Murie! Bowser. His support, also attracted .the profound interest of International/National Guest Artists) to work with DC youth at a "stipend cost," as they offered: a) two (2) independent workshops on the requirements of this specialized business industr~r to reinforce high school completions while promoting higher learning's;. and b) rehearsal sessions and "live" performances with the youth in the Holiday project that culmina#etl into a major Broadway styled musical that served as a highlight in the District of Columbia each year it was employed. Because of Mr. Thomas ability to identify with disenfranchised DC PerForming Arts youth career objectives and interests, he support further enabled participants to acquire bi-weekly stipends while they underwent a s#ructured and comprehensive literacy and career learning opportunity to off-set their high-school ar colkege needs,. as well as ensure some Holiday desires, Today, the status of Black theater in this V1lashington has indeed demised; however .the outstanding leadership, commitment, accountability and mentorship Counciimember Thomas provided assisted an approximate total of three hundred inner-city low-income youth, mostly from Ward 5 via a four year period to become high school graduates, college continuing enrollees, as a result of them earning literacy and career PerForming Arts experiences in the 21st century,. in the District of Columbia. The impact of Councilmember Thomas absence is truly felt, as our non-profit continues to receive calls from DC former and newly inspiring Perfo~rning Arts y~o~rth, as well as from major Intemataonaf and ~lationaf-Rc~ord~ng- Actis~s, who gave of their time, asks who at City Hall will continue this specialized learning opportunity that integrates literacy and career achievements such as: DENYCE GRAVES, NeYor Yolanda Adamst Karen ClarkSheardr Mary Mary,. Kelly Price, Raheem DeVaugh,Jay Moss, Chuck Brown,Tanya Blount, Tony Terry to name a few. The former Councilmember of Ward 5, Mr. Harry Tommy Thomas, Jr. assisted the sustainability of a professional and accountable a#ter-scl~c~l Pe~#ormlr+g Arkswu~kfiofce prog~ar~ that served approximately three hundred young DG persons over a four year period, whereas 51%were his constituents who have today obtained their high school diplomas, and are now continuing or have completed heir higher-learning placements. !n closing, Ffonorable Judge John D. Bates training services Mr. Thomas supported of this kind for our poores# youth constituents and their families most in need, should not go unnoticed or disregarded. ~~~F Respectfully, s ~~%



~ ~~E
~..~_.~__,v~N~,~. _

~ D

~~, ~,.,~wmrc~....n ,..~~~~~

~~~, X19
.~. ~,~..

~~~~x rs p
.~,_~. ..,~

~3 t~

~f ., {~loria J. Ft~ hfo~ver y' ~~

s ~~.''

~rtY~~B faSa~~f~:, +~~K~rP

r.jrrenclsoJrcrrtrrhrarrr~ c. ~


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January 27, 2012

Judge John D. Bates U.S. District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001 Dear Judge Bates, My name is London Hitchman. I am an assistant baseball coach with DC Dynasty, a

travel youth baseball program in Washington. I am also an assistant baseball coach at the Maret School. I am originally from New York. i moved to Washington to attend George Washington University. I have an undergraduate degree and a Masters degree in business administration from GW. know Mr. Harry Thomas because of my involvement with youth baseball in
Washington. I have known Mr. Thomas since approximately 2007. For several years, volunteered as a coach in Northwest Little League (NWLL). Mr. Thomas' SOII~Redacted pI8y2CI Oh

one of my teams. Mr. Thomas and his wife Diane were team parents. That is how 1 first got to know them. Their son also played on a NWLI all-star team I put together in the summer of 2007. Mr. Thomas knows a lot about baseball and helped out with the house league team and the all-star team. The kids really liked him,. and responded well to him. know from my involvement in DC youth baseball that beyond helping with his son's teams, Mr. Thomas is extremely committed to developing and growing the sport. There are a handful of people in Washington who have taken the lead in trying to revive youth baseball in poorer African-American neighborhoods in the city, and Mr. Thomas is one of them. His dedication to the cause runs deep. In 2007, I organized a small baseball tournament through Northwest Little League. I put together an all-star team in which we faced off against several competitive travel teams from the area. The Northwest Little League community, which Mr. Thomas'son played in, was

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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thrilled with the turnout and the excitement of the tournament. The following year, 2008, with the momentum of the previous tournament and the enthusiasm of Northwest Little League community, i hoped to put on a larger tournament with the goal of exposing Washington a destination to play baseball, I worked with Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Thomas and Paris Inman to plan the tournament. Paris, who had a child that played in NWLI., was the commissioner of Little League Baseball in Washington. My original idea for the tournament was to recruit skilled, high quality travel teams from the area. But Mr. Thomas and Paris felt strongly that that focus was too narrow. In addition to bringing outsiders in Washington DC to play baseball, they also wanted to rally teams from all over the city to attend, even if the quality of the baseball played at the tournament would not be at a travel baseball level. Mr. Thomas was a strong advocate of using the tournament to attract inner city DC kids, especially African-American kids, to baseball. He believed that these kids should play alongside kids from other backgrounds and other parts of the city and suburbs, and also should have the chance to watch, learn from and interact with high quality teams from around the area. His vision had a much stranger impact than i could foresee. Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Thomas, Paris, and I were able to pull it off. We called the tournament Stars and Strikes. It took place on Saturday, July 5, 2008 at Fort Lincoln Park. We started with tee-ball games for very young children first thing in the morning. Those games were followed with softball games for girls' teams (inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, since my focus was on baseball). To conclude we had two brackets of four teams for baseball, one travel division (competitive) and one house league division (recreational). Each team was guaranteed two games in this tournament format. To accomplish Mr. Thomas' goal of unifying the city, Paris and I put together a team of DCAll-Stars, with two or three players from each District Little League, to play against one of the recreational teams from the suburbs. Mr. Thomas, Paris and I thought that uniting kids, whits and black,from all across the District to play against a good team from the suburbs would be a great thing. It was. one team

