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Division of Korea

(Perspective of a South Korean) By Lena Park

Table of Contents
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A map of divided Korea and A map of the DMZ. (Slide 3) Korea before the division. (Slide 4 & 5) What happened to Japanese colonies after Japan lost the war? (Slide 6) The Cold War (Slide 7) REVIEW (Slide 8) Role of Russia and USA (Slide 9) How did Korea actually become divided? (Slide 10) Korea after the division (Slide 11) The Korean War (Slide 12) Border Incidences (Slide 13) REVIEW (Slide 14) Family Unions (Slide 15) Divided Korea Now (Slide 16) Bibliography (Slide 17, 18 & 19)

A map of divided Korea and DMZ

Korea before the Division

• Japan wins Russo-Japanese
war 1904-1905 Korea in 1910

• Japan invades and annexes

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World War II Japan enters World War II in 1937 Korea remains under the Japanese rule for 35 years until 15 August 1945.

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End of World War II Atomic bombs drop on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan surrenders to the Allies on 14th August 1945

What Happened to Japanese Colonies after Japan Lost the War?

Japan loses all its colonies and Korea gains its independence from Japan on 15 August 1945.

Cold War
• Russia is a communist country • The USA is a democratic country • Because of this, Cold War between the two countries develop

Role of Russia and USA
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Against Korean people’s wishes, the country is divided Russia controls the North The USA controls the South

How did Korea came to be divided?
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Why 38th parallel? Cuts Korea into roughly equal parts Still keeps Seoul, the capital under the USA control

Korea after the Division

Under the USA control, Lee, Syngman becomes the first President of S. Korea Under Russian control, Kim, Il Sung as the leader of North Korea

The Korean War

25 June 1950 With Russia’s help, North Korea invades South Korea 27th July 1953 The Korean War ends T h e c o u n t r y re m a i n s divided at the 38th parallel.

Border Incidences

Tension at the 38th Parallel 20th November 1974 North Korean infiltration tunnel is discovered 18th August 1976 The Axe Murder - 2 US soldiers killed, 9 injured Many incidences of North Koreans trying to infiltrate South Korea across the border

Family Reunions

Many Korean families became separated. Red Cross initiates interKorean family reunions in 2000 Families meet at family reunion center near Mt. Geumgang in Nor th Korea.

Divided Korea Now

13th ~ 15th June 2000 The Sunshine Policy The first inter-Korea Summit South Korean President, Kim, Dae Jung North Korean leader, Kim, Jung Il

• Relationship between South and North Korea, volatile • Cheonan Naval Vassal attack, April 2010 • Artillery firing on Yeonpyeong Island in November 2010.