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We will be glad to familiarize you with this constitution and entertain your needs and let you know what we have in store ahead. BENJAMIN VICENTE CO PRIME MINISTER 2009-2010 Ptolemy: Revolutionizing Christian leadership and governance. Here at Ptolemy. we function as a productive government concerned for the benefit of our members. your ideas go to a long path.Government of Ptolemy Office of the Prime Minister PTOLEMY Welcome to PTOLEMY! You have just embarked on a journey where your government forms ideas and activities for both members and those around us. Please feel free to recommend any activities you have in mind. Here at Ptolemy. 3 .

who was a priest. 2 – The office of the organization shall be located in the High School Library of the school. Saint Jerome. interest among the studentry and community. ARTICLE I NAME AND OFFICE Sec. and with the desire to help each other in achieving more from the library. 4 .PREAMBLE We. the Library in particular. a doctor of the church. in order to promote the interest of the studentry in becoming responsible citizens. imploring the aid of the Almighty Father. ARTICLE II NATURE OF THE ORGANIZATION The Ptolemy Organization of La Salle Green Hills is an extra-curricular organization established in coordination with the Learning Resource Center of the School. 1 – The organization shall be known as The Ptolemy Organization. the members of the Ptolemy Organization of La Salle Green Hills. in the proper use of the library and its facilities. It is primarily concerned with the functions of the Audio-Visual Center. the enhancement of reading skills. It shall be the official library and audio-visual center club of La Salle Green Hills. and the patron saint of librarians. do hereby ordain and promulgate this Constitution. and actions in social-awareness and responsibility. ARTICLE III PATRON SAINT The organization shall have for its patron saint. a confessor. Sec.

4 – Members of Parliament must elect a Speaker from the membership of Parliament. a new batch of Members of Parliament must be formed. but once a Prime Minister. Deputy Prime Minister. Anybody may seek a post in Parliament. Only members of Parliament are qualified to run for Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister. Sec. in line with the mission statement of the school. The 7-man Parliament (before electing a Prime Minister. 4. 6 – A system of secret balloting shall take effect. Sec. 2. and Speaker. Parliament shall compose of a 7-man board. To develop a better sense of appreciation of printed and audio-visual materials as instruments for academic growth. 1 – The Citizens of Ptolemy shall elect its new members of Parliament on the final assembly of the academic year. 5 . Sec. Deputy Prime Minister. 5 – By March of this given school year. and Speaker of the House has been declared the 7-man board shall be reduced to a 5-man board WITHOUT having to elect 2 new members of Parliament in order to replace the elected Prime Minister. Sec. To develop among Lasallians a sense of responsibility over the library and other AV Center facilities of the school. and Speaker) shall sign promissory letters to the reigning Monarch that he shall return and take post on the next academic year.ARTICLE IV OBJECTIVES 1. 2 – The elected members of Parliament shall elect its Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister within the summer vacation or once a meeting has been established for the said election. Deputy Prime Minister. The objectives of the Ptolemy Organization of La Salle Green Hills shall be: To develop the Learning Resource Center of La Salle Green Hills into a venue for the promotion of social awareness and responsibility among students. Sec. The speaker shall act as the leader of the House. ARTICLE V SYSTEM OF ELECTION Sec. 3. 3 – A public announcement of the new Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister shall be made by the first meeting of the next academic year. To enhance the reading skills of both members and non-members in the school’s drive towards academic excellence.