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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was prepared to charge entry fees for the teams that played. That is how tournament baseball is done. But we didn't do it. Paris told me that Mr. Thomas would make sure the costs were covered so that teams could participate for free. The baseball-related costs included umpires, baseballs and field maintenance. But the day featured much more than.basebali because Mr. Thomas, hoping to spread the baseball "gospel," wanted to make the tournament infio a day-long community baseball event, not just a tournament. Wehad ashow-mobile with a sound system, opening ceremonies with people signing the National Anthem, distinguished community icons throwing out of the first pitch, free hot dogs grilled on-site, free drinks, free Italian ices, trophies for the bracket winners, plaques for each player an the winning teams, medals for every player, and red, white and blue t-shirts with the Stars and Strikes logo and numbers on the back far every player. Home Run Baseball and Head First Baseball, which are fee-based instructional.programs, conducted free baseball clinics for the kids during the day. There was an inflatable batting cage that the kids could use. There were also inflatable playgrounds/moonbounces and a fair ride was delivered to the park. However, when we showed up early in the morning, it looked like it might rain (it didn't) so we decided not to have the fare ride setup. The radio station, WPGC,showed up with a truck and the Northwest .Current newspaper showed up and interviewed various players and parents at the event. At the end of the tournament, after it got dark, there was a huge, professional fireworks display staffed by DC firefighters. Throughout the day, while Paris and I concentrated on making sure that the games went off as planned; Mr. Thomas was running around making sure that all of the "extras," like food,trophies and medal presentations and fireworks, got done. The tournament was better than I ever imagined. It was bigger than I had hoped, and it included some very good teams. But as Mr. Thomas and Paris envisioned, it also drew lots of people, black and white,from all across the Washington community. It was just a great day for baseball in Washington; DC. -The positive feedback we got from Stars and Strikes in 2008 had people demanding that we do it again in 2009. I began planning in the early part of 2009 by soliciting potential

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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participants. My goal was to make "Stars and Strikes" a legitimate tournament for any travel team looking to play baseball in the Washington, DC area. !set out to attract more teams than in 2008, and I viewed the focus this time as being exclusively on baseball, meaning that it wouldn't be the kind of huge community event that the-2008 tournament was and that the tournament would feature only quality teams. I also thought we would charge entry fees. Things didn't turn out exactly as I planned. That was actually a good thing. Paris was not involved in 2009, but Mr. Thomas once again insisted on making the tournament a community-wide event and on including teams from DC neighborhoods where baseball has not been very popular. Mr. Thomas also made sure that the costs were covered so that we didn't have to charge entry fees. I did realize my goal of including a greater number of more competitive teams. But we also had developing teams from the city, as Mr. Thomas insisted. The tournament in 2009 spanned an entire week, with games played at fields across the city. The games on the final day, which was the championship day, were played at Fort Lincoln like the year before. It was a little more low key than in 2008, but it had a lot of the same features show-mobile, sound.system, inflatable playgrounds, trophies and medals for the kids, and attractive, high quality t-shirts for all of the kids from each of the 13 participating teams(one of them travelled all of the way from Richmond just to participate). One of the best highlights of the day was the opportunity for players and parents to be interviewed by Comcast about the event. Mr. Thomas e-mailed a link with a five minute clip to all the people that were involved in ~ the Stars and Strikes tournament. It was great to see how far baseball had arrived in DC in such a short period of time. helped put on Stars and Strikes one more time in July 2010. (It also happened in 2011, but I did not participate.) The tournament ran over a weekend at fields across the city Turkey Thicket, Banneker, Fort Lincoln, Taft, Fort Stanton mostly in African-American neighborhoods outside Wards 3 and 4. Twenty-five teams participated, which was a huge number. Mr. Thomas was involved, although he got involved later in 2010 than in the previous two years. He was the one who insisted that games be played at locations like Turkey Thicket and Taft,

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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which I hadn't planned an, but it worked out, and it was good far those neighborhoods to host games. Mr. Thomas also insisted again on including teams from the District, even if they were less skilled. I recall that teams from Senators little League, a Ward 5 league, and DC RBI, a Ward 7/B league, participated. I did charge entry fees in 2010,though certain teams, at Mr. Thomas' and my discretion, were permitted to participate for free. I felt like we needed the fees to cover the substantial cost of umpires and baseballs that would be needed for games involving 25 teams. But Mr. Thomas- again made sure trophies were provided for the winners and very nice t-shirts with the Stars and Strikes logo were given to every single participant from each team. Players from the winning teams gat gold shirts, players from the second place teams got blue shirts, and everyone else got white shirts. Mr. Thomas also made the trophy presentations to each of the winning teams. Throughout my involvement with Northwest Little League and Stars and Strikes, I was always impressed by Mr. Thomas' passion for youth baseball, and especially his passion for bringing it to inner city kids from African-American communities. Being involved in the youth baseball community for several years, I believe I have a good grasp on the people that try to improve the quality of baseball in Washington, DC; Mr. Thomas is certainly one of those people. also got a chance to see Mr. Thomas work with children directly, and that seems to be where his true talent lies. As a coach, I can recognize when people are able to connect with kids. Mr. Thomas is one of those people. He relates really well to children. They take to him. know that Mr. Thomas has committed a crime. But 1 also know he is a good man who is committed to teaching and providing opportunities for kids, especially through sports. One of the best memories that I will take away from the Stars and Strikes project was from the 2009 tournament. In 2008, a child named Redacted from Northwest Little League played in the

recreational division for the DCAll-Stars. Redacted was 11 years old, and a very good .baseball player at his age. He stepped onto the field with many other players that were either not as skilled as he was or had no comprehension of the game of baseball. A play occurred where a baseball was hit to

a very hard-hit shot to his right side.


maJe a u

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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spectacular diving stop and was ready to get up and throw the baseball to first base for the out. I'm confident about 90% of the crowd had their eyes fixed on
Redacted ,

5o most of us were

confused as to why Redacted did not make the throw to first base. When I looked over to first base, the first baseman wasn't covering first, as one would do with a normal routine play. Instead, he,just as many of us in the crowd, stared at Redacted for making that play. After the end of the inning, all the kids on that DC all-star team came up to him and patted him on the back and "' said "you're good man!" As great of an instance as that was, the moment that will always stick in my mind is when in 2009, although some of the kids from that 2008 DC ali-star team,that were from Ward 5, 7 and 8, were not playing the tournament that year, Redacted and the rest of the kids all greeted each other and conversed after a year of having never seen each other. Redacted would have never had that experience if it weren't for Stars and Strikes. What Mr. Thomas has done for the city's youth through baseball over the years does not excuse what he did, but I feel strongly that it shows what kind of visionary he is. There are a number of people in town who "talk the talk" when it comes to youth baseball in Washington, DC, but there are only a few who "walk the walk." Mr. Thomas is one of the people who "walks the walk." Thank you for your consideration.


