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ZBrush Character Sculpting Volume 1

Beginner’s guide to Digital paining in Photoshop

Digital Art Masters Volume 6


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ZBrush has quickly become an integral part of the 3D modeling industry. ZBrush Character Sculpting: Volume 1 examines the tools on offer in this ground-breaking software, as well as presenting complete projects and discussing how ZSpheres make a great starting point for modeling. This book offers a great gallery of work from today’s best artists and an insightful look into the creature and character design process. It provides a helpful breakdown written by various artists, explaining the steps they took to create truly unique and eye-catching designs. Aaron Sims
ISBN – 978-0-9551530-8-2 | Softback / Slipcase – 220mm x 297mm | 240 full color premium paper pages | £29.99 / $49.99

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he above quote was a question I posted on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus for all the followers of Ceiga to respond to, and their answers are what lead to the content of this issue. Thank you guys. So if you haven’t guessed it already this issue focuses on the top 10 things modelled in 3D. Each section has 10 pages dedicated to it with 9 images resulting in 90 different images altogether, that’s a first for us,(and probably the last). This issue includes everything

‘Escape Studios’ says you shouldn’t put in your showreel like cars, women and robots, but also many things that you don’t see on a lot of showreel, like cartoons and everyday objects. Issue 10 is a big landmark for me, not because I did not think I would get this far but beasue I wasn’t sure if the consistency of releasing a new issue every two months with a new topic and a new set of images could be kept up . It’s been fun putting this issue together and all the past issue of Ceiga. I look forward to writing to you guys for future issues. I hope I can think of something to top this for issue 20.

Richard Bray Editor

Ceiga Magazine


What are the most POPULAR modelled things in 3D?


‘Just this last job’ by Filip Novy ( Modelled in 3ds

On The


Max and sculpted with Zbrush.
hoosing a cover image for this issue was tricky (there’s something you’ve probably heard a few times before). I was looking for an impressive image that showed an attractive lady, and something modelled a lot by artists like, a car or a robot. Even though I found a few images similar to the criteria, this one stood out the most.

‘Just this last job’ by Filip Novy is truly an amazing piece of artwork. You can literally tell the story the artists was trying to portray by simply reading the title and looking at the image. All the small details on the characters from the earring to the buckles, to the lights on their arms and hands add an amazing futuristic touch to the whole picture. The gloomy sunset scene and warm colour palette creates a great atmosphere of a grimy cit y. And the ‘fed up’ expression on the characters faces actually contributes to the title of the image. If you liked this image then you should definitely check out Filip’s portfolio, there’s plent y more great pieces of artwork where this one came form.

Ceiga Magazine


The danger of the became slaves. The d is that man may


past was that men danger of the future y become robots.
Erich Fromm

Ceiga Magazine


Victoria Passariello


CARGOrilla . .

3ds max


Ceiga Magazine


Joybot .
Lee Davies



Maya, ZBrush

Alfredo Rodriguez Martinez Escaname



CINEMA 4D Ceiga Magazine


Tank Mech Front View . .
Gurmukh Bhasin

Maya, Rhino


Charge .
Ming Xu


3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Long Leg .
Adjam Sodangbe Herve


Maya, ZBrush


The Marauder . .
Casper Thomsen

3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Robot in disguise . .
Valentin Yovchev

3ds max


Kevin CK Ng

Transformers Mini Cooper . . Maya Ceiga Magazine


It’s Painting Time
So you’re a budding beginner with lots of interesting ideas for digital paintings, you’ve gone and got yourself a copy of Photoshop and a nifty Wacom graphics tablet, now what? This is where Beginners Guide to Digital Painting with Photoshop comes in handy. With its bright orange honeycomb design, its detailed project overviews from industry experts, and its focus on painting as a beginner it’s the perfect book to get you started.

Fibonacci spiral. Nykolai Aleksander does an amazing job of letting the reader know the basics, and although there is a final image at the end of this section this is not a series step by step tutorials. Each method has a very thorough explanation of art theories and some very useful Photoshop tips. I don’t want to get into too much detail on this section but it’s very dense and is useful to all artist in any stage of their development. Art fundamentals – This section elaborates on many of the art fundamentals introduced in the previous section. More colour theory, perspective, lighting and much more. This section includes words from 5 talented artists and each of them go into an immense amount of detail on the topic that is explained. Out of all the sections in the book this one should be used as a reference and should be referred to throughout the process of creating an image as the fundamentals are what set the foundation for a great painting. Complete Project – Area 51 – I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch a professional artist create an image from start to finish. Unfortunately that won’t really happen, because not only would that be incredibly time consuming, but also quite uncomfortable for the artist. This section gives you the opportunity to do just that but without the creepiness. Richard Tilbury explains all the important steps he took to put together his image Area 51 and some of the little tricks he uses to put the whole thing together are very smart. Custom brushes, simple shapes and using sections of photos as part of the image. This section is definitely for those who have seen an amazing painting and always wanted to know how it was done. Painting Styles and Approaches – This section is fairly self explanatory, there are many painting styles this section focuses on five explained by 4 different artists. Some styles


