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Krishnashis Pandit Term Paper

Question- What are the similarities and differences in Baseball and Cricket and how did one sport become popular and the other declined in America? Introduction Cricket and baseball both sports were played in America. We have seen in the history books that both the sports were part of the society and it was played during free time. Since cricket was played before baseball it had already spread too many parts of the world. The game was invented by the British and they played the sport wherever they went. Due to his reason the sport grew in America and other places because of the colonization. The game of baseball was influenced by cricket and rounders. Baseball as a sport has been suggested that it was more of an American sport compare to Cricket. In 1845 the knickerbockers of New York City began using Elysian field in Hoboken to play baseball because there no other suitable playground available in that area. So we can see that cricket wasn’t played by many people where as baseball was fans sport in the 18th century itself there many clubs who used to play. Similarities and Differences There are many similarities and differences between these two sports. Both the games have bat and ball needed to play the game. One team has to be the fielding team and the other team has team to be the batting team which is one the major similarities between these sports. Both cricket and baseball the players of one team have to attempt to score points which means runs that’s hitting the ball with the bat and the other team have to prevent them from scoring and get the batting players out. These are the basic play of cricket and baseball and as you can see that both are very similar in game play. In both games there is defensive phase and attacking phase of the in terms of scoring runs by the batting team. The style of play is in common in both the sports. Therefore if a person watches or play one of the sports it would not such a difficult task to learn the other one. There such examples in the games itself is shows

5 feet . The other major differences between the sports is bowling/pitching distances. The balls used are different in cricket the ball is harder and heavier then baseball. Since we have talked about the ball the other difference also there is the bat in cricket bats is wider and flat whereas baseball bat is narrow and round. The technique of catching and fielding has a similar style which can be seen in both the sport. In baseball catchers and first basemen normally protect their hands with mitts. Therefore in cricket have greater opportunity to dive and take a catch due the reason that run out is much difficult thing to . This is one of the major differences in outlook of the sports. The same things goes for baseball fielding teams wants as strikes of the batters and restrict their score so that they can get a uppers hand in the game. Baseball is played in a quadrant of fair territory between foul lines whereas cricket is played on a field with a minimum width of 420 feet of width and 426 feet of length assuming field is elliptical shape. In baseball scores are not so high in compare to cricket where in game it goes hundreds of runs in scores. The other fields wears gloves this was done protect their hands from any kind of hand injury to their fingers. The major difference between cricket and baseball is the field in which they play in. gloves and leg guards and players in silly point and short legs are allowed to use helmets and shin guards for their protection. The fielders in cricket are not allowed to use any kind of protection for their hands. The fielding sides mindset to batting out the batters is a common mission in the both the games. Due to difference in equipment and other rules baseball scores are very less compare to cricket. The only player who can wear protection is the wicket keeper in the game who is permitted to wear pads. In cricket the target for the fielding team is to bowl all the opposition batters and restrict as many runs as possible which would help them to win the game. In cricket distance between two wickets that the batsmen play in is 22 yards/ 66 feet.One other differences in game is fielding in the game. In baseball players often have to throw immediately after catching the struck which is not required in cricket. Whereas in baseball the pitcher has the pitch from a rubber slab whose distance to the batter is 60.Krishnashis Pandit the similarities between them.

fly outs. Even in pitch conditions it has differences since in cricket the bowlers has to bounce bowl in the pitch to get benefit from it there many kind of pitches that are possible such as wet pitch which gives the bowler a good advantage. So the class of his defensive game is very importance. The pattern of the baseball diamond hold bars left-handers from the fielding positions that make throwing to first base a most important task. In baseball they have only one format. dry pitch helps the batsman this is not so important for baseball. depending on the style of pitch used. As a result a batsman with a higher concentration and technical ability to bat can survive for several hours without being dismissed. and there is no boundary to the amount of deliveries that batsmen can face. field adjustments and scoring strengths are more dynamic. the balance of power is largely reversed in baseball. Cricket has many formats within the game itself such as test cricket. The cost of batters being out is higher in cricket there more possibilities of making them compare to baseball. Pitchers need have more skills required to make the batters more ground outs. While in baseball nine innings are played within few hours. In Cricket the batters primary responsibility is to score and save their wicket at the same time to benefit their team. the pitcher's influence is much more important. . The fielder in cricket have to be more energetic as compare to baseball since they have to chase the ball from the boundary line which would give the batter four runs therefore fitness has to be good as compare to baseball the catchers need to make runs for the catches but the level of running in not that high as compare to cricket.Krishnashis Pandit do. By contrast. While particularly skilled batters have some ability to place hit and direct the ball according to their hit and power. or strikeouts. One day internationals and Twenty20 cricket. It must be kept in mind that a batsman in cricket is not forced to take a run after hitting the ball nor is there any punishment for wavering at the ball and missing unless it hits the stumps. since the interplays between bowling variations. The nuances of batting skill are also larger in cricket.

