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“Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair” ~ G.K CHESTERTON
“Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair”1 as instructed by G.K Chesterton is a metaphor in which the concept of a “living and dynamic religion” comes to life. To engage with the principles of the religion is to make a “love affair”. To be living and dynamic is to practice the religion as well as reinterpret the truth in various new ways to suit that time frame. Christianity is an Immanent and monotheistic2 religion built upon belief systems that influence individuals and society. It is a religion with several denominations, two of which are quite large in numbers- Catholicism and Orthodoxy. In order for Christianity to be living and dynamic, it must hold in itself the four characteristics of religion. The four aforementioned characteristics are the “Belief and Believers”, “Ethics”, Rituals and sacred texts. Each of the four characteristics demonstrates a crucial role in Christianity, allowing the religion to be practiced in contemporary society. G.K Chesterton’s reference metaphorically states that the people should not only have belief in a religion or practice, but should also live it and breathe it in their daily lives. Beliefs and Believers is an essential characteristic within Christianity. It allows the religion to continue to be both Living and Dynamic, and to be maintained and potentially grown in modern society. The religious worldview of Christianity involves the direction of its followers to an enhanced connection to the divine. Christianity believes in one God and entails various beliefs. This includes the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ, a crucial belief in Christian faith. Jesus is believed to be divine, something that is unexplainable and therefore left to faith of the individual adherent. Christians believe Jesus died on the cross and this is believed to a divine event, however his death simultaneously demonstrates his humanity. Christians also believe in the trinity, which is that, the“Father”, the “Son” and the Holy Spirit” are three divine beings that formulate one God. “My command is this: love each other as I have loved you”3 The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are also known as the Paschal Mystery, something which Christians centralise their faith around. Christians also believe in the incarnation of Jesus Christ in which the Son Of God became entirely human but at the same time God retained his divine nature. Christianity has a system of beliefs in which they offer a comprehensive picture of reality. In other words, it shapes the individual’s world view and how the act or react in various moral and ethical situations. “Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair” is a metaphor in which the belief and believers become central in order to create the religion of Christianity to be ‘Living and Dynamic’. In order for Christianity to be ‘Living and Dynamic’ the belief and believers must enhance and enforce religious practice, this meaning that law and teaching may have to be reinterpreted in various ways. Sacred Texts and writings can be identified through manuscripts, modern printed books, oral tradition and artistic representation. Texts have been passed down numerous generations, texts

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G.K Chesterton Monotheistic- belief in the existence of one god or in the oneness of God. 3 John 15:12

4 This relates to the statement as Christianity becomes living and dynamic through the principles of ethics where the individual is accustomed to follow through by conscience and teachings. which does occur in Christianity as the religion is continually growing even today. The Old Testament and The New Testament which is a collection of scriptures providing teachings as well as laws. The Eucharist can also be celebrated or interpreted in a simple family dinner. However. Sacred texts are not only teachings with a meaning or a theory. we're supposed to love God. rituals as well as the beliefs of believers. and Christians regularly practice these rituals to maintain tradition and keep the faith dynamic.K Chesterton as the “love affair” is provided through the rituals allowing closer connections to God and one self. It also has explanations and several comments on life’s universal questions. These sacramental prayers are celebrated with the community in mass. The 10 commandments are located in the Old Testament and are put in place as laws and guidelines. It enforces the statement “Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair” referenced by G. In conclusion G. usually to help explain how one is expected to act and behave in an ever changing world. Lent. what should and shouldn’t be done. vocal as well as a public prayer or blessing received through sacraments such as the Eucharist and Baptism. Rituals and Ethics intertwine between one another and are practiced as well as reinterpret the truth in various new ways but still hold the original concept. The Bible also contains parables which have a moral basis. It is the characteristic that allows our morals to impact our conscience and decide how they will act in a situation. Christianity focuses on one central text. in fact they are an engagement of the religion. the Beatitudes and various creeds. Easter and Christmas. love each other and help take care of the poor”. Christianity engages with this sacred text by applying teachings from the text to modern life. “According to our Christian ethics. these are special days of celebration such as mass on Sundays. Adherents are able to feel the spiritual presence within the ordinary world when rituals are practiced.K Chesterton statement incorporates with the ‘Living and Dynamic’ of Christianity as the religious characteristics of Beliefs and Believers. keeping the religion of Christianity ‘Living and Dynamic’. Ethics is also one of the characteristics that incorporate sacred texts. The Christian community read the Bible and are encouraged to incorporate the teachings derived from the texts into their everyday lives. The Christian ethics are the ideas in which the teachings conduct human activity. as well a greater understanding of the Christian worldview. As a result the Bible is important to all Christians as it allows the believers to perform teachings and retell them. As a result they are then passed on. Christianity takes into count the 10 commandments. Christians carry out two types of prayer. Rituals can also be noted as festivals. They provide answers to god’s people of Christianity and the believers to the questions. These teachings are revised and applied to contemporary life. Rituals are ceremonies that anoint. 4 Bob Riley statement . Sacred Texts. Consequently the formation of a living and dynamic religion will only occur if the Christians practice the principles of the religion. The Bible is divided into two parts. Rituals are derived from sacred texts.which include ancient teachings. bless or simply just contribute to the understanding of stages in life. This characteristic of Christianity enables the religion to become “alive”. “The Holy Bible”.

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