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Model of clinical teaching

1. Traditional model- the educator provides the instruction and evaluation for a small groups of nursing students and onsite during clinical experience. The benefit of this model is the opportunity to assist students in using the concepts and theories learned in class through readings and other learning activities in patien care. The disadvantages:  Large number of students for whom faculty members may be responsible  Not being accessible to students when needed because of demands of other students in the group.

2. Perceptor model- the expert nurse in the clinical setting works with the students on a one-to-one basis in the clinical setting. Preceptors are staff nurses and other nurses employed by clinical agency who, in addition to their ongoing patient care responsibilities, provide on-site clinical instruction for the assigned students. The preceptor guides and supports the learner and serve as a role model. Commonly used for graduating nursing students but it can also used with the beginning nursing students. The advantages:  Students can transition into independent practice  Develop self-efficacy  Improve critical thinking and decision making skills.  Developed the clinical competencies

research and practice  Lack of flexibility in reassigning students to other preceptors if needed.  Clinical agency and nursing program that involves sharing an advanced practice nurse(APN) and academic faculty member .the APN teaches students in the clinical setting and faculty member serves as course indicator.promotes professional socialization and enables to gain an understanding of how to function in the role for which they are being in the traditional model. . 3. Partnership Model. The disadvantages:  Lack of integration of theory. Learn new clinical skills under the guidance of the preceptor  Providing an opportunity for the student to work closely with a role model.nursing education collaborate with:  clinical agencies and the community to respond to meet the health care needs of the community.  Faculty member teaches 2 groups of students.