The term base stealing where the runner has to slide to reach its base in which the runner throws himself to the ground to avoid both being overrunning the base. Both are very different to each other. since the sport was from England and it was mainly played by British people in America it never rouses to a sport played by everyone. Therefore running in cricket is not that challenging of a task compare to baseball. Running plays a much superior role in baseball due to the low scoring that they have in the game because they must have runners much further in order to score. Cricket wasn’t that popular of a sport in America. As we all know last but not the least difference which was one of the reasons why in America baseball became more popular was the duration of the game length. Fielding strategy another thing both have common and difference both have it in the game but it differs in placements and also the role they play in the game. Growth of Baseball and decline of Cricket in America and the reason behind it. In cricket running is more of when a player can thing that he can reach the other end of the pitch without any difficulties. There are many minor differences in the game such as the strategy in the game which are completely opposite to each other. Also the bowler in cricket pitches the ball most time take advantage of the pitch whereas in baseball the pitcher swings the ball in the air goes direct to the bat. and has continued to be played ever since. because runners may remain in the play. In baseball games can decide by running where as it can help team to score more runs but not a evident reason to take risk and dive as in baseball. “Although cricket was still played in America at that time. The base runner can advance to the next base before the ball is hit. The corresponding in cricket is almost never happens because the bowler next to the runner. Since test cricket those days used to go unlimited days the sport people did not have some time to play it therefore due this reason baseball was prefer then cricket.Krishnashis Pandit One more key difference is running in the game. a few Americans who were still playing cricket (primarily in Philadelphia) were leaving the game with no other taking their .

The tented field: a history of cricket in America) by my source it explains that how it was more let go sport during the late 19th century in America. Cricket unsuccessful because it was never as an American character to play the game the American people never felt connected with the sport directly. there was lot of public interest for the sport unlike for cricket. “As baseball became more popular and better organized. There no such influence of the game. South Africa and India were allowed to play internationally. There was another cause of turn down for the sport when the formation of the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909. The tented field: a history of cricket in America) so for the people of had British culture influence in them were playing the game in America. In compare to that Baseball was completely different.class tour and had some great wins during the tour. There was another for decline of the sport country and it was because most cricket clubs exclusive for the English men and it the Native American people were not allowed join this club due to this reason the sport was never a popular game. By the name we understand that the organization is for British Empire and countries such as Australia. more and more communities wanted to from clubs and gain access to the competitive challenge the game represented” (Melville. It was one of the clubs who went to England for first. with an even higher competitive standard. The American people never felt connect to the game nationally. Early baseball and the rise of national league) by . whereas United States could not join the organization. Cricket was label as sport but not National game. The only great thing in cricket that was famous during that era in United States was the Philadelphian Cricket team which had great success.Krishnashis Pandit places”. since the game came from England there was some negligence to it. After the World war one was cricket got alienated from America. The game had more common interest and there were many clubs in the 18 th century playing amateur and semi-pro baseball. It was more of “common wealth immigrants” (Melville. (Melville. Clubs such as New York Club heavily dependent on experienced the English players to play for their club. But in 1859 there were games between US and Canada and those days it looked that the American team was proper test side. There was no positive progress of the game in the country.

As the sport became national sport for the country cricket was evidently diminishing in United States. not many Americans playing the sport. By the end of civil war there were thousands member in baseball organization and it made intercity matched highly anticipated. In cricket there was not American star in the game in United States therefore there no Role model for the game to be promoted in country. Lot of clubs formed all from east coast to west coast many highly anticipated games played due the sport grew bigger and bigger in the country. more people started to follow the game. The popularity was level low. Civil war was one . Many players represented many emotional attachment for the people due to which the Baseball became National sport of United States. Whereas in baseball beginning of the 20th century due to baseball they found Babe Ruth who became legend in the game and it helped the development and the rise of popularity of the game due to his name. Due to this sport became very popular and it of the most played sport in any level during the early days. The sports had many lows due to scandals and other such things but sport never declined the American people loved baseball and it was big plus point for the sport.Krishnashis Pandit the above quote it explains us that how the process of the clubs and better system made more people involved in the sport. The sport popularity stretched all over the country unlike cricket. More people wanted to take up the challenge and play the game which was a big push for baseball and it helped the sport a lot. Therefore it led for baseball to take he center stage in America. Since the American people started loving baseball and they felt more connected to sport and represented national hood by the late 19th century there was formation of major league. One of the key reason is the game has some similarity but there many differences the main the amount of time needed for a game was a key thing for the popularity of the sport. Conclusion In conclusion there were many factors that cause the decline of cricket and rouse the popularity of baseball.

Krishnashis Pandit the key reason for the end cricket it was a cultural People could not be connected with the game therefore baseball was more of the sport which the Americans felt more connected with and due to this reason the development of the sport was better which lead the rise of the popularity of the sport and by the late 19th century the whole country became crazy about baseball and it became the national sport of United States. 2012) Tom Melville.). The tented field: a history of cricket in http://www. The tented field: a history of cricket in America).aafla. In America cricket was represented an “English institution” (Melville. Retrieved from http://books.d. (2012).ae/books?hl=en&lr=&id=lCCnqxYFEvIC&oi=fnd&pg=PR7&dq=Cricket in America&ots=iMmeGE3yoT&sig=FKd1RsoGDb3ZqkGPMui8MGk5qV0&redir_esc=y. (Tom Melville) Early baseball and the rise of the national league. Citations http://www.1080/09523368708713635 http://www. (n. But the major factor that stopped the growth of cricket was nationalism. (Tom Melville.pdf Tom Melville. The exclusive for playing cricket was another reason that created a decline in the game and it kind off helped baseball to be more followed and make it more of American sport.tandfonline.