London Hitchman

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March 25,

Honorable John D. Bates U.S. District Court 333 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001 The Honorable fudge Bates: My name is Dr. Phyllis J. Hobson,Immediate Past President of the District of Columbia Refired Educators Association jDCREAJ. 1 live at Redacted and Harry 1. Thomas,lr. was born and resided in the My next door neighbor at Redacted same block at. Redacted Redacted was the baby-sitter for Warry 1. Thomas,Jr. This communication comes to present specific examples which demonstrate supporfi and community involvement with the senior citizens of Ward 5 by Harry 1. Thomas,Jr. First, Harry L Thomas,.fr. supported programs and partnerships the Ward 5 senior population by: 1j providing resources for the most needy; 2J accessing government resources; 3] addressing the hunger crisis among seniors; 4]seeking food for basic needs of seniors; 5] recommending seniors to the Supplemental Nutrition Assisfiance Program-USDA; 6J meeting fundamental needs of struggling seniors; and 7) assisting low income home-bound seniors. Second, t personally served with Harry !.. Thomas,4r. in a Ward 5 community effort to honor the contributions of Ward 5 seniors. Beginning in fiebruary, 2Q10 and culminating on September 11, 2010,


Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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served as Chairperson of the Living Legends Executive Committee, which was formed under the direction of Harry t Thomas,Jr., to plan and present fihe Living Legends Award Ceremony. The Certificates and. Award Plaques were donated by Harry L. Thomas,lr. In recognition of his father, the late Ward 5 Councilman Narry L Thomas,Sr., the program plans for the Living Legends Award Ceremony was supported by Harry L. Thomas,Jr., and held on September 11, 2010,[see enclosed copy of Program].


Y Dr. Phyllis J. Hobson



Washington, D.C. Redacted


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The 23 Annual H~~~y L Tho~nas~ S~. Day ~~esents.. .

