To, H.R Manager. My name is P N Mohan Mamillapalli , and I have completed Master in Pharmacology from Dr. M.G.R Medical university- Tamil Nadu in Year 2012. Sir, I am interested to work in your esteemed organisation with your rules and regulations and with your norms. I am very much interested in doing some quality and challenging work , that would enhance my knowledge base and help me in getting exposure of working in an esteemed organisation as yours. I have added my resume below which includes most of the details. Please do have a look at it. Thanking you sir, Yo urs Sincerely M. P.N. Mohan M. Pharmacy. Mo bile: +919676625268.

no . Frog & Guinea Pigs)  Collection of blood by Orbital puncture. Tail vein India (2004-2006) -63% Mob: . Email:mohanmamillapalli@gmail.G. M.3-44/1. TECHNICAL SKILL SET  Analytical Skills  UV-Visible  Thin layer & Column Chromatography  Gas Chromatography  High Performance Liquid Chromatography  Experimental Pharmacological skills  Animal Handling  Small Animal Surgery (Rat. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION  Post Graduation: M. Andhra Pradesh.R. Medical University.P N MOHAN MAMILLAPALLI D. India (2006-2009) – 70%  Diploma in Pharmacy form Yalamarthy College of Pharmacy.R. Andhra Amalapuram Mandal. Medical University. Mice.G. Pharm from The Tamil Nadu Dr. East Godavari District. +919676625268 Samanasa. India (2010-2012) – 70%  Graduation : B. CAREER OBJECTIVE To secure a challenging career opportunity in your organization and to excel as a Successful Employee in your esteemed organization and to strive for the growth of it by becoming the part of the team that dynamically works towards the growth of it. M. Pharm (Pharmacology) from The Tamil Nadu Dr.

The present investigation concludes that the plant Bambusa arundinacea is endowed with significant wound healing activity due to the presence of active constituents. optimism and high capacity towards work under pressure AREA OF INTEREST  Research And Development  Clinical Trials  Preclinical Trials  Quality Assurance  Quality Control  Drug Regulatory Affairs  Pharmacovigilance ACADEMIC PROJECTS  “Evaluation of wound healing activity of methanolic extract of Bambusa arundinacea leaves in rodents” (M. Toxicological Studies on Wistar Rats.  Description: The objective of the present study is to supress the activity of diazepam by using the aqueous and alcoholic extract of the Cyanadone dactylone Linn candidate. MS Excel & MS PowerPoint & Internet STRENGTHS  Team player. Frog & Guinea Pigs  Intraperitoneal & Subcutaneous injections. Oral Administrations  Expertise in data analysis using graph pad (Statistical Package)  C. Albino Mice. there by justifying its use in the indigenous system of medicine  “Effect of Cyanadone dactylone Linn on diazepam mediated neurological deficit” (B. MS Word. the present study is preliminary study and if further neuropharmacological studies are carried out to the molecular level. which was compared with the standard drug Povidone Iodine. this candidate may open new vistas in targeting neurological deficit . good team working capability  Ability to learn and adapt new technologies  Confidence.Pharmacy)  Description: The objective of our study is to investigate the wound healing activity of methanolic extract of Bambusa arundinacea leaves.Pharmacy).

 Delegate of “Indo. Dec 2010. Jun 2011. Nov 2010. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name Date of Birth Gender Marital status Nationality Languages Known DECLARATION : P N Mohan Mamillapalli : 04th Aug 1987 : Male : Single : Indian : English.American Pharmaceutical Regulatory Symposium”. Medical University.  Attended National Level Seminar on “Application of Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Pharmacology.AWARDS AND PARTICIPATIONS  Delegate of “Indo. Aug 2010. Nov 2010.  Delegate at 1st International Symposium on Frontiers In Pharmaceutical Research and Nanotechnology.G. Tamil & Hindi I here by declare that above information is true to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed here in.  Delegate of 2nd International conference on Current Status and Future Perspective in Pharmaceutical Sciences.R.M.  Delegate of “National Pharmacy Week” at The TamilNadu Dr. Place: Date : Mamillapalli ) (P N Mohan .  Plenary speaker at AICTE Sponsored National Seminar on “A Novel Biomarker and its Free radical Role In Chronic Disorder. Telugu.European Symposium on alternative approaches to animal testing”.