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Cognitive Objective: After completing the training session, the employee will be able to properly and consistently “Appraise”

and “Solve” a customer’s asks at every interaction. (“Appraise” and “Solve” from the highest level “Evaluation” on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning) Training for this objective will be delivered over the course of 8 days at each store (1day/store). 30 minutes before the start of each shift the store manager and the HR manager will present the different aspects of the new “Customer Bill of Rights” which will govern all employee interactions with customers. (Cost $100/Printing materials, $453 30mins extra wages for 125 employees, $400 for HR Mgr’s travel/gas) The HR manager will be responsible for developing the “Customer Bill of Rights” on his/her already salaried hours. After each 30 minute training, the store manager and HR manager (for the rest of that day) will perform on the spot critics and recommendations following actual employee/customer interactions to teach and demonstrate where an employee can improve his/her level of customer service to meet the new “Customer Bill of Rights”. (Budget spent $953) The objective will be measured by tracking the number of negative customer interactions each employee has over the next 4 weeks. Any negative customer interactions and interactions that do not meet the new “Customer Bill of Rights” will be logged by the store manager, they will include: improperly taken orders, poor service, cleanliness issues etc. For that following month, the in store manager will give out a $25 SPIFF to the employee with the lowest number of negative customer interactions. This SPIFF will drive home the new training and put it into practice for an extended period of time. (Cost $25/store/week = $800) Total cost of Training = $1753. Affective Objective: After completing the training session, the employee will be able to communicate with and react to customers in a way that will result in a more satisfactory experience for the customer. Training for this objective will be delivered by employees in each store who have been previously recognized for their customer service skills on their performance reviews through utilization of an in-house developed customer service guide. These employees will shadow current employees and measure customer responses to their experience through use of a customer experience survey for a two day period. After the observance period, the customer responses are reviewed and on-the-job coaching begins. The coaching is one day per week for four weeks with coaches mentoring employees. Customer response surveys continue to be administered

Total cost of Training: $1747 Training will be measured by customer experience surveys administered. That the program should allot $447 for printing guides and surveys (on the back of receipts). . as well as a sample of in-depth follow up surveys after the on the job training is completed.during this learning process to see if there are any changes during the training administration period and in between coaching days. The major cost is the labor incurred by the employees who are coaching. specifically whether or not customers will return again. employees are evaluated on how they respond to (communicate) and value (react) customers. Based on these responses. and reviewing customer service responses. and $1. The success of the training is gauged on the improvement in customer experience.300 for labor charges. training.