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A Project Study Report On Training Undertaken at

Submitted in Partial fulfillment for the Award of degree of Master of Business Administration

Submitted By: DIVYA CHAUDHRY MBA 3rd Semester

Submitted To: Mr. ANSHUL MATHUR Assistant Professor of MBA

the need of training and the results obtained after training and whether the training programme has been successful. the factors to be considered before imparting training.B. KUKAS JAIPUR Preface The underlying aim of the summer internship project as an integral part of M.2010-12 ARYA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY. The topic of my seminar is “TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT AT IMPERIAL PALACE” contains complete information about the training and development programs carried out in the hotel. What techniques are used to carry out the development and training of employees effectively? It gives details of the methods of training used. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT .A program is to give presentation by the students on the issue.

I express my sincere thanks to my project guide Mr. I would also like to thank the supporting staff of IMPERIAL PALACE. Anshul Mathur (Faculty of MBA) Department for guiding me right from the inception till the successful completion of the project. I sincerely acknowledge him for extending his valuable guidance. support for literature. MUMBAI for their help and cooperation throughout the project. DIVYA CHOUDHARY MBA Third Semester . critical reviews of project and the report and above all the moral support he had provided me with all stages of this project.


India witnesses’ more than 5. The experience here at Imperial has been amazing. such as shortage of hotel rooms. it is a good organization to work with.and medium-term setbacks.23% to the national GDP and 8.5 million annual foreign tourist arrivals and 740 million domestic tourism visits. It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical.78% of the total employment in India. In the year 2010. its length.9 million foreign tourists visited India. so understood many other things of day-in and day-out affairs not just of office working but other things as well. India has a growing medical tourism sector. hope it creates wonders always! And reaches unimaginable heights among its competitors. and as has been accomplished timely so also feeling good about it. by working in Imperial . and trustworthy. The tourism industry in India generated about 100 US$ billion in 2008 and that is expected to increase to US$275. but.having the highest 10-year growth potential.000 years of history.5 billion by 2018 at a 9. According to World Travel and Tourism Council.4% annual growth rate. it has benefitted more to the organization. with a contribution of 6. India's 5. because we strictly follow the motto : Imperial Care For You ! . as the recommendations generated through findings and observation are actually fruitful and hopefully will prove profitable and beneficial for the organization. when time flew away. you just need to be ethical. breadth and the variety of geographic features make its tourism basket large and varied. just could not realize. business and sports tourism. The culture at Imperial is very warm and welcoming. 17. the researcher was exposed to a professional organization for the first time.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tourism in India is the largest service industry. Despite short. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 ranked tourism in India 6th in terms of price competitiveness and 39th in terms of safety and security. it was a fabulous project to work upon. India will be a tourism hotspot from 2009–2018. By conducting the study as a comparative study. tourism revenues are expected to surge by 42% from 2007 to 2017.

Introduction to organization 3.1 Title of the study 3.4 Type of Research 3.6 Limitation of study 4. Introduction to industry 2. Conclusion 6. Research Methodology 3. Suggestion 7. Data Analysis & Interpretation 5.2 Duration of the Project 3. Bibliography .Contents 1.5 Sample size and method of selecting sample 3.3 Objective of study 3.