2008 Playbook updated April 29, 2008

Make 1 Downs

Score, Score, And Score some More!!


2008 Playbook updated April 29, 2008

Sets we must know: Pro (Z, ST, TB, H, X)
(Multiple) Pro Rt/Lt Twin Rt/Lt Trio (TB as middle of Twin) Trips Rt/Lt Ace (Pro with TB left inside)

Base (ST, TB, R, L, Z) Deuce (Z, X, TB, R, L)
(Power) Base Rt/Lt Lover/Rover all Pro sets (L is X) Deuce (Zone, Balance) Deuce (X, L, R, Z – TB as 1 back) Lover (L over – Z on LOS Left) Rover (R over – Z on LOS Right) Lover/Rover & Twin Triple (X & Z to call)

Tree Rt/Lt (Pro with TB wide) Shoot (L, X, Z, R) Double (ST left TE; H = R) “Huge” (H as ST) Triple (ST Left TE; H = R; X and Z to call) “Wide” call for all triangle sets (spacing is 8 yards from OLineman & 2 yd gaps in triangle)

Bunch (ST,H,Z; X away); Box (ST,X,Z, to call, H away) Boat (Z,X,T to call, H away)
Shoot (H wide right; Z right; TB slot receiver left; X wide left)

Shoot (ST, T, Z, X, H) Shoot Trips Triangle sets Box & Boat Tree, Double, Triple

Gun in all sets!


2008 Playbook updated April 29, 2008

Offense 2008 cont.: Base Sets:
Base Lt

Base Rt



Pro Sets:
Pro Lt

Pro Rt

Twin Lt

Twin Rt

Trips Lt

Trips Rt

Tree Lt

Tree Rt

Ace Lt “Heavy”

Ace Rt “Heavy”

Trio Lt (Twin with TB on 3 rcvr side)

Trio Rt

Bunch Lt (Z outside, H point, St inside)

Bunch Rt

Box Lt (Z outside, X point, St inside)

Box Rt


2008 Offense 2008 cont.: Deuce Sets and Personnel: (ST leaves – R & L TE’s both in game with Z & X Deuce: (Balanced Set = Z on Right. X on Left off the ball. Z TB QB R RT RG C LG LT L X Rover TB QB R RT RG C LG LT L X Lover TB Z L QB R RT RG C LG LT Z X Rover Twin Rt TB Z X QB R RT RG C LG LT L Lover Twin Lt TB L QB R RT RG C LG LT Z X Triple Right Z X TB QB R RT RG C LG LT L Triple Left TB QB R RT RG C LG LT L Z X Shoot personnel: (may sub for TB with a true WR) Shoot: ST Z H QB RT RG C LG LT TB X ST X QB RT RG C LG LT TB Z H TRIPS RT: The Z/T who comes over is always in middle.2008 Playbook updated April 29. ST T Z H QB RT RG C LG LT X Tree RT: (same as in Pro) Tree Lt ST X QB RT RG C LG LT H Z T Tree Rt ST T Z QB H RT RG C LG LT X Double (sub for T or use him in backfield) Double (empty by using “Tough/Tulsa call) Tough TB Z X QB R RT RG C LG LT L Z TB H RT RG C LG LT ST “Gun” QB X Triple Right TB Z X QB H RT RG C LG LT ST Triple Left TB QB H RT RG C LG LT ST Z X 4 .

but Arrive as ball is snapped) ST TB Hip Slip Tip Hop (TE trade) Split (wide) Type (speed) Heavy (4 yds flex) Sprint (speed) Travel (deep) Hoffa (off LOS) Stud/Slot Tight/Tilt (wing) Hammer (H in near A gap) Slug/Stagger (align Tough/Tulsa (4 yds) Hobo (H in opposite B gap) just behind guards) Tower/Towel (widest) Hide (H wide) Strong/Soft King (RT)/Queen (LT) Hiding (H shift to wide) Slam (ST near A gap) Trio (3 rec) Slobber (ST far B) “Taxi”= Tilt/Tight lead Stride/Slide (wide) Trot (deep. Buzzard (deep.: Motion and alignment calls we must know: Z X H Zip (in past ball) EXit Zoom (sprint) AXe Buzz (deep) OX “Razor/Blade” (B/C gap) align or motion to it.2008 Playbook updated April 29. but arrive As the ball is snapped) 5 . 2008 Offense 2008 cont.

