the knowledge and concepts in this book are advanced spiritual principals. These principals have been known only to angels, prophets, mystics, and high ranking church leaders for thousands of years up until recently. Take caution: The principals explained in this book are extremely powerful and should not be taken lightly. This is the true Power of God and must be read and understood with the utmost reverence and desire to only perform miracles and healing solely for the sake of righteousness. The explanation of these concepts and principals will show you how to understand and effectively wield the powers of God. The authority to use the Swords and Shields of God have been given to man to use according to their righteous discretion. Any misuse of these concepts and principals for personal gain or selfishness will be dealt with in the most serious manner with the most serious of consequences from On High. This book covers the actual properties, mechanics, and dynamics of spirit matter and how to use it to your advantage in all manner of healing, all manner of blessings, and all manner of miracles. You will cultivate a knowledge and ability to conduct personal communications with angels, The Holy Ghost, and others working side by side with The Creator. This esoteric knowledge has been highly guarded for thousands of years. Many priesthood leaders, including prophets, apostles, and stake presidents are well versed in these principals. The 11 th hour is at hand and there is now a need for all church members and friends to come into this knowledge.


Chapter 1: Foundations of Spirit Matter Physics Chapter 2: Spirit, Mind and Body Chapter 3: Building Sensitivity to Spirit Matter Chapter 4: Building, Fortifying and Commanding Spirit Matter and Spiritual Pressure Chapter 5: Advanced Command of Spirit Matter & Energy Chapter 6: Mechanics of Spirit In Select Ordinances Chapter 7: The Mechanics of Being Take Up By The Spirit Chapter 8: The Mechanics of Sin Chapter 9: The Mechanics of The Atonement Chapter 10: Joseph Smith Jr. Chapter 11: Conclusion

Chapter 1: Foundations of Spirit Matter Physics

Spirit matter and spirit energy interact with our physical world in several hundreds of ways. In order to understand how to build your spirit energy and control it as a supplement to The Priesthood, you must first know how it works. I don't purport to know all the mechanisms in which this exchange of information, force, and consciousness between the two worlds of the physical and the spiritual takes place. Nevertheless I will share the most important aspects of what I do know. Spirit matter naturally moves in a very specific manner. Electronics and physics uses a rule called The Right Hand Rule. The Right Hand Rule states, that if you were to grab a wire with your right hand in such a manner that the thumb points in the direction of the current flowing through the wire, the magnetic field moves in the direction around the wire in the direction which the fingers curl around the wire. Though the electric current flows in one direction, the magnetic field a-symmetrically corkscrews around the wire. Spirit energy flows in a similar manner. Imagine if you will, your body (specifically your nervous system) is the medium in which spirit electricity is conducted through the body. Spirit energy has a similar “magnetic” spiral motion around your body. From head to foot, the spirit energy circulates around the body in a clockwise motion. That is, if you were to stand on a clock, your spirit energy whirl winds around your body in the direction the clock moves. This is a basic, yet powerful example of spirit physics. There are thousands, if not millions of spiritual currents that flow throughout your body. The larger central areas wherein the spirit vortexes are the most important. In ancient spiritual knowledge, these centers are referred to as meridian and chakras. If the larger flows of spirit are excited and built upon, the smaller vortexes are also stimulated and built, thus it is only necessary to stimulate and build on the most significant areas. To illustrate the above example, consider a river with whirl pools. Suppose you were to add to the amount of water flowing down the river. Suppose you were to add speed to the water. Suppose you were to alter the shape of the river bed such that the whirl pools become more augmented. All of the smaller currents are also built upon. The spiritual flow of spirit energy reacts in a similar manner. Spirit communicates to the physical world through several mediums. One of which is the so called “quantum superposition” which takes place throughout the body. Another mechanism used are magnetic fields. The spirit body is much more complex than the physical body. For example, your spirit bodies