b. 4 – Ministers of ministries shall be appointed by the Prime Minister. h. Moderate arguments and discussions. The power to Veto. d. Sec. Sec. Attend to the needs of the organization when the Prime Minister is currently unavailable to do so. c. Make rulings on procedure. Presiding over meetings if the Prime Minister is unable to do so. Minister of Multimedia and Broadcasting. Speaker of Parliament. c. Sec 7 – The Speaker of the House shall have the following responsibilities: a. Decides on who may speak and has the powers to discipline members who break the procedures of the house. Presiding over all meetings of the organization. Directing and supervising all the activities of the organization. 3 – The Prime Minister. g. Five (5) members of Parliament (including the Speaker). Assisting the Prime Minister in his duties. c. Minister of Records and Information. Representing the organization within the school community and in other activities outside the school. Announce the results of votes made by parliament. Presiding officer of the legislative body b. and the Monarch shall compose what is to be known as the Executive Branch of Government. 5 – The Prime Minister shall have the following responsibilities: a. Minister of Prefecting. e. 2 – The organization shall have fifteen (15) members of government namely: The Prime Minister. Sec. 1 – The Ptolemy Organization shall be following a constitutional monarchy form of government. 6 – The Deputy Prime Minister shall have the following responsibilities: a. Sec. b. Deputy Prime Minister. f. e. Preparing the agenda for each meeting. and the Monarch. 6 . Parliament. Calling on emergency meetings. Sec. Minister of Finance. Minister of Studentry-Community Affairs. Deputy Prime Minister. The Executive Branch of Government shall be responsible for overseeing all activities of the organization. Minister of Foreign Affairs. Creating the necessary ministries under times of emergency.ARTICLE VI ADMINISTRATION AND GOVERNMENT Sec. Signing all documents pertaining to organizational affairs. d.

encompassing their respective ministries. Sec. He or she shall be the Librarian of La Salle Green Hills. presiding over such. in the execution of their specific assignments. e. and enforcing laws and policies within the organization. Call ministry meetings whenever necessary. His/Her attendance in every meeting is a must. as the voice of the body in ceremonial and some other situations. Sec. Sec. Organize their respective divisions or ministries. The said minister is the audio-visual man of the organization. 15 – The Members of Parliament are in charge of creating. The Ministers are tasked to: a. Perform other duties assigned by the Prime Minister. and within the school. 13 – The Minister of Prefecting shall man all prefecting posts and all prefecting related tasks. c. release of funds. after projects have been carried out. Assist the Prime Minister in the performance of his duties. Represents the body in person. 14 – The Minister of Studentry-Community Affairs shall be tasked to handle all student affairs within the organization. Prepare evaluation reports. 16 – The Monarch shall be the moderator of the organization. 8 – There shall be one Minister for each Ministry. 11 – The Minister of Finance shall be the treasury-man of the organization. Sec. Sec. 9 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs shall organize non-competitive activities of the organization and shall be the public relations officer for activities/events outside the school grounds. d. payments. Sec. inside and out of the library. among the citizens of the organization.f. He/she shall be consulted by the members of government as frequent as possible to discuss activities of the organization. Sec. 12 – The Minister of Multimedia and Broadcasting shall be the public relations officer of the club. Sec. The Minister is also tasked to handle interaction/integration preparations and affairs that are outside the school grounds. Members of Parliament are also given the voice to vote by majority by a given proposal or decision. Sec. The said minister shall be responsible for the collection of taxes (club dues) if applicable. proposal of taxation rates and all other currency related topics. 7 . b. 10 – The Minister of Records and Information shall be the chairman of the secretarial committee. enacting.

Ministry of Prefecting.Sec. Sec. and Parliament. 8 . Ministry of Finance. Sec. Take care of the budget of the organization. Continuous non-attendance in all meetings and activities of the organization. 4 – The Ministry of Finance shall be tasked to: a. Prepare materials needed for such. Allocate funds for all organization’s expenses. and other materials necessary for a project. 18 – Impeachment to any government official shall take effect on any of the following grounds: a. b. Spearhead in taking down the minutes of the meetings and general assemblies. b. Take note of the attendance of the members during gatherings. prizes. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. and to keep receipts of purchases. ARTICLE VII WORKING MINISTRIES Sec. Sec. Sec. d. through the recommendation of any member. b. Make reservations and necessary arrangements for such projects. Any government official shall be declared impeached by a majority of two-thirds of all the citizens and members of government including the Monarch’s. Keeping the files and records of the organization orderly and intact. 19 – The term of office of all members of Government under this constitution shall be for one school year. 2 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be tasked to: a. c. food stuffs. Failure to comply with his assignments or responsibilities. b. c. 3 – The Ministry of Records and Information shall be tasked to: a. Draft major letters in behalf of the organization. d. c. Sec. Audit organizational expenditures. 17 – Impeachment of any government official may be forwarded to the Executive Branch of Government and to the Monarch. 1 – There shall be seven (7) standard working ministries into which the organization shall be subdivided namely: Ministry of Foreign Affairs. d. Supply funds for the purchase of supplies. Organize non-competitive activities like reach-out activities and interactions/integrations with other schools. Unfavorable disciplinary record incurred during the year. Ministry of Records and Information. c. Ministry of Multimedia and Broadcasting. Ministry of Studentry-Community Affairs.