J~ r (`


_.. ~c / , /
~' ~~2 .~F ~~~ ~ f

. Y..,. ~,. ~.9 s:;;.R::.:F ~~~ '~

~k ~~


~~~ ~# `

uti ~_

~ ~ ~

HOIZ~~l~ag T~~~~~'S ,~'ejZ~0~~ o~ them contributions wisdom and ex e~iences in them ~olden years
HLT - Living Legends Executive Committee Dr. Phyllis Hobson, Chairperson Mrs. Harriett Brockington, Co-Chair' Ms. Emma J. Coates, Co-Chair Ms. Carol Fleming, Co-Chair Mrs. Lillie Speed, Co-Chair Mrs. Romaine Thomas, Co-Founder Mrs. Jean-Louise Turner, Co-Chair Ms. Alleceia M. Walker, Co-Founder

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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Living Legends Honorees Dorothy Baker Henrietta D. Bellamy Frank E. Braxton Dorothy Butler Justice Clark Asalay Cook Mary Cooper Adel Doty Elizabeth Glenn Evelyn T. Gray Laura Griffin Bernice Hammond-Jackson Dr. Carl Hammond* Thelma Fagin Hyman Joseph Jackson Gladys Irene Lewis Maye Magruder George Maxwell Flora E. Mitchell Clara Myrick Robert Pugh Annie Rice Emmy K. Shackelford Margaret A. Sheelor Maxine Stokes Korea Strowder Clara Thomas Jesse S. Thomas Constance Waddy Bessie Williams Celeste Winfield Mildred Wood


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Harry L.Thomas Sr. Day -FeaturingWard 5 Living Legends Program Upening Dr.Phyllis Hobson, Chairperson Presiding

The Big Idea

Alleceia M.Walker, Co-Founder


Romaine Thomas,Co-Founder


Harry "Tommy" Thomas,Jr., Ward 5 Councilman Vincent Gray,D.C. Council Chairman

Living Legends Presentations Executive Committee Presenters: Harriett Brockington, Co-Chairperson Emma Coates, Co-Chairperson Carol Fleming, Co-Chairperson Lillie Speed, Co-Chairperson Jean-Louise Turner, Co-Chairperson Alleceia M.Walker,Co-Founder

Musical Selection


Response by Awardee

Bernice Hammond Jackson

Future Directions

Alleceia M.Walker, Co-Founder

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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HLT - Living Legends Honorary Committee Ward 5 ANC Members Robert Vinson Brannum,President of DC Federation of Civic Association Angie Corley, Former DCPS School Board Member Ward 5 Anthony Hood,President of Woodridge Civic Association Mark Jones, DCPS School Board Representative Francis Penn, President of South Central Community Association Virginia Williams, The American Mother

Friends of the HLT Living Legends Elaine Carter John Davis Lillian Dean Megan Di Giovanni Calvin Griffith Donna Griffith Ethel'Halsey Janice Hayes Michael Henderson Denise Henry Gloria Johnson-William Willie Lynch Lila Midgette Jill Ross Jean Smith William Sullivan Helen Talley Martha Ward Bertha Williams Leaford Williams

Award Presenters: Ms. Marjorie Barnes, Ms. American Classic Woman of the Year for DC Mrs. Sheila Poole, Mrs. Senior DC

Case 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

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X 1 1




I G. I J~.J

I ~111JI VI I I IcA LiUI iJ~ LLV CaseI 1:12-cr-00003-JDB Document 15-1

IJV Filed 04/27/12IGVG I VVJ 102 of 128 Page


Hon~rab~e Jai~ui D.Bates U.S. District Caurt 333 Constitution Avenue, N'4V

~'ashingtan, DC 2001

Judge Sates,
My Warne ~s L4u Haider and I am a media professional in the V~ashingtan D.C. area and X am writing you ti~is letter on behalfofHarry Thomas. ~ have known Harry Thomas for a few years nc~w and was introduced to him through lzis wife Diane when she and I worked together at the Greater `JVasbiingtan Sports ~illiance. ~ was the Director ofCommunications at the tune and Harry was very- ~el~ful izi all the events we hack a hand in.'The National Maratht~n, The Frozen Four, Washir~g#on Mystics Com~zunity D~.y and S~eakerballjust to name a few. He was a.~ways there to sapport his wife, the orgar~i7.ation and the people in the Washington DC community. He would also caIi on me to speak at events he would host at Langston GolfCase and specifically at a football cluuc he hosted in Jcine of2U09 at McKinley Tech. I am awaze of what ]gas recently transpired with Harry Thomas but I wanted to write you t~tis note to bring to your attention some ofthe good works he has been a part ofin the t~nae I have know him. I consider him a great family man and a decent hu~z~an being, Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Respectfuily Yours. ~;

:_._.-=Lou Holde.

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February 7, 2012 The Honorable John D. Bates U.S. District Court 333 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, DC 20001 Dear ,Tudge Bates: I am not a native ofthe'District but came to Washington to attend Howard University. My wife, Renee Turner-Inman, and I are both natives of New Jersey and we settled down after completing our educatiion rn the shadow of old Griffith Stadium and Howard University. I was proud to have neighbors such as Jesse 3ackson, Councilman Frank Smith, Mayor Walter Washzngfion and world Famous artist Jeff Donaldson. Raising my children around such history was fantastic but my daughter Ioved soccer and we decided that baseball would be a great activity for our sons. With the help and support of my neighbors, I founded the Ledxoit Park T-Ball League. Today,I am the District Administrator for Little League Baseball for Washington DC.I have Iie1d this. posirion since Late 2007. I became actively involved an youth baseball through the encouragement and urging of Harry Thomas more Sian five years prior to becoming the administrator. I gravitated to Harry "Tommy" Thomas because of his passionate and consistent delivery of high qualify baseball focused clinics and- workshops. He was what I looking for when I first got staxted as a volunteer in my Ledroit Park and Bloomingdale Community. I understand that Tommy has pled guilty to commit-~ing a crime, and he must be held to account for it. I strongly believe, howevex, that Tommy's extraordix~ary and consistent contributions to young people should be considered when determining the sentence he should receive. Tommy has a son, Redacted, who is approximately the same.age as my son, Redacted fey ~e now 16. Redacted arid. Redacted ~~W Up pla.ylrig b1Seblll tOg~t~1CI'. CSC ~.~~ baseball coach. Redactedpja3red, Wl~ ~e WOOCITIC~ge T02T1YYly WaS Redacted'S Warriors, why practiced and played at Taft Recreation Center in Ward 5. It

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was very difficult to find Reda~tea a good place to play close to where we Lived. The options east of Rock Creek Park were minimal at the time. Tommy's team at VEl'oodridge.was what I was Looking for. Tommy also coached .Reaated on a gavel team called the Swingaways, who played in a Bethesda Chevy-Chase League. Additionally, Tommy provided instruction toReda~ted, along with many other chiidxen, at recreation centers throughout Northeast'Washington. Tommy ran clizucs, usually for several hours on Saturday mornings, under. the name "Team Thomas" at Turkey Thicket Recreation.Center, Langdon Park Recreation Center and other places. In the winter months, he held the clinics inside. When it got warmer, he took the kids outside. These clinics were important. Tommy's goal, which I share, has been to rejuvenate baseball in the Dzstrict's underserved African-American neighborhoods, where baseball has been out offavor for many years. Like me, Tommy believes ghat in order to accomplish this, baseball must be ayeararound pursuit. It cannot be limited to the spring and summer months. Redstea. regularly attended the Team Thomas clinics, especially in the winter and early spring months, for a number of years. He began attending several years before Tommy was elected to the Council. By the time Tommy took office,Reda~tea attended .less.frequently, because he had begun playing travel baseball, but he attended when he could. He last attended as recently as the winter of2010. Tommy continued to lead the clinics even after he was elected. By that time, the clinics were usually held at Turkey Thicket. From the beginning, the clinics involved instruction in hitting, pitching and catching, with a focus on making sure the kids got plenty ofreperitions. Dozens of kids sometimes over 50 attended every week. They did not have to pay to come. Along with providing hands-on instruction to. the kids, Tommy,gave motivational speeches at the beginning and end of each clinic. Tommy and the other coaches who assisted hun set up stations for drills. Anywhere from five to ten swing trainers were set up for hitting practice. Tommy supplied the equipment for the clinics, including regular bats, whiffle ball.bats; bats tailored for hitting instruction, balls, gloves and swing trainers. Tommy stored some of the equipment at Turkey Thicket and:, before he was elected, at Langdon Park; too. He would