are capable of maintaining a conscious center from several points. This is how the Holy Ghost is everywhere at once. The Holy Ghost does not have a body, so it is not bound by the laws of the physical body, one of which is the the confinement of consciousness. A spiritual adept is capable of dividing their consciousness into more than one location. This is a method many prophets have used to communicate with God and his angels. This is often referred to in scripture as “being carried away by the spirit” An experiment to try concerning spirit-physical interaction is as follows: Acquire a powerful neodymium magnet. Be careful, as that neodymium magnets attract other magnets and metals with great force. Set the magnet on a counter and run your hand over the top of the magnet. If you are a spiritually sensitive person (don't worry if you are not, we will discuss sensitivity later) you will feel the magnetic fields effect your spirit. Another experiment you may try is to hold the magnet in the palm of your hand. Do not move your hand. Simply concentrate on the feeling of a vortex spinning in your palm. If you have sufficient spiritual energy (we will cover building spirit later) you will feel the magnet beginning to torque in the palm of your hand. If you have an exceptional amount of spirit energy, you may see the magnet twisting in the palm of your hand. This shows that spirit interacts with magnetic fields quite easily. Keep in mind the clockwise nature of spirit energy as you read this manual. Keep in mind that all things in our universe move in an orbital motion naturally. This is the essence of force that causes these motions. There are many more, quite deeper concepts concerning spirit matter and spirit energy. If you are sensitive to spiritual information, you may pick up on these ideas while reading your scriptures. If not, you may find ancient knowledge passed down through such spiritual practices as tai chi, chi gong, and yoga will explain a much deeper concept of spirit movement. There are also different spirit energies. This accounts for the the commonly understood “yin and yang” as well as earth fire air water and metal. Keep in mind, these explanations of spirit are related to the physical substances which most closely relate to the “properties” of the spirit energies. The above explanation will suffice for now. There are many concepts and explanations that go far beyond the scope of this book. The magnetic and clockwise properties of spirit energy will be a sufficient knowledge for the rest of this book.

Chapter 2: Spirit, Mind and Body

The connection between the mind body and spirit is an extremely complex, elegant, and beautiful mechanism. We often think of our center of consciousness as being related to our brains. This is not the case. Though the brain is one of the largest concentration of spiritually conductive material in the body, it is not the center of consciousness. The brain is simply a computer used to process physical information and relay it to your spirit in order that it can “feel” that information, though this is not it's only function. Your point of consciousness can be moved throughout your body and around your body with sufficient practice. This is a property which allows you to develop an intimate relationship with your body. Most people cannot sense the inner functions, let alone some of the outer functions of the body as they happen. With proper training, a person can acquire the ability to not only sense and feel the functioning of their own body (even down to individual cells) but can control all aspects of their own body. Being at one with yourself and God require that you develop such an intimate relationship with your body. Your mind has total control. With your minds intentions, you can command your spirit energy to move and circulate around your body. If done correctly, this is the most powerful method of self healing. Ones mind can also command the spiritual energies in others bodies. This is the foundation of healing of others. We will cover this later. Needless to say, cultivating an intimate knowledge and relationship of these three aspects of your being is a requirement in ones spiritual progression. When we are told to avoid alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and other substances – it is because these drugs heavily interfere with the communication and control one has over their own being. It is necessary to avoid abusing substances in order to build sensitivity and energy in a proper manner.

Chapter 3: Building Sensitivity to Spirit Matter

Building your sensitivity to spirit energies is crucial. To give an example: an energy practitioner with ill intentions may easily persuade one who is not spiritually sensitive. Even the most righteous of humans may easily be deceived if they are not trained in spiritual sensitivity. Projecting ones spiritual energy to effect the emotion of others is a fairly simple procedure and must never be performed with even the slightest intention of deceiving someone. At the same time, for a fairly experienced adept, it is extremely easy to induce a burning in the bosom as described in the scriptures. An advanced adept can induce a burning in the bosom with a heavy spiritual air wherein one may believe that the feeling they feel is a sign from God. In these last days, it is absolutely necessary to understand this concept in order to avoid deception. 99% of all church members, as it stands today, could be easily deceived by an advanced energy practitioner with ill intentions. Thus, it is absolutely imperative that every member of the church acquire a spiritual sensitivity to such a degree that one can pinpoint the origin of such an energy. If it is truly from God, it will be evident. If the feeling is not a direct energy from God or The Holy Ghost, one will be able to discern the origin of such a transmission and avoid any further attempt to deceive them. In the same spirit of truth, missionaries must, for the sake of the salvation of all those they speak to, teach without accidentally imposing the energy of their own testimony onto the energy field of those they are teaching. This happens often and is a key reason that conversions fails after baptism. When we understand the mechanism of projecting energy, missionaries can avoid such unfortunate events. When God sees fit that the prospect feels the spirit and the origin thereof, he will do so according to His Will. It is not the missionaries responsibility, nor is it within the missionaries authority to impose their testimony on those they teach through their own spiritual energy. Conversion is the work of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, it is solely the responsibility of The Holy Ghost to truly convert the prospect. Any energy that causes a person to convert, if it is not directly from God or The Holy Ghost, is a deception and is not true conversion. This is an extremely important concept, and absolutely must be understood by all church members and friends. I, myself, have witnessed missionaries projecting incredible amounts of energy during the bearing of their testimonies. This is fine in a circle of friends and conveys their own dedication to the work of The Lord. Most missionaries do not understand that they are doing this. Those who do are ill informed of the mechanisms behind true conversion and that it is the sole responsibility of The Holy Ghost to perform such an emission of energy and the activation of the heart chakra. Meditation is the key to spiritual sensitivity. There are two types of meditations that are crucial