d. 7 – The Ministry of Prefecting shall be tasked to: a. c. Approve amendments to the constitution with the consent of the Monarch. Reserve any audio-visual equipment needed in any activity. b. e. b. Creating and supporting activities that is in the desire of the members. Promote CLAYGO during their prefecting post on Ptolemy’s assignment for the CLAYGO Campaign. 8 – The members of Parliament are tasked to: a. Coordinate and communicate to school officials. Assist the members in gaining knowledge on the use of the Athena and all other library concerns during their prefecting post. Sanction members due to disciplinary measures and impose a maximum penalty or punishment.e. the former Presidents/Prime Ministers. 6 – The Ministry of Multimedia and Broadcasting shall be tasked to: a. Representation body to the citizens of the Ptolemy Organization. e. Sec. f. Assign members on certain post(s) as part of the prefecting requirement for the club. f. Sec. Sec. 9 . g. Decide on matters and proposals of each member. 5 – The Ministry of Studentry-Community Affairs shall be tasked to: a. Suspend any member of government due to disciplinary issues. Arrange all financial needs and matters of the organization. Arrange for donors and/or sponsors for special occasions. Take photographs and/or videos of all activities and label them accordingly. other members of the school community in behalf of the organization. c. f. c. d. Suspend the passport of a member if deemed necessary so as to ensure security for all members and the organization itself. b. Sec. Present to the Prime Minister and the Monarch all photographs and/or videos taken on all activities. c. In-charge of the bulletin board in giving monthly information. b. and the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister. Create laws and policies for the benefit of the organization. Creating and promoting strong studentry bond amongst the citizens. Sending out notices to the citizens of the organization. Publicize and promote the activities of the organization throughout the high school community.

d. the Prime Minister may call for emergency meetings. Sec. Able to run for political office. b. 2 – On the month of January. Sec. These weekly meetings shall concern the next batch of Government for the upcoming school year. Eliminating discrimination and injustice. you are hereby responsible for: Serving on jury and if selected. Obeying Ptolemy’s laws. 1 – There shall be regular monthly meetings among the members of Government. c. c. 4 – The Robert’s Rule of Order shall be imposed in every meeting. Sec. and regulation. for coordination and follow up purposes. Caring for and protecting the Ptolean heritage and environment. Sec. 2 – As a citizen of the Ptolemy Organization.ARTICLE VIII MEETINGS Sec. b. Sec. rules. 3 – Occasionally. 1 – Any student of La Salle Green Hills may seek citizenship or acceptance to the Ptolemy Organization through recruitment or assignment by the Student Activities Coordination. d. e. ARTICLE IX CITIZENSHIP Sec. a. the Prime Minister shall call for weekly meetings. 3 – As a citizen of Ptolemy. f. Able to obtain a Ptolemy Passport. a weekly meeting shall be held. you are hereby: Able to vote in political elections. Able to prevent risk of getting deported from the Ptolemy. If necessary. Helping others in the community. 10 . Respecting the rights and freedom of others. a.

