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(UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS) Near East University welcomes your application for admission. The University seeks to admit academically qualified students who desire a challenging and comprehensive education in the departments given below. Your application and each of your supporting credentials will be reviewed carefully. Please respond clearly and completely to the questions which follow. Attach additional pages if necessary. If you have any questions about Near East University or need assistance in completing the application form, please call the NEU Office of Admissions, at +90 392 - 2236464 or fax to +90 392 – 2233225 and e-mail to Biographical Background Please print or type. Your name: Surname Sex: Address: Male

First Female


Phone: Birthdate (day/month/year): Country of Citizenship: Past Education High School or Lycee you last attended: When did you graduate from high school (month / year): Type of Admission Direct Transfer* (*Transfer students should state the name of the university they are transferring from.) Educational Plan Please indicate which program you wish to pursue. Birthplace: Passport No:

Faculty of Architecture Architecture Interior Design Faculty of Arts and Sciences English Language and Literature English Language Teaching Mathematics Psychology Turkish Language and Literature Turkish Language Teaching Faculty of Dentistry Dentistry

Faculty of Economic & Administrative Sciences Banking and Finance Business Administration Computer Information System Economics European Union Relations Human Resources Management International Business International Relations Marketing Political Science

) Year: Father’s occupation: Employer: College attended by father and degree earned: College attended by mother and degree earned: Mother’s occupation: Employer: Admission Request I hereby apply to Near East University. 4. Signature of student: Date: The following should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for admission to be valid. 5. While enrolled as a student. 3. Photocopy of the identity card or the passport. Original copy of the High School Diploma. I certify that the information on this from is true. . 2. I understand that any misrepresentation may be the cause for refusing or revoking admission. I am aware of the individual standards for academic performance and personal conduct outlined in the General Catalog.Faculty of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Information Technologies Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Medicine Medicine Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmacy School of Tourism and Hotel Management Tourism and Hotel Management Faculty of Maritime Studies Deck Marine Engineering Maritime Management Semester you wish to enroll: Fall (Sept. 6 passport size photographs. For transfer students only the official copy of the transcript.) Family Information Name of father or legal guardian: Name of mother or legal guardian: Family address: Spring (Feb. 1. I will respect and abide by Near East University’s academic and social expectations. A reference letter from the high school you last attended. correct and complete.