his review is not really a summary of the whole book as each section is different from the previous one, it is more of a summary of sections. A Beginner’s Guide – This is the true beginners section of the book. Everything you need to know from how to install Photoshop and set up your tablet, to colour theory and the

you’ve probably heard of or seen somewhere before but there were a few that really surprised me, such as the method of painting from greyscale to colour, or manipulating different photos then painting over them. Very interesting stuff. Project Overviews – This part is similar to the project overview of Area 51 but contains a slightly less detailed overview and focuses on three very different projects and you can even download free resources for the projects from the . To be honest, this section is not really for beginners it’s more for those who have a little experience in Photoshop as the artist’s talks about specific features. But this section should definitely be taken into consideration during the development of an artist. Quick Tips – This is a great section for those who want to learn how to paint a single object for their image such as; rain, fire or even laser beams, and much more of course. This should not be confused with a group of tutorials, once again the explanations are not step by step but more of a suggested way of getting the desired effect. Therefore quite a bit of research needs to be done before looking at this section and following what the artists suggest. Breakdown Gallery – Now this section is probably the most different from all the previous sections as it was the only one that does not contain a word of text (well apart from the intro paragraph at the beginning), instead, contains a series of breakdown images on the left and the final painting on the right of each double page. This is definitely an important section for beginners as one can get an idea of how an image is put together and use this process for their own work. All in all I would say about three-quarters of this book is truly for beginners, the rest is for those who have read the beginner parts, gotten to grips with Photoshop and are ready to up their game. Which is a good thing since this will probably be the only book on Photoshop, one would need to feel truly comfortable to paint whatever they want in Photoshop. Thank you 3D Total Publishing for putting together this great book and giving beginners the opportunity to improve their skill in Photoshop.


Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop is a brand new series dedicated to providing a truly comprehensive guide to the basics of digital painting in this versatile program. The best way to learn from the pros is to watch over their shoulders as they create a masterpiece. The next best way is to read this book. An essential resource for beginners and veterans alike, the techniques I’ve picked up here show that you’re never too old to learn! Highly recommended. Ian McQue
ISBN – 978-0-9551530-7-5 | Softback / Slipcase – 297mm x 210mm | 224 full color premium paper pages | £29.99 / $49.99

available now from:
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Majid Esmaeili


The Orphan .


Maya, ZBrush

Ceiga Magazine


Alien Slave .
Luca Nemolato




Hurry up , we are late! . .
Mehdi Fazzat ZBrush Ceiga Magazine


Ancient Alien . .
Frank Tzeng

3ds max, ZBrush


Mauricio Ruiz

Noxious Exhalations of the Putrescent . . Maya, ZBrush Ceiga Magazine


Danilo Petro & Fernando Brandão de Braga



XSI, ZBrush


Deep One! . .
Martin Punchev

ZBrush Ceiga Magazine


The Dark Queen . .
Kulapong Vai

Maya, ZBrush


Critters .
Martin Elsaesser


Modo, ZBrush Ceiga Magazine


5 Questions for Omer Ben David
This is an interview focusing on how the amazing short ‘For The Remainder‘ was put together by Omer Ben David. If you haven’t seen it yet click here to watch it and prepare to be impressed, then come back here to read this interview and find out how it was made.


.What is your background and how did you get into CG art?

Drama in nothingness, the moments before or after the action. I also like the sketchy look of things. I don’t like too clean and finished looks. I like aesthetics and I think that in order to make a deep impression on the viewer, the artist has to create a tension between cleanness and roughness. As research for my film I picked up lots of landscape paintings and rough sketches of environments, done completely in color blocking and pen strokes. Calligraphy has a wonderful rough-clean relationship that I admire. Works such as Gerhard Mozsi’s scenery gave me lots of inspiration. The images and sound in Tarkovsky’s films (especially Stalker) gave me a lot of feel for the film’s pace. Also Ghost in the Shell was a big influence in figuring out the atmosphere I wanted. Lukasz Pazera’s scenes and the wonderful Dog of Zone (which were also based on Stalker, as I came to learn) were also big inspirations for me. The singer Johanna Newsom- her new album came out just when conceptualizing the narrative became sensitive and unclear to me. When I first heard the song “On a Good Day”, I had this immediate notion about the adequate and so tender pain of saying goodbye and the wish to linger in a dead end situation. I was also greatly moved by and studied much my love’s

Since childhood, my passion has been art, film and animation, I’ve been drawn to the moving image and specially the moving painted image. I’m an Israeli, born and raised in a small town in the north of the country, with little exposure to Art and Design, and as a high school student I chose the path of Hi-Tech instead of the Arts since I was good at it and figured I’d find a job easily in the area. After finishing my army service, I decided to retry living my suppressed dreams and got accepted to Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. Even though I did not have any experience in 3D or CG in general, I knew my path to expression lay in that field. I guess that my good knowledge of computers and code helped me to evolve quickly in that sometimes too technical world, and soon started to grow and create various CG work.

