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1. Whats is the spell of leviathan and who cast the spell on the adamites? 2.

What is the origin of the science of nuwaubu?

3. What are the three test of nuwaubu the science of soundright reasoning? 4. Why did the annunaki come down to the planet earth and how long ago? 5. Explain the connection between murdoq, thehuti, melchizedek, and al khidr? 6. Who is melchizedek? 7. Explain who mother ninti was and how she relates to Nubians? 8. Where was the garden of eden ( ganawa) located? 9. Explain why set wanted to kill asaru? 10. Explain the meaning of the God concept? 11. Where is heaven located? 12. Explain who the luciferians are and there purpose? 13. Explain how the devil went into the bible? 14. How many books are in the bible? 15. What year did Dr. York start his misson and what age? 16. Explain why Egypt is the source of all religions and mystical societies? 17. Explain the importance of facts rightknowledge v.s. belifs? 18. Explain the agenda of the new world order? 19. What is the symbology the number 9? This exam was put together in mind for those not so new comers whom are still at the threshold whom ask, seek, knock, and the door shall be opened for higher knowledge. Neter Nebu Abeksenabek, Known as Jamil Sayf Mahmoud, Reverend James A. Mcmullan All eyes on egipt bookstore & giftshop Littlerock, arkansas