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Durres Paradise Resort

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Durres ParadiseResort

Why Albania?
 25% growth in property prices in Tirana and
Vlora city in last 5 years
 22% growth in Tourism
 20% growth in number of passengers flying
in Tirana International Airport
 Direct daily flights of British Airways,
Lufthansa, Austrian, Alitalia
 700 mill Euro invested in infrastructure
projects recently
 NATO member since 2009
 EU member on 2014
 422 mil Euro from EU funds
 10% Profit tax
 10% Income tax
 No Property Tax
 No VAT

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Durres ParadiseResort
Albania is coming along to be the latest
hotspot of the property world

 A small Balkan country of a population of 3.6 million.
 An area of 28,748 Square Kilometers
 It borders Montenegro to the north, Kosovo the northeast, Macedonia
east, and Greece to the south and opposite the ‘heel’ of Italy.
 It has 362 km of beautiful coastline: Adriatic Sea to the west and
Ionian Sea to the south-west.
 Albania is a relatively undiscovered jewel off the beaten track, offering
a wealth of stunning scenery, history and culture.
 A warm Mediterranean climate encourages a slow pace of life and
holiday makers will find it easy to slip into the meandering life style.
 If the clear blue waters do not entice you on to the beaches, other
activities abound. From leisurely trips to many historical sites, to
exploration across the national parks, there is something for everyone.
 For real adventure: diving, white-water rafting, climbing, and
paragliding are activities on offer.
 Albania has an impressive GDP growth of 6 % pa, inflation steady at
2.5% and property sector increasing circa 20% pa
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Durres ParadiseResort

Durres–Albania’s Oldiest City

Durres – is the second largest city
of Albania and we strongly
suggest a stopover. Constructed
in the bay that shares its name, it
has a story that begins during the
Greek colonisation era (627-626
B.C.) Aristotle himself praised the
development of the political
system of the ancient Greek
The Illyrians then the Romans
ruled and when they fell, the
Byzantine Empire took their
place. Just south you will reach to
Kavaja Rock where Caesar and
Pompeus chose to fight each
other in order to win the throne
of Rome.

Durrës, the biggest seaport of the
country, is located 34 km away
from Tirana. The city is home to
many ancient archaeological sites
and finds. The most notable
tourist attraction in Durrës is the
amphitheater of the Roman
emperor Adrian with 15000
seats, the second biggest
amphitheatre in the Balkans.
During the 9th Century, a small
church with mosaic-covered walls
was built nearby. You can also
see the bathhouses of the 2nd
century A.D. and the nearby
Byzantine forum of the 5th-6th
century with marble columns.

Durrës is an important link to
Western Europe due to its port
and its proximity to the Italian
port cities, notably Bari, to
which daily ferries run. As well
as the dockyard, it also possesses
an important shipyard and
manufacturing industries,
notably producing leather,
plastic and tobacco products.

Durres has the best places to eat
sea fish in the country, so do not
miss the exquisite lunch in one
of the many restaurants near the
beach. The taste and the prices
will certainly delight both your
mouth and wallet.
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Durres ParadiseResort

Durres Paradise Resort
 Enjoying a green surrounding of
pine trees just 40 meters from
the sea, the Durres Paradise
Resort has a private beach area
with a large playground and a
swimming pool.
 Durres Paradise Resort is on a
quiet location outside Durrës,
where a number of resorts and
private beaches are located.
 The city centre is 5 km away.
Mother Theresa Airport is at a
distance of 27 km, while the
capital city of Tirana is 37 km
away along the SH2 Motorway.
 The residence is located in
Golem , Kavaje and is composed
by 24 three floor villas(separated
in 12 villas in one Plot which for
convenience we have called Plot
A, and 12 in the other Plot called
Plot C).This villas has two
apartments per floor.

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Durres ParadiseResort

About the Complex
 The apartments have a standard typology 2+1,
living room, cooking angle, toilet and a
balcony, where each of apartments is 95 m2.
 The only difference between them consist that
in the first floor there is a personalized
entrance from 100-120 m2 yard, turning so in a
villa apartment, while in the upper floors the
entrance is realized from the scale cage.
 The apartments in the third floor can use a 74
m2 terrace.
 There are 30 apartments, 7 duplex apartments,
five 1+1 apartments and the others are 2+1.
 While in it’s first floor it is built the closed
pool, which is in full function of all residence,
Sauna and SPA, also the bar and restaurant ,
where in the front part of the palace is the
open pool which is the biggest pool in the area
with its bar.
 Safety system is one of our strongest points,
the village is preserved all time by cameras.
 We also offer internet services, telephone and
TV cable.

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Durres ParadiseResort

 The village currently has the largest pool in
the area and is entirely available to our
residents, also the security system is one of
our strongest points. The village has a
camera system 24 hours.
 We also offer internet , telephone and TV
services, maintenance and cleaning services,
parking is free of charge for all residents.
 The village currently has the largest
swimming pool built in the area which is
entirely a function of our residents and the
security system is one of our strong points.

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Durres ParadiseResort

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Durres ParadiseResort
Payment Schedule *
 On signing of the reservation – Reservation / agency fee of 2000 EUR
 On signing of contract – 80% to be paid to developer
 On signing of contract – 700 EUR to be paid for legal services
 On delivery of the keys – 15% to be paid to the developer
 On receiving of title deeds – 5% to be paid to the developer
* These payment schedules were correct at the time of writing. They may vary depending on how close to completion the purchase is made.

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