One of his famous quotes was. We spent so much time doing all this that we have never really taken the time to evaluate who we really are. As result of this book the whole concept of "Self Help" was born. There is however an area that has not been given as much attention as it truly deserves and that is the concept of 'positive aging'. What can we do to bring to back the excitement.40 . to fortify our public demeanour and actions. It started a whole new culture on how people could run their lives. how we travel to our ultimate destination and what we do along the way while we're getting there is entirely up to us. but instead fall into the category of 'who others think we are'. . taking the same journey and heading towards the same destination. many times those judgments are not based on who we think we are. and it is now the most used section of all bookstores and it is still growing. holding down a job and coping with the emotional wear and tear of the work place. We're all passengers on the same train here. We all know that someone else's opinion is of little consequence in our daily lives. we rely on these external views. While doing all of this we should stop for a second and think. However. real or imagined. However. "Change your thoughts and you change your world". Or at least we think we do. and how can we "kick start" our lives again. From the moment we're born we all start getting old-er. As we get older we can fall into a trap that we've actually set for ourselves with our own thinking. We move forward or backwards grounded in our own estimation of self. What we think of ourselves is vitally important to the success of any endeavor. The concept was not really new but he was able to bring it into focus for the average person and people got excited about it.. "The Power of Positive Thinking".A Grand Experience!!! The positive thinking revolution was initiated by Dr Norman Vincent Peale in the early 1950s when he wrote his best selling book.60 rule. yet. bringing up a family. Much of this reaction to exterior views has to do with age and maturity which follows a basic psychological pattern sometimes referred to as the 20 . What are our strengths.. Most of us spent our lives dealing with peer pressures.

or someone who has just retired and found that it was not as easy as they thought to make the transition from being a very important cog in the wheel of industry to being just another retiree. the older we get. or that we are seen as lesser citizens. our spirituality. Deep down inside most of them want to continue to live with dignity throughout our lives. we cannot expect to be treated as we would like to be. your life revolves around an obsession of what others think of you. you really weren't being judged at by anyone but yourself. At 40. How we age is the important thing. Many don't even begin a spiritual search until they have raised a family. Aging With Dignity. with a pension and a gold watch. People who have aspirations for aging with dignity vary from individuals in their middle age to old age. to explore one's personal relationship with Creation. you realize that when you were 20. We have reached a time and space in the Universe where we need to all be 60. That does not mean that we are forgotten. But. or too early. What kind of a wallop has their dignity taken? What about the person whose life's partner has died or been put into a "home for the bewildered". conquered the business world and finally found the time to do some inner exploration. the more we understand our vulnerabilities.. From the day we come into this world 'till the day we die we are aging. self esteem and morale are some of the most important ingredients involved in dignity. no matter what your age. whatever our age. esteem wise.. There is no age limit at either end of the spectrum where these qualities are not needed. We need to define our lives. The latter is still a very common part of the retirement process. Because of the way society views the process of aging.. the more we want to discover our attachment to the Divine. And at 60.. it is never too late. Is there a touch of symbolism there? It's a well documented fact that people who have just retired are very often at the lowest point in their lives. Take a moment. Do we do so with dignity? What about aging positively and living with dignity? The very old are not the only ones who would like to have some dignity in their lives. Self respect.At 20. Naturally. you begin to not care what others think of you. . to be 60. What about the person who has been in middle management and is now redundant? maybe he or she are in their fifties.

work.40 years of age.'to create the basis for the next life structure. Assuring economic security for old age 4. Flexibility also decreases with age throughout adulthood. is eager and willing to fuse his identity with that of others. that is. Early Adulthood. 2. and to start anew .. The first phase of early adulthood comes to a close around twenty-eight to thirty. when 'at about 28 the provisional character of the twenties is ending and life is becoming more serious. waning after 35. Adjusting to the reality of the work situation 3. stressing that 'it is not uncommon. Biological function and physical performance reach their peak from 20–35 years of age. As the great Mark Twain said. in orgasms and sexual unions." Issues and Challenges A young adult. 'Young adulthood can be considered the healthiest time of life and young adults are generally in good health... and 'the young adult is usually preoccupied with self-growth in the context of society and relationships with others. according to Erik Erikson's stages of human development. plateaus through 35 . is generally a person between the age of 20 – 40.we must make crucially important choices regarding marriage. graying or loss of hair. facial wrinkles. young adults in their late teens and early 20's encounter a number of issues as they finish school and begin to hold fulltime jobs and take on other responsibilities of adulthood. In the wake of the adolescent emphasis upon identity formation.. Strength peaks around 25 years of age.I think that we have to change the way we see ourselves and the way we want to be seen as a very important part of society with something really worthwhile to offer. emerging from the search for and insistence on identity.. family. However.. "Age is an issue of mind over matter. Avoidance of such experiences 'because of a fear of ego-loss may lead to a deep sense of isolation and consequent self-absorption In modern societies.between age 28 and 32'. in close friendships and in physical combat’.the age-thirty crisis. He [or she] is ready for intimacy. Reorganizing living arrangements concrete affiliations and partnerships. To do so means the ability 'to face the fear of ego loss in situations which call for self-abandon: in the solidarity of close affiliations. Readjusting to being a couple again . there are large individual differences and a fit 40-year-old may out-compete a sedentary 20-year-old.. and then declines. The danger is that in 'the second era. at the approach to the thirties. increasing weight. subject neither to disease nor the problems of senescence.. Helping children leave home and become responsible adults 5. Issues faced by middle age (40 to 60) are Adjusting to the body's physical and physiological changes including adjustment of self image.. it doesn't matter. If you don't mind. and lifestyle before we have the maturity or life experience to choose wisely. 'the young adult.. to tear up the life structure one put together to support the original dream of the twenties. Others have spoken of 'the Catch-30 Passage. the capacity to commit.

