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May 2012 Subject : The Police Failure to deal with the Chem Trail / Geo Engineering phenomena between

2003 and 2012. Dear Madam / Sir With sincerity and knowing that you are fully aware of the Weather Modification cover up and the spreading of mis-information and dis-information about Chem Trails in the Main Stream Media. I would like to remind you that ignoring the Oath sworn on accepting 'duty' responsibilities, is Legally and Lawfully defined as Treason. In the case of 'Chem Trails', it would be, as you know, 'High Treason'. The Law states that any particulates sprayed at any altitude must fall to ground within five years to prevent the build up of toxins and 'partical matter'. Therefore, because the Public are not being told on a daily basis: What is being sprayed? When? Where? What are the expected / wished for outcomes? What are the consequences? What do the public need to do to safeguard their personal, family, friends and pets health? And most importantly Why? As any amount of research into Chem Trails will show that it is a global operation, the amount of and quality of light we receive has been reduced by 20%, Aluminium levels in test samples taken from mountains etc show levels thousands of times over the Legal and Lawfull, as well as the 'expected' levels. Considering the cost of such an operation, should the Public not be informed of how much of their tax is being diverted to corporations who are spraying that same unknowing public without their knowledge or consent? Their are so many Laws being broken at the moment by our government. In times that have passed before in our country, the military and police carried out justice when corrupt officials were in office. You are now aware of many crimes being committed. These crimes are being carried out on you, your family, the people you know and love. As a PoliceWoman / PoliceMan it is your duty to investigate and bring criminal charges against all those carrying out such environmental, genocidal, behaviour modification ( assault ) crimes. Failure to do so is High Treason. Claiming there is no legislation to deal with Geo Engineering is not an excuse as many other laws can be used. Failure to act is a failure to protect. It is provable in a court of Law that we are being sprayed heavily / daily, since 1998 (although Weather Modification ( Biological Warfare) experiments have been carried out since the 1920's), hence, five years later, from 2003 those particulates sprayed have been falling on you, me and everyone else. Failure to Investigate and Bring Criminal

Proceedings during 2003 to the present, May 2012 has been noted. You are now informed and aware. Thank you for upholding your Oath and being their to protect the people now. there are Millions of us in the UK, We would like to stay friends with you. The choice is yours though. Good Luck friend !