2 ~,, ----

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also allow the kids to keep some of the equipment, including gloves, shoes, balls and bats. These were kids who could not really afford these.things. Tommy also distributed training cards, manuals and instructional DVDs to the .kids. Some of the others wha helped Tommy included Cedric Johnkins, Andre Lee, Keith Stubbs, Toby Settles, Gerard Hall and some ofthe baseball and softball coaches at area high schools. Along with Tommy,these men have played a leadership role in attempting to rejuvenate youth baseball in AfricanAmerican neighborhoods in the District. Sometimes Tommy also got guest coaches to attend, including former Senators pitcher and Howard L7niversity coach Chuck Hinton; former Baltimore Oriole Al Bumbry, current San .,Francisco Giants infielder IVlanny Burris, and others. Tommy's wife, Diane, who played softball in college, helped coach the girls who attended the clinics in softball. Reda~tea is now a.junior a Georgetown Prep, where he plays on the baseball team. It is hard to overstate what baseball has meant to Redacted,.and what it has meant to me as his father. Baseball has given Redsted selfconfidence, provided him direction, and ta.aght him to focus not only on the sport but on academics. This is exactly as I had hoped when Redsted began. playing as a young child. I am not exaggerating when I say that, without Harry Thomas, my hope would not have.been realized. To put it as straight as I can, Reaateas would not be playing baseball today if it weren't for Tammy,and Redacted .W~,~en't playing baseball, I don't believe he would be the same kind of confident, responsible, well-adjusted teenager he is now. I wil.I always be grateful to Tommy for what he ha.s done for ~Reda~ted From what I have seen through my own involvement with youfih baseball in the District, I know that 'Tommy has done the same thing for many other children and their parents. . Tommy is a great coach and an extraordinary motivator. He "gets" kids and knows haw to work with them, and there are many people, kids and parents alike, who are lucky to have.worked with Tommy.
Tommy's commitment to youth baseball has gone beyond the coaching he has done and the clinics that he and Team Thomas have conducted. After becoming a Council member, he worked with me and a young man named London Hitchrnan to initiate a showcase baseball tournament in the District around the July 4~ holiday. The,idea was to replicate ~iigh quality youth

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baseball tournaments that we had seen, and that Reaa~cea and Redacted had participated in, in the suburbs. At Tommy's insistence, and with my full support, we specifically sought to bring a high quality baseball tournament to underserved areas in the District and to have teams from those areas {mostly African-American az~eas) compete alongside their peers from areas where baseball has flourished, including Waxd 3 in the Distxict and the surrounding suburbs. The first "Stars and Strikes" tournament took place on July 5, 2008. It required a lot of planning. Tommy,Diane, London and I communicated frequently in the late spring and early summer about what would be needed to make the tournament a success, and Tommy made sure we got what we needed. The tournament was played at Fort Lincoln in Ward S and drew a number of teams from the .Dist~iet, as we11 as teams from Virginia, It ran all day,from 9:00 am until well after dark. London and I organized the baseball schedule and umpiring, while Tommy served as MC and arranged :for added activities, food and items for the kids. Several organizations, including Home Run Baseball and Head First Baseball, ran mini-clinics while the games were being played. Every participant received a free tournament.t-shirt. Each player from the fast and second place teams received firophies; everyone else got a medal. There was a stage, a sound system, moon bounces and other amusemenfis for the kids, free hot dogs and sausages, free drinks and free Italian ices. At the end of the tournament, there was a big fireworks displays put on by a professional company and monitored by faxefighters. The tournament was a great'success. Because Stars and Strikes 2Q08 came offso well, the tournament continued in subsequent years. I have not played an active role in organizing t~iose tournaments, but I have attended. Tn both 2009 and 2010, Sfars and Strikes drew more teams than in 2008. Y know that Tommy was actively involved in both tournaments. Tommy also has assisted me in my role as District 3 Administrator. In fact, it was with Tommy's support that I became District 3 Administrafior {a mixed blessing since it is a volunteer position that often feels like afull-time job). Little League Baseball in the District faced severe challenges when I took the position. The leagues in Wards 3 and 4 west of Rock Creek Park Northwestand Capitol City were thriving, as they always do due to the time

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and financial resources'that Teague parents devote to them. But most of the Leagues east of the Park were really only organizations that existed on paper. The Senators league in Tommy's old waxd, Ward 5, had recently folded, the league in Ward 4(Satchel Paige) had minimal participation, the league in Ward 1 was pretty much defunct, and the ieagues in Wards 7 and 8 were in. need of restructuring. To make things more~challenging, none of these leagues or neighborhoods had the kind offinancial resources that Northwest and Cap City have. Fortunately, the Department ofParks and Recreation had the Little League charters for each ofthe east ofthe. Fark leagues. That was important because the charters cost money, and it is never certain that parents or organizations in Northeast or Southeast Washington can afford the charter fees. While it was good for DPR to hold the charters, I knew from my experience that DPR could not actually operate the Leagues. DPR did not "do" baseball on ifis,own. It just did not have the capacity or the personnel. Successful leagues requaxe involved parents or community organizations. They cannot be run by a government agency. Tommy and I agreed on that. With input from others,'including Tommy,I decided to change the existing stxucture zn Wards 7 and 8 and to create a Little League a#~iliate associated with the .national RBI organization and' a community organization called the Batter Up Foundation. I also decided to shut down the Ward 1 Little Lea~u.e. A new Teague, Banneker, has since sprouted up there. Tommy was'. instrumental in getting Banneker started. Finally, with Tommy's help and support, the Senators Little League in Ward 5 started up again. Tommy recruited of his.Yearn Thomas.colleagues and coaches, Andre Lee, to serve as president. Andre is still president. Tommy and Team Thomas also provided critical support for the new league, using the Saturday morning clinics at Turkey Thicket as a way ofrecruiting and teaching new parents and children. Later, with Tommy's input, I combined Senators with the league east of the Park in Ward 4(Satchel Paige)to create a new league,. which has been in existence for roughly two years. . Tommy also gave me bats, gloves, cleats, helmets and several swing trainers that I then distributed to leagues and teams in need. Tommy also provided equipment and uniforms to some ofthe leagues dixectly. For instance, I.know he supplied pants to RBI all-sta.r teams in 2009 and 2010.

+--,' "..

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Tommy has done a lot for youth baseball in the District, and he has done a Iot for children. He did a lat before he was elected and he did a lot when he was on the Council, even though much of his time was otherwise committed. I know this because,of my own personal experience watching Tommy and my son, but I also know it because I have witnessed how Tommy_ has worked with other youth. Tommy clearly did some things that were wrong, but what he has pled guilty to does not capture who he really is, does not erase what he has meant to me and my family, and does not eliminate all of the good work he has done and remains.capable of doing. . Your. Honor, please consider what I have written when you sentence Tommy. Because of all the good.that Tommy has done, I ask you to be Lenient. I am confident that the sooner Tommy is returned ~o our community,

the better off we will be. Sincerel ~..... . aris Inman



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To: The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court Judge yman U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia E. Barrett Prett U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenge, Northwest Washington, DC 20001

