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Introduction The Tanzania Revenue Authority, Customs and Excise Department, wishes to inform all Customs agents operating at Dar Es Salaam International Airport (DIA) and the public at large that the Customs and Excise Department is to introduce a new Customs computer system (ASYCUDA++) at the pilot site, DIA on 13th June 2005. This will replace the current ASYCUDA 2.7 system. TRA aims to provide a quicker and better service to it’s taxpayers by utilizing the new features of the system. The associated procedural changes will facilitate legitimate trade while detecting incorrect and fraudulent declarations. It will be rolled out to all Customs offices and transit and border stations as quickly as possible. 2. Main features of the new system        3. Changes (a) - Declaration Processing Consignments that are subject to destination inspection will still follow the current TISCAN procedures before self-assessment on ASYCUDA++. The control number described below must be declared on your electronic declaration to be eligible for immediate clearance. Agents will assess their entries from their offices or bureau operated by DTI contractor using Direct Trader Input (DTI) facility in ASYCUDA++. The Customs agents or DTI contractor will be responsible for the input and assessment of declarations in the ASYCUDA system. The agents will take a copy of the entry to the bank for payment of the duties and taxes before going to Customs for clearance. For clearance, agents will be required to present to Customs two signed copies of the new simplified TANzania Single Administrative Document (TANSAD) together with the necessary attached documents. TANSAD is the Electronic Manifest Electronic submission of all entries through Direct Trader Input (DTI) Self Assessment Computerised selection and routing of entries Immediate release for Green Lane entries Faster processing for selected entries where no errors are found by Customs New arrangements for the payment of fees

DAHACO.Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) New CPC’s that are being introduced are in line with international standards. that only apply in Tanzania).tra. Full list is available in the user manual. Registration forms can be obtained from Customs Headquarters or on the TRA website www. Applications will be scrutinized and only those found to fulfill the conditions would be registered.declaration form generated by the system at assessment of the declaration and replaces the Single Bill of Entry (SBE). Manifest details will be printed from the system and posted on the notice board for public consumption. The system will check that any duties and taxes due have been paid and if the consignment is not selected by the system for detailed checking it will generate a release order in prescribed form at the touch of a computer key DTI operators will be able to view the manifest data in the ASYCUDA system from their offices. .). The DTI contractor will provide and install the broker’s ASYCUDA++ module on agents’ computers and will be responsible for connection to the system and the necessary training. DHL.go. (c) Control Number Entries subject to Destination inspection will require a coded control number from TISCAN. This number will be printed on the document issued to you by TISCAN. (d) . The Customs “Clearance” officer will check that all the necessary documents have been presented by agents before requesting release from the system. Green lane entries will now receive immediate clearance at the clearance desk. (b) Manifest Manifests will be electronically transferred to ASYCUDA++ from the airlines/freight agents or landing contractors (e.g. The 7 digit new codes are based on a 4 number code that define any of the normal customs procedures that apply anywhere in the world plus extra 3 numbers for national treatment (e. classification and CRMS routing. etc. transfer between Mainland and Island etc. The security printed TISCAN SBE will no longer be required by Customs. special exemptions. This number contains information on the value. The number must be input on the declaration and each declaration item will have a specific number. Agents wishing to be directly connected to the system from their offices need to apply for registration with Customs.g.

tra.go. and other relevant documents will be available from Customs offices and the TRA website www. CPC list. The fees will now be calculated by ASYCUDA++ on the TANSAD and paid together with the duties and taxes at the bank where a bank pay in slip will be issued.2% of the FOB value will continue to be payable for consignments requiring destination inspection. The documents will now be obtained free of They will be available at all Customs and TISCAN offices and on the TRA website . ASYCUDA will not print any receipt instead all the details in respect of the payments will be printed on the release order. Fees All entries will be subject to a standard fee of $10.tra. 6.tiscan. .tz. IDF Import Declaration Forms (IDF) will continue to be required for all consignments subject to Destination 5. Also you can visit www. User Manuals The TANSAD completion Guide. For the airport this should be 5 days before shipment.4. To facilitate your clearances you should ensure that the IDF and supporting documents required by TISCAN are submitted to them as soon as possible to allow them to complete their processes before the arrival of the goods. The DIS fee of 1. For more information about ASYCUDA++ please go to Tax Information Link in TRA website then go to information titled “Trade Information”.