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The Liturgy of the Hours

The Liturgy of the Hours has many other names including the Daily Office, Daily Prayer, and the Prayer of the Church. It is the ancient Christian tradition of regular prayer - centred on Morning and Evening Prayer (Lauds, and Vespers). There are other, shorter periods of prayer traditionally throughout the day: prime, terce, sext, none, compline, matins. The heart of the tradition is the praying of the psalms, biblical canticles, and the reading from the Bible, as well as thanksgiving and intercession. Whilst there is still division over the Eucharist between the different Christian denominations, in the tradition of the Liturgy of the Hours is a custom of services that all Christians can share in. Primarily it is using the Bible as prayer. The Liturgy of the Hours has commonly been associated with monks, nuns, and priests. But that is not how it originated. It started off as the regular prayer of devout Christians - born out of the Jewish daily prayer previously. Clearly monks and nuns at least did what all pious Christians did - and increased its capacity. Clergy prayed this prayer of the church in the name of the church. The Liturgy of the Hours is an area on a website which intends to provide reviews, resources, and also point to the best material on the internet to help people pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Bosco Peters If you have a website, parish site, or blog – please consider placing a link to titled “Liturgy of the Hours” Let me know at liturgy[dot]co[dot] and I will link back.