Honorable Judge Bates, 5 and parent of 2 My name is Malika Crystal Jackson, I'm am 18 year resident of Ward Thomas has been sons who were both coached my Mr. Harry Thomas Jr. Coach He was a very dedicated to the children of ward 5 and their parents for many years. I would like to ask for dedicated coach and always assisted people in the community. to tell you how leniency in his sentencing. Please except my desire to reach out to -you Mr. Thomas positively affected the residents and children of Waxd S. T You, ~~ l,~

alik - r


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Apri) 18, 2012

The Honorable John D. Bates United States District Court Judge U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20001 Dear Judge Bates, My name is Cedrick Johnkins and I want to tell you about my friend Harry Thomas. Harry has worked very hard to help kids in DC all of his life; so I want you to know, before you judge him, how valuable he has been to our community. have worked as a full time employee for the WMATA for the past 27 years, and I have lived in DC all of my life. I first met Harry in 1968, we lived in the same neighborhood. We both share love of sports and a love of coaching sports. have worked as a high school football, softball and baseball coach at Mckinley Tech and Archbishop Carroll high schools, among other places. !started coaching kids sports in 1992 and I have never stopped. There are few people in this town who spend as much time working with D.C. kids as Harry. I played on an adult travel softball team with him between the early 1990s and 2002. Back then, Harry would convince the entire team to show up on Saturday mornings for his instructional youth baseball clinics, just so we could help him coach the kids. When the weather was cold, we would practice with the kids inside at places like Langdon and Taft. recreation centers. These Saturday clinics became a regular routine, and even after our adult team stopped playing around 2002, I continued to volunteer my time at Harry's clinics on Saturday mornings. We now play at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center. Andre Lee took over the clinics about two years ago, and I still attend and help coach on Saturday mornings. Harry still attends and coaches as well,

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Harry was always the lead organizer for these clinics. He was the person who got kids to attend, who brought all the equipment, and who instructed the kids in the fundamentals of baseball along with other coaches like myself. Kids From our neighborhood respond to Harry really well. He knows the positive role that sports can play in children's lives and he shows them how to get the most out of sports. No child ever had to pay to attend one of Harry's clinics. Plus, they got to-use really good equipment because of Harry. He brought everything catcher's equipment, quality bats, training aids, different types of balls that kids could throw, bases, gloves, cleats. He made sure that no child sat on the sidelines because they could not afford baseball equipment. He also gave the kids equipment and other items to keep, including hats, t-shirts, uniforms, training materials, instruction cards, and cleats. a(so helped Narry out at larger events that he organized, whether for baseball, sports or for the community. Sometimes,for larger events, Harry would pay me to work the grill and cook burgers and hot dogs. I was paid to cook for hundreds of people at the Stars and Strikes baseball tournament in 2008 and 2009. Other times, I would cook for free Harry made sure the food and the grill were there and I did the cooking. Harry also always made sure that food and drinks were available to kids, for free, at his camps and at clinics. Harry has been a role model and a leader for hundreds and hundreds of people, both youth and adult, over the past 44 years I have known him. I know he has committed a crime. But I hope you will consider all the good that he has done when you decide on his sentence. I have no doubt that the youth in our neighborhood can continue to benefit from Harry's good work.

Sincerely, -~~ Cedrick John s

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To whom it may concern: My name is Michael Johnson. I am writing this letter on the behalf of Harry Thomas Jr., Excouncilmember of Ward 5. I am a senior at North Carolina A and T State University. I will be graduating in December of this year with a degree in Sports Science and Fitness Management. I have played high school baseball and have worked for Coach Tommy. I have known him for 8 years. While I was a junior at Archbishop Carroll High School I went out for the baseball team and never regretted that decision. From the time I have known Harry Thomas he was been more than a coach to me. During my baseball career I learned important life lessons from him. He taught me that as a man you should never quit on yourself, to keep my head up through adversity, and how to respect a woman. He believed in my abilities even when I didn't believe in myself From 2005-2010 Coach Tommy made sure I had ajob every summer. I worked under D.C. parks and recreation as well as a junior ambassador during these times. As an employee of his I was able to learn how to be courageous, ambitious, strong-minded, hard-working, and how to be a better human being. He has been a second father figure to me because my father had moved to Texas or worked overseas for these 6 years. Most of the people who worked with me for this time I am still friends. He allowed me to develop everlasting friendships with the group of people he put around me. Harry Thomas understands that he has made a mistake that has affected many people. God created no perfect human being in this world. I was very upset when I heard people on the news or in the newspaper talking down about what he had done. I feel that you cannotjudge a man if you.have never met him or to have known him for years. I will always be in his corner because not only because he was my baseball coach or making sure I was always hired. I will always stand in his corner because he has been one ofthe most positive male figures in my life. In life you don't always come across people like Harry Thomas. I am speaking for myself in this letter but I guarantee if you ask anyone who knows him as a person you would get the same response to me. He is a great father, coach, mentor, leader, role model, and person. The world needs more people like Harry Thomas Jr. Younger generations deserve to have great leaders and teachers. I believe he is one of the best examples of this character. God has something great in store for Coach Tommy. He will make it out of this situation a better man than he was before this situation. I know this statement is true because I know who Harry Tommy Thomas really is. I thank God for allowing me to have met him and for bringing him into my life. Honestly I don't know what I would be doing if I didn't. He is one of the main reasons I came to college and in December he will be one ofthe main reason I will be graduating. He made me a better young man as well as a better human being in society.

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1'l~e 1-Ionorable John D. Bates United States District Court ~~~ COtlStttlltlOJl AVEIlUC, NW Washington, DC 20001.
RE: Se~lte~~cing for I~acry Tl~otnas, Jr, an May 3, 2012 Dean Judge Bates: I afn a lifelong friend of Ha~~ry T}iomas, Jr., and I ai~i 4vriting t(~is letter to ~egtiest yo~~r leniency in his sentencing or3 May 3,2012. Ha~~y is shard-working, dedicated public servant, acid he is passionate abotEt sfistilling those q~ialities in our youth. His absence waulci trot o~lly leave a Negative effect on ills fati~ily, l~i~t also oti the tnat~y yo~ttli in our commuc3ity. Mr. Thomas has toad a positive inpact on my daugk~ter as fret softball coach for may;y years. He has beets instrumental in teacliitg her athletic af~d life skills ti~at have helped her to develop socially and acadetnicalty. My daughter was always enthused about attending Mr. T~IOII]c~S' softball clinics, and t}tat sentiment is sliareci 6y the many students that have experienced r~vocking with }liil~. As a parent, I felt good about my daughter's enthusiasm acid desire to learn beyond. tf~e expectations. My experience as a parent and a friend is just one of ma~~y in our co~n~nunity, as I-Tarry has been iilvalved in the development ofthousands of youth i~~ the city. He has tnentored teenagers and young adults for the last 25 yea~~s, and he leas instilled in them the value of giving back to the co~ntnt~~iity. Mr. Tllotnas has noE ocily served oi~r co~runt~nity in a r~~e~itorship capacit}~, but he seas also assisted families with their first Dome purchase. In addition, lie has assisted with job t~aini~ig and guided young adults to obtaining the tiecessa~~y skills to secure and maintain e~nployme~~t. Tf~e fori~ler cotuicil~nei~lber gas instrumental in ~rin~it~g a satellite location ofthe Cotnmnity College of tl~e District of Columbia to Wa~d Five. As tl~e Vice President of the DC State Boacd of Educatio3i,[can attest to his comii~itinetit to improving the lives of all youth in our city. Please consider my request to keep the prese~ice of Mr. Tfiornas in our comtnttiiity. Neither his family nor our youth will benefit fi'01tt I11S 111Cc~t~ceration. I lio~e that yore will also take into consideration his contributions to our camtti~~nity. Iii spite of his conviction, he has improved the lives of tnan}~ i~idividuals. Thasik yo~~ for }~o~ir time a~~d consideration regardiy~g this matter. Sincerel
