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Murray Edwards College Boat Club Minutes for Committee Meeting 7 23rd April 2012; 17:00; ME Bar

Present: Amy Crow, Jeny Oates, Reana Maier, Hannah Grealish, Sally-Anne Bennett, Marina Steketee, Wing Ying Chow, Georgie Field, Emma Jones, Natalie Skorupska, Ola Janusz, Christina Larkin, Georgina Dalgliesh, Henny Schulte to Buhne; Siena Carver, Holly Smith, Harri Christie, Liz Gorton, Mollie Jones, Owen Saxton 1. Apologies Stacey Jo, Eleanor Dickinson, Laura Desert and Chloe Wallis all apologise but could not make the meeting. 2. Committee Meeting Dates This term’s committee meetings will be: 17:00 7th May, mainly to discuss this term’s novices; 17:00 2nd June, mainly to discuss Bumps bank parties and Bumps Breakfast; 3. Crews this term MECBC will have 4 crews, with a non competitive W4. Ying wondered whether we should try to arrange a better boat for W3. The decision was that it would only be needed later in term (last 3 weeks): Marina will look into this. Reana stated that W3 can train in Owen for 2 out of 3 outings each week, and also for the GoR. A suggestion was to use Peterhouse’s boat Natasha. The committee will consider it again at the next meeting. Crew selection will happen as soon as possible but it depends on Mark: they should be announced between Wednesday and Saturday. 4. Coaching this term Matt White will coach W2 for the first half of term, and Watson will coach for the second half: they have both agreed to this. MECBC will offer Matt £12 per outing: this is the same as Watson’s coaching costs. Reana will ask Pete and Rich if they’d be happy to coach again; if not MECBC members will probably coach but it will depend on the number of novice boats. 5. Sculling Matt and Manners (Peterhouse/Lightweights) are using Two Fat Ladies, the double scull, for BUCs. The captains agreed they can book it every day for a month and in return they have offered to coach sculling but the committee are not sure how much coaching can be asked for. Marina will check whether they are still happy to coach and will make a sculling spreadsheet to ask people to sign up for slots to learn to scull. 6. Novices:

Posters will go up tonight. Ying will update the novice registration form on the website. Georgie to write something to go to Siena to go to the JCR communications officer and also the MCR secretary: this should also be done this evening if possible. Tubbing will happen this weekend, from 11-3 on Saturday and Sunday: Reana will book the tub for these times, but fewer times can be used if not many novices sign up. 7. Bumps breakfast: This is the same day as the garden party and posters should go up as soon as possible. The suggested price is £16, since costs have increased since last year. Siena will make the posters (looking at old posters which Ying should send her) and will talk to Gina to confirm information. It will go out to contacts lists as soon as possible. 8. Neptunes Natalie has given a race report but nothing else is written. Reana will write something about a W1 race this evening. Emma will write something about the Women’s Boat Race (mentioning Izzi B-E). Mollie will write a piece about the Cheshire training camp. Ying will write about the Neptunes Dinner and other socials: everyone should write quotes on facebook about the Lent Bumps Dinner. If anyone has photos from socials, tell Ying. 9. Kit and stash: Kit & committee stash; zephyrs Sally-Anne will give Emma contact details for ordering kit so that can be ordered. Sally-Anne will organise committee stash. Holly will design crew tops which should be ordered soon after crews are settled. Zephyrs also need to be ordered. 10. Selling Dolphin MECBC owns an old wooden four, which is not currently usable, called Dolphin. Sally-Anne is currently in contact with someone who may buy her. 11. Lent Bumps Dinner Complaints When checking the invoice for Lent Bumps Dinner, Sally-Anne noticed an unexpected corkage charge. When enquiring, catering informed Gina that this was because bottles had been bought from the bar and brought into the Dome, which is not allowed. It also emerged that Michelle Simmons (Catering Manager) had complained about the dinner to the Dean, but MECBC were not informed about this until the enquiry about the corkage. The complaints were:  Pennying  Buying alcohol from the bar and bringing it into the Dome Ying has set out a reply, commenting that we were not informed of these rules, and requesting a general document stating the rules and charges that may apply. Ying would like Owen to look over the reply before sending it on to catering. 12. AOB

The Clare M1 cox passed away last Wednesday after a car crash on the way to a training camp. Ola will organise a card which will be left in her pigeon hole for people to sign. Gina would like a blade soon, so has taken over organising them. She has a contact through Fitzwilliam, who have just bought blades. Marina reported back from the CUCBC Captain’s meeting. CUCBC elections are opening soon, and MECBC members should consider applying for the roles. Marina will forward the information when it is received. The swan cannot be moved now because it is nesting season; any incident involving the swan that is more than just nibbling of blades/saxboard should be reported to Captain to report to CUCBC. Bumps will no longer have a siren to stop races: there will now be an airhorn. Someone from Anglia Ruskin has requested a swap through Ying; Ying will pass the details on to Gina.

Minutes taken by Sally-Anne Bennett Treasurer and Secretary 2011-12 Murray Edwards College Boat Club