Truck = LT over but aligns inside of normal Right Tackle Grass/Gravel: Guard to other side of center (reg. 6 . Grass = LG come to right side (make the Right side bigger) 2. flag 34 = 4 verticals 38 = seams. seam. Go 65/75 = bend. guard & Tackle stay together) 1. Out 56/57 = float wheel. whip.2008 Playbook updated April 29. curl 33 = bubble screen 62/72 = Out. digs 54/55 “Thief” = in Pinto or Pro – short boot – throw back to offset RB/Rec. Tractor = LT come to the right side (make the Right side bigger) 2. 2008 Offense 2008 cont. Post. go 66/76 = Choice – 3 levels BS 67/77 = Corner. Tiller = RT over but aligns inside of normal Left Tackle 4. seam. running wheel 80-89 (screens/gadgets) Special Series (80’s/90’s) 90-99 (800/900) 80/81 Middle Screen (ST/TB) 90/91 Draw (after pump Fake Q also) 82/83 Hide Screen to motion (Z/X/T) 8-108/9-109 shovel option to either RB – Gun “Both” 84/85 Boot screen throw back to RB 94/95 Shovel with BS Gd pulling (trap 5 technique) 86/87 WR Screen playside Gd sprints wide to block DB. 88/89 WR screen to widest man. bubble.: Running plays Varsity must know: 0-9 100/101 = Deep Back dive fold 2/3 = FB dive 4/5 = “Fold” 6/7 = QB outside zone/follow 8/9 = Sprint option 100 100/101 = Deep Back dive fold 102/103 = Gd Trap to ST/FB 10-19 40’s 10/11 = power “O” 40/41 = Iso 12/13 = Tackle Trap 42/43 = delay dive FB 14/15 = Counter Trap (Gd only) 44/45 = inside zone FB away 16/17 = Counter Tre (bksd handoff) 46/47 = outside zone 18/19 = Counter Tre (insd handoff) 48/49 = toss sweep 400/500 400/500 – Off Tackle Lead backside gd/Center pulled 200/300 200/300 – option without handoff – option DE only Passing plays we must know: 20-29 50-59 20/21 = TE dump 22/23 = Fake Tackle Trap 24/25 = (Post/dig/go after deep motion fake) 26/27 = Ctr Pass levels 28/29 = RB pass 50/51 = Iso pass 52/53 = Vert fake 42/43 54/55 = boot whip 30’s 60/70 30 = Slant Wheel 60/70 = seam. Gravel = RG come to the left side (make the Left side bigger) For better Pass Protection: especially in Trips/Twin/Trio (solid call keeps TE/ST in) Run Game: in order to be unbalanced and gain a numbers advantage at the point of attack. We must be able to run “Gun” in any of these with the QB at a depth of 6-7 yards and the ST/TB who is in the backfield to the side of the QB – to the Z side. fade 32 = hitch corner 61/71 = Arrow. Trailer = RT come to the left side (make the Left side bigger) 3. Gun throw to designated man – may run fake first to hold inside Lbers. and one yard deeper. Offensive line alignments: Tractor/Trailer: Tackle over outside – Use in Pro Twin/Deuce/Tank only for now: 1.

odd offset front: (OL scheme is (Rip by R). (base by RT). offset 5-3 front) QB should audible at “3” technique. See below: Deuce Zoom 101 (vs. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: 100/101: Deep back dive on Iso path. OL blocking is base in the hole. Backside Base/Track block. but no lead blocker. Triple outside the hole with the Tackle and TE. TB Z QB R RT RG C LG LT L (Rip) (base) (fold) (base) (triple) X Str Wi WC Sa An Sti SC T Mi FS N 2/3 Up back dive with option fake by QB and deep back. OL scheme is Combo in the hole with the Center & Guard to the backside Linebacker. therefore we will fold the guard from in front of the A gap player. much like on 10/11.2008 Playbook updated April 29. This is best if run at the “1/shade” technique. (cut/fold by Center & RG). but with a 40/41 Iso handoff (reversing out). The ST should aim slightly wider and HE MUST BLOCK THE INSIDE LBer. QB MUST STEP DEEP AND RIDE FB AND THEN CARRY OUT OPTION FAKE! See below: Base Rt Zip 3 dive vs. Lover/Hip 3 Q: vs. RB should aim at crack of guard and cut off his block. a “Pirate” (4/4) look with a walked up Sam Linebacker TB ST L QB R RT RG C LG LT T N Mi FS Str Wi WC Z Sa An Sti SC 7 . combo/ “step it” on either side of hole. The RB should aim at the center and then gash to the fold guard and follow him. We will also backside fold as in 0/1 if we run it away from a “1”/shade technique. (triple by LT & H) TB ST Z QB R RT RG C LG LT L (Rip) (base)(cut/fold)(base) (triple) Sa An Sti SC T Mi FS N Str Wi WC 2/3 “Q” – (follow ST): This should look similar to 2/3 except with the QB pulling the ball and following the ST or continuing on to the Triple block of the T and TE. (base by LG).

The QB must then boot hard and read the Backside DE for the boot pass later. The aiming point for the RB is the inside foot of the TE to the call. and then will either go through the “C” gap or more likely around the TE block vs. a “3” technique with the Tackle blocking down. when the A gap is occupied with a “1 or shade” player. a 4/4 defense at the “3” technique – requires a great block by TE: OL scheme below is (Track by RT). 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Offense 2008 cont: 4/5 “Fold” – Combination of Stretch Edge concept with a fold call on the playside Guard or Center depending on the technique. Guard pulls vs. (Backside Cut/fold by RG & Center).” or “bounce” as daylight appears. the guard blocks down and the center folds. ST has the inside of the hole. The RB open step to the hole and then attack down hill with one gear left – reading the pulling OL. (QB must read DE) TB ST Z QB R RT RG C LG LT L (Track) (Cut/Fold) (Cut/Fold) (Base) (Home Run) An Wi WC T Mi Sa N Str Sti SC F Base Rt 5 fold vs. Away from the hole we will also fold backside around a “1/shade” technique nose. a 4/4 defense but to the “1” technique: TB ST Z QB R RT RG C LG LT L An Sti WC F T Mi N Sa Str Wi SC 8 . and thinking “bend. (“Home Run” by R and ST). (Play side Cut/Fold by LG and LT). and the pulling lineman has the level 2 Inside LBER. but really through the center’s original alignment. with the backside guard running at least to the play side “A” gap. a “3 and 7” technique front. We will use the level two offensive players (ST/H/Z) to block the level 2 edge to the outside linebacker.2008 Playbook updated April 29. most likely through the “B” gap while the Tackle and TE “stretch block” the edge. The QB opens at a 45 degree angle and hands the ball deep. (Base by L). But.” “blast. extending it early. but not pushing the RB wider. Base Rover 5 fold vs.