these individuals will need to rely on their pensions and Social Security. There are several issues and faced by the old age (60 and above) population as well The first problem includes health issues. many married females become widows as they age. and lack of transportation" (Gerontology). death of family members and friends. they still need health plans like Medicare and Medicaid. some live too far a distance away to provide the proper support in emergencies. When you learn to tap this source. There may be a craving to travel but no means to do so. No longer being in the workforce. loss of workmates. While some children are a short distance from older parents. There is habitually a lack of self-confidence in old age. particularly if the old people can't take care of themselves monetarily. While many people will not face these problems right away. because the cost of living rises. some elderly "live below or slightly above the poverty level" (Gerontology).7. Therefore a hazardous trend can get started toward hypercriticism. "Social relationships might be difficult to maintain in old age because of health limitations. and too much time for belligerent. However." –Sophia Loren . the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. you will truly have defeated age. memory loss and increased health problems. While today's elderly person is considerably more healthy than those of previous generations. there are two major ones that must be addressed. Senior citizen finds himself out of phase with the younger generations of children and grandchildren. Loneliness is another issue. These include hearing and sight loss. While health concerns. the aging population can learn to adapt to the limitations. too much redundant time. economic issues and loneliness are problems the aging population has to face. Old age brings about future shock. Therefore. these losses can be gradual. Men tend to have a shorter life expectancy than women. Making living arrangements for one's own parents 11. Another problem deals with the person’s income and economic welfare. There is a lack of important things to do. Assuring adequate medical supervision for old age 10. your talents. "There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind. These are neglect/abuse and crime against the elderly. There is occasionally a lack of reason to live. Reaffirming the values of life that have real meaning.

Solutions to overcome the challenges Family friends and the mediated others influence our physical and mental well being in a magnitude of ways. nurture and forgiveness. dancing. and engaging in sports etc can often yield good memories. character. Positive relations with others bolsters one’s self confidence. . they may exercise and play games with us and express their opinion about our attitude. leisure activities with friends. At the same time when people are feeling good about themselves and life. Thus positive and healthy interaction with your kith and kin and their support to overcome various issues faced by one with respect to their mental and physical changes while ageing is a very resourceful and dependable solution. and provides solace in times of trouble. provides a sense of self worth . They provide information that invites one to deliberate. Activities like exercise. love. they will often approach others in a positive way. doing volunteer work. a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of zestfulness and joy. Having a satisfied network of others to whom we relate is correlated with having positive mental states. Positive mental states are related to engaging activity. helps one generate meaningful goals. evidencing more empathy. to act and at times seek professional help or advice. Engaging activity can also increase one’s sense of internal control. appearance and well being.lifts one’s spirit. inculcating hobbies.

have witnessed a sudden proliferation of old-age homes in recent years. and residents are expected to make arrangements for food and other services. With the breakup of joint families and more and more of the young brigade choosing to live and work away from their parents. one may seek ways of damaging oneself. Rechristened as “retirement homes”. especially men who are more susceptible to suicide perhaps because they feel more depressed and alone. One such place. major metros in the country. With depression. in a way ensuring that they have a sense of dignity and self-reliance. offers an independent self-contained accommodation. dining facilities and sporting activity centres. the Eventide Home in Whitefield. It is not surprising that feeling good is related to physical well being. Seeking professional help of a psychiatrist or counselling helps one to look at his life and its dimensions from a different perspective which may aid in achieving inner peace and salvation. library. Homes for the elderly today are a far cry from the dark and dismal dwellings of the past. these swanky homes are fully furnished with all the amenities that include exclusive clubhouse. old-age homes have become the obvious choice of India’s geriatric population. Holding group activities with people of the same age group facing similar issues can also help an individual in gaining valuable insight and perhaps facilitate in overcoming his/ her limitations. including Bangalore. But not so any more. signing up with an old-age home to spend the twilight years of one’s life was considered a disgraceful idea. A few years back. Cashing in on this trend.Physical well being in also a way to combat stress of aging. An excerpt from an article on Positive Ageing .