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Working Principles: 1) Agitated Thin Film Evaporators
The Agitated Thin Film Evaporator consists of two major assemblies: a jacketed shell precision machined from the inside and a rotor assembly that revolves at high speeds while closely fitting the shell. The feed enters the shell tangentially and gets spread along the periphery by the distributor. The rotor blade tips move with a close clearance with the wall and spread the feed evenly on the heated surface into a thin film and further agitate it. The heating medium in the jacket supplies the necessary heat for evaporating the volatile component of the feed. The vapor flows counter current to the film and gets cleared in the entrainment separator before leaving through the vapor nozzle. The concentrated product leaves the evaporator bottom through the concentrate nozzle.

2) Short Path Distillation Units

The hinged rotor blades keep the film under intense agitation preventing any scale formation. However.The Short Path Distillation Unit (SPDU) works on the same principle as the Agitated Thin Film Evaporator. The product travels down the heated surface in a very short time while generating vapors.Vertical In a vertical dryer. the rotor blades are hinged. paste. This short vapor path eliminates pressure drop. 3) Agitated Thin Film Dryer.Horizontal . wet powder and finally powder of the desired dryness. The distilled product and the balance bottoms are taken out though separate outlets. The powder gets collected in a powder receiver at the bottom. The rollers on the rotor cage gently agitate the film. The vapors flow countercurrent to the film. 4) Agitated Thin Film Dryer. The feed progressively passes through different phases like liquid. in the SPDU. The feed enters above the distributor and gets spread into a thin film on the inside surface of the shell. The feed enters the shell tangentially and gets spread along the inside surface of the shell into a thin film. This vapors flow across the rotor and condense in the internally mounted condenser. slurry. the rotor cage assembly houses an internal condenser.

5) Combination Dryer A combination of vertical and horizontal dryer produces best results when the feed is dilute and a dry powder is required as an end result. The fixed clearance rotor with screw elements prevent scale formation and convey the material from the feed end to the powder discharge end in a continuous fashion. filtration or centrifugation. Use of falling film evaporator & agitated thin film evaporator as reboiler improves quality & yields while processing heat sensitive products. paste or wet powder.eliminating several processing stages like crystallization.Horizontal orientation is required when the feed is in the form of a thick slurry. 6) Rising Film Evaporator Separation of heat sensitive products with close boiling points is possible using structured packing exhibiting higher efficiency & lower pressure drop. 7) Falling Film Evaporator .

The axial flow pump re-circulating the material keeps the velocities of the fluid in the calandria high and scaling and fouling are minimized. there is hydrostatic head acting on the fluid. Concentrated liquid leaves from the bottom of calandria whereas vapor goes to the separator. Juga. 8) Evaporator Sirkulasi Paksa Dalam evaporator sirkulasi paksa. which is in contact with the heat transfer surface in the calandria thus raising its boiling point and preventing the formation of vapor in the tubes. yang bersentuhan dengan permukaan perpindahan panas di calandria dengan demikian meningkatkan titik didih dan mencegah pembentukan uap di tabung. 9) Liquid-Liquid Extractor . ada kepala hidrostatik yang bekerja pada fluida.A Falling Film Evaporator consists of a calandria and separator. As the liquid film flows down. Also. Aliran aksial pompa sirkulasi ulang material menjaga kecepatan cairan di calandria tinggi dan scaling dan fouling diminimalkan. Feed is fed from the top of the calandria. heating is given from the shell side and hence evaporation takes place inside the tubes. the feed material is introduced into the loop consisting of the calandria connected to the separator and axial flow pump. Vapor leaves from the top of the separator. bahan pakan diperkenalkan ke dalam lingkaran terdiri dari calandria terhubung ke pemisah dan pompa aliran aksial. which flows down the walls of the tubes as a film. In a forced circulation evaporator.

Techno Force Solutions. Each section is provided with an agitator for mixing. The extraction of the desired component takes place in the mixing zone where the agitator promotes uniform droplet formation and dispersion. The counter current flow is achieved by introducing the heavy phase at the top and the light phase at the bottom of the column. One of the phases in continuous and the other phase is dispersed. The repeated mixing and settling at each stage creates and extraction capability that is equivalent of several washings in a batch kettle. home | about us | products | technology | certification | feedback | site map | contact us 2005. All Rights Reserved . they are subjected to repeated mixing and settling at each stage.The continuous liquid-liquid extractor (Asymmetrical Rotating Disc Contactor) consists of a vertical stack of mixer/settler stages. The downstream use of continuous evaporators and recovery units substantially reduces the solvents loss and operating costs. As the two phases pass in the opposite directions. The settling zone is protected from agitation.

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