Installation Date:26/03/12
Modem.bat Server.bat Drtcp021.exe

Phone no.01244288547
(Username) 01246215100_dsl

Password: -7005572878 (Account Id)7005572878 Wifi name=Airtel Wifi password=1234567890 Website : - mail.airtelmail.in Dynami lock for registerd dial 1230000xxxx# and lock dial 124xxxx4# unlock 124xxxx0# parellal ringing active dial 1502 mobile no # Deactive dial 1503 # * First level troubleshooting
If your Internet not working please restart your computer & Off / on the modem and wait 2 min. then start.

Yellow LED-showing Link: --.1.0 192.255.56. 202.6 If your net still not working CONTACT YOUR INTERNET ENGINEER Customer Care help: DSL:0124 4444555 VOICE: 4444121+4444198 At your service . 2.Aa addfd Beetel 220BX / UTstarcom Check your modem LED states 1.Red LED showing power: --.Green LED showing data transfer: --.255.56.If light not display check USB / LAN cable.230.If light blink or not après check the RJ 11 (cable) modem to splitter please plug out / plug it.Last Green LED showing computer to modem connectivity: -.6 202. (In XP you can enable the LAN/USB connection) IP Subnet Gateway DNS 192.If this light not blinking please on / off the modem.168.1.If light not display check your power plug and modem adaptor.2 to 254 255. 3.

Remote Server could not authenticate the connection or Authentication Failed. 9[745] An Essential File Is Missing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------************************************* ***---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://mail.airtelbroadband. Your modem is being used by another application. check your password and try again. There is no answer. 8[720] Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols you specified in the Server Type settings. PPP Modem Connect Failure 6[691/718/635] Invalid username or password. Access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain. Check your configuration and try the connection again. Port already open.in Fill-up the login ID (username) and password then submit Click hear to add email (You can add Email choose any user name and password.com) Change password (If your username and password save on your modem please avoid to change password) Virus scans .airtelmail.Dialing Errors: . for check our account simply logon--mail.in Logon to – http://mail. No PPP Protocols configured. 4[650] The remote access server is not responding. Dial-up networking could not establish a connection.(if you configure Internet by Dial-up) Common Windows and Modem Errors Windows Dial-up Networking Errors 1[602/633] Port in use.airtelmail. 2[619/629] The port was disconnected by the remote machine 3[645] Dial-Up Networking could not complete the connection to the server. 7[692] Hardware failure in attached device. The computer you are dialing is not answering. 5[678/628/721] The server is not responding. Check your network configuration in the Control Panel and try the connection again. try again later.

Check usage (Fill up till date to end date and submit) ============================================================================= ===================================== Outlook Configuration Follow these simple instructions to configure your Outlook Express: 1Open Outlook express 2Click on tools and select Accounts 3On the pop-up window ‘internet accounts’ click on mail tab 4Click on add and select mail. type your Airtel Email address as ('xyz@airtemail.com (465) 1Click next 2In the internet mail logon field fill the following: ('xyz@airtelmail.Outgoing mail server pop.Incoming mail server --.My incoming mail server is POP3 --.gmail.in') Type password 3Click Next 4Click Finish Congratulations you have successfully configured Outlook Express.com (995) smtp. select the follogwing from the drop-down menu: -.in') 8Click next 9In the email server name field.gmail. which opens up the internet Wizard 5In the Display Name field type your name 6Click next 7In the internet Email address field. ===================================*******************================ ================ .