to build a sufficient sensitivity to spirit to avoid these pitfalls. All methods of sensitivity meditations require relaxation. Whether you prefer sitting or laying, one must make sure their entire body is completely relaxed. This is achieved through 5 to 10 minutes of body scanning. Body scanning is performed by slowly scanning the entire body from head to toe with your mind, relaxing all tense muscles as you find them. Try to feel where the most tense spots are and relax them. After several passes, one may find there is very little tension in their body. When one reaches a point of extreme relaxation, one may proceed to a counting meditation. Counting meditation is for the relaxation of the mind. One may count from 1 to 10 over and over, in coordination with their breathing. This can also be performed by reciting a short scripture over and over. When distracting thoughts have seized and do not carry you away on tangential thought processes, you are ready for one of the two following meditations. The first type is a focus meditation. This assists in the ability to focus the mind on one concept and only one concept. You may choose an object or a concept. Focusing on the image of a rock is a much more powerful meditation than it may seem and greatly increases your ability to sense and project your spirit energy. The second type is focusing on nothing. Now, one may argue that it is commonly said that an idle mind is the devils playground. However, this is not, in any way, idling the mind. An idle mind is one that accepts any and all random and distracting thoughts and entertains them. Focusing on nothing is intentional blocking of all distracting and random thoughts from entering the mind. This, also, is a crucial skill. Learning this skill and becoming proficient at it will allow you to block out an dark or evil thoughts without any trouble at all. Focusing on nothing has another very specific function. This will induce a trance state wherein one becomes acutely aware of their own spirit as that the physical mind has ceased to conduct its daily noise. Being aware of ones own spirit and the surrounding spiritual energies in the room is key in conducting direct communications with God and his loyal angels. I recommend a meditation of this sort for at least 30-60 minutes per day.

Chapter 4: Building, Fortifying and Commanding Spirit Matter and Spiritual Pressure

Building and fortifying your spiritual density and pressure is absolutely key in performing miracles and healing. When one builds their spiritual pressure and density naturally, one increases their ability to handle large amounts of spiritual pressure and energy. Joseph Smith relayed his experiences of early angelic visitations. He described often feeling extremely tired, and in several occasions, he was so exhausted after a visitation that he collapsed. This happens often to those who are not prepared to handle large amounts of spirit. Joseph Smith was, indeed, instructed as to how to build his energy conduits and how to cultivate the ability to handle and conduct large amounts of energy. All prophets have. Spirit energy is extremely powerful in large amounts. If one is not careful in their energetic cultivation, it is possible to overload ones own body and physically and/or mentally cause damage to themselves. This is a very important concept to remember. If God himself appeared to a human without the shielding The Holy Ghost provides (because most people have not exercised their ability to handle large spiritual pressures) God's spiritual pressure would utterly destroy the physical body of the one being visited. The concept of building and fortifying ones spiritual energy is far beyond the scope of this book. Pray for guidance to an experienced tai chi, chi gong, or yoga instructor who has been approved for your personal development by God. Everyone is different. The teacher who is best for you may not be the teacher who is best for someone else.

