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De Villa, Kristiane R. BSE-3I LIT2 (World Literature) MRS.

Teresita Dunhum

Title of the film

The Odyssey
Your crime is that you tried to steal my world. The world I built with my hands, and my sweat... And my blood. The world that I shared with a woman who bore me my son, and no one will ever take that from me. Now you will die to a man in a river of blood. - Odysseus

I. Preliminaries

A. Title of the Film: The Odyssey

B. Directed by: Andrey Konchalovsky Written By: Andrey Konchalovsky and Chris Solimine

C. Place: Ancient Greece Ithaca Troy

D. Main Characters:

Odysseus- the great Hero that Defeats the City of Troy, the King of Ithaca. Husband of Penelope. Penelope- the Queen of Ithaca, mother of Telemachus. Telemachus- the Son of Odysseus and Penelope. Athena- Goddess of Wisdom. Poseidon- God of the Sea. Cyclops- son of Poseidon Aeolus- God of the Wind Circe- the Enchantress that transform human to animals. Tiresius- the prophet, a spirit that tells Odysseus how to go back to Ithaca. Scylla- the six-headed monster Calypso- the nymph that took care Odysseus King Alcinous- the king of Phaeacians that gave Odysseus the fastest ship to return to Ithaca. Eumaeus- the swineherd that helps Odysseus.

II. Introduction.
The Story of adventure and bravery of one of the greatest Greek mythological character, Odysseus (Ulysses in Latin) happened when the Great city of Troy fall during the war because of his clever mind. This story was adapted to the great work of Homers imaginative thinking, the odyssey which is a great masterpiece and contribution of Homer to Greek Literature and the

Literature of the world. Odysseus of a great character is a subject for treading the impossible path and a model of faith and bravery. Created by Corporate EditionThe story of Odysseus shows great values towards family, the society and the creator/gods. It is a story of struggles, misfortunes, comedy, romance, defeats and victory which is greatly portrayed in motion picture and special effects that suites for the whole family. It is a story that fits the audience interest and catches the eyes for limitless imagination and imagery.


It all began when the city of Troy had a war between Sparta. It is a ten year war which resulted to many devastated life and sorrows. Odysseus the king of Ithaca was send to Troy to defend the honor of Helen and fight against the City of Troy.

Ten years had passed since the Greeks attacked Troy and they were all still there, outside the strong walls, fighting with the locals, who proved themselves brave warriors. In the tenth year of the war, Odysseus, the most trusted advisor plan a great strategy to end up this war. His idea is to make the Trojan believe that the Greeks had lost their nerves and had returned back to Greece. They made a wooden horse to deceive the Trojans and make them believe in their strategy. The Trojans were surprised to see no Greek army surrounding them, only a wooden horse. They indeed believed that the Greeks had gone and had left this horse as a gift to the gods, to give them a good sea trip. Thus they wheeled the wooden horse into their city and started revelry to celebrate the end of the war.

However, unknown to the Trojans, Odysseus had built a hollow into the wooden horse to hide there a few Greek warriors. This plan was the only way to gain entry to the city that had held its defenses for so many years. Now that they were inside Odysseus and his men went out the dummy horse and slaughtered the unsuspecting guards. Then they opened the city gates and allowed the entire Greek army, who were hiding some miles away, to enter the city. This plan of Odysseus ends up the war and they nailed their victory over the Great city of Troy.

Odysseus: Do you see, you gods of sea and sky? I conquered Troy. Me Odysseus, a mortal man of flesh and blood and bone and mind! I do not need you now, I can do anything. Poseidon: Odysseus, why do you defy me? Odysseus: Who are you? Poseidon: It is I Poseidon, god of the wine dark sea. You have forfeited for forgetting how I helped you. Odysseus: Help me? For ten years you played with us as toys. For ten years you let blood spill to your shores. Poseidon: But it was my serpent who silenced Laocoon or your horse was doomed, yet you refuse to give thanks. You forget, a man is nothing without the gods. You will suffer for this offense. For your arrogance, you will drift on my sea for an eternity, never again will you reach the shores of Ithaca. Odysseus: You cannot stop me! Poseidon: You will suffer.

This dialogue was the reason why Odysseus had a very long way to his homeland, Itacha to be with his wife Penelope and his new born son Telemachus.

Odysseus journey test his bravery and love for his land Itacha and his family. To sum up his endeavors, here are the following adventures that he encountered. The Lotus-Eaters Polyphemus the Cyclops The Bags of Aeolus , the God of the wind Circe the Enchantress The Journey to the Underworld The Sirens Scylla and Charybdis The Cattle of Helios Seven years with Calypso, the nymph The Phaeacians : King Alcinous and Queen Arete

The Phaeacians gave Odysseus their fastest ship, the best of their provisions and bid him good luck on his way home. And so it was that the hero finally returned to Ithaca, eager to see his wife Penelope and son Telemachus, from both of whom he had been separated for two whole decades.

