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SDR cards

U BPG : DDf: S.A : PM: universal base processing board Digital distribution frame site alarm board Power management

Configuration of SA card
# Remove all the jumpers plased on board and place one jumper on first position of X5 Slot.

Configuration of digital distribution frame.
pink green yellow Gray C) .Blue pink b). Blue green yellow Gray pink green yellow Gray

This color coding is done on basis of the dots place over each wire.  The first one having one dot and  the second having two dots and  the third one having three dots

MISU Configuration :
The configuration consist of DIP switches which have to be set according to the following process.  On S2 dip 4 and 5 are made inactive by making the small switches off .  On S3 dip 1, 7 and 8 are off  On S4 dip all the dips are off  On S5 none is off all are on. The X 27 jumper on the MISU board is removed from 1 . 2 position and is placed on 2 . 3 position CFG Com is the software that is used to conned the MiSU to the computer system.

1. First goto MISU confuguration programe with password (1111111) 2. Then goto file and click on advance function with password ( misu) 3. Then goto Do channel setting A screen appears havin options regarding Pulse then set both areas on Pulse.

E1 Converter: MISU produces 75 ohm and SDR works on 120 ohm the function of the converters is to convert this 75 ohm into 120 ohm. 4. Indication from green to red light indicates that the software had uploaded. This ends the MISU configuration. Click on the yes option.Update all DO (digital output) control setting Steps: 1. An information bar appears which will ask whether you want to start downloading on not. Rx in Rx out Tx in Tx out ( Cross connectivity is always done) Alarms patching on MISU: Xj1 down Xj1 up Xj2 DOWN Xj2 up Types of alarms SDR alarms Internal Smoke Water Temp Door external smoke water Temp . Get MISU version 3. 6. E1 Converters setting: The connections with the MISU are made according to the following rule. ( this will in bin format) 5. We always had to follow get all data and never follow scan all data. First go to other setting 2.

Ac phase break. The color coding is Green (3) Red (1) . The AC phase lost alarm is produced by the surge arrester.Rectifier alarms: No external alarms Internal alarms include low battery . temp. ALARMS PATCHING: All the alarms are patched on the DDF on the fifth pair of BTS E1. Mains failure. Smoke alarm: The smoke alarm sensor is a 24 volt on the X25 position. Color coding of the above alarms is done in the following color coding. Ac phase lost. SMR. Orange white+ orange blue+ white green SDR temp alarm: Gray is patched on ground Red is patched on T Green is patched on 12 v Battery bank alarms: Door alarm is patched on the x26 position on the rectifier alarm board Fan alarm is patched on the X14 position. door .