Chapter 5: Advanced Command of Spirit Matter & Energy

An introductory model of commanding spirit is fairly simple, yet can become greatly complex. I will cover the simple concepts here. For more advanced concepts, one must find a teacher and meditate regularly for several years. Spirit is, simply put, lead by intention and thought. Every thought you think emits a spiritual signature. This is how one can “feel” if another person has ill intentions close by. This is how a sense of warning and danger is collected if a dangerous or evil person or entity is near by. Because spirit is so easily manipulated, it is of the most crucial components to obtain perfect control over ones thoughts and intentions. Before attempting advanced spirit cultivation techniques, you must be certain you can control the spirit you emit and control. When a sufficient amount of energy is accumulated, a simple intention will manifest itself materially. This is why it is crucial to have perfect control over ones mind. If your mind is chaotic at such high levels, you could literally cause another to fall ill simply by projecting a feeling of dislike or misfortune toward them. This is a grave sin against the Spirit of God and is the same as physically attacking that person. By simply focusing on an accumulation of energy on a point in front of you, you can gather such a great amount of spirit as to be used in certain advanced healing and protecting techniques, the scope of which is not covered by this book. Do keep in mind, that the physics of spirit mentioned in the first chapter come into play here. I will explain why in the following chapter.

Chapter 6: Mechanics of Spirit In Select Ordinances

Here, the understanding of the physics of spirit, will give you a greater understanding of ordinances performed in the church. Receiving The Holy Ghost is one of the most interesting ordinances. Recall that it requires a circle of men, with their left hands on the shoulder next to them and their right hands on the head of the person to receive The Holy Ghost. In reality, the term “receive” is mildly misleading. This particular form of bodies does not, in fact, send The Holy Ghost into the person. Rather it conducts the receiver's energy to and outward in a cosmic flair. Remember that spirit energy circulates clockwise around the person. The form of this particular ordinance allows the connection of the central persons energy out into the cosmos rather than inward into the central person. If it was a true reception, the left hands would be on the head and the right hands on their neighbors shoulder. In a very literal sense, this ordinance allows the receivers energy to expand out and connect with the universal energy of The Holy Ghost. It is the reaching out and connection with The Holy Ghost, rather than the invitation of The Holy Ghost into the receiver of the ordinance. This is very interesting and is crucial to understand in the understanding of other ordinances and rituals. Think specifically about Ordinances in The Temple. In any other type of blessing: whether it is a blessing of comfort of a blessing of the sick, there are some extremely important things one must understand, especially in the blessing of the sick. When blessing a sick person, take caution not to allow the energy to flow either way. If you allow the energy to flow up from the person out your body and into the cosmos, you are allowing the damaged energy to enter your body. This can cause you to pick up the energetic signature of their sickness, and you may very well find yourself with the symptoms of their sickness and possibly a full manifestation of their sickness in your own body. This is crucial to understand. When giving a blessing, you are not to project your energy into them. A powerful projection into someones head can seriously damage the sensitive tissues in their brain. This may heighten their illness rather that heal it. Never project your energy into another persons body except in self defense. The proper method of healing is to cause your energy to resonate with the intention of health. This resonate vibration will be picked up by their spirit and begin the healing process. The palms of the hands are key in such a process as that the palms are major spiritual ports in the body. Again, avoid any projection of your energy into the ill person. Avoid any directing of their energy from their person into you and out into the cosmos. Simply imprint the intention of healing into your energy and allow that to influence their energy.

If you are advanced in your sensitivity, you may be able to see the effected spot or damaged area of the ill persons body. In such a case, you can directly imprint and direct their energy to begin flowing in a healing manner. This may be tricky, as that you must direct their spirit and imprint an intention into their spirit without having an actual spiritual energy exchange. Once you acquire a certain level of skill, the only time you will not be able to heal an illness is if it is the sole Will of God that healing does not take place. When consecrating oil for healing, you must be aware of these concepts. Imprint a healing vibration into the oil itself. This will increase the effectiveness of the oil. Please be aware, that any other emotion of thought that you have in your mind while blessing either the oil or an ill person will also be transferred. This is yet another reason that complete control over ones thoughts is crucial when conducting ordinances and rituals. These are the most important and least understood spiritual mechanics behind some ordinances and rituals, and I strongly encourage all members and friends of the church to meditate seriously on the other ordinances and rituals as to give them a higher spiritual meaning and function.

