Euthanasia (Good Death)

It is basically ending your life and making as painless as possible by taking drugs or by any act.

History of Euthanasia
“I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel”
About 400B.C-The Hippocratic Oath (By Father of Medicine)

. This program was soon extended to older children and adults. In 1995. In 1939 the Nazis made a program called Action T4 in which they killed children under three who had mental and physical problems. Australia legalized euthanasia but was overturned in 1997.History of Euthanasia In the 1300’s it became an illegal act to commit any type of suicide.

Types of Euthanasia  Active Euthanasia  Passive    Euthanasia Voluntary Euthanasia Involuntary Euthanasia Non Voluntary Euthanasia .

deliberately do something that causes the patient to die. or another person. . Active euthanasia occurs when the medical professionals.Active - involves killing a patient “Active euthanasia” refers to the implementation of measures to shorten life because of actual or presumed wish of a person.

Don’t give life-extending drugs.  Disconnect a feeding tube. “Do not Resuscitate” . Don’t carry out a life-extending operation.Passive - involves letting a patient die “Passive euthanasia” refers to the withdrawing medical treatment with the deliberate intention of causing the patient's death.  Switch off life-support machines.

involves killing person who expressed a desire for this. or life support machines to be switched off. Asking for medical treatment to be stopped. . Refusing burdensome medical treatment.Voluntary . “Voluntary euthanasia” refers to the killing or letting die a competent person who has expressed a desire for this. Refusing to eat. Simply deciding to die. asking for help with dying.

.involves killing person without the patient’s knowledge "Involuntary euthanasia" is when a patient's life is ended without the patient's knowledge and consent.In Voluntary .

Non Voluntary involves those cases in which the individual cannot make an expressed choice at all “Non voluntary is some what ambiguous. It refers to chose cases in which the patient is unable to express his pain or suffering.” .

Circumstances and a duty to die Is it any body’s duty to die? Consider Captain Oates. and was never seen again. they would all perish. walked out into a raging blizzard. Oates become too ill to continue. If the rest of the team stayed with him. Oates left his tent one night. a member of Admiral Scotts’s expedition to the south pole. After this had become clear. .

A burden to your loved ones? .

A burden to your loved ones? .

. a man smothered his brother after he gave him a drug overdoes but left the court free of any charge.Examples of Euthanasia A doctor in the United Kingdom called Dr. In Scotland. Euthanasia is illegal in the United Kingdom. Nigel Cox attempted euthanasia but was caught and was given a 12 month sentence.

.Differing Views – “Sanctity of Life” Human life is sacred A life is a gift from GOD and therefore can be ended by human hand without violating GOD law.

Patients should have right to “die with dignity” Individuals have the right to decide about their lives and deaths .Differing Views – “Right To Die” Patients may be suffering unbearable pain (physical or mental) which euthanasia can relieve them from.

“Right to Die” (ctd.) People should not be forced to stay alive Death postponement against patient’s will is contrary to law and practice .

or spontaneous remission. a new cure. We cannot be sure consent is voluntary .Differing Views – “Right to Life” Euthanasia would not only be for people who are "terminally ill" Possibility of mistaken diagnosis.

there is still life. and Euthanasia completely contradicts this. and who knows? Maybe the future will bring the cure? . there is hope". feeding them. Their approach is "Where there is life. breathing for them.Doctor’s Views They always assist patients in prolonging their lives. who has 20 tubes stuck in them. Even a person.

Euthanasia may be illegal but it’s not unpopular! Euthanasia is illegal in:Canada India Israel Russia United Kingdom Australia Japan Pakistan Euthanasia is legal in:Netherlands since2001 Belgium since 2002 .

public attitudes are largely sympathetic to Euthanasia. people are traveling to countries which permit euthanasia so they can end their life! .The law doesn’t allow it but people want it Euthanasia is illegal in almost all of the world. In fact.

Here is an Asia chart: Overall. those countries which are dead against euthanasia are often so because of religious reasons. .

do you think doctors should be allowed by law to end the patients life by some painless means if the patient and his family agrees? .Agreement With Euthanasia When a person has a disease that cannot be cured.

Applying an ethical theory Pro-euthanasia viewpoints Rights of individual are paramount Right to choose Right to die Right to privacy Right of self-determination .

Role of Religion Most religions oppose active euthanasia but accept it in extreme situations. Catholic medical ethics “When inevitable death is imminent it is permitted in conscience to take the decision to refuse forms of treatment that would only secure a precarious and burdensome prolongation of life.” . so long as the normal care due to a sick person in similar cases is not interrupted.

and relief from pain until death. drink. non-voluntary and Involuntary are not permissible under any circumstances. Passive euthanasia: Patient should be provided with food. nursing. .Islamic Point of View Active Euthanasia: voluntary.

. •These services should be available both in hospital and private homes.What conclusions can we draw? • Palliative care services should be well established. • Nurses and Doctors must have been trained in the best standards of care for the dying persons. for as long as possible. to enable the person to be treated humanely in the place he or she would prefer.

•Any society which legislated for killing the sick rather than making every effort for their good care would be selfcondemned for its inhumanity. so that no-one will feel the need to ask to be killed. •It is outrageous to propose the elimination of the person in distress in preference to the elimination of distress in the person. .What conclusions can we draw? •What is needed is better care for all.

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