PC-BSD: An Easy to Use BSD Desktop

Dru Lavigne Community Manager, PC-BSD Project SCALE 2011

This presentation will cover...
How PC-BSD differs from FreeBSD How PC-BSD differs from Linux Current features New features in the upcoming 9.0 release Changes to the PBI format How you can help

How does PC-BSD differ from FreeBSD? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words:

flash are pre-configured so you can immediately start using the system Provides GUI applications to perform common tasks which are specific to BSD (i.How PC-BSD differs from FreeBSD Graphical installer that supports GPT. java. encryption. network. sound. and a live mode for testing hardware Desktop. ZFS.e. video. not provided by desktop environment such as KDE) .

g. Handbook.But. current release is 8.3 Anything you can do in FreeBSD.g. you can do in PC-BSD FreeBSD resources (e. FAQs) are still an excellent source of information Many settings that you have to configure manually in FreeBSD "just work" in PCBSD ● ● ● . it is still FreeBSD "under the hood" ● Uses same version numbers e.

KDE for Default Desktop ● Intuitive for new users Provides hundreds of GUI applications Supports desktop effects Very customizable ● ● ● .

XFCE.But what if I can't stand KDE? Fluxbox is pre-configured and integrated into PC-BSD's utilities should you need a lighter weight desktop PBIs are available for GNOME. and Enlightenment 188 window managers are available as FreeBSD ports/packages PC-BSD 9 will allow you to select desktop(s) during installation .

expected paths. user management. and printing) Designed to understand BSD device names.PC-BSD GUI Applications PC-BSD provides graphical utilities to manage common configuration tasks (e. networking. firewall settings. etc. Graphical utilities for functions unique to FreeBSD such as jail(8) management and geli(8) disk encryption .g.

org/browser/pcbsd/branches/8.conf(5) settings ● ● Can browse all customizations at trac.conf(5) settings rc.pcbsd.Tweaked for Desktop Usage ● Customized kernel sysctl(8) and loader.1 .

g. UFS+S. -l instead of --list) System startup: no run levels .g. UFS+J. ath0 or em0 instead of eth0 Some commands: e. ZFS Device names: e.How PC-BSD differs from Linux Filesystems: UFS. kldload instead of insmod Switches: BSD instead of GNU (e.g.

How PC-BSD differs from Linux Yet. much is similar: Many of the apps that run on Linux also run on PC-BSD (either through a port or Linux emulation) Both support Xorg (though GEM and KMS are a work in progress) .

Current Features .

Software/Update Manager Uses PBI (Push Button Installer) system Recommended method for installing software on PC-BSD Even novice users can easily and safely find. uninstall. and upgrade software Provides a software browser for finding applications--simply click Download button in application's description . install.



for both software and the operating system OS updates include link to security advisory description .Software/Update Manager Automatically detects platform and version and installs correct PBI Installed software is listed User automatically notified when new versions are available.



see: http://en.org/wiki/FreeBSD_jail .wikipedia.Ports Jail Allows advanced users to safely use FreeBSD ports and packages without affecting the software installed with the operating system For more information about jails.

an AMP stack .wit files) which are pre-configured server environments e.Warden GUI that allows advanced users to easily create.wdn file) Makes it easy to create and install inmates (.g. and delete FreeBSD jails Makes it easy to clone a jail (save as . manage.


openbsd.org/faq/pf/ May be replaced by fwbuilder in 9.0 .Firewall Manager GUI for starting and stopping the firewall and adding. modifying firewall rules Designed for pf http://www. deleting.



wireless. PPP/PPPoE) Auto-detects interfaces Allows creation of wireless profiles Shows interface stats and IP addressing info for active interfaces .Network Manager GUI to view and configure network interfaces (Ethernet.



System Manager GUI to view system info and generate a diagnostic report Kernel tab used to set boot delay Tasks tab used to install src or ports tree Misc tab used to customize boot splash screen .


Printer Manager GUI to configure and manage printers Auto-detects connected printers as well as printers shared over a network Auto-detects correct driver for the printer Provides print job management .


User Manager GUI to manage user accounts Simple view shows users only. Advanced view also shows system accounts Can be used to change root or users' passwords Can change user's home directory or shell Easy to add/remove users from groups .


Life Preserver GUI to backup entire system to a remote system using rsync and SSH Provides scheduler to automate backups and determine how many backups to keep Installation utility allows you to restore a system from a specified Life Preserver backup .



PBI Builder Command line tool for converting an existing FreeBSD package into a PBI Can be as simple as modifying a few variables to indicate the program's name and location in KDE menu Provides variables for advanced configuration Creates clean build sandbox for each PBI .

pc-sysinstall ● Scriptable backend to GUI installer Allows for the creation of custom and automated installations ● Examples of custom configurations can be found in /PCBSD/pc-sysinstall/examples .

0 .Plans for 9.

org/index.0_TODO .pcbsd.0 Uncouple PC-BSD utilities from KDE so they can integrate into any window manager Allow the selection of more window managers during installation Early days yet. we're open to features users find useful (due out in summer 2011) http://wiki.php/ PC-BSD_9.Plans for 9.

pcbsd.0 Overhaul the PBI structure to include incremental PBIs (download just the change instead of the whole PBI) http://wiki.Plans for 9.php/PBI9_Format Overhaul the PC-BSD Users Handbook and include an off-line version with the release Provide translations of documentation resources .org/index.

Changes to PBI Format .

g. pbi_info.e.New PBI Format Provide command line tools with names and features familiar to FreeBSD users (e. pbi_add. PBIs are no longer entirely self-contained) Can be used with any (or no) window manager and on FreeBSD systems as well . pbi_delete) Added digital signature verification and intelligent library sharing (i.

php/PC-BSD_9_Handbook . pbi_addrepo.x format New format will be documented at http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.sh utility can be used to convert existing PBIs to 9.New PBI Format pbi_makerepo. and pbi_deleterepo allow user to create custom software repositories pbi_listrepo allows user to prioritize repos or specify a repo to use with pbi_add convertoldmod.

How you can Help .

IRC ● ● .Community PC-BSD is designed for users and takes user feedback seriously Many opportunities for user involvement: ● Localization and translations PBI requestors. creators and testers Assisting others on forums.

pcbsd.org/index.php/Tasks_Looking_for_People .Community ● ● ● Write or proof read documentation Become a beta tester Details can be found at: http://wiki.org/index.pcbsd.php/Supporting_PC-BSD and http://wiki.

Additional Resources .

php/ PC-BSD_FAQS .org/index.pcbsd.php/ PC-BSD_Users_Handbook PC-BSD FAQs: http://wiki.Additional Resources PC-BSD Website: http://www.pcbsd.org/index.org PC-BSD Users Handbook: http://wiki.pcbsd.

org #pcbsd PC-BSD on Freenode IRC: PC-BSD Forums: http://forums.pcbsd.pcbsd.Additional Resources Official Blog: http://blog.pcbsd.org/mailman/listinfo .org PC-BSD Mailing Lists: http://lists.

com/home.php?gid=4210443834 LinkedIn Group: http://www.com/groups? mostPopular=&gid=1942544 Definitive Guide to PC-BSD (Apress) .facebook.linkedin.Additional Resources Facebook Group: http://www.php? #!/group.

Questions? dru@freebsd.org URL to slides: http://www.net/ dlavigne/scale9x_sun .slideshare.

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