hat are street children? What are they? How do they

become street children? All these and other factors are the points to ponder. Let me answer the first question. Street children are those children wearing untidy clothes, having no identities, no parents, some times not even having clothes to wear, have nothing to eat and sometimes have no homes.

They become street children because there is no control on population in our country and poor people assign heavy tasks on them to perform. Their ages go on and on and they have nothing to eat nor the money to educate them selves, to learn ethics and to get a degree. They are too poor to meet their expenses even a bit.
Their parents emit them from their houses and they wonder here and there in search of food and shelter. This is a painful fact that people see the street children walking here and there but don’t have even a bit of mercy to give them at least some amount to pass the day easily or send them to an NGO for their better education. If a person is enough rich then he should be responsible of educating them and giving them pocket money for their survival with respect. The middle class people should do what they can because if they will pray for us we will get a place in Allah’s heart. The street children are often seen demanding for money especially on Kalliima Chawk and where I live in Allmakkah Collony , Ka ma Chawk A makkah Co ony township, I have seen them to demand for dustbin wastes to be provided to them. They are not educated and see they just know

that money can e generated in ways but how can it be generated in ways through which we get honor. Love and respect. I remember a Hadees… It states: “Aadmi k liye behtar hai k wo lakriyon ka aik gattha utha kar jae, ye uss se behtar hai k wo kisi se kuch maangay, phir wo usay chahay day ya na day”. It means it’s a non preferable task in front of Rasoolallah S.A.W. He S.A.W also said: “learn from cradle to grave’’. An also TALABUL ILMI FAREEDAT ALA KULLI MUSLIM; acquiring knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim. Why china is progressing? Not because only it has people who do assigned tasks diligently and that, the government focuses on even poor people by giving them incentives and facilities like food, clothes and shelter, but the main reason is THEY FOLLOW “THE QUR’AN” AS A “REFERENCE BOOK”. Street children of our country are having a life full of disrespect and dishonor. Also they are leading a life fulfilled with difficulties, worries of not getting food for breakfast lunch or supper etcetera. may be many of them aim for acquiring higher education and to go abroad but their repute hinders their aims. We need to focus on such aspects for our country to touch the grounds of prosperity, to become a developed country and to touch the sky.