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An Introduction to Philosophy

Learning the language of Philosophy...
What is meant by the term Philosophy of Religion? The Philosophy of religion is one of the most fascinating areas of philosophy. It addresses not only the question is there a God? but also the questions, If there is, then what is he like? And, most important of all, what does that mean for us?

What is meant by the term theism? Theism is the belief in the existence of God or Gods, especially belief in a personal God as creator and ruler of the world.

What is meant by the term atheism? Atheism is the position that God does not exist.

What is meant by the term polytheism? Polytheism is the belief in or worship of multiple Gods such as Gods and Goddesses.

What three thinks might a humanist believe in addition to being atheistic? Humanists are atheists who are concerned about human rights and equal opportunities. Humanism is a philosophy which in most cases embraces Atheistic belief about the non-existence of God, but humanists also believe in :   Humanity as the measure of all things The importance of doing good in society An ethical system based on reason and logic

What does the term meta-ethics mean? Ethics asks questions about the way we behave and the rules we live by. Meta-ethics asks questions about ethics.

What does the term moral absolutism mean? Moral absolutism is the position that there are absolute standards against which moral questions can be judged. in an attempt to convert them.What does the term moral relativism mean? This means that rules “absolutes” don’t always apply. . a scientist and author. However. His books are easy to read. but it is a humanist because he believes in equal rights. Dawkins writes as a scientist offering evolution as a sufficient explanation of phenomena often taken to require a God to create them.. they depend on the situation. Thinking about it for yourself. it doesn’t mean ‘anything goes’. has become a voice for atheists who feel left out when discussing faith and related issues. He is both an atheist and a humanist... Philosophy in the news. and living by a certain code of conduct – he wants the Queen replaced by a democratically elected president. Absolutes like ‘Do not steal’ become relative to love – if love demands stealing food for the hungry.. and that certain actions are right or wrong. He does not believe that the universe was created by a God. What is the difference between teleological and deontological ethics? Some ethical theories are teleological – what is right or wrong depends on the end or outcome of an action. Other theories are deontological – doing what is right means doing your duty or following the rules. Using the terminology in questions 1-9 above. how might you describe his ‘philosophy’ ? “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins is written for people who do not believe in atheism. Who is Richard Dawkins? Dawkins.. you steal. and they accurately express some of the frustrations that many atheists feel when people talk about religion and God. regardless of the context of the act.

they should obey certain rules. ethical and logical to be good.believers.e. Humanists do not believe this since they do not believe in God. Explain how a theist might respond to this question A Theist i. A humanist would therefore argue that they are not good for fear of the existence of God. They ‘know’ God exists and feel that in order to be a good follower. but are good because they believe in the importance of goodness in society. but are good because they are following God’s example. a person who does believe in God would argue that they are not good for fear of the existence of God. .The only reason to be good is fear of the existence of a God Explain how a humanist would respond to this question A humanist would say that one of the common characteristics of religion is the belief that punishment awaits non. It is right.