Mr Sukhraj Challana House 261, Sf Shivalik Enclave Manimajra Manimajra Chandigarh Chandigarh Chandigarh - 160101 Connect Phone No.

01725009280 CHGR_00993_300 C4

Account Number Bill Number Bill Date Bill Period Due Date Credit Limit

2017368 24808693 16-Apr-2012 16-Mar-2012 to 15-Apr-2012 02-May-2012 1,000.00



-32.00 495.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 61.18 556.18 0.00 556.18




1. Monthly Charges / mwisk ikrwieAw 2. Usage Charges / vrqoN dI rkm 3. Discounts / ifskWaUt 4. Other Charges / hor Krcy 5. Adjustments / AyfjstmyNt 6. Taxes /kr 7. Current Charges / ies vwr dI rkm 8. Late Fee Charges / lyt &Is rkm 9. Total Current Charges / ies vwr dI ku`l rkm

Payment to be made at any of the listed Connect Collection Centres or Drop Boxes,by Cash/Crossed Cheque/DD,

drawn in favour of Quadrant Televentures Limited. A/c No: 2017368. Payments received till 15/04/2012, are reflected in this bill.

* Dear Customer,This is to inform you that effective from 01.04.2012,the service tax has been revised from 10.30% to 12.36% as prescribed by Govt.of India * Please write your Phone No. on the back side of the cheque. * Government Job Portal:Apply government job on Connect Phone * Just Dial 58898 Daily Rental Charges: Rs1/day, Browsing Charges: Rs1/min. Browsing Time: Unlimited * Entertainment on Demand: Enjoy Unlimited Music,Videos and many more…@ just Rs. 149/month To subscribe log on to * For Bill Enquiry call our TOLL FREE number 1929 after 5th of every month (as per billing cycle).

Connect Phone No.:

01725009280 2017368 24808693 16-Apr-2012 02-May-2012 524.00 574.00
Please do not forget to mention your Connect A/c No. and Connect Phone No., behind your cheque also.

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. CHANDIGARH SCF-3.Phase-1.Bill Terms and Conditions CITY CHANDIGARH CASH & CHEQUE PAYMENT CENTRES Gobind Telecom .infotelconnect. If you are not too happy with our response from the call centre with the timelines.SCF 23. email:. you can make a further appeal to our Appellate Authority from Monday to Friday (9:30 am to 6:00 pm) by filling the Appeal from available on our website www. Sec 26. Sec . Ivory Tower.Sec17-B. sco-1104-05. E-Sampark Centre -47 66 KY Grid Sub Station Sector 47 C & www. SECTOR 15 D CHANDIGARH.Sec-70. Capital Motor Store. Happy Service center Petrol Pump. sec-22B chd.Industrial Area. Chd. scf 12 sec 20D chd.5 Indl. you can contact or write to our Nodal Officer with the Docket/Complaint number anytime from Monday to Friday (9:30 am to 6:00 pm).officer@infotelconnect. Page 2 of 3 . SCO 23. Kewal Stores. sec 35.authority@infotelconnect. Sector-27 C. Ashiana Card Shoppe. Chd.Manimajra Munivipal Corporation Building Ist Floor. Sec 40-C Chd. Glass Palace-Sec 7.citibank.4 Sector 15 . If further you are still not pleased with Nodal Officer. Sec 44D.Chandigarh FASHION CORNER.nodal. Address: Quadrant Televentures Ltd(Formerly known as HFCL Infotel Ltd).Chd. Sec 35-C. Address: Quadrant Televentures Ltd(Formerly known as HFCL Infotel Ltd). Phase VII. E-Sampark Centre -18 Eletricity operation Subdivision No 3 Sector 18 A Chd. Verka Booth 1006. Phase-1 Eletricity operation Substation No. 198 toll free for wire line fault & 57218 toll free for VAS Deactivation from connect phone and from Non connect phones for Product Billing & Scheme 01725050505.Internet/Technical Fault 01725055355. Ivory Towers Datacon Media. Sec 7.2. Chd. # Now ICICI & Citibank customers can pay their bills through the bill facility on www. CHD.418. Medicine Chamber. Kasauli provision Store. Phone: 01725013060. B 71. Mohali E-Sampark Centre -15 Eletricity operation Subdivision No. Please make your payment only at the designated centers of your city.c Chd. Sector 43 B Chd. E-Sampark Centre Industrial Area . E-Sampark Centre -10 Eletricity operation Subdivision No. CHANDIGARH. Area. E-Sampark Centre .Sec 9. B 71 Phase 7 Industrial Area Mohali. Sidhu Service Station.9. Near Gurdwara Sector 23-C Chd. SCO 94. Chandigarh. Sec 38 West.A Chd. Madhya Marg. Mohali.Sector 10 .in.icicibank. The company has set up a dedicated customer grievance redressal cell that may be accessed through multichannel helpline 1920 for Product & Scheme/Billing. email: appellate. M/S Luxmi Oil Traders.9 Chd. Chd. 1557 toll free for Internet/Technical Complaint. ICICI . SCO Opposite Civil Hospital Manimajra Phone: 01725013040. chd. E-Sampark Centre -43 Eletricity operation Subdivision No.Scf 417 . CHEQUE DROP IN BOXES (ALL ATMs of ICICI) All ATMs of ICICI. Nodal Officer & Appellate Authority for and complaint/Query. Note: Phase-1 Chd. booth No 420. Rattandeep Telecom. Peshawari Enterprises SCO 176 Sector 37-c chd. Phase 7 Industrial Area Mohali.182/79. Krishana E-Sampark Centre -23 Opposite Janj Ghar.

4.1 3.18 556.Mr Sukhraj Challana Connect Phone No: Your Connect Tariff Plan Min Monthly Commitment Rental DSL Combo UL 495 0 495 01725009280 2017368 24808693 16-Apr-2012 16-Mar-2012 to 15-Apr-2012 1.00 61. Monthly Charges Rentals for basic service Usage Charges Voice Discounts Other Charges Adjustments Sub Total Service Tax @12% + (Education cess @2% + Secondary & Higher Education cess @ 1%) on Service Tax Current Charges Pulse 495.00 495. 2.00 0.00 0.1 2.00 0. 1.00 0. 6. 7.18 0 0 0 0 0 0 Page 3 of 3 0 0 . 5.00 495.