Chapter 7: The Mechanics of Being Take Up By The Spirit

Being taken up by the spirit is impossible without both spiritual sensitivity and a decent cultivation of spirit energy. When one is take up by the spirit, ones consciousness is taken into the spiritual realms to be given instruction and to be shown spiritual mysteries. The mechanics are simple, yet complex. When you are “taken up by the spirit” it can either be induced by The Holy Ghost, wherein your consciousness is taken into the spiritual realms and given a command or information crucial to your current situation, or a future situation. When one induces a “taking oneself up into the spirit”, one learns through meditation how to mirror ones consciousness into a spiritual probe of sorts. This is where a spiritual copy of ones self is created and sent out into the spiritual realms in search of spiritual information. In some spiritual practices, this is often referred to as astral projection. There is a common myth surrounding astral projection. This is that the body is left empty and becomes susceptible to possession. This is absolutely not true. The spirit never leaves the body and is wired with a self protection mechanism wherein the spirit/conscious probe is instantly recalled to the body if any entity of ill intention approaches the sleeping body. When the modern and ancient prophets are taken up by the spirit, they are actually performing astral projection or are being projected externally by the means and powers of The Holy Ghost. It is important to note, that any person who performs a taking-up with ill intentions has committed a most serious crime against God. If you decide that a taking-up is necessary to perform in order to obtain spiritual information or insight into a situation, you must keep your mind and intentions absolutely pure. This is where one finds the mysteries of God and, if pure in soul, may even glimpse the glory of The Heavens. A truly inspirational and glorious gift of opportunity for those who are pure and righteous. This is not a performance for entertainment. This is a tool give to us by God for enlightenment, healing and learning. Any other intentions of performing such a celestial and spiritual technique is prohibited and will be dealt with in the most serious of sanctions in the Court of The Lord. This feat is performed through meditation. There are techniques one may use to perform a taking-up,

which are beyond the scope of this book. If you are diligent and righteous, you will be taught through the spirit on these techniques. You may also find literature and teachers, though, the purest teacher is The Holy Ghost. This is also the mechanism where one may seek a Calling and Election made sure through direct communication with The Lord.

Chapter 8: The Mechanics Sin

When one commits a sin against God, one contracts a karmic condition. There is a very interesting question of how a damaged karmic condition through sinning in a physical body will shut out that being from entering into the realm of the Gods. It is not only a matter of God not wanting us to return to him in a state of sin and karmic damage. It is also a matter of spiritual mechanics. Karma effects our energy and spiritual bodies in such a manner as to literally make it impossible to enter the God realms.

Chapter 9: The Mechanics of The Atonement

The mechanics of The Atonement is a very sacred and holy matter. There is much I cannot say, and much I do not know. I will relay what I feel I can. I will also encourage others to seek this information on their own through a taking-up. The atonement is very interesting energetically. When The Lord suffered all the sins of all men in the Garden of Gethsemane, there was a very massive exchange of energy. Remember, at higher spiritual dimensions (explorable through a taking-up) one may find the existence of time is not the same. In the highest of realms, time ceases existence. This is a fascinating property of the spiritual realms wherein only experience can truly relate the oddity to ones mind. When The Lord took on the sins of all mankind, he created an energetic imbalance in the universe. Only the spawn of a God could take on such a surge of infinite negative energy. Remember that you can damage your body with even too much good spiritual energy. Imagine taking on a nearly infinite amount of negative sinful energy. This is a feat only a god could perform. Since it only needed to be done once, there was only one Savior chosen. Now, in order for this transfer to occur, Jesus himself performed a taking-up in order to connect to the timeless spiritual realms and reach back to gather the energy of the sins of all eternity. Because Christ is half god, he is connected to an infinite source of energy. This is why The Atonement could only work for a god who did not sin in his time on earth. The infinite sin ridden spiritual energy was nullified by his sinless earthly existence and his access to infinite spiritual energy. If he would have sinned once, the balance would have been broken and the energetic symmetry that nullified the sins would have not taken place and we would have all been lost. Though Christ took on him the energy of all sin, karma remains and must be healed before one enters the Kingdom of God. This is the basic mechanics of the energetic mechanisms responsible for the necessity of The Atonement. Though this is the case, there are spiritualists who have achieved such a level of righteousness and spiritual energy that they were able to energetically eliminate their own sins, thereby relieving Christ of the responsibility of their sins. This is rare and should not be taken as an excuse to focus on developing energy and ignoring worship. On the contrary, the few who have achieved such enlightenment and the ability to take care of their own sin energetics and karma, worship and love The Lord with a love and

worship that is impossible to understand by those who rely on The Lord for his atonement.