“I don’t like too clean and finished looks. I like aesthetics and I think that in order to make a deep impression on the viewer, the artist has to create a tension between cleanness and roughness.”


. What were the inspirations behind ‘For The Remainder’?

I’m inspired by imagery. Deep, silent, old and tired images make a great impression on me. Settings, landscapes and domestic imagery usually make me feel something deeper than action based dramatic scenes. I love the

As research for my film I picked up lots of landscape paintings and rough sketches of environments, done completely in color blocking and pen strokes. old 3 legged cat Kitty, who stayed in our house during a recovering period after being in a surgery. As I said, In order to create a look of sketchiness, I needed the textures of the surrounding and the characters to be intertwined. Therefore I needed to create the entire sets out of planes with transparent textures on them. I used Maya’s Paint Effects to create the cat’s brush strokes, and programmers in order to rig it and animate it more fluidly. There were many problems in the process and I won’t get into them now, anyway this is not a technical article, is it..?


. What software did you use and how long did it take to create the film?

I used Maya as the framework for all the 3D aspects- Modelling, Animation, Rigging and such… I used Photoshop for creating and painting the textures for the sets. After Effects and Premiere for the Compositing and Editing respectively. It took me about 8-9 months to complete the entire film.



. What plans do you have for the future?

My dream is to continue developing in the world of animation and film, directing and conceptualizing animation shorts is awesome and I’d love to do more of that, and one day hopefully I will bring my visions to the big screen too.

. How did you create the whole 3D painting effect and what problems did you have if any?

Thank you Omer Ben David for taking the time to answer the questions for this interview. Don’t forget to have a look at Omer’s ( ) website to see all the other cool things he’s been working on. Here are some screenshots below of ‘For the Remainder’.

Ceiga Magazine


Takamine 508kc Guitar . .
Nicolas Ambrosio 3ds Max



Ceiga Magazine


Ralf Kunstmann





Coffee Break . .
Shay Masuda

3ds Max Ceiga Magazine


Knot Chair . .
Marcin Gruszczyk

3ds max


Nintendo 8-bit Controller . .
Andreas Argirakis Maya Ceiga Magazine


Sony Playstation . .
Michael Mahy

3ds max


The Kurven Chair . .
Fabien Fulchiron Maya Ceiga Magazine


Lip Service .
Richard Wohlschlag




Zara Basic Style . .
Jaime G. Galipienso

3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Sure God created m But then you always before the final


man before woman. make a rough draft l masterpiece.
Author Unknown

Ceiga Magazine


Sad Woman
Kleber Darcio




3ds max, ZBrush


Ceiga Magazine


Fajar Siddik Imami

Female Figure Study . . Maya, ZBrush


Homesick .
Andrius Balciunas


3ds max, ZBrush Ceiga Magazine


Jessica .
Kunho Bae




Hoshi .
Rafael Grassetti


3ds max, ZBrush Ceiga Magazine


Lady van Reuzel likes it rough . .
Filip Novy 3ds max, ZBrush


Miss Mosh .
Andrew Hickinbottom


3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Nawaem .
Mohamed Abdelfatah


3ds max, ZBrush


Reflection .
Frederic Scarramazza


3ds may, Mudbox Ceiga Magazine



Volkan Karanis




Maya, ZBrush

Ceiga Magazine


Hellboy Samaritan Gun . .
J.Christophe Largillier Modo, ZBrush


Heckler & Koch MK23 . .
Djordje Jovanovic Maya Ceiga Magazine


Section 8 Arsenal . .
Reno Levi 3ds max


AG36 .
Max Sapsay


3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Pepperbox Gun . .
Kubrat Tomov

3ds max


Vodka Martini . .
Jean-Marc Labal

Lightwave Ceiga Magazine


Walther P99 Military . .
Pavel Petrenko 3ds max


Walther P99 Military (Realtime model) . .
Pavel Petrenko 3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Empyreal vehicle
Artem Volchik