/? (~ J

ark A. Janes Vice President, DC rate Board of Education

441 4`t' Street, Suite 723N Washington, DC 20001 202.741.0888 ~vw~~~.sbve.dc.~?ov

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March 30, zolz Honorable Sohn D. Bates U.S. District Court 333 Constitution Ave., NW Washing#on, DC 20001 Dear Judge Bates:

have known Harry Thomas, Jr. for approximately 2Q years. I got to know him from my work with the YMCA of the National Capital Region. I am currently the director of the Calomiris YMCA in Ward 5. I have been the director there for 12 years. have always known Harry to be a generous, caring man. He has helped many people in our community. Yes, he made contributions as a public official. But he has made even more as a private citizen. From my standpoint, as someone who works with children every day, Harry's biggest positive impact has been on our youth. Harry is amazing with kids and hundreds of them have flocked to him aver the years. Harry always has had a close relafiionship with the YMCA and its programs. His relationship with the children who attend programs at the Calom'sris YMCA has been particularly close. He has had a special bond with them. He has spent many, many hours with them a#the Center, and ever since i have been Director, he has invited them to participate in the baseba(I and softball clinics and camps that he has at different recreation centers in Ward 5. From the beginning, I have partnered with Harry to expose the children at the Galomiris YMCA to baseball, which they would not have otherwise been exposed to. I have sent the children, with their parents' consent, to Harry's clinics and camps at Taft, Congdon Park and Turkey Thicket. These clinics and camps have run a# different times throughout the year. Some have been during the school year, some on weekends,some during the summer. At any given time, f might have as many as 50 children in Harry's clinics or camps, sometimes more in the summertime, Harry never has charged the children to attend. Many of #hese children are needy and come from poor homes. Harry and his Team Thomas crew would not only give them instruction and life lessons, but bats, balls, chats, gloves and backpacks. Harry also gave them food to eat. If there was nne child who was hungry, Harry would feed all of them. Harry continued to run his clinics and camps after being elected to the Council. He did not skip a beat. I sent children to his clinics at Turkey Thicket just like I had before. He was the saute Harry. I remember that on weekdays after school during the winter, Harry even arranged ~o have some of the Calamiris YMCA children take batting practice

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in the batting cages at RFK Stadium. He organized that through me with the parents' permission. This was a once in a lifetime experience for these children. That same year, in the spring of 2008, Harry held a spring break camp at Turkey Thicket. Some of it.focused an baseball and so~ball, same on tennis and gold at ~.angstan Ga(f Course. Many Calomiris YMCA children attended that camp.

Harry did a number of other things for the children at my enter. He introduced us to Hyde ~ubiic Charter School(now called Perry Street Prep) and helped set up an arrangement where we would provide befiore and after care at Hyde, where many
YMCA program participants went to school. From fiime fia time, Harry would get bundles of tickets to Washington Nafiionals games, give them to the children at the Y and their famiEies, and arrange far transportation to the games. Harry ~Iso introduced some of the children to golf, flaking them to Langston Golf ~aurse. 1 also remember one

time, when several of the girls at the YMCA Gould not afford prom dresses, Harry arranged for them to have dresses. When he was on the Council, Harry stepped up to help the YMCA's Youth-inGovernmentprogram. He always came to speak at our signature event, and he spent many hours with the participants during Judiciary Week, when the chiEdren were exposed to City government. Of all the Council members, Harry was almost certainly the most dependable on this. All we needed tc~ do was send Harry an email, and he would be there. Harry's support for the YMCA in the District of Columbia, especially the Calc~miris YMCA, has been priceless. Your hannr, I understand that Harry has made a #errible er~rar in judgment, and he should face the consequences. But I wanted you to know that there is a lot more to be said about Harry. E ask you to take that into consideration sentence him in
May. Sincerely, f

~~ ~;r~;~~,

l ~~`,

i\ 1 r

~_ 1

" ~.
~ ~~_,~,~ ~_

Carolyn K~ng~

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X 1 l

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March 9, 2012

The Honorable John D. Ba#es Unifed States District Court Judge U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20001 Dear Judge Bates, My name is Andre Lee and i am writing to you in support of Harry Thomas, Jr, or iTommy" as 1 know him. 1 have known Tommy all of his life. know Tommy has committed a crime. But 1 also know what kind of person he is. It is important for you to know that he has devoted so much of his life to mentoring children and helping others in our community. 1 have witnessed Tommy's good deeds, his kind heart, and his devotion to helping those in need on an almost daily basis for the past 40 years, and 1 want to tell you about the Tommy Thomas that 1 know and about the person that so many people love and respect. 1 currently work for the Department of Public Works in D.C. as a Lead Solid.Waste inspector. Prior to that, i worked for Tommy's father, Councilmember Harry Thomas, Sr., for many years as a staffer and an aide. 1 attended school at Hampton University on a swimming and diving scholarship. 1 am also actively involved in Little League Baseball in the District. 1 serve as the President of the Senators Little League, and 1 have volunteered my time as a baseball coach for the past 20 years. 1 have known Tommy since we were both children growing up in Northeast Washington, DC. Our families were close, and Tommy and 1 grew up playing sports together. We later played on an adult travel softball league team together in the late 1980's and 1990's. Tommy

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always had a deep, intense passion for baseball and softball. His passion was not just for playing the game, but for teaching it. As far back as the early 1990's, Tommy would organize free instructional baseball clinics for kids in NorEheast Washington. He organized these clinics on a regular basis at Ward 5 recreation centers including Taft, Langdon Park, and Turkey Thicket. Beginning around the year 2000, Tommy became more organized in his effort to provide free, high quality baseball instruction to children and he increased the number of weekend baseball clinics. These clinics would run all due~ing the offseason. They v~ould begin in October or November, and would take place outdoors if the weather .was warm enough. From December of January to March, every Saturday morning Tommy would conduct the clinics indoors. He would provide baseball instruction through drills and lessons on pitching, swinging, and fielding. The clinics went back outdoors once the weather got warmer and continued until the little league season began in April In 2002, i remember that Tommy also got funded to operate a summer camp at Langdon Park, where I volunteered as an instructor. Tommy organized the clinics and camp himself, developed the programming, recruited staff, and personally provided instruction to the kids in all types of baseball skills. In 2006, participation in the weekend clinics began to drop, partly because Tommy had to spend more on his campaign for Council. Still, Tommy continued organizing camps and weekend clinics even after he was elected Councilmember in 2006. 1 worked closely alongside Tommy in nearly all of his activities to support youth baseball in the District. Sometimes Tommy would pay me for my work as a staffer at tournaments. Once in 2008 he thanked me by giving me $2500 to pay travel and tournament entry fees for a softball team i was associated with. But usually 1 would volunteer my time to provide structured baseball programs to the kids.