S. an odd defense (vs. a 4-4 look – at the “1” technique side. the Linebackers will be running hard to the edge – block them the way they are going – engage and do not come off him! “Dead” blockers for the pulling linemen – Stay low and cut if you have to. If he widens which almost all good players will do. or bounce and score around the edge. Do not run past any wrong color jersey – looking inside first! Generally. then run him hard wide and to the sideline! Fold blockers – must pull hard and sprint through gap wider than your partner. TB ST Z QB H RT RG C LG LT An Sti WC F T Mi N Sa Str Wi SC X Key Techniques: The playside TE or OT if he is the outside man on L. If he comes up field – which almost all good players will do – “stretch the edge” – 45 degree lead step and attack outside number to “stretch” defender.S. but we must stretch the edge and then gash the wall with our pullers! RB’s must have vision and control! Run hard at aiming point but with short choppy steps as you reach the feet of the OL. a double 4 technique which is slanting often): TB ST Z QB R RT RG C LG LT L An Sti WC F T Mi N Str Sa Wi SC Pro Right Soft Zip 5 Fold vs. If he allows the hook – go for the pin and bury him inside. and aim at his outside number if he is outside of you.O.. 2008 Offense cont: Offense 2008 cont: Base Rt 5 fold vs.2008 Playbook updated April 29. break hard backside and cut back across the grain. blast through the crease. you must seal your man inside. We will have normal splits. and then be definite. It is up to the puller to clear you and get up field after pulling around you. 9 .O. must attack the edge defender on the L.

S. Lover Hip 9 option: TB ST L QB R RT RG C LG LT T N Mi FS Str Wi WC Z Sa An Sti SC 10 . TB ST L QB R RT RG C LG LT T N Mi FS Str Wi WC Z Sa An Sti SC 8/9 “Sprint Option”: QB must let L get beyond the DE – Strike in example below – HE IS THE PITCH KEY – and then must pitch cleanly to TB. if for some reason the end flew up field wide toward the TB. as we will leave the end man on L.2008 Playbook updated April 29. TB runs option path for pitch.O. This is best if run at the “1/shade” technique. (R track block through or under Anchor/ “7” technique). 2008 Offense 2008 cont: 6/7 QB outside Zone: QB runs to the edge with ST leading off the edge. Lover Hip 7: OL scheme is (L “hip motion” and block edge – expect to widen Stri/Will). and the OL blocking outside Zone Rules (Reach. unblocked as the Pitch key – which means the LT will “rip under” Strike. and Run). We will combo inside and track/cut on the backside. (RG pull around Center’s cut block). (ST must attack “C” gap and look to “leak” through to Mike/Inside Lber). but there is no pitch! QB be ready to turn up at any time where crease occurs. OL must block 8/9 as a unique play. Rip. The QB would only keep the ball. (RT cut block). (LG Reach and Rip with LT – both Run him to Level 2 or if he widens – let LT run him to sideline and LG turn up). ST and L are assigned to the Pitch responsibility Defender (below it would be the Will/FS).

The RB should lateral step. (LT rip through and block Playside Lber). (LG “influence pull to 7 tech out). do not cut. then fan the DE). (L & R Home Run Strike/ “9” tech. then combo inside. this front the OL scheme would be (RT dead stab step inside. 10/11: Deep back “Power O” – ST/motion man blocks edge. slide and aim at the inside foot of the tackle and then blast through. Center backside dead step – but. Below vs. (RG & C “single” to Backside Lber). and the ST will “J” block the outside Linebacker/Corner). Rover 13: vs. The center and backside Tackle/H will “stab and fan protect as a “double dead block. (Playside G & T should “double” call to linebacker). OL techniques are as follows: (RT pulls shallow and kicks 1st man past the center). (RG power pull fold around Center – looking for the first available opening to lead through). QB should audible at “3” technique. wheel and pin DL backside). TB ST QB R RT RG C LG LT L (dead stab) (fold) (double) (Home run) Z An Sti SC T Mi FS N Wi Str Sa SC 12/13 Tackle Trap: This may be run at a “1” or “3” technique – and the playside guard will “influence pull” wide and block the end man on LOS. outside the TE. and we will fold the backside guard.O. TB ST Z QB R RT RG C LG LT L (pull & kick) (single) (influence) (home run) An Sti T Mi N Wi Str Sa SC 11 . Play side rules are to combo/cave down all inside players. Rover 11: vs. (L and R should “home run” combo the inside “7” technique – but always leave end man on LOS outside of you for ST – if there is no one on L. a Pirate 4/4 – trapping the “3” technique.S. a “Pirate” 4-4 look with a walked up Sam Lber. player). ST must chip for pulling RT. 2008 Offense cont: QB rules on Teens are to audible at the correct technique.2008 Playbook updated April 29. bend or bounce.

a Pirate 4/4 – trapping the “1” technique –vs. 2008 WC FS Offense 2008 cont: Lover Hip 13: vs. TB ST L QB R RT RG C LG LT An Sti Sa SC Mi FS T N Str Wi SC Z IF WE FACE DOUBLE ONES AND A GOALLINE 6 MAN LINE – WE SHOULD CHECK OUT OF 12/13 TO EITHER 10/11. go directly to LBer – vs.2008 Playbook updated April 29. then scoop under and block backside Lber – if NG is loose. Backside R should cut block a 6/7 technique or widen a 9. a loose 5 – block down on near inside Lber – expect him to run to the opposite side for 2 steps – take a flat angle. 12 . Playside guard – “influence pull” (show pull presnap – have left foot back and sit on haunches) to 1st man past the OT. a one tech – the hole is tighter. L goes in motion – past the DE and then blocks the Will – he will be running inside away from you – DO NOT HIT THE DE! RT pull shallow and trap the NG – he will be there quick! RG pick up right foot and set it down – invite DT upfield and block him wide – do not allow him to cross your face! Center show hands vs. a tight 5 or vs. Play side LT – show hands vs. a tight NG. double 1’s you will single to backside Lber with RG.

