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It’s well known that Apple is one of the most creative and innovative companies in the world, so it’s

no wonder that many software companies and web designers would choose to follow Apple’s style of branding. The Apple website is one of the best websites out there due to its ease of use, functionality and the beautiful environment that it creates. I looked at websites that use one or more design elements inspired by Some of these sites sell Mac software and apps, so it makes sense for them to keep the same Apple look and feel.

All Apple hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. To extend your coverage further, purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare+. Because Apple makes the hardware, the operating system, and many applications, Apple products are truly integrated systems. And only AppleCare products give you one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call.

microphone. Touch wheel. which was available from January 2004 to September 2005. released in September 360 Product Display. The amount of storage capacity. It featured the first permutation of the signature scroll wheel. Features unique to the fifth generation iPod nano include the integration of a video camera.ispindo.html You can tell which iPod model you have by checking:    Whether it navigates using a Multi-Touch Over 7 millions downloads Get if for free now!  iSpindo Product Displaywww. was released in October The iPod touch includes wireless Internet connectivity capabilities and a larger screen than any of the previous iPod Choose from an amazing Chronomaster XXT collection at great prices Read more: The Development of the iPod | eHow. the iPod touch does not have the signature scroll-wheel.meridian-audio. Click Wheel. The iPod touch is in its third generation. to some criticism because of how easily it could be damaged. Because of this. which used buttons instead of the touch-sensitive pad that would be integrated into iPod classic models after 2003. the iPod classic. Control Pad.html#ixzz1tQg8JLaF http://www. features a touchsensitive display screen. free for 250 pics  Chronomaster XXT watcheswww. If it has a color or monochrome screen. That problem was addressed. which was released in September 2009. The latest iPod classic was released in September 2009. It also had a black-and-white liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. Sponsored Links  Meridian Audiowww. . Scroll wheel. or Apple Earphones with Remote. iPod Nano o The iPod nano was the replacement for the iPod mini. The first iPod classics sold for $400-$500. Panorama Luxury Home Entertainment Fine audio & digital media systems  Transfer iPod to Computerwww. iPod Touch o The iPod touch.digidna. The fifth generation iPod nano was released in September 2009. o The First iPod: iPod Classic The first in the iPod line.ehow. The iPod nano was released in September FM Radio and pedometer.

If it has a clip. or 32 GB iPod nano (4th generation) 2008-09 Click Wheel 8 GB or 16 GB iPod shuffle (2nd generation Early 2008) iPod touch iPod touch 2008-02 2008-02 2007-09 Control Pad Multi-Touch display Multi-Touch display 2 GB 32 GB 8 GB or 16 GB . 32 GB or 64 GB iPod nano (6th generation) 2010-09 Multi-Touch display 8 GB or 16 GB iPod shuffle (4th generation) 2010-09 Control Pad 2 GB iPod shuffle (3rd generation Late 2009) 2009-09 Apple Earphones with Remote 2 GB or 4 GB iPod classic 160 GB (Late 2009) 2009-09 Click Wheel 160 GB iPod touch (3rd generation) 2009-09 Multi-Touch display 32 GB or 64 GB iPod nano (5th generation) 2009-09 Click Wheel 8 GB or 16 GB iPod shuffle (3rd generation) 2009-03 Apple Earphones with Remote 4 GB iPod classic 2008-09 Click Wheel 120 GB iPod touch (2nd generation) 2008-09 Multi-Touch display 8 GB. If it has a camera. 16 GB. 32 GB or 64 GB iPod touch (4th generation) 2010-09 Multi-Touch display 8 GB. Icon Model iPod touch (4th generation) Year-Month introduced 2011-10 Navigation Controls Capacity Multi-Touch display 8 GB.   If it has a dock connector.

or 30 GB .iPod classic 2007-09 Click Wheel 80 GB or 160 GB iPod nano (3rd generation) 2007-09 Click Wheel 4 GB or 8 GB iPod shuffle (2nd generation) iPod (5th generation Late 2006) 2006-09 2006-09 Control Pad Click Wheel 1 GB 30 GB or 80 GB iPod nano (2nd generation) 2006-09 Click Wheel 2 GB. 4 GB. or 8 GB iPod nano 2006-02 Click Wheel 1 GB iPod (5th generation) 2005-10 Click Wheel 30 GB or 60 GB iPod nano 2005-09 Click Wheel 2 GB or 4 GB iPod with color display 2005-06 Click Wheel 20 GB or 60 GB iPod photo (also known as iPod with color display) iPod mini (2nd generation) 2005-02 Click Wheel 30 GB 2005-02 Click Wheel 4 GB or 6 GB iPod shuffle 2005-01 Control Pad 512 MB or 1 GB iPod photo (also known as iPod with color display) iPod (Click Wheel) 2004-10 Click Wheel 40 GB or 60 GB 2004-07 Click Wheel 20 GB or 40 GB iPod mini 2004-01 Click Wheel 4 GB iPod (dock connector) 2003-09 Touch wheel 20 GB or 40 GB iPod (dock connector) 2003-04 Touch wheel 10 GB.15 GB.

apple.iPod (Touch wheel) 2002-07 Touch wheel 10 GB or 20 GB iPod (Scroll wheel) 2002-03 Scroll wheel 10 GB iPod (Scroll wheel) 2001-10 Scroll wheel 5 GB How to tell iPod's hard drive size .