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Sandbag Programs

Josh Henkin, CSCS

They all used some form of physical fitness for the same reasons. While it may be for those that have become caught up in our modern bodybuilding society. . A good soldier.gymjones. or how to get “separation” in their quads. it is far from anything new. The movie about the great battle at Thermopalyae truly spawned excitement about our physical Ancient warriors never thought about “arm day”. being able to gather their food. dealing with the elements. However. Other societies such as Arab and Hindu cultures used highly demanding physical programs to build quality athletes and citizens. The earliest Olympics were held in Athens and was also used as a test of military prowess. The amazing transformation trainer. No doubt the amazing physiques the actors of “300” obtained were largely due to the hard work of Gym Jones. The concept behind the training though is a time travel back to the time of the Spartans. Mark Twight. they were not the only society to value physical fitness.It has been years since a fitness program that has caught more attention than the “300” workout. A “New” Concept? I am constantly highly amused by the idea that the idea behind the 300 training is something drastically new. and dealing with all the challenges life faced. constant threat of battle. having to hunt for your food. was able to accomplish with the actors of “300” www. and often performing manual labor all day because that is how you survived! Spartan society was very military oriented and huge into physical training because of the military mindset. Life was brutal.

However. Putting it Together The concept of the “300” workouts are based upon several key components. This term refers to movements that are fundamental to our bodies and not just the muscles that are involved. so forth. they are hard. running. sometimes gut wrenching workouts. you will often find that your workouts are more enjoyable. you would see people picking things up off the ground. throwing objects. Paul Chek.(Gerard Butler) Corrective exercise specialist. If we think back to our ancient ancestors. What happens? You develop that tremendous body that is actually works as good as it looks! Can this be adapted to our modern age? Of course! In fact. challenging. and motivating because you get out of the boring standard workouts. I am not going to lie. putting things overhead. Full Body Lifts Short Rest Intervals Short Workouts Focus on Time The original “300” workout was the following: “300” 25x Pull-up + 50x Deadlift @ 135# + 50x Push-up + 50x Box Jump @ 24” box + . jumping. the rewards both mentally and physically are truly empowering. climbing. first coined the term “primal patterns”.

Professional Athletic Training Centers.50x 50x 25x 300 Floor Wiper @ 135# (one-count) + KB Clean and Press @ 36# (KB must touch floor between reps) + Pull-up reps total As you see from the above workout several training implements were utilized. Since sandbags would be a tool that the soldiers from Sparta may have actually used we are going to make sandbag exercises the core of our routine. www. Give yourself a maximum of 40 minutes to complete the workout. performing the shoulder get-up with our lifting specific sandbags. Perform the training session again and see if your fitness has improved. we will add some other modalities. The amount of work done is so extreme that it will take your body time to Here is one most important key. simply record your repetitions and if you desire try the next week to beat your repetitions. You can also use these as a test to see if your fitness is improving. Ray D’Alessio. Naval Academy. I believe nothing would be more fundamental to a true “300” workout like sandbags. this was NOT a workout done every workout. Perform one workout and then don’t do it again for one month. Yes. Rather these are workouts to be used possibly once a week integrated with other training methods. If you can not finish in that time. Strength Coach. Select one of these workouts a week to act as a challenge for yourself.sandbagexercises. Workout 1 Around the World: 100 (50 each direction) Shoulder Squat: 100 (50 each direction) Push Press: 50 repetitions Overhead Lunge: 50 repetitions (25 each side) Workout 2 Squat Thrust: 50 Pull-ups: 25 Power Snatch: 50 Shoulder Get-up: 50 (25 each side) Hindu Push-ups: 50 . The Ultimate Sandbag has quickly become the tool of choice for people that need “300” type fitness…FBI. and Elite Bootcamps. but sandbags will be at the heart.

Chin-ups: 25 Split Jumps: 50 (25 each leg) Workout 3 Power Snatch+Overhead Lunge: 50 reps (25 each side) Zercher Squat Jumps: 75 reps Half Moon Snatch: 50 reps (25 each side) Jump Rope: 100 jumps Pull-ups: 25 Workout 4 Bodyweight Row: 50 reps Shouldering: 100 reps (50 each side) Clean and Press: 50 reps Overhead Get-up: 25 reps Tuck Jumps: 50 reps Deck Squats: 25 reps Workout 5 Clean+Front Squat+Press: 50 reps RDL+Bent-over Row: 60 reps Squat Thrust+Chin-up: 50 reps Pistols: 40 reps (20 each side) Around the World: 50 reps (25 each side) Feet Elevated Push-up: 50 reps Workout 6 Shouldering: 100 reps (50 each side) Zercher Squats (end of set perform a zercher walk for 50 feet): 50 reps Sandbag 3-Point Row: 50 reps (25 each side) Squat Thrust+Mountain Climber Comb: 50 of each Workout 7 Over the shoulder throw: 50 reps (25 each side) Chin-ups: 25 reps Shoulder Lunges: 50 reps (25 each side) Clean+Front Squat: 75 reps Shoulder Get-ups: 40 (20 each side) Star Jumps: 60 reps .

KNOCKOUT!! TODAY!! See how the “300” Sandbag Workouts can be blended with many different training styles to make you reach your ultimate fitness potential. www.Workout 8 Power Snatch+Overhead Squat: 50 reps Deck Squat+Pull-up: 50 reps Jump Rope Running: 100 reps Lateral Zercher Lunge: 50 reps (25 each side) Dive Bomber Push-ups: 50 reps Workout 9 Shovel Pass and Run: 50 reps (25 each side) Push Press: 50 reps Box Jumps Zercher: 25 reps Bodyweight Row: 50 reps Mountain Climbers: 100 reps V-ups: 25 Workout 10 Shouldering: 100 reps (50 each side) Bear Hug Squat: 100 reps Pull-ups: 50 reps Push-ups: 50 reps Get the new . Even if you aren’t a combative athlete you will love the challenges in this e-book.sandbagexercises.