back at the “4” technique (RT “rip/base” . Tackle.: 14/15 “Counter Trap”: The backside guard will pull and kick out or log the 1st man past the far Off. a 4/4 defense at the “1” technique TB Z X QB R RT RG C LG LT L (base) (BS Lb) (pull) (dead cut) An Wi WC T Mi N Sa F Str Sti SC Twin Rt Slot Zipper: “14 counter” vs. a 3/5 defense . plant and then follows guard who is pulling and trapping. and TE will home run block out with the man in motion (ST on a slip below). crossover. or release under and inside if he flares wide. with a backside handoff “B” gap (for QB & RB steps are the same as 12/13 – but with a backside handoff and then follow pulling guard. The playside Tackle must release under any technique outside of him and must combo in a double or go to play side Lber. The play side tackle has the inside LBER. RB must hug hole vs. 2008 Offense 2008 cont. a 4/4 defense back at the “1” technique TB QB ST R RT RG C LG LT L (HR on will) (base) (Bs Lb) (pull) (dead cut) Z Wi SC An Mi T Sa N Str Sti WC F Deuce Rover Twin Rt 14 Ctr.2008 Playbook updated April 29. vs. TB X QB ST RT RG C LG LT H (Rip/base)(single) (pull) (dead) An T N Str Wi Sti Sa Mi FS ST SC WC 13 . Base Left Slot Slip 14 counter vs. The center and the playside guard will single block a “1” to the play side or he may have to dead block backside if the defense is in double “1’s” for the dead block puller. an “Odd” front.aim tight and block the 4 if he pinches. RB turn shoulders away from hole – slide.

Both may pull if there is a TE on the LOS to chip for them as shown below. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: 16/17 Counter Tre: Guard & Tackle double pull and kick out while the tackle blocks up and in or if he reads “log and around” by pulling guard. TB ST Y QB R RT RG C LG LT L Wi SC An Mi F T N Sa Str Sti WC 18/19 counter tre with backfield as 2nd puller: This looks very similar to 16/17. Everyone else follows 16/17 rules with the exception that the backside Tackle. a goal line front. and the playside tackle now must base a 4i. QB must then boot and read Backside DE for possible 26/27 boot pass. we must motion a man to help chip. Tank Jumbo Lt 16: vs. The difference for the QB and the RB is that the handoff is not backside. and then take a backside handoff from the QB – follow pulling tackle – up and in or if a log block occurs out and around. now blocks base if he has no TE next to him or he may dead block if he does have a TE for the pulling guard. RB must shuffle step laterally away from hole and throw shoulders wide. but is like on 12/13 exactly. a 5/3 front trapping the “7” technique. TB ST Z QB R RT RG C LG LT L Sa Sti SC An T Mi FS N Str Wi SC 14 . but with the same guard and then an ST/H as the 2nd puller. Playside rules are combo to backside Lber. Base Right 19: vs. TE must block outside Lber on or off LOS.O. ST must chip backside end man on LOS in front of pulling tackle. If more than one man is on or outside pulling tackle. Center must dead block backside and must call “down” if he has to go all the way to a backside 3/ “4i” technique – which tells guard he must block 0/ “shade” Noseguard.. We will trap the first man “C” gap or wider whichever is the end man on L.S.2008 Playbook updated April 29.

and backside blocks Hinge/Fan. or to bubble to Z in Tree. 2008 Offense cont: Play Action Passing Game: 20/21 = TE dump to seam route or go route on outside.2008 Playbook updated April 29. and the TB must fake and go hard to the backside just like on 12/13. The QB extends the ball toward the TB. TB ST X An Wi Mi WC FS Sa SC QB RT RG C LG LT H T N Str Sti Z Pro Left Strong 23: Faking 13 tackle trap – shorter levels route. See examples below: H rule is if he is ever in “heavy” he runs corner! Pro Left 20: vs. a 4/4 cover 3 defense TE must pop end man on L. Playside blocks “Big” as in 60/70. and the center and backside guard and tackle hinge step. TB ST X 2-3 yds QB RT RG C LG LT H An Wi Mi 9 yds Z T N Sa Str Sti SC WC FS 14 yds Offense cont: 15 . and if he is covered throw high wide outside to Z/X or bubble to TB as throw away. The ST must chip the DE before going out on the route. must pull like normal. Pass Protection Rules are ST in Playside A/B gap – he has inside Linebacker.O. QB must ride FB for 1 full count. before releasing on seam. and he fills in the backside “B” gap. Protection is that the normal pulling tackle (RT). and then immediately drift deep and throw high to low reading 14 yard comeback/ drag/arrow.S. The playside Guard must base. If the center has an “escort side” shade. and then drop 1 step – READ FS – backside seam to TE is first option. he should blind punch to help the guard before hinging.

ST TB X An Sti Sa WC 2 QB RT RG C LG LT H “Cup/Big” “Cup/Hinge” Z T Mi N Str Wi SC Stem at 12 yds. 2008 Play Action Passing Game: 24/25 deep motion pass: This involves faking 4/5 dive and then riding a deep motion fake while the Z (post) and X/H split out in “hide” (fade) run deep patterns. QB must give a great fake to man on deep motion – HEAD MUST TURN AND FOLLOW THE FAKE.2008 Playbook updated April 29. OL maintain strong playside “stone” cup! TB Z H ST An QB RT RG C LG LT “Big” “Hinge” X Wi T Sa N Mi Str 2 Sti WC FS SC Read FS – bend @ 12! 1 3 16 . a 4/4 front with loose cover 3. with one tight end on a 12 yard dig after he pops the DE to his side. Pro: Ace Lt (Hide Rt) Travel 24: vs.. THEN READ FS. Generally we will run this out of Ace in both pro and base personnel: Protection is 30 series with the ST/TB filling in the right B gap for Linebacker blitz. and the right side in “cup” big protection. QB reads high to low on FS with a throw deep to Z or 12 yards to dig TE. (12 yards) FS 3 1 Pro Right Heavy Stud Buzz 4-24 – H runs corner whenever in “Heavy” – ST now runs arrow whenever he is in stud/slot AFTER CHIPPING DE.