This will be in effect if the parents agree to send their son to the said activity. the organization must observe a minimum of three (3) interactions with different schools. ARTICLE XI BUDGET AND MANAGEMENT Sec. A symposium may take place in anytime of the school year. etc.ARTICLE X PASSPORT PTOLEMY Sec. Example. all surplus cash within the organization will be transferred to the next school year. with given notice from the Organization. Sec. ARTICLE XIII 11 . shall execute an emergency taxation program until the quota for the said event/activity has been met. Government has the iron fist to tax its members between to a minimum price of 20PhP and to a maximum of 50PhP. Sec. This Charity Interaction with be the highlight of the Organization in its annual Christmas Charity event with various schools. 1 – A passport is issued to every member as part of identification purposes. Sec. 2 – Passports issued to every member shall serve as a record book granting permission to exercise his rights as a citizen and granting Ptolean Immunity from the offence of cutting classes. a letter will be sent to the parents asking for a 600PhP payment for the activity in line up. the interaction fee is 600PhP. 3 – By the end of the school year. 2 – The emergency taxation shall take effect if approved by the monarch. 4 – Funds needed that are beyond 200PhP that are deemed in demand by Ptolemy for the usage of certain activities and may be constricting to the Organization. and three (3) symposiums from former Presidents/Prime Ministers. ARTICLE XII ANNUAL ACTIVITIES In a year. Sec. 1 – If deemed necessary due to shortage of funds or required funds for a certain event/activity. A special interaction on the second trimester dubbed as the Charity Interaction shall be in effect. the Executive Branch of Government in coordination with the Ministry of Finance. may be sought from the Parents of the citizens.

until carried by a majority vote of the entire membership. Each is required to be familiar with the provisions of such. deserving members of the organization. and with the approval of the Constitutional Committee. Sec. Deliberations shall then take place. MELODY ORONCILLO Chairwoman of the Committee MARVIN MARAYAG President 2008-2009 Scholar Committee 12 . 1 – Amendments to the constitution may be forwarded to any officer by any member. and members of the Library Staff shall be rewarded for their services. 1 – Every bona fide member shall be provided a copy of the constitution and by-laws of the organization. 2 – This constitution and set of by-laws shall be effective until a new constitution will be in effect. ARTICLE XIV AMENDMENTS AND EFFECTIVITY Sec. Sec. 2 – At the end of the school year. -XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX- THE CONSTITUTIONAL COMMITTEE ACADEMIC YEAR 2009-2010 MS.GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec.

I also promise to promote this year’s Golden Jubilee of La Salle Green Hills and to help the organization and school for its preparation for its 2010 PAASCU Accreditation. policies and regulations of the Ptolemy Organization. ________________________________. 13 . rules. It is hereby under my knowledge that I shall attend to calls when called for and do hereby give patronage to the Ptolemy Organization and La Salle Green Hills. of class ________ do hereby abide by the laws.BENJAMIN CO Prime Minister 2009-2010 Governance and Citizenship Committee IKEE TOLENTINO President 2007-2008 Disciplinary Committee JV GARDUCE President 2005-2006 Social Committee MICHAEL CELESTE Deputy Prime Minister 2009-2010 Finance Committee Citizen’s signature over printed name: _______________________ THE CITIZEN’S CONTRACT I.

BENJAMIN VICENTE CO PRIME MINISTER 2009-2010 MISS DRUSILLA ZAMORA MODERATOR/HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN 2009-2010 (Citizen’s copy) THE CITIZEN’S CONTRACT I. of class ________ do hereby abide by the laws. ________________________________. rules.SO HELP ME GOD Signed on _________. policies and regulations of the Ptolemy Organization. 14 . I also promise to promote this year’s Golden Jubilee of La Salle Green Hills and to help the organization and school for its preparation for its 2010 PAASCU Accreditation. It is hereby under my knowledge that I shall attend to calls when called for and do hereby give patronage to the Ptolemy Organization and La Salle Green Hills. 2009 _____________________________________________ CITIZEN’S SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED NAME NOTED BY.

SO HELP ME GOD Signed on _________. 2009 _____________________________________________ CITIZEN’S SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED NAME NOTED BY. BENJAMIN VICENTE CO PRIME MINISTER 2009-2010 MISS DRUSILLA ZAMORA MODERATOR/HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN 2009-2010 (Organization’s Copy) 15 .