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The Euro.Pa.S.

EVERYDAY INFORMATION INSIDE THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT SIMULATION 2012 Issue: 4 Date: Tuesday 10th April 2012 Circulation: 300 copies The final drafts of the Committees
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The last speeches of the Organizing Committee For more, see pages 2-3

Katerina Giosma

The Organizing Committee has always the last words!
By Afrodite Anastasaki, Catherine Proaki and Theodora Ilia

Euro.Pa.S. 2012 has come to an end. The speeches of the Organizing Committee have already started and Mr. Aggos, President of the European Council, took the floor. First of all, he began giving warm thanks to the second best Committee of this year’s wonderful procedure, the ECON Committee. After this, he deeply expressed himself being delighted with all the MEPs for their excellent job, but also the professors and without a doubt, the boards and his fellows in the Organizing Committee.

At that moment, Mr. Aggos felt the need to emphasize more on the participation of the MEPs, and so he did. He stressed that these young people are the ones who determine our future. This year’s participants had three extraordinary significant elements in their pocket. 1. Diplomacy: in order to face the enemies and their arguments. 2. Strategy: their ideas; the draft reports were products of a specific plan. 3. The capacity of being in a board: a result of the two points above. Finally, he declared that Euro.Pa.S. 2012 was definitely a great experience and that particularly this simulation is the beginning of more exciting experiences, giving a chance to everyone who participated to develop new friendships. In a motivating way he closed his speech: "Continue to be different!". Clapping is definitely in order!!! Continuing, Mr. Aggelos Aggelou, vice president of the General Assembly, highlighted the advantages of participating in such a great event like the Euro.Pa.S. He pointed out the fact that you learn how to overcome any difficulties you may have in orating in front of an audience, while managing to support your arguments and personal opinion on crucial issues. Moreover, he stressed the improvement on your diplomatic skills and the ability anyone may acquire to think and act like a real politician. Last but not least, it was the turn of the President of European Parliament, Ms Despina Papadaki, to deliver her speech. Firstly, she reffered to the closing ceremony of Euro.Pa.S as the most emotional moment of all, due to the mixed feelings of hapiness and sadness of her part, but also of everyone else who participated in that procedure. She then stated how proud she was of all the MEPs who treated this simulation with professionalism by being well prepared to present their proposals. At the end, Ms Papadaki thanked everyone who worked on and off camera for their cooperation and hard work. Of course, she didn't forget to the thank the supporters of Euro.Pa.S 2012 without whom it would have been impossible to finish this simulation successfully.


CULT: A “cult” committee
By Théo Fatséas Gathered at an amphitheatre of the Michael Cacoyannis foundation, all the MEPs finally had to vote the committees’ reports on the last day of this Euro.Pa.S. 2012. The CULT committee’s report was first presented in front of the assembly. It was regarded as a complete synthesis of all the fruitful debates, the result of all the arguments. Indeed, from health to education, via the social life and the economy, all the aspects of sport were treated equally and measures to improve the European legislation concerning sport were proposed. A MEP in favour of the report took the floor to explain the importance of sport in our daily life at every level and to ensure that all the MEPs present in the assembly understood the seriousness of the members of the committee on the creation of this report, insisting on the fact that “all the political parties put their differences aside to make this draft committee report”. As a consequence, and proof of how difficult but successful was the the French committee’s work, this report, which had already been voted unanimously within the committee, was once again unanimously approved by the plenary assembly.

DROI: Voting on draft report
By July Chatzizisi DROI draft report was the second draft report on which MEPs voted during the plenary session. Mr. Alexandros Apostollidis, the Czech representative of EPPs, read the draft report which was the product of two days' fruitful discussion among MEPs in the DROI committee. As for the content of the draft report, the MEPs included all the ideas they had during the sessions on the matter of the elimination of discrimination in education, health care, protection, workplace, adoption, civil union and media for LGBT people. They also condemned a series of violations of human rights. Due to the fact that this draft report was voted unanimously by the DROI committee, only a speaker in favor was allowed. Mrs. Vathi, the German representative of EPPs, stated that the draft report included all the steps that should be done by European Parliament aside from the effort and the initiatives done by states. During the voting procedure almost one hundred of MEPs voted in favor, not more than forty against and less than ten abstained. Finally the resolution passed with simple majority.