If QB breaks contain after fake – look to run – according to down and distance (8 yards or less be ready to run!). OL will reach rip and run 3 steps and then hinge deep. OL scheme is escort guard by normal pulling guard on 16/17 (shuffle pull). cover 3. Backside (bootside) Tackle and Center Double Dead and look for linebacker. H will run corner or a backside drag/over route. do not throw it! Run and get what you can. TE drag from hole side #.2008 Playbook updated April 29. but a great fake with the full head turn to the TB. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Play Action Passing Game: 26/27 Counter Pass: good goal line or 2 point pass play. Any wide receiver on backside runs a thin post/over deep. Fake is off of 16/17 counter tre with ST punching the outside number of DE as he goes to flat for normal arrow route (4 yard landmark on sideline). Post by hole side outside receiver. ST and any inside receiver to playside must protect RB who runs 6 steps at least with ball tucked away. 25 yard comeback – catch at 20 by outside receiver to side of the boot action. 4-4 def. must block DE who is rushing – the drag TE must punch the DE before running drag. Playside linemen double and pick up Linebacker blitz. RB after backside fake. QB gives token or no fake to ST. and then he must boot hard reading high to low. See below: Pro Right Early Zip 28: vs. The QB helps block backside and also to set up QB screen. 4/4 defense cover 3 TB Z (CHIP DE) ST QB H RT RG C LG LT X 17 . Pro left 27: vs. TB ST (escort) X 1 Wi QB RT RG C LG LT H T Mi Sa N Str Sti Z An WC 1 2 SC FS 28/29 Half Back pass: Normally only a 2 or 3 man pattern with the Play side outside receiver running a whip after chipping. before pulling ball up to throw: If 2 receivers are covered.

) (LG base NG). We can also add another lead blocker with Hammer/Hobo by H as well as Jumbo adding Y. OL below: (Rip through An and base Sting for RT). Pro Right Hoffa Hobo 41: vs. (base and turn out by LT). QB must reverse out and get ball deep to RB without pushing him wide to allow him to read the hole. The playside T/TE must base out and hold their block or better yet combo to the outside linebacker if possible.2008 Playbook updated April 29. and take him the way he wants to go). We will take the DL in the hole wherever he wishes to go. a 4/4 cover 3 defense. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Running Game: 40/41 Iso: This is the old fashioned FB Isolation on Inside Linebacker with double teams/combos on either side of the hole and a base block in the hole. (ST offset ½ man and lead through at Mike Lber – center him. This can be run at either the one or three technique. and is our most consistent play. (Base and turn out by RG). so the ST must look to read the Guard just as if he had the ball. TB ST H Z An Sti Sa SC FS Mi WC QB RT RG C LG LT (Rip) (Base) (Base) (Base) (Base) X Str Wi T N 18 . (Center base Sam. (H Hobo motion through B gap to Will Lber).

Line rules are to combo the one – base the two. We will normally run this at the “3” technique with a motion toward the wide side to draw even more attention there. The TB must run wide hard and show hands as if he is receiving the toss. an odd front team. However. or bend backside. The ST must pump his arms and sit in an offset position turning slightly outside. while the QB reverses out and throws his shoulders hard in toss sweep action. a 4/4 defense with a walked up Will linebacker on the weak side. and rip through on the backside. Generally the RB will cut it back to the combo block after a slight 1 count delay.2008 Playbook updated April 29. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Running Game: 42/43 ST delay: This play is a compliment to our outside zone and toss plays. but the linemen follow the 40/41 rules. and then burst through. TB ST Z QB R RT RG C LG LT L (RIP) (Rip) (Base) (Single) (Base) (Base) An Sti T Sa N Mi Str Wi SC FS WC 19 . while he watches the playside inside Linebacker. This works extremely well vs. Below is Base Right Zip 43 vs. We will base out on the playside and the RB must show patience before and after receiving the handoff. we can run it at the “1” technique and still double team and cut back.

The backside OL whether a tackle/TE must cave down the backside.2008 Playbook updated April 29. We will often motion toward the hole. This play is good against an odd front. The ST will block away. and slide through the backside C/D gap to provide the cutback lane for the Running back. a 5-3 front (Sting may walk up) (QB must read DE after handoff) TB ST Z An WC F QB R RT RG C LG LT L (Rch Base)(Single) (Rch Base) (homerun) T Wi N Mi Str Sti Sa (Sti) SC 20 . OL rules are playside step reach and base wide – run the man wide with an inside out step. The center and backside guard must combo to the backside linebacker. and wall block with the ST away from the hole. The RB’s rules are to aim at the outside foot of the guard. but only to influence the Defense. but do not move laterally as much – focus on 45 degree angles and keep the DL moving/ picking up Lbers as they appear. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Running Game: 44/45 Inside Zone: This is the true inside zone with one exception. RB should either blast through or bend back. but see the backside cutback – show patience! OL make it look like “reach/rip/run”. We will combo on the backside A/B gap. Base Rover 45: Vs. and can bounce if we get the edge blocked well.

