Cambridge CELTA Survey – Focus on the Learner 1) Name: ______________________________________________ 2) What is your age?

______________ 3) What country are you from? ________________________ 4) Why do you want to learn English? (Please answer in at least 3-5 sentences) 5) On a scale from 1-8, (1=not helpful, 8 =very helpful) please explain which learning strategy helps you learn best. ____ Write notes (Linguistic) ____ Use logic and reason to solve problems (Logical/Mathematical) ____ Use drawings, maps, or pictures (Visual/Spatial) ____ Hands-on activities with a lot of physical movement (Bodily/Kinesthetic) ____ Talk about it with the teacher and/or friends (Interpersonal) ____ Work alone (Intrapersonal) ____ Sing a song (Musical) 6) When you do not understand something in class, what do you usually do?  Raise your hand to ask questions  Quietly try to figure things out on your own  Review own notes and materials  Observe other students  Ask another student for help  Wait for another student to ask  Other: ________________________________

7) For the following areas below, please describe your strengths and weaknesses in your English skills : Reading Strengths:


Writing Strengths:

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Cambridge CELTA Survey – Focus on the Learner Listening Strengths: Weaknesses: Speaking Strengths: Weaknesses: Grammar Strengths: Weaknesses: Vocabulary Strengths: Weaknesses: Pronunciation Strengths: Weaknesses Thanks for your help!  Page 2 of 2 .