U21 Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 Applicant Guidelines

Universitas 21 Undergraduate Research Conference July 1 - 5, 2012 Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan Conference details The 2012 U21 Undergraduate Research Conference will provide an opportunity for three outstanding undergraduate students from all Universitas 21 (U21) member institutions to showcase their research to an international audience of participating students, staff/faculty, and students of Waseda University. The 2012 URC has the theme of "Connecting to the Future" and welcomes students from all disciplines to consider how their studies relate to this topic. A special feature of the URC 2012 is a student-led conference organized and operated by a student volunteer group from Waseda. Who can participate? The Office of Undergraduate Education will award up to three grants to UQ undergraduate students to participate in the conference and provide 50% funding for one UQ academic staff member. One student will be nominated for an oral presentation, another for a poster presentation, and the other will be nominated to either category. The grant will cover travel and accommodation (including breakfast). Participants will be required to fund some of their own meals, visas and personal living expenses. To be eligible for the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference Grant, students must:  Be currently enrolled at UQ  Be in at least their second year of study  Submit a 300 word abstract  Be prepared to give either an oral or poster presentation  Submit a report outlining their experiences at the Undergraduate Research Conference  Agree to be photographed and interviewed for promotional purposes Staff members should have a keen interest in undergraduate research, and be willing to mentor and support UQ students as required during the event. How to apply Students are required to complete an online application located here or available on the Office of Undergraduate School website at www.uq.edu.au/undergraduate. Interested staff should send an expression of interest outlining why they wish to attend the U21 conference to undergrad@uq.edu.au. All applications must be received by 5pm on Friday, 4 May. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. The final selection of all participants will be undertaken by a selection panel. Key dates Due date for applications Successful applicants notified Successful applicants to be registered Travel bookings to be finalised and itineraries submitted to the OUE URC commences URC concludes Friday, 4 May Week beginning 7 May Tuesday, 15 May Friday, 1 June Sunday, 1 July Thursday July 5

and the time restriction must be kept strictly.u21urc2012. Guidelines can be found at http://www.u21urc2012.pptx) and refer to the document. 6 July Registration Successful applicants will be invited to register via the conference website after their offer has been accepted.U21 Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 Applicant Guidelines Program The proposed program is as follows: Sunday. 2 July Tuesday.Poster Guidelines and Sample Poster .u21urc2012.info/call-for-papers/. Further details are available at: http://www. Abstracts All participants must submit a 300-word abstract on their application form by the due date.info/call-for-papers/.ppt/. 5 July Friday. Accommodation for the duration of the conference will be provided. hotel check-in and conference registration Excursion and Welcome Dinner Conference begins Conference closes and Farewell Dinner Participants’ Departure 2 . Students are also welcome to contact a member of the Student Engagement Team in the Office of Undergraduate Education at undergrad@uq.au or 3365 2954 Participants' Arrival. “Oral Presentations Guidelines. Travel & Accommodation Further information about travel bookings will be provided to the successful applicants.info/call-forpapers/ Poster presentations Participants providing a poster presentation are to compose posters with reference to the documents . Presentations Oral presentations Participants who will have oral presentations are to compose presentation files in a Microsoft Powerpoint 2003/2007 format (.u21urc2012.” Presentation files are to be submitted to urc2012@list. The posters are to be enclosed in a suitable cardboard tube and sent to the address at http://www. visit the Office of Undergraduate webpage: U21 Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 or the U21 webpage: U21 information.available at http://www.edu.The length of presentation is ten minutes.waseda.info/accommodation/ Further information For more information. Posters must be submitted by 8 June 2012. 1 July Monday.jp by 15 June 2012. 3 July Thursday.