Exercise 3 Choose the correct form of the pronoun. 1.

Peter and (I, me, myself) planned the picnic for the club. 2. Have most of the members cast (his/her, their) votes yet? 3. Ethel applied for the new position, but then decided that it wasn’t for (she, her). 4. This isn’t Julie’s, and it isn’t (hers, her’s) either. 5. Mom told (me and Lynn, Lynn and me) to get the mail. 6. Do you have (something, anything) for a headache? 7. I suggest that everyone bring (his/her, their) passport to the testing office. 8. Howard used to say, “Tell it (like, as) it is. 9. Neither Frances nor her two friends were chosen to hang (her, their) paintings in the exhibit. 10. This is the man (that, who) will fix your sink. Exercise 6 Choose the correct answer. 1. (Betty’s, Bettys’) stappler broke this afternoon. 2. She chose Kevin’s painting, not (Tims, Tim’s) 3. How many (sisters-in-law, sister-in-laws) do you have? 4. What (is, are) the number of people in your family? 5. Lindon Johnson said,” Politics (is, are) the art of the possible”. 6. My new pliers (costs, cost) $3.98. 7. A good number of boys in that school (plays, play) football. 8. The media (covers, cover) all the president’s activities. 9. Mice (runs, run) freely throughout the Taylor’s barn. 10. The jury (has, have) returned its verdict. Exercise 8 Underline the form in parentheses that make the sentence correct. Example: Did she say that (we, us) runners could compete? 1. Neither Frances nor her two friends were chosen to hang (her, their) paintings in the exhibit. 2. Every girl in this scout troop (is,are) being asked to participate in the cookie sale. 3. Do we know if (its, it’s) acceptable to wear jeans to the party? 4. This is the man (who, that) will fix your sink. 5. (This, These) kind of party is always fun, don’t you think? 6. You (youself, yourself) should be able to figure out the answer to this math problem. 7. As soon as the door opened, I knew that it would be (she or her). 8. My father always thought that I looked like (he, him). 9. The church, as well as the surrounding buildings, has had (its, their) water supply cut. 10. How much money is (there, their) in the cash box? Exercise 9 First review the nominative and objective case of pronouns in the list below. Then circle the pronoun in parentheses that makes the sentence correct. Nominative : I you he she it we they who Objective : me you him her it us them whom 1. (Who, Whom) did you say came to visit while I was gone? 2. The speaker (who, whom) we expected never showed up. 3. When I asked who was knocking on the door, my uncle answered, “It’s (I, me). 4. They weren’t sure that (we,us) could climb the hill. 5. Melanie hired her sister and (I , me) for the job. 6. The boys divided the pizza among (they, them). 7. Jackie is going to share her room with you and (I, me), isn’t she? 8. I hope to be able to give (he and she, him and her) as much time to finish as they need. 9. Let’s measure to see if we are taller than (they, them). 10. I’ll bet that they’re not as tall as (we, us).

Exercise 3 1. I 2. their 3. her 7. his/her 4. hers 8. as 5. Lynn and me 9. their 10. Who

6. anything

Exercise 6 1. Betty’s 6. cost Exercise 8 1. their 6. yourself 2. is 7. her 3. it’s 8. him 4. who 9. its 5. This 10. There 2. Tim’s 7. play 3. sisters-in-law 8. cover 4. is 9. run 5. is 10. has

Exercise 9 1. who 7. me 2. whom 8. him and her 3. I 9. they 4. we 10. we 5. me 6.them