3ds max


Ceiga Magazine


Concept Motorbike (Machete) . .
Nitin Khosa Maya


Mi-28NE Havoc (Night Hunter) . .
Nail Husnutdinov 3ds Max Ceiga Magazine


Aircraft .
Yuri Marsakov


3ds max


Road Monster . .
Kubrat Tomov

3ds Max Ceiga Magazine


Lufthansa Boeing B747-8 . . .
Marcin Gruszczyk 3ds max

Copyright Deutsche Lufthansa AG / Jens Goerlich


Aleksandr Kuskov



Maya Ceiga Magazine


Infiniti JX - Rain Shot . .
Saddington Baynes Maya


The Transporter . .
Michael Tschernjajew

CINEMA 4D Ceiga Magazine


Making cartoons me at every step of the successful cartoon ch work


eans very hard work e way, but creating a haracter is the hardest of all.
Joseph Barbera

Ceiga Magazine


Still Life
Miguel Abreu




3ds max


Ceiga Magazine


Marcus Leal

Atom Hawk art19 . . 3ds max, ZBrush


Cartoon Monster . .
Ali Chenari

3ds max, Mudbox Ceiga Magazine


Ali Bitaraf

Battle of Rostam & Dragon . . 3ds max


The Night Chicago Died . .
Carlos Ortega Elizalde Maya, Mudbox Ceiga Magazine


Matej Hradsky

Balloon race . .

3ds max


Douche Rock A Billy Of Death + Invected . .
Jonathan Simard 3ds max, ZBrush Ceiga Magazine


Teodoru Badiu

Owl City .




The Orange . .
Riccardo Zema

Lightwave 3D Ceiga Magazine


Alberto Trujillo




3ds max, ZBrush

Interesting Scenery

Ceiga Magazine


Zhiyi Huang

A travel into the Sky City . . 3ds max


Dream Mill .
Mehmet Akif KARAMAN


Maya, Vue Ceiga Magazine


Peter Ramirez

Explosion .


3ds max


Green Highway . .
Kirat Gurung

3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Igor Smirnov

Lost Frame . .

3ds max, ZBrush


Lonely Town . .
Shi Yao

3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Luca Catino

Snowy Day in Rome . . 3ds max


The Flying circus . .
Simon Blanc

3ds max, ZBrush Ceiga Magazine 101

Creating fantasy thing, but you can too pers


is a very personal n't take the process sonally.
Joseph Barbera

Ceiga Magazine 103


Shuyi Tower
Weihua Wei




3ds max

Ceiga Magazine 105

Raphael Baldini Seleguim

Gnome House .


3ds max, Mudbox


Marshmallow Island . .
Eve Berthelette 3dsmax Ceiga Magazine 107

Bastien Grivet

Alone on the Road . . CINEMA 4D


Mountain trail . .
Tu Yun Maya Ceiga Magazine 109

Nikita Argunov

PlaNEMO: The coast . . Maya


New Cathedral .
Jean-François Liesenborghs


3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Khalid Al-Muharraqi

Shattering Planet . .

Lightwave 3D, Modo, ZBrush


Mercer P-51 .
Andrew Manzella


3ds max Ceiga Magazine



Bright Loft
Maciek Mackiewicz





Ceiga Magazine


Ferry Sugianto

Honeymoon Suite Bedroom . . 3ds max


Bathroom .
Huseyin Karaaslan


3ds max Ceiga Magazine



Conference Room . . 3ds max


Coffee Room . .
Chen Qingfeng

3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Marwan M. Saliba

Interior 1 .


3ds max


Nordic Light . .
Austris Cingulis

3ds max Ceiga Magazine


Robert Craig

Moving Day . .



Office Interior! .
Jamie Cardoso


3ds max Ceiga Magazine 123


Win $100,000 and 10 Studio Internships
Open to all computer graphics students that attended and accredited course between January 2011 - June 2012 Entries close May 13th 2012

Ceiga Magazine 125

Aardman Absolute Post

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Eurocom Fluid Pictures Foundation CGI Framestore Full Moon Studios Gameloft Glassworks Glowfrog Studios Golden Square Hot Knife Digital Media ICube Ignition Entertainment I love Dust Image Metrics Infinite Realitites Ink Digital Jagex Jellyfish Pictures Jump Design

Absolutely Cuckoo Air CGI AKQA Animatic Media Annix Studios Artillery Atticus Digital Atticus Finch Axis Animation Barefoot VFX Base Black BE Animation Black Rock Studios Blink Productions Blitz Game Studios Blue Bolt Blue Zoo


Kazoo Creative Kettle Studios Keframe Studios Kuro Dragon Lab 10 Studios Lionhead Studios LipSync Post Locomotion Lola Loose Moose Mainframe Man Vs Machine Masquerade Digital Matinai MDI Digital Method Studios Molinare Motion Imaging Monumental Games MPC Munky

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