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The ECP information on the exam 120 minute duration predominantly the modules post-respiratory The MBBS GUide: Linked from the Year 1 Community Blackboard site. Exams and assessment information End of semester written exam details: 120 minute exam plus 10 minute perusal 120 marks consisting of 60 MCQs 60 SAQ and extended match questions (EMQs) a sample paper will be available COmmon MIstakes: Exam writing technique writiing wordy answers when the question asked for a list (wastes your time and the markers time) writing more answers than requested e.g. writing 6 responses when the question asked for 4. the last 2 responses dont count, even if they are right and earlier ones were wrong writing too much information and negating a perviously correct answer. know when to stop! got answer right, then further and wrong knot knowing the difference between signs, symptoms and investigations. or between a presentation and a pathology nding. presentation patient comes in with sign is something medical staff sees symptom is more subjective reported by patient Other mistakes forgetting to bring pens and pencils not lling out MCQ response sheet correctly not leaving sufcient time for transferring answers to response sheet spending more than 1 minute per mark not writing name where requested (exam papers are separated for marking) Practical Examinations for MEDI1011 MEDI101 is a systems-based course All will be examined cardiovascular system etc. Practical based exam 25% weight 90 minute organised by SBMS See ECP for more information

Disciplines gross anatomy histology microbiology, physiology, living anatomy, radiographic anatomy Gross Anatomy Practical Examination Spotter test or muscial chairs based on all practical sessions 40 stations (2 questions per station) a. identication b. another identication OR question related to a. e.g. nerve supply, blood supply, action etc. 45 seconds per station HIstology Practical Examination Based on all histology resources all topics are examinable 30 A type multiple CQ in 30 minutes Presentation of Questions Plan A (until this week): Computer based on individual monitors so each student can complete examination at their own pace. Plan B: Questions presented via data projector and monitors using PowerPoint so all questions are pre-timed (all MCQs presented twice; initially all 30 questions presented for 45 secs each, then review presentation, 15 secs each)

Image-Based Examination 30 A-Type Multiple choice questions (MCQs) in 30 minutes questions presented via data projector on screen in lecture theatre, using power point. all questions are pre-timed (all MCQs presented twice; initially all 30 questions for 45secs, then 15 secs) 2 options point to something what is X? 5 points, which one is X Otto Hirschfeld Building St Lucia Campus #81 Histology Laboratory Level 3 #81-210 Gross Anatomy Facility Level 2 #81-214 Lecture Theatre Level 2 Prac Exam Groups Session 1 (2 hours) (St Lucia and Ipswich) Groups 1a, 1b and 1c approx 1 hour break Session 2 (2 hrs: St Lucia only) groups 2a, 2b, 2c There will be supplementary examinations in MEDI1011 18th to 20th July, 2012 No individual questions will be answered after this presentation.