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Monthly funds newsletter from CRISIL Research
Volume - 9 January 2012

ELSS – A solution for tax saving and long term financial planning

Investment thoughts

Most salaried tax payers awaken to tax planning only in December when the accounts department at office rings the alarm bell for proof of tax saving investments. A few calls / visits to tax planners, insurance agents and postal savings agents later, the immediate objective of investments and proof submission is met. However, no attempt is made to understand the tax planning process thoroughly. As such, individuals end up investing in avenues which may not necessarily map out their long-term financial goals. At that point, saving tax is the objective and not investment. An analysis by CRISIL suggests that it is possible to do both tax planning and long term financial planning together. Further, if one is willing to take some risks, Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) offered by mutual funds provides an opportunity to generate attractive long term returns, if invested for longer period (more than 5 years).

Tax Saving Options
Ideally, one must follow a comprehensive financial planning model which includes tax planning along with risk profiling, goal setting and asset allocation. This not only lends a long-term perspective to tax saving investments but also indulges in a disciplined approach to tax planning. Importantly, tax planning should be a yearlong exercise and not a blink-of-an-eye moment. It helps in planning the monetary outflows for the entire year instead of making lump sum contributions at year-end. It also gives investors adequate time to understand and evaluate different investment options.
Section 80 C Investment/ Deduction Limit Rs 1,00,000 Investment options i) Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) offered by mutual funds ii) Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) offered by insurance companies iii) Traditional - Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Savings Certificate (NSC), 5-year Bank Fixed Deposits (FDs), premium paid towards traditional life insurance plans, pension plans like National Pension System (NPS), Employee Provident Fund (EPF) iv) Housing loan - repayment of house loan principal .v) Children tuition fees Infrastructure bonds Interest repayment on education loan, mediclaim policy premium, totally blind / physically disabled employee, expenses on treatment of handicapped dependants Housing loan - interest payment

historically provided high returns over longer periods. The S&P CNX Nifty has returned over 16% in the 10-year period ended December 30, 2011, almost double compared with around 8-10% yielded by tax saving debt instruments. Among equity tax saving instruments, ELSS, ULIPs and the equity option of the NPS are available for investment. The lock-in period for ELSS is three years, for ULIPs, it is five years, and NPS, has a lock-in period till 60 years of age. Table 1 - Performance of ELSS
Category/ Index ELSS Category Average* Maximum returns in the category Minimum returns in the category SIP Returns of CRISIL Fund Rank 1 ELSS Scheme** S&P CNX 500 (Benchmark for ELSS schemes) Returns from PPF investment Returns from investment in NSC^ Average Inflation rate 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years Returns % Returns % Returns % Returns % 17.92 2.56 11.91 22.28 26.28 11.77 17.73 28.25 6.13 -3.44 5.16 13.47 7.41 16.01 8.02 8.16 7.57 7.61 1.77 8.01 8.16 6.80 10.56 10.56 8.01 8.16 6.40 19.57 18.06 8.13 9.10 5.80

80 CCF 80E, 80D, 80DD, 80DDB Section 24

Rs 20,000 Every section has a individual investment limit as per the Income Tax Act Rs 1,50,000

Data as on December 30, 2011 All returns are annualised * Category average of all CRISIL Fund Rank ELSS as of December 2011 quarter ** Rs 10,000 invested every month in a CRISIL Fund Rank 1 ELSS Scheme ^ Semi annualized returns, assumed that a 6-year NSC is rolled over at the prevailing rates for calculating 7-year and 10-year returns

As indicated in Table 1, ELSS beat the benchmark (S&P CNX 500) in all the periods analysed. Additionally, these funds have also provided positive inflation adjusted returns across 3 of the 4 periods analysed. This gives us a fair idea of the benefits of investing in ELSS to generate higher returns in the long term in addition to saving tax.

A part of tax saving corpus can be diverted to equity instruments
Investors generally prefer traditional debt instruments for tax saving. While these may provide safety and stability, they fall short of generating higher inflation adjusted returns over the long run. For example, instruments earning 9% rate of interest when average inflation is around 9% will yield 0% real rate of return. Hence, investors willing to take some amount of market risk may look at equity linked investments via mutual funds for the long term. This asset class has
What are Equity Linked Saving Schemes? ELSS are tax saving schemes offered by mutual funds that predominantly invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks. There are 48 schemes of this category available in the domestic mutual fund space. One needs to hold the units for a minimum period of three years to claim tax rebate. This serves well for the fund manager in terms of a lower portfolio churn, which in turn brings down transaction costs. ELSS have the lowest lock-in period of three years among all tax saving instruments available under section 80C. It also allows small-amount investments, as low as Rs 500, at regular intervals through Systematic Investment Plans (SIP), thereby helping investors benefit from disciplined long-term investing. Investments in ELSS are, however, subject to market risk and must be made taking into consideration age and risk taking ability. The investment horizon should be more than five years for higher risk adjusted returns.

How to choose ELSS?
Since ELSS have a lock-in period of three years, it is important to choose wisely; a poor decision means there is no immediate way out. Look out for funds with proven track record in good as well bad times, experienced fund managers, fund houses with good investment management practices and client servicing capabilities. Alternatively, investors can refer to CRISIL's Quarterly Mutual Fund Ranking on to know the best performing ELSS.

Proposed new Direct Tax Code (DTC)
In the first draft of the DTC released last year, the government had stated that fresh investments in ELSS post April 1, 2012 would not be eligible for tax benefits. However, the DTC bill is yet to be passed in Parliament. Till such time, investments in ELSS would be eligible for tax benefits. However, once the rule changes, investors are advised to read the final DTC fine print before deciding on tax planning avenues.

8 Entries BOC India Ltd Indiabulls Infrastructure and Power Ltd.13 lakh cr in the July-September quarter (excluding fund of funds). FIIs net sold equities worth Rs 129 cr in December.200 cr or 3.CRISIL FUNDINSIGHTS l Market .The month-end portfolios and quarterly average assets under management (AUM) as of December have been considered for the report.52 0. including foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail.77 0.58 4. Source: AMFI Category/Index returns Large Cap Funds Diversified Equity Funds Small and Midcap Funds Balanced Funds Monthly Income Plans Long Term Gilt Funds Long Term Debt Funds Ultra Short Term Funds Liquid Funds CRISIL Gold index l l l l l The Indian mutual fund industry's quarterly average assets under management (AUM) fell by 4.56% November 30.Overview Indices BSE Sensex S&P CNX Nifty The Indian equity market (S&P CNX Nifty) fell over 4% in December.421 cr in the month the highest since March 2011. Buying in export oriented technology stocks on hopes of increased revenues due to the rupee depreciation also helped cap losses. Reliance Industries Ltd. down over 12% in the month on worries of slowdown in the domestic economy.540 cr in November. Continued selling by foreign institutional investors (FIIs) amidst a weak global trend and depreciation of the rupee vis-à-vis the US dollar also added to the losses. known as expense ratio.47% (December 2011) 9. Zee Learn Ltd.71 0. Among key regulatory developments in the month.0 -10000 6.61 lakh cr as of December 2011 mainly on account of mark-to-market losses as the S&P CNX Nifty fell by over 4% in the December on weak global cues and downbeat domestic sentiments. ITC Ltd. Bharti Airtel Ltd.46 -0.10 1. The share of top 5 mutual funds' assets was 53% in the December quarter while the share of top 10 funds' assets was 77%.72 -3. ICICI Bank Ltd. . SEBI rejected a suggestion by asset management companies to appoint an external agency to audit distributors and independent financial advisors.74% l l Monthly WPI Inflation 7.87 -6. Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd. as well as excluding service tax from the expense ratio. Absolute Monthly Returns% Dec 2011 Nov 2011 -4.306 cr in the December quarter. 2011 8. primarily due to continuing worries over the Eurozone debt crisis and slowing domestic economic growth.70 -5. State Bank Of India HDFC Ltd. HDFC Mutual Fund retained its top average AUM position across fund houses in December with a corpus of Rs 88.15 -4. 2011 15455 4624 November 30.11% (November 2011) Mutual Fund Overview 8.94 0.23 -0. Bank of India is set to enter the mutual fund industry with its buyout of a 51% stake in Bharti AXA Mutual Fund. down Rs 3. 2011 16123 4832 Absolute Change -669 -208 % Change -4. CNX IT was the only sectoral index to end positive in the month due to this buying. S.355 cr or 9.600 cr.December 2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Banks Computers . Among negative sectoral indices. Further. On a month-on-month basis. the earlier shareholding structure of 74:26 has been cancelled.22% to Rs 82. Almost 80% of the outflows (Rs 48.47 as of weekended Jan 07).December 2011 200000 130000 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Infosys Ltd. HDFC Bank Ltd. Corporates withdrew from mutual funds to meet advance tax payments in December while banks pruned their exposure to meet balance sheet requirements on capital adequacy. SEBI barring seven companies and their promoters for irregularities in IPOs and weak auto sales numbers dragged the markets down.44 -8.30 l l l l Indicators 10 Yr Gsec December 30.93 1.21 -7.62 1. Losses were capped to some extent on hopes of a halt in the RBI's monetary tightening after primary article inflation fell to multi year low level (latest primary article inflation is 2. 2011 8.4% or Rs 31. l December 30. Fund news l l l Natixis Global Asset Management acquired a 25% stake in IDFC Asset Management Company and IDFC AMC Trustee Company.035 cr to Rs 6. Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd. CNX FMCG index lost the least. Japanese asset management firm Nikko and India's Ambit Group rework their partnership for the domestic mutual fund business. bottom 10 fund houses continued to occupy less than 1% of the AUM. down 0. Exits Asian Hotels (East) Ltd. A SEBI panel recommended giving a break-up of the mutual fund fee structure. mutual funds' AUM fell around 10% in December to Rs 6. Reliance Mutual fund witnessed the highest fall in absolute terms with its average AUM declining by Rs 8.72 0.December May-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Dec-10 Nov-11 Dec-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Jan-11 Jun-11 Apr-11 Oct-11 Jul-11 5.27 -5. SEBI also said that mutual funds should cut down the number of schemes as many of them were dormant. New Stocks Entries and Exits in Mutual Fund Portfolios . sharply lower than the net selling of Rs 4. an RBI circular requires banks to reduce exposure to short maturity debt funds by end January 2012. Aban Offshore Ltd. Kumars Nationwide Ltd. Advanta India Ltd. Smart Grid Automation Distribution & Switchgear Ltd.4 -80000 -150000 Net Flows (Rs cr) Note:. Equity mutual fund assets fell by over 5% to Rs 1. BF Utilities Ltd.Services Oil Exploration Cement Power AUM (Rs lakh cr) 7. CNX Infra and CNX Realty declined the most. Patni Computer Systems Ltd. The new joint venture will be 51:49 with Nikko getting a higher share.2 Net flows (Rs cr) Industry AUM (Rs lakh cr) Top Stock Exposures . Domestic factors such as rejection of key reform bills by the parliament.6 60000 7.72 -5.11 lakh cr witnessing outflows of Rs 63.92 -7.81 lakh cr in the October-December quarter as compared with Rs 7.48% from the September quarter.5% in the month as investors locked into defensive sectors amid prevalent volatility.Software Pharmaceuticals Refineries/Marketing Diversified Cigarettes Telecom . ONGC Ltd.839 cr) were from money market funds following withdrawals by corporates and banks to meet quarter-end requirements.89 MMS Infrastructure Ltd. Top Sector Exposures . Jindal South West Holdings Ltd. TCS Ltd. l l l l l l 24 of the 44 fund houses witnessed a fall in their average quarterly assets as per AMFI numbers.

60 70. 2 and 5 years.23 0.30 6.50 NA 8.60 -5.CRISIL Fund Rank 1 Schemes .18 Ultra ST Baroda Pioneer Treasury Advantage Fund Birla Sun Life Floating Rate Fund .48 24. highest rated securities.50 8.91 3.03 37.59 4.Retail 0.67 2. please refer to www.22 2.16 11.02 0.09 6.91 42.73 2. Chart 1: Rating Profile of Fund HDFC Cash Management Fund .94 7. Also.04 6.10 6. in that order of preference.22 4.Crore) (Rs.28 4.93 3.Retail HDFC Short Term Opportunities Fund JPMorgan India Short Term Income Fund Religare Credit Opportunities Fund 0.Crore) (Rs.61 8.the average 91-day T-Bill auction cut-off rate for two years Average AUM is 3-months average number as disclosed by AMFI for the period Oct-December 2011 Risk ratios for Debt ST.98% CREDIT QUALITY High Medium Low High INTEREST Medium RATE Low SENSITIVITY 0.26 2.48 7.30 0.25 2.37 -7.03 0.e.07 2. is among the top performing funds in the ultra-short term debt fund category as per the CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking for the quarter ended December 2011. The fund is in the top cluster of the liquidity parameter vis-a-vis the peer set as per CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking of December 2011.45 2. USA.38 7.78 0.62 14.97 Liquid HDFC Liquid Fund Principal Cash Management Fund Reliance Liquid Fund .Long Term Plan 1.71 Feb-2011 Mar-2011 May-2011 Aug-2011 Sep-2011 Apr-2011 Oct-2011 Jul-2011 Jan-2011 Period -329 -37.67 0.56 1. risk free rate: 7.87 5.72 -8 -0.95 6.31 1183 34.52 -853 -12.95 128. Chart 2: Average Maturity of Fund vs.26 Gilt Birla Sun Life Govt Securities Long Term Plan UTI Gilt Advantage Fund .73 16.17 3.33 2.26 6.79 6.77 2.01 8. About the Fund The fund has an average AUM of Rs.53 9.12 NA NA NA 7.02 0.65 Period HDFC Cash Mgmt Fund Treasury Advantage Plan Peer Average CRISIL LiquiFEX 6 Months 1 Years Annualized Annualized 4.76 6-Mar-08 24-Jun-10 26-Mar-10 31-Aug-09 113.72 4.43 1.63 4.13 4.39 364.41 Liquidity Liquidity is an important parameter for assessing ultra-short term debt funds.24 6.44 3.58 26-Jun-02 9-Feb-04 18-Jul-98 128.54 4.74 19-Nov-99 16667.49 4.9% 66.20 9.35 11.Treasury Advantage Plan 0.10 115 580 523 NA 69 -5 128 5.Retail 0.74 2.36 Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund 4349 PRINCIPAL Mutual Fund Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund Pramerica Mutual Fund ING Mutual Fund Indiabulls Mutual Fund Daiwa Mutual Fund AIG Global Investment Group Mutual Fund Edelweiss Mutual Fund Union KBC Mutual Fund Sahara Mutual Fund Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Escorts Mutual Fund Quantum Mutual Fund Bharti AXA Mutual Fund IIFL Mutual Fund Grand Total 3942 2086 2084 1559 1308 858 718 576 540 473 422 232 205 179 161 26 687639 -594 -13.97 6.26 6..27 7.40 6.21 3.07 -5.39 17-Oct-00 10168.8% For a detailed write-up on the CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking and the complete ranking list.16 2. Further.66 1673.91 6.19 19.10 2.Long Term Birla Sun Life Ultra Short Term Fund .95 4.53 4.76 -5.65% .63 7.51 9.79 11.crisil.05 0.16. In the past one year. Conclusion Retail investors can look at ultra-short term debt funds from the perspective of safety.74 6.51 50.69 SBI Short Horizon Debt Fund .com.85 2.Debt Mutual Funds' Performance Report Point to Point Returns % Average AUM Since 1 3 6 1 3 Inception (Rs.55 0.96 24-Jun-09 5-Jun-03 25-Apr-02 547.08%) for a one year period ended December 2011.09 9.40 -1 22 -15 NA -25103 -0. launched in November 1999.64 -5.8% A1+/AAA and equivalent Net receivables T-bills Others Average Assets under Management .22 4. The fund has been ranked CRISIL Mutual Fund Rank 1 (top 10 percentile) in ultra-short term debt category for past six quarters due to superior returns and good portfolio management.82 8.41 6. Fund Focus will feature one of the CRISIL Mutual Fund Rank 1 Schemes Nov-2011 Dec-2011 Jun-2011 . Deviation Sharpe (%) Ratio Scheme Name Style Box Fund focus HDFC Cash Management Fund Treasury Advantage Plan (CRISIL Mutual Fund Rank 1) HDFC Cash Management Fund . other wise actualised Risk Ratios are annualised For Sharpe Ratio the risk free rate is 6.14 -8.25 8.27 2.57 Debt Short AIG Short Term Fund .08 0.64 28.02 2.23 4.50 8.98 11.23 4.03 24.62 -768 -14.81 0.01 NA 7.91 -7.99 11.667 cr as of December 2011.89 7.10 CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranks as of December 2011 Point to Point Returns are as on December 30. -46 -16.02 -2.36 174. 