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As a Councilmember, Tommy stepped up his efforts to make baseball popular again with inner city youth. Prior to 2005, he worked hard in the community to organize support for bringing professional baseball back to the District. By 2006, after the Nationals played their first season, he was starting to get disappointed that the return of professional baseball did not lead to more youth participation in baseball in Ward 5. One example of this was the folding of the Senators Little League in Ward 5 in 2007 because of a lack of participation. Tommy called a meefing early in his Council tenure, attended by two of his staffers, Paris Inman, a leader in DC Little League, Michael Williams, a staffer at the Department of Public Works, and myself. He was determined to revive Little League in his ward, and in the many other wards where Little League baseball was struggling. He asked me to take on the role of commissioner of the Ward 5 Senators Little League and 1 accepted. Tommy continued to do his free weekend clinics when he was a Council member. He used them as a way to drum up interest in baseball and register kids for Little League. In my first winter as commissioner in 2008, 1 remember only four kids showed up fo one of the clinics at Turkey Thicket. Tommy said that he would make some calls and get more kids interested. He began to advertise the clinics through flyers, e-mails, and word of mouth. He brought in professional athletes and hall of formers to speak to, teach and inspire fhe kids, including Fred Valentine, Ken Dixon and Paul Blair. Through all of it, Tommy was there. Even though he was very busy with his Council member responsibili#ies, he showed up every Saturday at Turkey Thicket, arriving early to setup all the batting stations and equipment. He encouraged everyone he knew to attend, and he coached, taught, and motivated the kids himself. Sometimes he could not stay all morning because of a ward emergency or some other Council issue but he always set up the clinics, s#arced them off with a motivational speech, and made sure that i or one of the other volunteer coaches was there taking care of the program. The week after we only got four kids, Tommy got 15 kids. After that, we were attracting between 20 to 80 kids. Since 2008, we have held baseball clinics at Turkey Thicket almost every weekend between October and March, and that level of attendance continues #o this very day.

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In 2010, i took on Tommy's role as lead organizer of the clinics. But Tommy never stopped attending, and he still attends the clinics at Turkey Thicket now. He is always coaching, always instructing, always mentoring, and always focusing on those kids who need the most help. These clinics feed excitement for our Little League program, which has grown a lot since it folded in 2007. After being lifeless five years ago, there are at least Z00 kids playing youth baseball in Northeast DC on over a dozen different teams in different age groups. Along with my team, the Senators, there are multiple teams associated with the Recreation Centers at Beacon House, Riggs-LaSalle, Paul CharEer, Kennedy, and Woodridge. This would NEVER have happened without Tommy. One of Tommy's main goals was to provide the kids in Northeast with the same opportunity to play quality baseball that was available to kids in wealthier Nor#hwest neighborhoods. For Tommy this meant not only providing quality instruction but also quality equipment. In our clinics, usually work with kids from low-income homes whose parents either cannot afford to spend money on baseball equipment or who just don't support their children's extra-curricular activities. This always bothered Tommy. So Tommy always has insisted on providing the kids with the highest quality equipment. At his own expense, he would acquire top quality bats, balls, and gloves to use at the clinics. The kids only had to show up with sneakers and sweatpants. In 2004 and 2005, Tommy became a distributor for Swingaway baseball equipment, and he purchased a number of stand-atone batting stations called Swingaways" that allow hitters to take unlimited indoor practice swings without needing a pitcher or a batting cage. Tommy always used these units in his clinics and made sure he set up enough for however many kids attended so everyone got at least 100 repetitions. To this day, 1 still use the Swingaways at Turkey Thicket, along with the bats, gloves, balls, bases, and catchers equipment Tommy supplied at the clinics. Tommy provided the only place in D.C. where kids could get free indoor batting instruction. Tommy also had giveaways at every clinic. He handed out t-shirts, uniforms, hats, books, hitting manuals and instructional DVD's, all to create a love of

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baseball among the kids. Tommy has also given away lots of equipment to Little League teams that needed it. Tommy was also instrumental in organizing aDistrict-wide youth baseball tournament, S#ars and Strikes. The tournament began during July 4t'' weekend in 2008 and has been held each year since. Tommy put in an enormous amount of work organizing the event, supplying tshirts, and hiring outside entertainment like moon-bounces, disc jockeys and fireworks. i worked alongside Tommy at the tournaments, and he always worked incredibly hard to make sure they were well attended and well organized. Tommy deserves an enormous amount of credit for bringing baseball back to life among kids in the District. He has done it because he is more than just a baseball coach; he is a motivator, a teacher, and a friend. As a coach, Tommy preaches quality practice and quality repetition - he has taught me that natural talent alone is not enough to succeed, but that practicing.fundamentals over and over again is the only way to improve. As a motivator, Tommy has a unique way of inspiring kids to be more productive. It is hard work convincing coaches, counselors, and kids to spend early Saturday mornings working out in a rec center gym when many would rather be home watching TV. But somehow Tommy does it. i've seen firsthand how Tommy focuses on those kids who are particularly struggling with motivation, and he uses team sports to prevent kids from going down the wrong path in life. He inspires kids, he turns their lives around, and through baseball or other sports he turns them into confident, productive, and responsible youth. There are few individuals 1've known who are as devoted to the children of the District of Columbia as Tommy. He has positive energy and an ability to connect with children and teenagers in a language they understand and teach them responsibility, discipline, and character. 1 have never known anyone with as much passion, commitment, and dedication to the cause of making sure that District youth have positive role models and constructive outlets for their energy. Due to all of the good he has done, it is hard for me to come to grips with the fact that he committed this crime. The man

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represented in the news reports and court papers is a complete and total stranger to me. 1 am disappointed beyond words at Tommy's actions because they are a betrayal of everything he stands for and everything he has taught to the children. Tommy deserves credit for all the good he has done in his life, and he deserves leniency because he needs ~o get back #o taking care of his family and serving his community as he has always done. The best place for him to repay his debt to society will be in the neighborhoods where he has done the most good. 1 have no doubt that .Tommy will one day continue where he left off, working with and teaching our youth and making a positive example of himself so they can learn from his mistakes. Despite his terrible lapse in judgment, Tommy will always continue to be a positive influence on the children of the District. Thank you. ;`.incerely,

Andre Lee