1.1 Local Recruitment Fees : 1.1.1 Services Fees 1.1.2 Documentation Fees and Stamping Fees 1.1.3 P.A Insurance (24 Months) 1.1.4 24 Months Free Consultant 1.1.5 Fomema Medical Fee

RM 2,415.00


Overseas Recruitment Fees

RM 7,000.00 RM 9,415.00


Mode of Payment:
1.3.1 Upon Confirmation Biodata 1.3.2 Upon Arrival of Maid Balance of Agency Fees

RM 5,000.00 RM________/-

2. MAID’S SALARY @ RM750/ ~ RM800/ per month. The commencement date of employment and salary of the Maid is deemed to be the same date of PLKS.

3. 4. 5.

MAID’S LOAN @ 4 Months of the Maid’s salary. 100% FREE REPLACEMENT if the maid is certified medically unfit within one month In case of claim the employer needs to pay new Maid’s Loan only. NO WARRANTY against the Maid’s disappearance / abscondment Note: (i) The Employer must return the Original passport ,Original police report and receipt to the agency Within 7 days . (II) No replacement maid without Original passport.


THREE (3) MONTHS WARRANTY against the Maid’s Performance In case of claim, the employer needs to pay for:6.1.1 New Maid’s Immigration charges ( Levy, Visa, PLKS), ~ RM480.00 Extra charges RM180.00 for 2nd maid onwards. 6.1.2 Maid Salary (RM… x ______ months Worked) ~ ……………. 6.1.3 New Maid’s Fomema medical check-up ~ RM 190.00 6.1.4 New Maid’s transportation ~ RM 450.00 6.1.5 Documentation fee for the new maid @ RM200.00 per month Note: (i) To entitle for the replacement claim, the employer must surrender the maid to us (ii) Replacement of maid is limited to ONE Time only. 7. CANCELLATION AND REFUND 7.1 Cancellation Upon execution 7.2 Cancellation Upon approval 7.3 Cancellation Upon maid arrive - RM500.00 will be forfeited - RM1,800.00 will be forfeited - No refund will be allow

*** I hereby agree and accept that the above Recruitment Plan as well as the terms and conditions stated overleaf shall be construed as an essential part of the Agency Agreement. ***

Signature of Alpplicant Name & NRIC No: Date:

Witnessed by Name & NRIC No: Date:

Note: This Recruitment Plan is effective as at 28/10/2011 and is subject to changes without prior notice and subject to the latest rules and regulation of the Malaysian Government.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED  2pcs husband & wife colored passport sized photo 夫妇护照型彩照各两张  2copies of IC for husband & wife 夫妇身份证复本各两张  2copies of Marriage Certificate 结婚证书复本各两张  2copies of children birth certificate 孩子报生纸复本各两张  Original husband & wife latest BE (Above RM36.AGENSI PEKERJAAN TSE SDN BHD(458934-X) JTK499.SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN Tel: 03-33236888 Fax: 03-33235888 Website: 8.000 Per Year) 夫妻所得税单正本(一年总收入最少马币三十六千〕  Original 3 months latest pay-slip for husband & wife 三个月的月薪单正本  Original employment letter (In B. LORONG BATU NILAM 3B. IMM or Business Registration (Form24.9-0.229/857/4(100) No. 49) 夫妇 公司顾用信正本/公司注 册纸复本  Original water/ electricity/ telephone bill (if relevant) 水费/电费/电话单任一张以证明住家地址(如需要) .my Email: tse_5050@yahoo. BANDAR BUKIT TINGGI. 41200 KLANG.