Odysseus arrival on Ithaca went unnoticed and, in the guise of a beggar with the help of the Goddess Athena who accompany him throughout his journey. He approached the palace. He first met his old servants and his beloved son, Telemachus. From them, he learnt about the suitors that have been bothering Penelope for so long. Odysseus, still in the form of a beggar, he met his wife, who didnt recognize him. Penelope called all the suitors and said that she would marry anyone of them who could string Odysseus bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axehandles joined together. The suitors pushed and shoved each other to be the first to succeed but little did they know that the task they faced was impossible. Stringing the bow that belonged to Odysseus was not an easy task for it required not brute strength but dexterity Odysseus picked up the bow, stringing it with ease and in one fluid motion letting fly an arrow that pierced all the twelve axe-handles. After that, there was chaos. Revealing his true identity, Odysseus began massacring the suitors and, aided by Telemachus and the swineherd Eumaeus.

IV. Analysis Review

1. Explain the title The story is the journey of Odysseus the king of Ithaca towards his homeland After the Great Trojan war. The word Odyssey in the English language has come to mean a journey of epic proportions. The word comes from Homers epic poem The Odyssey, written in the 8th century BC and it is a sequel to Homers other epic poem, The Iliad, which describes the last days of the great Trojan War. The Odyssey speaks of Odysseus adventures that delay by a decade the return to his beloved homeland, Ithaca.

2. What qualities of the main character impress you most?

- Odysseus Bravery and faith is the main quality that I admired most. His faith that he will soon step on the land of Ithaca admires me, even though the Gods are trying to stop him. His love for his homeland, his love for his wife and his love for his son is a great example of noble qualities of the main character. 3. What part in the movie that highlighted the main character?

The part of the movie that highlighted the main character is the part when he was in the care of Calypso, the Nymph. During this portion of the film, the main character Odysseus was offered to gain immortality just to bestow his love for Calypso. But Odysseus hesitated to submit his love, for he had a strong faith that he will return to his home land and be with his one only love, Penelope. Despite of the raging wave of the sea and trembling gnashing of teeth of the Gods, he built a raft out of the wood and assail towards the wine dark sea with full bravery and faith.

4. Describe the conflict of the film.

- The conflict of the story arises after the great war of Troy when Odysseus refuses to forbid thanksgiving to the God of the wine dark sea, Poseidon who helped him to win over the Trojan. It is a conflict between Man vs. God. The main character was suffering from different adventures just to depart his home land Ithaca.

5. What symbols are used in the film? - Different Symbols were used in the film. Images are used to symbolize something. The Trojan Horse- Symbolizes cleverness and deception or rick. The seagull- represents the wisdom particularly of Athena. and many more. For me the whole piece is a big symbol. It symbolizes how human and Gods interact and without God, Human is in perished.

6. Cite a particular part in the movie that you like the most. Explain, why?

The most particular part that I like the most is the ending part, particularly the part where Odysseus disguises as a beggar just to enter the gates of Ithaca. Athena helped him to this trick. Penelope brings down her husband's great bow and the quiver full of arrows, and Telemachus sets up a long row of axes in the floor, each with an opening in the blade. Penelope tells them that Odysseus was accustomed to shoot an arrow through and promises to marry the one who can string the bow and shoot through the axes. And no one does except for a beggar, the disguise of Odysseus.

7. What social customs / traditions of the society were reflected?

One of the notable customs that is being portrayed is the religious aspect of Greeks. Their tradition of believe to Gods and Goddesses. The custom of presenting lamb to the spirits, the way to suicide and the culture of war.

8. What makes the film timeless and universal?

Its uniqueness and inimitability of theme, character and setting makes The Odyssey a timeless and universal masterpiece. It appeals to all audiences even to the next generation.

9. What special pleasure if theres any do you find in the film?

I think the only pleasure that I can see are the following:

1. pleasure for power (e.g. Gods rule over the mortals, mortals rule over his land) 2. pleasure for love (calypso-Odysseus, Circe- Odysseus, PenelopeOdysseus) 3. pleasure for family (Odysseus-his family and homeland)

10.What are your feelings about the ending of the film?

The ending is bloody yet a happy ending, Odysseus finally got home and finally he is with his loving wife and son. It is quite a tragic ending but it is a victory and a happy ending story.

V. Conclusion

a. What insights or values you have learned in the film? I learned that without God, man is in perished. Hoping and faith is essential to gain victory.

B. would you recommend this film to your friends? Why? - yes because it is a great movie of inspiration, hope and victory over trials and fate.