2008 Playbook updated April 29. Rip. TE’s. and then eventually back against the grain). WR’s etc. However. and is the first play that all players must learn. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Running Game: 46/47 Outside Zone: This is the basis for our entire running game. so we will run him to the sideline. most good teams will force us to widen the level two linebacker/strong safety. and Run! We also reach and cut on the backside from the Center’s playside “A” gap back. blast or bounce. or This play is best if run at the “A” gap player! But we must make it work against every front! WE PROBABLY AIMED TOO WIDE BY THE END OF THE 2004 SEASON – 1 YARD WIDER THAN THE WIDEST MAN ON LOS ONLY! Base Right Hoffa Hip 47: vs. The linemen and RB’s. a 4/4 front with a Will linebacker walked up on Weak side. TB R Z Sti Sa WC FS Mi SC ST QB RT RG C LG LT L T N Str Wi An 21 . Your goal is to reach that point then either bend. who end up blocking the edge of the playside are attempting to rip through level one and then block level two and three. The RB’s aiming point is to open and point his toe at a 45 degree angle to the aiming point of 1 yard beyond the widest man on the line of scrimmage. The basic linemen rule is to Reach. (shuffle cut and gash vertically.

TB R Z Sti Sa WC FS Mi SC ST QB RT RG C LG RT L T N Str Wi An 22 . The running back should therefore shuffle. but not so wide. and with a slight hesitation by the Running back. but with the toss to the deep back. and pitch the ball quickly. This we must correct from last year! The toss should be caught at about the same spot it is handed off on outside zone. 2008 Offense cont: Running Game: 48/49 Toss sweep – outside zone: This is similar if not identical to 46/47. and the QB should reverse out. but not too wide to him. a 5-2 defense. and then be able to bounce outside after clearing him. to allow the RB to get vertical immediately underneath a wide linebacker blitzing.2008 Playbook updated April 29. See below: Base Rt Hoffa Hip 49: vs. that he cannot cut back. but the ball should arrive more quickly. so that the QB leads him wide.

2008 Offense 2008 cont: Play action Passing: 50/51 Iso Pass: This is often best out of a Power set like Base or even Jumbo. Jumbo Rt 50 solid: (The solid call tells the H to stay in and block): In this example. The linemen rules are to use “Cup” protection. The WR must make his decision at 8 yards and the QB will “throw him “open”. The QB must get a quick deep fake.2008 Playbook updated April 29. TB Y H An Sti Sa SC FS Mi WC ST X Wi QB RT RG C LG LT T N Str 23 . the ST blocks the A gap and the RB goes backside after the fake. then the Y blocks the edge. inside out as it is thrown from deep behind the center 6-7 yards. and is a 1 or 2 receiver pattern (both fades). If the play is run in Jumbo. The lead back blocks the edge and the fake back blocks the A gap blitz. and then turn his head and find the FS and throw to the open fade. the WR may convert to a Post if the FS leaves the middle of the field.

2008 Offense 2008 cont: Play Action Passing: 52/53: verticals. and then throwing the dump route. except that the motion man now runs bubble after faking on the sprint motion. The linemen rules are the same as in 20/21. and possibly also to the FB. although we will often set him up on a stud/slot. after faking to the motion man going past. much like 20/21.2008 Playbook updated April 29. and so are the receiver routes. Pro Left “Tulsa” Type 52: ST TB X An Wi Mi WC FS Sa SC QB RT RG C LG LT H T N Str Sti Z 24 . This is normally run as part of our speed motion game.

and break contain if he can. and should be taught first as part of the levels package. Plsd inside has Drag. If we only have one playside player. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Play Action Passing: 54/55 Boot Pass: This is our primary play action route. we will have no drag. then boot deep. OL rules are that the backside guard will reach one step toward the hole.2008 Playbook updated April 29. If the deeper throw is needed. look at the comeback 1st. and only a post. Know the down and distance! If you break contain and the 1st down yardage is 8 or less – run and make the 1st down. Pro Right 55 TB ST (escort) QB H RT RG C LG LT 1 Wi Mi WC 2 Z X An T N Str Sti Sa SC FS 1 2 After running the normal 54/55. and then turn and sprint backside to escort for the QB. we will then be ready to call “Thief” to the ST on the wheel backside. and also we can run a screen back to the TB 84/85. and the backside inside has whip. The rest of the linemen must Reach Rip and then deepen and set up a wall away from the boot. The ST will normally set up wider than normal. QB should open and sprint deep extending the ball in one hand. Rules are as Playside outside Post. he should set up and throw high to low. If not. If you get quick pressure throw the whip. Backside Outside has 25 yard comeback catch at 20. 25 .

The rest of the OL will reach and then pivot and set a backside wall. and then set up or throw on the run. Read the corner to drag with the wheel stop as a throw away. The playside outside receiver will run a skinny post move. and the TB must also block the edge. and then a deep corner. go past the TB. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Play Action Passing: 56/57: This is the playside stretch pass. and he will stop at 12-15 yards. The playside outside receiver will run a post corner and the backside will run a drag. We must secure the backside! The QB must extend the ball and run hard. We will only add a wheel stop route if we have a motion man going toward the play.2008 Playbook updated April 29. a 4/4 front – cover 3 (Float) TB ST X Wi Mi 3 QB RT RG C LG LT H An T Sa N Str Sti Z WC 2 SC FS 1 26 . The ST must offset wide and keep the edge solid. Pro Left Stud Zip 56: vs.

