April 23-25, 2012

Activity Finance

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Description Finance Engineering Innovation Activities Metrics for Revenue per employee / MM per employee Reduce VA and calculate Tax on that lower number Could get 0.1% snap. (Shanghai) Answer the question: Why do we have hands-on Florida based Resources? Analyze Freight-In relative to Rev 2.93% NCOI for Q4 - Assess today's WI and compare to Q4 Transformation rates 2 years ago (TIQ) vs Fixed model today Side by Side Comparison by site Variable & Fixed Loaning out 1/2 Bay with 0.09% PC improvement Update improvements in JPE of 0.4% - needs to be kicked in. Move Non-Jabil PCBA out of JMX Implement Automation in DF - Dual Lane Assessment Full re-layout of DF after non-Jabil PCBA exits 65K per month - SMT SMT stabilization in JMX Margin NCOI Analysis for JMX with 7600 out JMX Talent Review Reducing some activities without effecting quality (test coverage/AOI) AMS: Do they have a separate SLA - investigate Clarify MPM / GBUMM Relationship Meeting to be setup for Jay Stark/John Madigan with Anna Corrales Value of Joint Scorecard - who is measured and scored on LTA/OTS Global Surcharging for non PPA services = 1.5-2.0M/year

Who Sharon Sharon Sharon Matt/Jay Sharon Sharon/Ram/Lar Angela Sharon Matt/PeiChen Larry Larry Brad Brad/Matt Brad/Matt Brad/Matt Brad Brad Larry/Matt Angela Angela Jay/Ram Angela Larry

When 31-Aug 31-Aug 31-May 31-Aug 15-May 2-May 31-May 31-May 31-May 31-Aug 15-Jun 15-Jun 31-May 2-May 15-May 31-Aug 31-May 15-May 30-Apr 31-May 31-Aug


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Global Business Development


Global Planning

GP-1 GP-2

Get Leaner relative to Planners Globally Detailed Inventory Breakdown to be provided to BUDS on 7K

Jay Jay

30-Sep 2-May

Value Engineering

VE-1 VE-2 VE-3

Rack and Chamber Test Infrastructure Activity Clarity on how we recognize Revenue from this activity ODM Partner Agreement with WIPRO

Jamie/Larry Sharon/Jamie Jamie

30-Apr 30-Apr 30-Nov



Fred H. Data Roll-up




M-1 M-2 M-3

CAT 4K 3 & 6 Slot - Turn in Quote (Split between Flex and Foxconn) Not a lot of opportunity to make money. Note: Buy the metal and ship to JPE or JMX for assy. Cloud Racking - how to penetrate Reduce Reports to Cisco from Sites (500 monthly reports) Finisar Deal $3M initiaties for MPV/LTP (See Waren's Presentation) Track NPI MPV Opportunities per quarter Revaluation of parts in Tver MPV Target for FY12 = 1.26% $6.396M Wholistic Solution that comes from Teleco/Complex Project: Server, Backplane etc

John Head John Head Ram/Tom B. Douglas T.

3-May 31-May 30-Jun 31-May



Supply Chain

SC-1 SC-2 SC-3 SC-4 SC-5

Waren Waren Waren/Sharon Sharon Waren Ram

30-Apr End FY13 Quarterly Quarterly 31-Aug 30-Jun

Data/Center Cloud


Emerging Market

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PO coverage for future volume in October - additional business - no backlog Test Support - without Design Ownership Forecast Accuracy out of Tver - needs to be corrected Consolidate demand for Tver out of Penang Sale of parts in Russia - any opportunity? Cash Flow issue in Tver for month of April AMS for STB's in Tver Building SG in Brazil? Discussion Q4 will most likely be around $120M. Currently at 3 Bays. Cannot go to 2 Bays. NPI Will take a lot of line time. 50M per month should bring him to 4.37% MC Running 5 days - 3 shifts 30% Burst capacity per month - 50% per quarter - must start looking at surcharge, Action Cost recovery on excess capacity due to poor forecasting Mutually agree on baseline and then it moves. 3 month forward looking demand - similar to TIQ model Select certain BU's for this exercise Need Cost Czar. Cisco/Net App AOP - Sharing of talent Released FA/SRT people to the site Pallet Project - getting 40-50K per month savings. N7K - 30% reduction on packaging DL Cross Training - OLE/OEE improvements Material Handling cut down by 50% IL Headcount reduction = 205 from 324 $1.7M reduction in MC Savings on top of Forecast PC from 5.5 to 5.8% if successful on execution

Carmen Carmen Carmen Mike D. Waren Carmen Carmen Erik

31-Aug 31-Aug 30-Jun 31-May Apr-31 Apr-31 31-May 31-May

Getting back to 4% Ram/JSH

Larry Angela Sharon PeiChen

31-May Draft 31-Jul Complete


Down to 82M going to 81 per quarter FY13 Q1 Should go to 88M then to 93M in FY13 Q2 ASR1K turning into the dominant product = 9.8% TrX BOM Avg will = 89% MM will decline from 11% to 10.8%. May look more like 9.8% if Waren cannot execute Variable = 1.8% vs JSH at 1.4% Fixed = 3.3% going to 3.8% due to investment on Apex. Variable and Fixed Analysis to be done by PeiChen Manufacturing Costs will be around 5.5% with Revenue not kicking in. 5% PC is expected going forward


Move Non-PCBA out of JMX Currently at 1.0% Spending 950K per month. N7K will become a bigger part of the DF business - deleterious effect on MM.


Surcharging Used to charge 180K on LN2 in JSH - we went to Chilled Water. Costing us more and we have not recovered. Look at PPA on non-contractural services that they are getting for free Or we look at eliminating some of those services Portions of Koiyun - reduce X-Rays-opportunities to reduce test and other activities.


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