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Proposal Title For this dissertation, the title selected is Role of Training & Development to overcome the problem

of poor selection process: In context of Toyota. Introduction Training and development is important to diagnosis poor performance in selection of personnel that is very essential for the organization (Nelson 2011). It is because employee performance affects overall performance of the organization and training and development enhance ability of the employees. Research Question

What will be the problems that may arise by poor selection process?

How Training and Development can solve the problems of poor selection process? Discuss the importance of training and development programs in organization. Research Objectives To explore the significance of selection procedure in organizational development To determine the factors that facilitates poor selection To explore the role of training and development in increasing employees performance Literature review: Auluck (2007) depicts that training and development programs are important part of the organization that improves skills of the employees. Training and development programs are helpful to enhance skills of the employees that increase performance of an individual as well as organization. Therefore, trainers and educators help to achieve required development objectives of the organization (Auluck 2007). Similarly, training and development are used to find out and to solve the problems that may occur through poor selection process. On the other hand, Mangena & Chabeli (2005) opposed that training and development requires the trainees and educators that have good skills and more knowledge to provide the employees. It is because; if they are not skilled or semi-skilled then they cannot provide good knowledge to employee and employees cannot increase their performance to achieve the organizational goals and objectives (Mangena & Chabeli 2005). All the trainees should be responsible to meet their training needs effectively and efficiently. Importance/benefits of the study:

This research will provide a clear understanding about how problem of poor selection process can be overcome through training and development within the organization. This research study will be effective to increase the focus of organizations over the training and development facilities to increase the organizational effectiveness and to reduce selection expenses. Research methodology: The research will be qualitative in nature that will provide solutions of the research questions as the exploration of problem requires quality information. Both primary and secondary data will be uses in this research paper to provide better solution through survey and analysis of literature to obtain more relevant and accurate data. Possible information sources: The researcher will use many authentic sources to collect data that will helpful to complete this research such as books, journal databases, articles etc. Potential difficulties: There may be some difficulties for the researcher, while conducting the research such as time limitation, accessibility of information sources, cost etc. References Nelson, D.L. (2011) ORGB. US: Cengage Learning. Auluck, R.K. (2007) Mere nip and tuck? Training and Developments Changing Role. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 39 (1), p. 27-34. Mangena, A. & Chabeli, M.M. (2005) Strategies to overcome obstacles in the facilitation of critical thinking in nursing education. Nurse Education Today, 25 (4), 291298. Appendix 1 Time Scale: