The Importance of Unity

Malaysia is unique in terms of many different population race, such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban people, and many more. In the context of this diversity, unity among Malaysians is important. In order to achieve closer unity among our Malaysians, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak officiated the implementation 1 Malaysia. What is the concept of 1 Malaysia? This concept implies that all the known races regardless of religion, skin color or background. Unity is a matter of great importance to maintain harmony and peace of the people in Malaysia. The peaceful and prosperity of Malaysia can avoid from conflict and misunderstanding each other. Tolerance attitude was also born form the peace among the our people, Malaysia. This is because people has realize that essential attitude is important to maintain our national harmony. Unity among Malaysians is very important in making Malaysia as a developed nation by 2020. The cohesion of Malaysia community is important to achieve the "Wawasan 2020". Our Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, has introduced "Wawasan 2020" in the first conference Malaysia Business Council in 1991. In his speech, unity among Malaysians as the first challenge in building a strong nation. Unity is only can achieved if people of Malaysia have a esprit de corps. Without unity, we cannot bring our country to the optimum level of success. Therefore, "Wawasan 2020" will be achieved with the spirit of unity in among Malaysians. In addition, implementation "Program Latihan khidmat Negara (PLKN)" is also able to maintain the harmony and the country. This because PLKN activities done in groups and all activities requires cooperation between all participants. Furthermore, teenager will be placed together under one roof. They together will carry out joint activities, interacting, and able to get along with each other. They will be exposed to real Malaysia lifestyle pluralistic society. With the understanding with each other will cultivate esprit de corps. Other than Goverment action for maintaining the harmony of the country. The people themselves also take an important role in maintaining harmony in our country. In order to guarantee the harmony of the country, the people of Malaysia need to avoid sensitive issues. Avoid rasist, let May 13, 1969 stored in history. Let that event be a lesson to Malaysians how important to keep harmony and peace for our country stability. In conclusion, we should be united in successful aspiration of 1 Malaysia. Therefore, we must work together to maintain unity in our country for the goodness of all.

Countries will recognize Malaysia as a country concerned about quality and accuracy in all areas. delivery schedule and quality very closely to ensure excellence and success. especially when dealing with overseas parties. .Policy of 1 Malaysia CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE Practicing a culture of excellence will bring Malaysia to the level of success and higher achievement. discouraged and leave it to fate to be erased if you want to progress and succeed In addressing the failure.        Malaysians need to be courageous to face trials and challenges to the success of self and country. Attitude easily deterred. dedication and fortitude to face all adversities and trials are the best ingredients to achieve a goal. Fall or experienced a decline needs to be reviewed existing weaknesses and the need to fix it in a positive way. Perseverance in the face of personal changes should be a platform for correcting mistakes or failures of previous matters. The success and achievements of the society and the country depends on the extent to which a culture of excellence practiced by the people.   7. Determination Every struggle. The struggle for progress and excellence in desperate need of courageous leaders and citizens to face all adversities and tribulations. different and creative approach to be taken to produce larger changes and amazing high fighting spirit and resolute need to achieve personal success. Accuracy of measurement.2. especially in the global trading system based on exports. community and nation. mobilization of hard work. Accuracy of time management is important in determining the success and acceptance of others. or the performance of work requires patience and diligence. Principles of the accuracy of an element in determining success.   Culture of excellence to be carried out continuously with the revolutionary performance as a measurement of the level of achievement or progress.

thorough and impartial as required without restriction. In Islam.7. Personal development regardless of gender and ethnic background but is determined by personal capabilities and talents of a person.      humility does not mean we are down or give in to others. ethnicity. Community greatest respect and love of humility.    require the people to accept whatever good things and consent together. scholarships. ACCEPTANCE The concept of acceptance and tolerance are two different things from either the expression or implementation. religion and political affiliation. Acceptance of all to get the best people are needed to build a nation. subsidies. society. While tolerance is happening because there is no other choice or forced. The best things of the Malay. the attitude of humility should be avoided to reflect the strength. confidence and our ability as Malaysians. All programs and allocation of government should be distributed in a fair.3 LOW HEART A sense of humility is an important property owned. All the skills and abilities possessed not be shown and proud in a way that does not like the Malaysian society. circumstances and places where we are. The attitude of humility should be appropriate to time. When are abroad and dealing with rural communities. financial assistance and a fair share of the project should reflect the needs of Malaysia '1 '. but not by harshness and oppression. All such educational opportunities. Acceptance will demonstrate positive behavior fully accept something with sincerity without any elements to. race. humility is said to piety.4. 7.  . Chinese. Humility is encouraged in Islam as well as the culture and the nature of Malay society that respects those who are humble. but with inner strength and stand firm against a principle. Behavior or tolerance occurs when a party has no other choice and it is received with dishonesty. Indians and others to apply and get acceptance from the masses.

7.5 LOYALTY The principle of fidelity is needed in any situation. The value of loyalty or rewards should be based on ability. Criticism and constructive views to be accepted in relation to translate to success. Relations and a strong bond through loyalty needs to be done with honesty and sincerity of the relationship either with friends. Followers need to show loyalty and obedience to the leader because the organization split and disloyal to the direction of the leader will suffer destruction.           Loyalty to the leader or leaders in an organization is central to the integrity. Loyalty will build trust and establish a personal bond between the two parties. Kesetiaan or contact blindly without any progress is invaluable. stability. Loyalty must be accompanied with the ability to perform with excellence. do not want to be reprimanded or criticized. family or leader. and excellence. Relationship that is based on how support should be avoided so as not misused by those who often take advantage. Criticism in an effort to build needs to be done wisely and in good faith so that all the weaknesses and mistakes can be repaired for the common good. achievement and progress are implemented in each relationship. success. Loyalty to King and Country is the second principle must be held tightly Rukunegara by every citizen of this country's non-duality. All people need to prioritize the importance of loyalty and allegiance to the country overcome its own people and groups. Properly criticized for errors or deficiencies are a symbol of fellowship. The leader or head of an organization must avoid hubris. .

product. In implementing the principle of meritocracy. The principle of meritocracy in cultivating a society of Malaysia in facing the challenges of globalization / liberalization. Chinese schools and Indian schools should always look for opportunities to interact with the conduct joint activities.7 EDUCATION Education and knowledge are important prerequisites for any country to achieve success. selection of companies to offer a contract made through open tender and the successful company must meet the prescribed criteria. contractors. consultants and others should be implemented through a competition that focuses on each party competing to prove the potential of their excellence. The country must have a society that emphasizes education and knowledge of everything.      7. estates and new villages is the responsibility of government to help these people. service providers. Under certain stress Meritocracy open competition based on specified criteria and who successfully meets the criteria is eligible to be selected. All of the flow. the selection of performance-based and will maximize the potential of a culture of excellence in all areas of Malaysia. and as well as giving the best deals include price.  In certain circumstances there are those who are less fortunate or omissions.     Culture reading able to produce Malaysian citizens with a mind always open. such as people living in rural areas. The curriculum developed for the three flows should promote the common values that need to be nurtured to form Malaysia.7. . whether national schools. Strength and durability is based on educated and knowledgeable society to overcome the strength of the military. In selecting companies. School of the national trend has been redefined to include vernacular schools. service and guaranteed results.6 Meritocracy Meritocracy is a direction that should be practiced in a democracy to ensure that those who qualify and meet the criteria given the opportunity to drive the development of the country. In the area of government procurement.

This value should be adopted by all parties of up to leaders at all levels regardless of the position. Fulfilling the promise and the time is the nature of the effect claimed in Islam.7. Properties to satisfy yourself.8 INTEGRITY It is important for the government to gain the trust and confidence of the people. your family and certain groups should be avoided. Aside personal interests in all actions and behavior. National interests should be placed above all other interests.   . Promise can erode trust and loyalty. Strive to improve the error. Tell the truth even though it is served bitter and hard.      Be honest about an action and speech. Each item or action fails or one must be improved to get the perfect result. All criticism and comments should be lessons and guidance for correcting errors and offenses committed Qualifications and skills should be given priority without any interest or through illegal channels. Trust and confidence gained through the values of integrity. Accept criticism and criticism with an open mind even though it is difficult to be accepted by some.