2011 Returns are annualised for periods above 1-year.75 2.54 9.96 17-Nov-99 28-Jan-02 273.82 8. Table 1: Fund vs.19 -5624 -11.54 4.26 2.76 0.40 623.08 4.43 6. liquidity and returns.Treasury Advantage Plan.33 311.72 0.Crore) Change Oct-Dec Jul-Sep 2011 2011 Change % (Rs.16 0. its performance is almost in line with peers (see Table 1).34 7.51 6.70 6.59 3.93 -7.76 0. liquidity and returns.84 6.06 31.Crore) Month Month Months Years Years Inception Date Std.33 1.06 27-Jul-07 6233.Cash Plan 0.40 4.05 1176 -55 23.13 1. Fund Manager Mr.77 0.18 9.63 5 Years Annualized 7.65 6.88 -1.17 2 Years Annualized 6.25 0.A Bird's Eye View Oct-Dec 2011 (Rs. Liquid and Ultra ST categories are for a period of 1 year. Peers Average Maturity in Days 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 HDFC Mutual Fund Reliance Mutual Fund ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund UTI Mutual Fund SBI Mutual Fund Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund IDFC Mutual Fund Tata Mutual Fund Sundaram Mutual Fund Deutsche Mutual Fund Religare Mutual Fund Fidelity Mutual Fund Axis Mutual Fund Canara Robeco Mutual Fund JM Financial Mutual Fund JPMorgan Mutual Fund LIC NOMURA Mutual Fund IDBI Mutual Fund HSBC Mutual Fund 88737 84300 69472 60406 57817 42108 37312 30565 30203 26864 21473 14775 13314 11818 8880 8631 7356 6915 6759 6223 6102 4897 91827 90661 75217 64217 62580 47731 34410 30084 32101 28908 22634 15110 12761 11042 9120 7545 6920 6468 4748 7075 4926 4952 -3090 -6360 -5745 -3811 -4763 -3.21 4. i.31 10.Crore) Jul-Sep 2011 Change % (Rs.47 6.07 8.97 6.02 0.47 5.Ultra ST Fund .79 0.61 BNP Paribas Mutual Fund L&T Mutual Fund Taurus Mutual Fund Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund Peerless Mutual Fund 4805 4616 4599 4582 4390 5243 4135 5367 3399 5608 4358 4536 1971 1505 1036 NA 789 723 447 869 456 447 278 206 157 176 NA 712742 -438 481 -8.06 0. 1.44 5. the fund's volatility of returns as measured by standard deviation (0.94 8.50 4.38 7.27 2.11 1.02 -7.Crore) (Rs. Peers and Benchmark Performance as on 30th December 2011 Debt Long IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund SBI Dynamic Bond Fund UTI Bond Fund 1.89 2.Treasury Advantage Plan Peer Average -1218 -21.04 1-Sep-04 7-Dec-01 1077.02%) is lower than the category average (0. Performance The fund has outperformed its benchmark (CRISIL Liquid Fund Index) across all the time frames.19 8.13 -2. 31.26 9.82 38.02 18.11 AAUM is quarterly average number and excludes Fund of Funds Every month.45 14.14 1182.36 6.05 49.8% 0.87 17 -24 3.99 7.48 3. Illiquid securities hinder the fund's ability to liquidate the portfolio during times of heavy redemptions. treasury bills and net receivables accounted for 99% of the fund's portfolio (see Chart 1).78 2901 481 -1898 -2044 -1160 -335 554 775 -239 1087 436 447 2011 8.74 0.72 0. Anil Bamboli holds an MMS degree (Finance) and is also a CFA from the CFA Institute.73 1.Crore) Change Mutual Fund Name Mutual Fund Name Average Maturity The fund has consistently maintained a lower average maturity visà-vis its peers for the past one year indicating lower interest rate risk in the portfolio vis-à-vis the peer set (see Chart 2).82 Portfolio Analysis Asset Quality Investors look up to this fund category for safety.61 9.81 HDFC Cash Management Fund .48 NA -3.21 13.76 -0.

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