Chapter 10: Joseph Smith Jr.

Joseph Smith was a prodigy. His ability to understand and catch on to the deepest concepts and secrets of God and the universe was uncanny. Joseph Smith Jr. was taught by angels and shown by the spirit where and how to build his energy body and how to use and command spirit matter and energy. Joseph Smith has been accused of practicing occult practices. In a sense, this is true. Joseph Smith knew how to move his consciousness through meditation, how to command spirit and energy, now to bless objects, substances, and people properly, and how to charge objects with spiritual energies and instructions. Though these practices are seen by the course mind as being odd and, in some circles, satanic, they are not. Up until recently, even tai chi, chi gong, and yoga have been seen by the western world as being occult and devilish. This couldn't be further from the truth. The exercises and meditations and practices Joseph Smith learned and became skilled at are the same that Moses, Adam, Samson, and Christ himself were highly skilled at. Joseph Smith was extremely skilled with performing a taking-up and studying the etherial records and learning from angels. He was indeed a prophet who indeed saw and translated a record of the ancient people of America through stones which were charged with spiritual energy imprinted with the specific instruction to translate intelligently designed information to any consciousness that desired it. His dealings with God and the spirit world became a skill which very few humans have acquired through spiritual practice. This is a fact that members and friends of the church must come to terms with. The mysteries of God stretch deeply into the universe. God has given us meditations and exercises specifically designed to allow those who desire to know without question the ability to do so. If these methods are used unwisely and with ill intent, such as we see in voodoo, their souls will be dealt with in the most serious manner. The sin of using the spiritual powers of God for ill intent is nearly unforgivable. Freemasonry is merely a small part of the practices Joseph Smith was told to study to learn energy practices. Freemasonry is directly descendent from Hermeticism and the Kabbalah. These studies were given to men by God and were handed down, even from the time of Adam. The Kabbalah was corrupted several times, and was restored several times through righteous adepts and students.

Joseph Smith was a hero. Even to current practicing Hermeticists and Kabbalah practitioners who are not members of the church. They have achieved a level of understanding and relationship with God and they understand the roll Joseph Smith plays in the spirituality of our planet. Joseph Smith is a true prophet who truly understands the mysteries of God and His universe.

Chapter 11: Conclusion

The concepts I have revealed to you through this book are true and, if used righteously will bring you closer to your Savior and God than you ever thought possible in this life time. Take my cautions seriously. This is nothing to be take lightly, and the result of doing so is a grave grave sin in the eye of God. It is commonly thought that the sin of murder is unforgivable. This is not so. Those who have murdered can, after arduous and frustrating repentance and healing in the spirit worlds may eventually be granted entrance into The Kingdom of God. There is however, a sin that is absolutely unforgivable. That is denying The Holy Ghost. This is not possible, unless one attains the ability to be taken-up and know without question of the Glory of God. This is my warning. If you misuse this information, if you take advantage of the skills of being able to induce a taking-up, if you wield the powers of God for your own selfish benefits. You will not be forgiven. This is a very serious and yet mysterious and glorious ability that has been given to all men to learn. You may reach the point where you can relieve Jesus Christ of your sins, or you can fall to the basest level of using these skills for evil. One will ensure your entrance into the Kingdom of God, the other will drive your soul into the deepest most horrifying levels of hell. Take my warning seriously. Come to know God. Use this information for healing and helping. Learn about God on a personal level. Learn of the worlds the universe encompasses. Seek teachings directly from angelic mouths. Cleanse yourself and meet your Savior face to face and you will be granted access to the highest of levels of knowledge in The Kingdom of God.

The End

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