The movie begins, William Wallace is a child, watching his father and older brother leaving to attend the peace meeting King Edward Longshanks offered to the Scottish nobles. As they find out all the nobles were hanged before Williams father and brother even got there, they start to prepare for a battle. When the rest of the men return, William finds out his father and brother were killed. William then leaves with his uncle to be raised. Now as an adult, William returns to the highlands and his old home to farm and raise a family. When his wife is murdered by an English lord, he quickly decides to take his vengeance by rallying his fellow countrymen and seizing control of the area. But it doesn't stop then, as other clans come to join him in ridding Scotland of their tyrant. When the English send an army to dispense the rebels, William and his men are ready. He joins with the Scottish nobles and has a swift and clean victory. Now that William has defeated the English on his own ground, he will invade theirs. Men are still flocking to him in an attempt to get at the English, and so he attacks the city of York. Meanwhile Longshanks is in France trying to broaden his empire that will someday be his son's, if he is fit for it or not. When Longshanks returns, only to find out that York has been sacked and his nephews head sent as a present, does he realize that William Wallace is a real problem. In the heat of battle, as William is signaling to the nobles for support, they turn their backs on him. Longshanks had paid them off with gold and land, with the expense of the massacre of the rest of Williams men. As William is in pursuit of Longshanks, to finish the job himself, a different rider turns back to stop him. Only when William has the knife on the mans throat does he realize who he is, Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland. Who has betrayed William with the other nobles. Later, after William recovered from his arrow wound and the even deeper wound of betrayal, does he decide to act. If the nobles will not rally and protect their own countrymen then William will kill them one by one. When Robert The Bruce asks for an audience with William, it's the only chance he has to get the nobles to rally with him. Unfortunately the nobles betrayed him once again, and handed him over to King Edward Longshanks. William is trialed and is sentenced to death for treason. Only after he is quartered and his limbs sent to the four corners of England, the King of Scotland, Robert The bruce decides to act. Shortly after, the Scottish finally win their freedom from England. And all remember the one who made it possible, William Wallace.

Viranita Julianti (34) XI IPA 4

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