no outside receiver should ever be closer than 2 yards from the sideline. curl 62/72 = Out. As they approach the inside linebackers. and when to the short side. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: 30’s 30 = Slant Wheel 32 = hitch corner 33 = bubble screen 34 = 4 verticals 38 = seams. the right side player should sit down in a window. Ace Left Heavy 30: The patterns are 3 step slant by the outside receivers (in this case the X and Z. the up back will offset and take D gap blitzer (outside Lber) and the TB will block right side “B” gap/ “A” gap linebacker. 27 . Post. If we are in 2 back protection. should never cross the middle of the field. if he has not received the ball after reaching the near hash. and look to the wheel. which means the ST/TB will always block to the right from the playside linebacker to the outside linebacker. Adjust according to ball position. Tackle. go 67/77 = Corner. and no inside receiver should ever get closer than 2 yards from the Off. seam. 30 series is usually a balanced set such as “Ace” or Deuce and there is no backside – both sides “mirror”. Tackle. and the left side player should convert to a middle seam splitting both safeties. but giving ground grudgingly fanning opponents wide.2008 Playbook updated April 29. Go 65/75 = bend. The OL will use this rule – Right side will be “big on big”. digs Drop back and Sprint Out Passing: 60/70 60/70 = seam. and the outside receivers are on the top of the numbers. cover 2. Anchor points for the receivers if the ball is in the middle of the field are inside receivers are 4 yards from the Off. Players running slant. You should only throw the backside wheel if on the left or near hash! ST T X Wi QB RT RG C LG LT Z H Sti The 30 pattern is best against cover 2 or tight inside linebackers. seam. fade 61/71 = Arrow. bubble. The wheel should go behind the outside receiver and the wheel route should set down at 12-15 yards vs. QB should hit the slant on the third step or pump the slant. The center will always go left and set a tough hinge with the backside guard and tackle (also the backside TE if we add him to the protection with the word “solid”). and a Wheel route by the inside receivers (in this case the H and T). Out 30 series pass protection is “cup”. the outside receiver if ball is on opposite hash should never be tighter than his hash. denying the inside rush. deep whip. On the wide side.

We can add a trips component and the middle receiver would then run a seam “wall” to hold the free safety. if the corner bites on the hitch. pump at the hitch. but always still outside of him. he converts to a skinny post. 28 . The first read is always the hitch.2008 Playbook updated April 29. cover 3. TB Z R Sti ST QB RT RG C LG LT Mi Wi L SC FS WC Here the ST should read the FS. and we look to throw the big ball over the top. “Stud” 32: The ST runs a seam Wall to hold FS. and the QB may need to “throw” you open by sending the ball more horizontal. 32 is excellent vs. and is a good 3rd and 5 play. a 5 – 3 cover 3 defense. If he stays deep middle. “Hide” Left. the ST can convert to a dig under the drop of the FS. and throw the corner route on the 3 receiver side. then break to the deep corner (back corner of the end zone). 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Drop back and Sprint Out Passing: 32 “smash” route – Hitch at 8 yards (catch at 6) COMING BACK TO THE OUTSIDE AND EXPECT THE BALL AS SOON AS YOU PLANT! The seam corner is run by inside receivers. See options below: Deuce both heavy 32: vs. The stem of the corner is at 12 yards. TB Z R Sti QB RT RG C LG LT Mi X L Wi SC FS WC Base Right Heavy Right. and if he runs to the deep corner. If we need a deep ball. to keep him from helping the corner.

a 5 -3 defense with a tight linebacker. without the ball crossing the LOS. THEY MUST COMMUNICATE TO EACH OTHER. middle receiver. and DB to the throw. The Z must sprint straight at the WC. and the two receivers must stalk or “X” block the outside linebackers. The QB must lead the X toward the LOS. X H Z TB An QB RT RG C LG LT ST (cut) (cut) T Mi FS N Str Wi SC Sti Sa WC H must shield the Sting from the X and cannot allow the Sting to cross his face. allowing him to begin to bubble before the snap and then throw wide and a line drive to allow the catch behind the LOS. tight cover 3 defender. he must stalk the center of the WC. QB must let ST’s motion go past the R by at least 2 yds. TB Z R An Sti Mi WC FS QB ST RT RG C LG LT L (cut) (cut) T N Str Wi SC This pass will set up our 90/91 draw both to the RB and by the QB (90/91 Q). 29 . AND WHEN IN DOUBT – STALK. thus we “X” block.2008 Playbook updated April 29. and throwing him open into the middle of the two blockers. The tackles. and then when he arrives. Base Right Heavy Right: Slot Slip 33. so we will “stalk” the outside linebacker. must “cut” their wide DL defender. The receiver should catch the ball with his shoulders upfield and attack the contain defender. Trips Right “Tight” 33: vs. vs. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Drop back and Sprint Out Passing: 33 is our bubble screen to 1 step and throw to a player already to a trips side (middle receiver) or more often the motion man running to a 2 receiver set.

If he drops. look to hit the backside dig or playside dig. Vs. TB Z R Sti ST QB RT RG C LG LT Mi Wi L SC FS WC This is the best deep pass we throw. “Hide” Left. then throw deep outside to Z or L. Cover 2 the left inside may convert to dig at 16 yds. 30 . throw the ball quickly to the ST before he gets a depth of more than 18 yards. The outside receivers are to run a 14 yard dig – BUT MUST NOT CROSS THE HASH! Base Right “Heavy Right”. 38 is the compliment to 34. and on a line to prevent the corner from breaking in front of the ball. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Drop back and Sprint Out Passing: Base Right Heavy Right. “Stud Slip” 38: The ST now runs a seam on the backside hash. by leading him into the hole behind the Lbers. “Stud Slip” 34: The ST now runs a seam on the backside hash. Note the dig this year is a 12 yd go/ then a 2 step post/dig TB Z R Sti ST QB RT RG C LG LT Mi Wi L SC FS WC On 38 if the FS is still a factor on the seams. If you have a question about the FS. and the QB should pre-snap read the FS – and look him off. “Hide” Left. and “throw him open”.2008 Playbook updated April 29. We can still throw the seams if they are open.

