Description of Classroom:
         Second Grade Classroom 19 students; 9 girls and 10 boys Ages 7-8 years old Area One in Clark County School District 99 % African American students 1% Hispanic in classroom. No ELL Learners One student going through RTI Students are in rows of four. (one row of three due to the odd number of students) Spring Semester of School

Students have not been introduced to Geography. This lesson will be the introduction to a whole Geography lesson.

Content Objective(s): Given a picture of a map of a community, students will be able to locate given places with 90% accuracy. Given a picture of a map of a community, students will be able to understand a map key. Language Objective(s):
    Listening: Students will listen to the teacher when they are explaining the instructions. Speaking: Students will discuss with their shoulder partner what they think a map is used for. Reading: Students will read instructions and questions on worksheet given. Writing: Students will be writing on their worksheets.

Nevada Standards:
G5.2.2 Recognize spatial patterns, i.e., political units, physical features, on a map and globe. G5.2.1 Identify titles and symbols on maps.

Key Vocabulary:
Grid: A pattern of lines Location: Where something can be found

Best Practices: (put an X next to those that you address in your lesson)
X Preparation Adaptation of content Links to background Links to past learning Strategies incorporated X X X Scaffolding Modeling Guided practice Independent practice Verbal scaffolds Procedural scaffolds Application Hands-on Authentic (Meaningful) X Grouping Options Whole Class Small groups Partners Independent Assessment Individual Group


Integration of Processes X Listening X Speaking




Reading Writing


Linked to objectives Promotes engagement


Written Oral

Teaching Strategies:
   5 E’s Direct Instruction-giving instructions and accessing prior knowledge when it comes to maps. Whole class instruction-happens when accessing prior knowledge in beginning of class.

Warm Up Activity (5 min.):
Ask students what they know about maps, ask them if they know the importance of them. Have a class discussion about them.

Lesson Sequence (20 min.):
    Warm up activity. Model to students how to navigate on a grid. Have students help you navigate on your grid on Elmo. Give students worksheets and have them do the problems.


Supplementary Materials:
    Social studies work book Elmo Worksheets for students Pencils

Students will be assessed with their worksheets.


Form: 005 JDC 4/22/08

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