INTA: The final report
By Carla Beraha


ITRE vs CRISIS → 1- 0

The day to present the final reports is finally here! I am honored to announce that INTA’s rapporteur By Sofia Spanidou was Mrs. Maria Grammatikopoulou (EPP-FR). As we were expecting, the second day of With regards to all the agreements between E.U and committee sessions was even more interesting and the Arab League, the INTA MEPs concluded as productive. It seems that last night’s dinner follows. in Vosporous was really nutritious and empowered the MEPs who, from the very beginning of today’s To begin with, the final draft firstly underlines the sessions, were actively and passionately involved importance of further cooperation between the EU in the debate concerning the crisis and its five and international financial institutions and the ENP escalations. financing instruments to maximize effectiveness. Despite the seriousness of the proposals, the ideas Moreover, the INTA Committee states the and the general discussions, MEPs really had a great importance of securing the trade routes both in and time and we can undoubtedly state that this outside the EU and highly recommends that the EU committee is a huge company. should further forge closer relationships with the Arab League regarding telecommunications, This huge company focused its discussion on the infrastructure and online services. crisis that occurred. In the first place, the MEPs started drafting their clauses and proposals. It also emphasizes on the importance of the However, later on, a disagreement heated the debate formation of a single Euro-Mediterranean FTA and and the issue of taxation challenged the house. suggests the foundation of an institution by a bilateral agreement between the EU and the Arab It was finally decided that taxation should be League with certain responsibilities. avoided and no clauses should be included in the draft report. The MEPs did not have time to take The last two clauses are referring to the crisis break even a single breath and relax a bit, since the out at the INTA Committee so as to reaffirm that the continuous escalation of the crisis brought a new current crisis will not affect the bilateral trade dimension to the problems of energy supplies. relations between the EU and the Arab League and recommends a deeper co-operation with the The United Kingdom, which will host in September committees of SEDE and AFET in order to consider the Olympic Games of 2012, stated that, due to the a reinforcement of the border security mechanisms, extremely high prices of oil, it will not be able to so as to avoid potential threats in the future. cover its energy demands during the days that the Olympic Games will take place. A secret agreement between the United Kingdom and a private American company was revealed and the MEPs had to face the challenge of finding a feasible and realistic solution. All these ideas, solutions and proposals were finally written down in a draft report, which monopolized the debate for more than an hour. In the end, the final structure was decided and it was the very best time for this debate to be closed. The discussion and the voting of the amendments followed shortly afterwards and the MEPs were clapping each and every amendment that was passed, showing to the rest of the world how satisfied they were with the result and the progress of their work.

Crises with Imagination
By Thomas Tsoulias

After several days of intense debate and stressful organization, this year’s Euro.Pa.S has come to an end.

However, it wouldn’t be the same without the closing ceremony, a tradition that has been held since the very first Euro.Pa.S organized three years ago. While listening to various speeches addressed to the quorum, those coming from the Crisis Committee Directors immediately drew our attention. It would be very hard, as well as very unfair, not to notice the wonderful job made by the Crisis Directors! Not only did they prepare various crisis scenarios for every committee, but they were also able to sustain their effort with the creation of various articles and even real-like videos of television emissions (preferably emissions from the British Broadcasting Company – BBC). However, the fact that drew our attention the most was that, despite all this hard work, the Crisis Directors managed to have fun All of them stood up behind the podium and confessed to the MEPs a general truth about hard work: you can’t be successful if you don’t love what you are doing and you don’t put a part of yourself in it. And that has been the most important message Euro.Pa.S could give to everyone of us.

Here lies the end of another one extraordinary conference! See you all next year!


1) Which question of the previous issue’s euro quiz was wrong? a. the one with the legal act b. the one with the last member state c. the one with the stars in the flag

2) a. b. c.

When was the Treaty of Maastricht signed? 1993 1998 1986

5) What is the limit of the number of MEPs for each country, according to the Lisbon Treaty? a. 96 b. 89 c. 75

3) a. b. c.

The term of office for the European Commissioners is 3 years 5 years 4 years

6) a. b. c.

How many countries does the Euro zone include? 27 25 17

4) a. b. c.

How many official languages does the EU have? 23 27 28

7) In 1950, which politician first introduced the idea of a european union and cooperation? a. Sir Winston Churchill b. Jean Monnet c. Robert Schuman
Answers: 1) c, 2) a, 3) b, 4) a, 5) a, 6) c, 7) c.

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By Kalliopi Plexida

After the official closing ceremony of Euro.Pa.S. 2012 it was time for the boards to come forward and give their speeches as well as the awards of the honorary and best MEPs.

The AFET board mentioned that all the MEPs were very passionate and very active during the sessions. The committee has worked very well on its topic and it was their honor working with so well prepared MEPs. The first honorary mention award was given to Mrs.Tirekoglou, the second to Mr.Arzinos and the award for the best MEP was given to Mr.Pantelis. The SEDE committee was next and the board said that the MEPs worked the best they could in all aspects of the debate and finally they were glad that they had reached a consensus. The first honorary award was given to Mrs.Stefoudi, the second to Mrs.Charara and the award for the best MEP was given to Mrs.Bitsakou. The board of the ECON committee congratulated Mr.Moysiadis and the Organizing Committee for all the excellent and well organized simulation. The first honorary award was given to Mrs.Panagopoulou, the second was given to Mrs.Pechlivanidou and the best MEP award was given to Mr.Terzis. The ITRE’s committee board also thanked the Organizing Committee, all the advisors for their help and all the MEPs that participated in this committee. They pointed that “we did our best and we hope that we made everyone felt convenient”. Mr. Zacharodimos received the first honorary award, the second one Mr.Gianias and Mr. Marias received the best MEP award. The board of the INTA committee said that “what happens in INTA stays in INTA”. The first honorary mention award was given to Mr.Berberis, the second to Mrs.Stavropoulou and the award for the best MEP was given to Mrs.Grammatopoulou. The DROI's committee board mentioned that it was their pleasure to be the presidents of such a committee and thanked all the MEPs for their unique contribution during the sessions. The awards were given to Mrs.Georgiakidou, Mr.Apostolidis and Mrs.Vathi. Last but not least the CULT committee mentioned that it was the most “cult” committee of EURO.PA.S. 2012. The awards were given to Mrs.Stefani, Mrs.Axioti and Mr.Chasiotis.