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PRACTICAL 2 – Constant Head Permeability Test

2. Permeability

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3. Viscosity The average temperature was 24.27°C, rounding up to 24.5°C and using table 5 shows as 0.8995

4e-3 In the sieve practical the material was poorly graded uniform sand (SP). The coefficient can be used to calculate retaining walls and can even be used to help with slope stability. 6. In the example of Constant head the material was compacted and put through a vacuum to expel air. as there is less space to pass through. Sieve Analysis Permeability = 0. This compacting would lower the permeability.576e-3 Constant Head Permeability = 94. . which would have a high permeability as sand contains that structural property.4. Dry Density (g/cm^3) 5. Some applications of the coefficient of permeability would be for dams where factors such as water seepage could hinder the structural integrity.