61: pass is a 3 receiver pattern: inside runs arrow. outside runs post curl. TB X Z H An Sti Mi (8 yds) QB RT RG C LG LT ST T Sa N Str Wi SC FS WC The QB should read the flat defender. The middle receiver runs an 8 yard whip.2008 Playbook updated April 29. and throw the whip behind him. TB Z R An Sti (8 yds) ST QB RT RG C LG LT L T Mi Sa N Str Wi SC WC (12-16yds) FS On 60. or then look post curl. look to throw the deep outside pass or possibly the drag man after he clears the inside linebackers. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Drop back and Sprint Out Passing: 60 series pass protection is a shuffle “big” protection. and immediately throw the arrow. Know the down and distance. The backside rule is if you are more than 10 yards from the ball. if the arrow is not immediately open. The two inside receivers should align in a tandem and the middle man “picks” for the arrow as he goes out. The outside receiver has a fade. The QB should read the flat coverage man. run a diagonal and then a dig to the windows at a depth of 10 yards. The arrow is a good 1st & 10 throw. Base Right Heavy Stud 60 pass is a three receiver pattern. Below is Trips Right 61. middle runs seam read. and throw post curl if we need 10 plus yards. If he drops deeper than normal. The inside receiver has a seam. and a soft hinge. by dropping the ball in (a level 2 pass) into the “hole”. The RB will fill in the “B” gap and then will help the play side guard unless an outside backer comes (our playside tackle will call “super” if we see it in time). 31 . If you are a tighter receiver less than 10 yards from the ball you run vertical 7 yards and then drag across the field going under or behind linebackers depending on their drops.

2008 Playbook updated April 29. and if we get him on our inside shoulder. and then a go route on the outside instead of post curl. but with a 5 yard out route instead of arrow. but if the flat defender plays the out then drop the wheel stop in behind it. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Drop back and Sprint Out Passing: 62 is similar to 61. If in doubt. The middle receiver runs a wheel “stop” at 12-16 yards. Go deep only if the deep corner is lazy. look to throw the go/fade on the outside. The rules are that the inside receiver runs a 5 yard out just as in 62/72. Trips Rt 62 TB X Z H An Sti Mi WC FS Sa QB RT RG C LG LT ST T N Str Wi SC QB should read the flat defender again. throw the out as the inside receiver goes behind the pick. If the out is open throw it on time. The ST should run a check down route to the backside – sneak B gap then break back away from the trips. The outside receiver runs a corner route and must get deep! The QB should read the flat defender. 63/73 is a medium to long range trips pattern. get the ball to him quickly. Tree Lt 73 Tree Rt 63 ST X QB RT RG C LG LT H Z TB TB Z ST QB H RT RG C LG LT X 1 1 32 .

TB X Z H An Sti Mi (8 yds) QB RT RG C LG LT ST T Sa N Str Wi SC FS WC 66/76 is the one pattern right now away from the 3 receiver side. The WR has the choice of (hard slant – especially goal line – “Shirt”) (Out – 12 yards vs. and then lean inside.2008 Playbook updated April 29. before bursting a speed out cut to the “hole” behind the flat defender. The three receivers run “bend. The bend is run with an 8 yard stem. When in doubt. press coverage) with crossing routes from the 3 receiver side (inside – hard drag) (middle – deep far pylon on numbers) (secondary drag along feet of OL – to depth of 2 yards) Trips Left Split 66 TB X Z ST An Sti Mi (8 yds) QB RT RG C LG LT T Sa N Str X Z H Wi SC FS WC 33 . throw to the deep fade. The bubble goes as deep as 6 yards and does not cross the LOS. deep coverage – “hands behind back”) or (Fade – Facemask vs. bubble. if the bend is covered. go”. and the ball should go to him. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Drop back and Sprint Out Passing: 65/75 is our other long yardage pattern.

2008 Playbook updated April 29. 2008 34 .

if the FS starts to widen presnap and jumps the roll side patterns. and then the backside pattern must be a dig only! The pattern on the playside is a 12 yard out by the outside receiver and a deep corner by the inside receiver. and then be prepared to throw the backside switch (almost always to the Z on the seam). with a backside switch pattern (outside man runs inside seam. a 4/4 cover 3 front. ST TB X QB RT RG C LG LT An Sti Mi WC 12 yds. Z H Str Wi T Sa N (SC) FS SC On 67 – QB reads the flat defender and should always be ready to throw the 12 yard out on time when he plants. (Pro Personnel): Ace Left Heavy Zip 67: vs. 35 . If there is a middle receiver he runs a post read under the FS. If the FS stays too deep. or over the top on a skinny post. plant and throw to the post by the middle receiver. ST TB X QB RT RG C LG LT An Sti Mi WC 12 yds. (Pro Personnel): Ace Left Heavy 67 (backside switch): vs. the post can be hit under the FS. We can also run it out of trips. The QB throws the corner route if the defensive corner sits on the out.2008 Playbook updated April 29. 2008 Offense 2008 cont: Drop back and Sprint Out Passing: 67/77 can be a balanced or 2 receiver pattern. inside man runs wheel). On cover 3. a 4/4 cover 3 front. Z H Str Wi T Sa N SC FS Here on 67 with 2 receivers backside. and now the QB should look the FS off. Playside is the same. if it is a 2 receiver backside alignment. if the FS jumps wide.

2008 36 .2008 Playbook updated April 29.

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